Paper Man Attracts Ghosts: Full Text Of The Campus’ Point Of No Return

"Lei Xiaoyu said, grabbing the white paper man next to him and throwing it into Xiongxiong's fire. When he heard the words "hanging from a high building", Li Hua's heart skipped a beat, as if someone had pulled him hard, and he screamed. He shouted: "Xiaoyu, isn't this way of death too miserable? When… when… the bell rang 12 times, Lei Xiaoyu smiled under the moonlight: "The time is up, the game is over, you are all dead.

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folk Ghost Stories

The folk Chuma Immortals in Northeast China are also called Dingxianghuo and Chutang, that is, they are immortals who are engaged in investigating folk affairs and treating hysteria. Chumaxian refers to some animals such as pythons, snakes, foxes, and weasels who have practiced for hundreds or even thousands of years. They come to the human world in order to accumulate merit and save the world, achieve righteousness, and return to the class of immortals to become righteous gods. The story I want to tell takes place in a village in the northeast that is surrounded by mountains and rivers. The old people there say that the village has good feng shui, but the old Wu family does not feel that the feng shui is good.

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A Short Ghost Story About A Dead Little Rabbit

The relatives of the Lu family were extremely anxious. It was said that they wanted to see the person alive and the body after death. Qian Yuan is very smart and learned a lot of skills from the old lady. Qian Yuan started crying. She didn't expect that Lu Xu really didn't recognize her anymore. She felt as lost as someone else had taken away her soul. Lu Xu's mother stepped forward and slapped Qian Yuan, blaming her for quietly abducting her son. Lu Xu's parents looked at each other, wondering why their son died when he could sit and lie down not long ago. … Continue readingA Short Ghost Story About A Dead Little Rabbit

The Art Of Acting: A Tutor’s Horrible Encounter

Seemingly knowing my embarrassment, Sang smiled innocently, "Actually, it's nothing, just playing with me. I like to play house and play various roles, but no one has ever played with me. This is what I am doing now The only feeling is that he is really a genius in acting. The feeling of terror when I first came gradually dissipated, and I started playing with him wholeheartedly. Everything became clear, it turned out to be like this, no wonder he acted so similar, because he has always They're all acting! … Continue readingThe Art Of Acting: A Tutor’s Horrible Encounter

A Short Ghost Story About The Death Of A Tiger And A Wolf, Zuo Zuoemon

Apparently, she crawled a long way to her own door and asked to save herself. Later, something happened in the village. A young man died. He died at night in front of the shrine that enshrines white fox skins in the village. The cause of death is unknown. Some people say that it was a fox demon who came to claim his life. Maybe we won't even find your body tomorrow. Let us burn her to death now, and the village will be safe in the future. Why do men who say they love themselves end up stabbing themselves in the chest? … Continue readingA Short Ghost Story About The Death Of A Tiger And A Wolf, Zuo Zuoemon

Long Ghost Story

The first day he saw this diary, he already felt something was wrong. The diary was too old. How could people use such a diary nowadays? There was no television at that time, but there was a radio with a red five-star in every house. He had heard the miserable voice on the radio countless times, and had also seen the figures that often appeared on the wall. Ghost House November 16, 2022 [Long Ghost Story] Font: … Continue readingLong Ghost Story

Short Ghost Story

It is said that in the village next to my father-in-law, a child drowned and was buried in a mass grave. Then she went to see this flower-watching woman. The flower-watching woman asked for her address and came over to take a look. Then she said that the body of your previous child was not rotten, so he came to pester you because he could not be reborn. He can just dig it out and burn it with fire. My cousin-in-law’s natal house is an old house built in the past. The bricks used in the house were all picked up from the mountains. … Continue readingShort Ghost Story

Corpse Wrapped In A Flowered Quilt

I was just about to cover my head and have a good sleep, but inadvertently glanced to the side and scared me out of sleep. The old man beside my bed was wrapped in a red embroidered quilt. Not the quilt at home, but the flowered quilt wrapped around the body of the dead in my hometown. The next day, I was seen by a person who got up early for morning exercises and rescued me. I broke my face, and my face was covered with blood, and there was an old man's body wrapped in a flowered quilt under me. The old man's son wanted to continue Receive the old man's pension, just bury the old man here hastily, and keep it secret. … Continue readingCorpse Wrapped In A Flowered Quilt

Ghost Boy And Ghost Tell You Something

At the dinner table, my mother habitually asked people about their family background, "Girl, who are you?" Mom, don't ask too much. When the female ghost was about to tell my mother, my mother saw my mouth and said jokingly: "What? You said she was a ghost? Where did I say she was a ghost?" My mother also smiled and walked to me and said to me: "Didn't you just say that she is a ghost? What is it? It's over now. I'm dead. The female ghost must think that I am not sincere at all. What will happen next?" Scary thing, I don't know either… … Continue readingGhost Boy And Ghost Tell You Something