A Short Ghost Story About A Dead Little Rabbit

After a car accident, Qian Yuan and Lu Xu disappeared. At the scene of the car accident in the suburbs, only the car they were riding in rolled over in a ravine. All the valuables in the car were missing. I don't know if they were taken away by passers-by or Taken away by two people.

The relatives of the Lu family were extremely anxious. It was said that they wanted to see the person alive and the body after death. The body was not found, and neither of the two was seen returning home. Qian Yuan is an orphan without any relatives. For her, Lu Xu is the only person she loves most.

Qian Yuan took Lu Xu into hiding because on the day of the car accident, Lu Xu had died on the spot to protect her. She wants to save him, she loves him, and does not want the person she loves most to disappear from her side. She knows a way to extend her life, and she is going to find it at all costs.

She carried Lu Xu's body and walked in the forest, avoiding the crowd. She drank water from the mountain streams when she was thirsty and ate wild fruits in the mountains when she was hungry. She had been walking in the mountains and forests for a day with Lu Xu's body on her back. Soon, she would take Lu Xu to her destination, where she needed someone. A kind of grass that she once picked with her mother-in-law.

The rabbit died after sitting in the car_The rabbit died after sitting in the car_The rabbit died after sitting in the car_The rabbit died after sitting in the car_The rabbit died after sitting in the car_The rabbit died after sitting in the car_The rabbit died after sitting in the car

Qian Yuan is an orphan. Since her mother-in-law who adopted her passed away, she has entered the orphanage again. The mother-in-law who adopted her was very eccentric and knew a lot of side magic, so she taught her many spells since she was a child, including many forbidden spells. Qian Yuan is very smart and learned a lot of skills from the old lady.

She thought that when she grew up, she would be like her mother-in-law, helping others solve things that ordinary people couldn't understand, and then be alone for the rest of her life. But since meeting Lu Xu, she has changed. She planned to never use those evil things from now on, but she never thought that the more she didn't want to use them, the more she would use them on the person she loved most.

Lu Xu is dead, and she wants to use a spell to resurrect him. Although she doesn't know whether it will succeed, she is willing to give it a try. Even if Lu Xu comes back to life and forgets her, and tells her that he doesn't know her at all, she is still willing to give it a try.

At night, Qian Yuan used the juice squeezed from the grass she found to draw a spell on the naked body of Lu Xu. Except for his face, the whole body was covered with paint. After finishing the painting, Qian Yuan sat down cross-legged and recited the spell. If Lu Xu's body reacts in Yinshi, there is hope.

The rabbit came back dead after riding in the car_The little rabbit sat to death_The video of the rabbit sat to death

When Yinshi was approaching, Lu Xu moved his fingers a few times, and then suddenly opened his eyes. He sat up and turned his head to look directly at Qian Yuan. Qian Yuan rushed over happily, hugged Lu Xu tightly and touched his cheek. But Lu Xu didn't make any other move except looking at Qian Yuan like a stranger.

Qian Yuan called Lu Xu's name, and she asked, Lu Xu, don't you recognize me? I am Qian Yuan, and I love you Qian Yuan the most. Lu Xu still didn't respond. Qian Yuan started crying. She didn't expect that Lu Xu really didn't recognize her anymore. She felt as lost as someone else had taken away her soul.

After crying for a while, Qian Yuan wiped away her tears and helped Lu Xu stand up. Lu Xu followed Qian Yuan step by step. Along the way, Qian Yuan pretended to be happy and talked to Lu Xu. Gradually, she discovered that it wasn't that Lu Xu didn't recognize her, but that he hadn't really come alive at all.

Only Lu Xu's body came back to life, but his soul and soul had long since dissipated in this world. Now Lu Xu is just a walking corpse. Thinking of this, Qian Yuan was in pain.

The rabbit came back dead after riding in the car_The video of the rabbit sat to death_The little rabbit sat to death

She thought: Why, why is she so unlucky as a little rabbit ? She has no parents, her adoptive mother-in-law has left her, and now even his lover is the same. Why is the world playing tricks on her like this?! She decided to secretly find a relationship with Lu Xu. Living in a place where no one knew them, even if Lu Xu was just a walking corpse, she would still stay with him. Only with his world could she have hope and happiness.

She took Lu Xu and fled to a village, asking the villagers to help build a small house on the mountain. If the spell on Lu Xu's body completely disappears, he will die again. Every once in a while, she needs to write a spell on Lu Xu's body. She poured out the cosmetics in the bottle she brought with her and stored grass juice in it for preparation. When needed.

She borrowed a villager's house to stay temporarily, saying that her husband was sick and needed to lie down and recuperate. She no longer had enough money, so she left Lu Xu in the house and borrowed a motorcycle from the villagers to take her to the bank in the city. When she came back, Lu Xu was lying well in the room, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

One thing Qian Yuan didn't know was that Lu Xu's parents had posted missing persons notices in newspapers and on TV looking for them. Although the mountain village where they lived was not very wealthy, they still had televisions and telephones, so Lu Xu's parents found them soon.

Lu Xu's mother stepped forward and slapped Qian Yuan, blaming her for quietly abducting her son. Lu Xu's mother didn't like Qian Yuan at all. She disliked her because she was an orphan and she worked in the service industry. Compared with her son, her conditions were as good as heaven and earth.

Qian Yuan bit her lips to prevent herself from crying. She knelt down and begged Lu Xu's parents not to take Lu Xu away and just let the two of them live freely. Of course Lu Xu's parents refused. They found someone to carry Lu Xu into the car and drove away, leaving Qian Yuan kneeling on the ground crying.

When Lu Xu returned home, his parents found that he was just in a daze, helping him to sit and stand, not eating or drinking. Occasionally his head would move, and then his eyes would stare at one place. at every turn.

Lu Xu's parents were frightened. They took off Lu Xu's clothes and took a bath, and found that there were some strange runes on his body. While they were washing, they angrily cursed Qian Yuan for doing something wrong. They had asked about Qian Yuan's past before.

The rabbit died after sitting in the car_The rabbit died after sitting in the car_The rabbit died after sitting in the car_The rabbit died after sitting in the car_The rabbit died after sitting in the car_The rabbit died after sitting in the car_The rabbit died after sitting in the car

The Lu family invited a doctor to see Lu Xu at home. The doctor said angrily, "Your son has been dead for several days, and he came to see me. It's really unreasonable. He sat like a rabbit to death , and then left angrily." Lu Xu's parents looked at each other, wondering why their son died when he could sit and lie down not long ago. They thought of Qian Yuan and hated her so much that they called the police, saying that Qian Yuan had killed their son.

Lu Xu was really dead this time. Not long after the talisman on his body was wiped off, his body began to slowly decay and emit a stench.

One after another, the parents held a funeral for their son. Qian Yuan, whom they had not seen for a long time, appeared. She threw herself on Lu Xu's crystal coffin and cried loudly. Her grief seemed to have infected the people who came to mourn, making them feel miserable. tears.

Qian Yuan made a move. She took out the poison she had prepared and drank it. She suddenly opened the coffin lid and lay down in it. She hugged Lu Xu's body tightly. Soon, Qian Yuan also died. .

When Lu Xu's parents saw that Qian Yuan loved their son so much, they buried them together, hoping that the lovers would eventually get married underground.

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