The Child Refuses To Recognize His Mistake


My little aunt ran out of the master bedroom with a panic look on her face: "Xuanxuan slept next to me yesterday, why is he missing? Who took him away?"

Last night, my uncle slept on the sofa, my father and grandma slept in the second bedroom, and my aunt and Xuanxuan slept in the master bedroom.

My brother-in-law said, "Don't worry, I'll go take a look."

My brother-in-law rushed into the master bedroom, followed by my parents. There was indeed no Xuanxuan in the master bedroom.

My father and my mother are also awake.

My grandma asked: "What's wrong?"

My little aunt collapsed on the ground and wailed loudly: "Xuanxuan, my Xuanxuan is lost!"

I almost fell down, but my dad held me up: "Mom, don't worry, call the police."

My grandma looked at my father with scarlet eyes. She pointed at him and said, "Did you do it? Where did you hide Xuanxuan?"

After my grandma said this, she rushed towards my father, grabbed my father's shoulders with both hands, and shook him hard.

My father was in poor health, and he coughed violently. He wanted to get rid of my milk, but he couldn't.

My father said loudly: "What are you talking about? If Xuanxuan is lost, what does it have to do with me? He is my grandson."

My grandma roared angrily: "I shouldn't have let you follow me, you are a scourge."

My brother-in-law pulled my breast away and said, "Mom, calm down. My dad can't do this. Let's call the police first."

My little aunt collapsed on the ground, crying so hard that she almost fainted several times. My mother said: "Xiaoli, get up first. The ground is cold. You are still in confinement, so you can't catch cold."

My mother and my brother-in-law helped my aunt to the sofa.

My grandfather squatted on the ground and kept coughing.

My grandma yelled: "Get out! Get out of here!"

My father said, "Why should I get out? I didn't lose the child."

As soon as my father finished speaking, he heard a knock on the door: "Hello, police."

My dad hurriedly opened the door, and two policemen in police uniforms came in.

The tall policeman's name is Zhang Liang, and the darker one's name is Sun Yi.

Sun Yi said: "When did you find out that the child was missing?"

My little aunt cried and said: "Eight o'clock in the morning. Last night at eleven o'clock, I breastfed Xuanxuan. Xuanxuan fell asleep after feeding, and I fell asleep too. But I didn't wake up at night and slept until dawn ,Too strange."

As soon as my aunt finished speaking, my brother-in-law said: "I went to bed at 1 o'clock in the morning. I often dream when I sleep, and I always wake up once or twice at night, but I didn't wake up this time, and I slept until dawn." "

Sun Yi looked at my father and my mother again.

My grandma said, "I didn't wake up either."

My grandfather said: "Me too."

My grandma glared at my father: "Comrade police, I suspect it's Sun Fu. He has a criminal record."

My father shouted: "I didn't, that's my grandson, don't talk nonsense."

Sun Yi said: "Okay, be quiet."

Sun Yi asked my dad and my mom, while Zhang Liang walked around the house and checked the kitchen window.

My brother-in-law lives on the third floor. If someone wants to climb in through the window, it is still possible.

Zhang Liang entered the toilet again and suddenly spoke: "When did the toilet window open?"

My uncle hurriedly walked over and said, "When I went to the toilet last night, I opened the window and forgot to close it."

My little aunt shouted: "Who told you not to close the window? Xuanxuan must have been taken away."

"If someone comes into the house, there must be movement. Why don't we wake up?" My brother-in-law frowned.

When I was a child, a newborn child died in the village. His family called the police, and the police fished out the child's bones from the well at the entrance of the village. The flesh on the child's body was nowhere to be found.

My grandma said: "This kid is so pitiful."

My father took a sip of wine and said angrily: "Why are you pitiful? If you die, you will have another child. What a big deal. As for calling the police?"


My grandfather picked up another piece of fatty meat, dipped it in garlic sauce and put it in his mouth.

I swallowed subconsciously and my eyes fell on the plate of pickled cabbage stew.

The plate of food was in front of my grandfather, and he ate it with big mouthfuls.

My mother and I can only eat pickles, but he won’t let us eat them.

My grandma whispered: "That's a child, parents' pet, not an animal."

My grandma dare not disobey my father. They have been married for decades, and my father has always had the final say in this family.

When he was young, he often spanked my breasts. Now that he is older, he doesn't do it, but he always verbally suppresses my breasts.

My father snorted coldly and continued drinking.

After he was full of wine and food, he leaned back and lay down on the earthen bed.

The child who refuses to admit his fault_The child who refuses to admit his fault_The child who refuses to admit his fault

I saw that there was a piece of meat left on the plate. I picked up the chopsticks and put it into the bowl.

Just as I was about to eat, my grandfather sat up suddenly. He snatched my rice bowl and poured the meat inside on the ground: "I won't even feed the dog to you!"

The little black dog took out the piece of meat.

I clenched my hands into fists and wanted to resist, but I didn't dare.

My grandma said: "Okay, okay, let's eat quickly."

My father said: "What are you going to eat? Get out, he will make you upset if you look at him."

I put down my chopsticks and ran out.

My grandma remarried, and my father is not my father’s biological son, but my brother-in-law.

I squatted under the wall, wiping my tears. The little black dog that had just eaten meat came close to me, wagging its tail.

I reached out and touched the little black dog's head: "Xiao Hei, I want to go to the city to find my mother."

As soon as I finished speaking, I saw the village director leading two policemen into my courtyard.

My grandma walked out of the house. She smiled and said, "Village director, comrade police, who are you?"

The village director said: "Zhao Qiang's child was lost on June 8. On June 8, Sun Fu went to Zhao Qiang's house. The police came to investigate and let Sun Fu come out quickly."

My father came out of the house with a strong smell of alcohol. He smiled and said, "Comrade police, what do you want to ask? I went to Zhao Qiang's house to borrow a shovel and went home. I didn't even come back. Until twenty minutes."

My grandma brought a stool and said, "Comrade police, please sit down quickly."

"Thank you." The person who spoke was a young policeman, who seemed to have just graduated from college.

The policeman sitting next to him was older, almost 40 years old. He was a policeman from our county, named Liu Wenyong.

Liu Wenyong said: "When you went to Zhao Qiang's house to borrow a shovel, did you see the child?"

My father said, "No, I was waiting in the yard. I didn't even enter his house."

Liu Wenyong said: "I didn't ask you whether you entered the house, I asked you whether you saw the child with your eyes?"

My father frowned and said angrily: "I didn't even enter the house, so of course I didn't see the child. Are you deliberately looking for trouble?"

Liu Wenyong is from our village. His father was killed, but the murderer was never caught.

At that time, the most suspicious person was my father.

However, there was no evidence to prove that it was my father who killed him, and he was eventually acquitted.

My grandma stopped my father and said, "Speak carefully."

The village director said: "Sun Fu, please cooperate well."

My father said, "Why are you cooperating? I made it clear, but he still asked. I think he is deliberately looking for trouble."


After my father said this, he entered the house and closed the door.

My grandma said: "Comrade policeman, I'm sorry, he has such a bad temper."

The village director knocked on the door: "Sun Fu, open the door. The police haven't finished questioning you yet. If you don't open it, you will be taken to the police station for questioning. You must cooperate with the police."

Liu Wenyong patted the village director on the shoulder: "Uncle, stop knocking. I have asked all the questions that need to be asked, and then he will take us to other homes."

Although Liu Wenyong said he would go check out other houses, his eyes kept staring at my yard, as if he was looking for evidence.

The village director glanced at Liu Wenyong and said, "Okay, I'll take you to see other homes."

My grandma said: "Comrade police, I'll give you a ride."

Liu Wenyong smiled and said, "No need, Auntie."

Liu Wenyong only had a cold attitude toward my father, but he treated other people normally.

My grandma smiled and said, "I'll give it to you."

When my milk was delivered to the door, Liu Wenyong said, "Auntie, go back to the house."

As soon as Liu Wenyong finished speaking, my little black dog suddenly vomited. The piece of undigested meat it spit out happened to fall on my feet. The little black dog lowered his head and tried to eat the spit out, but I stopped him. : "Don't eat it, it's dirty."

I heard Liu Wenyong’s voice in the distance: “Auntie, have all your dogs eaten meat?”

My mother laughed twice, and she said: "The meat that fell on the ground was eaten by this puppy."

Liu Wenyong, who originally walked out of the yard, returned.

He walked right up to me, bent down and picked up the scrap of meat.

My grandma said: "Officer Liu, what's wrong?"

Liu Wenyong took out a small transparent bag from his pocket and put the minced meat in: "Aunt, it's just a routine inspection."

As soon as Liu Wenyong finished speaking, my father walked out of the house. He kicked the little black dog hard, and then cursed angrily, "You beast."

The little black dog was kicked by my grandfather so much that he howled and hid behind me.

My grandfather picked up the shovel on the side and threatened: "Beat this beast to death and eat dog meat."

The child who refuses to admit his fault_The child who refuses to admit his fault_The child who refuses to admit his fault

The village director snatched the shovel from my grandfather's hand: "Sun Fu, what do you want to do?"

My father snorted coldly, looked at Liu Wenyong and said, "It's not illegal for me to kill my own dog, right? Now that you've finished the investigation, let's go quickly."

The village director said: "What's your attitude?"

My father pointed his finger at Liu Wenyong and said, "What's his attitude? The meat my dog ​​spits out is pork, not human meat. What do you mean by packing up the minced meat? I think he just wants to frame me!"

The village director threw the shovel on the ground and said, "Sun Fu, don't be so messy! Officer Liu is doing a routine inspection and it's official business. You went to Zhao Qiang's house on June 8th. There is suspicion on you. You are not the only one being investigated. , we also need to check Zhang Lin and Zeng Xiaoliang, these are the people who visited Zhao Qiang’s house on June 8.”

My grandfather kept a straight face and said nothing.

The village director smiled and said, "Officer Liu, don't be angry. I'll take you to the other two houses."

Liu Wenyong nodded: "Yes."

A few of them walked towards the gate. My father stood there and muttered in a low voice: "Huh, what can you find out about pork?"


In the evening, Zeng Xiaoliang suddenly came to my house.

We were having dinner when he came in.

My grandma said, "Xiao Liang is here. I'll get you some bowls and chopsticks. Eat here."

Zeng Xiaoliang said with a smile: "I really haven't eaten yet, so I'll eat here."

Zeng Xiaoliang sat on the stool with a smile on his face.

I don't like Zeng Xiaoliang. He is an idle person, very lazy, and his family is very poor.

He often drinks with my father, and after drinking he gets drunk and talks nonsense, saying that he has eaten lamb and his life is not in vain.

A man in his thirties didn't even have a wife. A few months ago, he was arrested for paying money to find a woman.

My father said: "Bring the wine, let us drink some."

My grandma brought new dishes, chopsticks, and a wine bottle.

My father poured himself some wine and handed the wine bottle to Zeng Xiaoliang: "Pour some yourself."

Zeng Xiaoliang shook his head and said, "Uncle, you can't drink today. I have business with you."

My father laughed out loud and said, "What serious business can you have? Come to my house, isn't it just to eat and drink? Xiao Wenzi, pour some wine for your Uncle Liang."

I picked up the jug and poured wine for Zeng Xiaoliang. Zeng Xiaoliang didn't stop him. He said, "Uncle, did Liu Wenyong come to your house today?"

My father said: "Here he comes."

Zeng Xiaoliang frowned and said, "He went to my house too."

My grandfather took a sip of wine and said with a smile: "It's okay, he can't find anything."

Zeng Xiaoliang was stunned for a few seconds, then turned to look at me and my breasts.

My grandma held the vegetables and lowered her head to eat, as if she was deaf.

My father said, "We didn't steal the child. What can he find out?"

Zeng Xiaoliang nodded, and he also took a sip of wine: "Yes, we didn't steal the child, what are we afraid of? If you ask me, the most suspicious person is Zhang Lin. He went to Zhao Qiang's house to borrow money last month. Zhao Qiang I didn’t lend him a loan, and even scolded him a few times, which was very unpleasant.”

As soon as Zeng Xiaoliang finished speaking, Zhang Lin's roar came from the window: "Fuck your mother's bullshit!"

Zeng Xiaoliang was startled and the chopsticks in his hand fell to the ground.

Zhang Lin burst into the house furiously. He threw his hat on the earth kang and went straight to Zeng Xiaoliang. Although Zhang Lin was in his forties, he was tall and strong. He easily grabbed Zeng Xiaoliang's clothes and pulled Zeng Xiaoliang away. stood up, "What did you just say?"

Zeng Xiaoliang seemed to be frightened out of his wits. He said nothing and stared at Zhang Lin blankly.

My father said, "Okay, let him go first. He just said it casually and can't convict you. What are you afraid of?"

Zhang Lin snorted coldly, let go of Zeng Xiaoliang's clothes, and roared: "No one can think of wrongly accusing me!"

My father suddenly slammed the table hard: "The kang is already cold, why are you still sitting here eating?"

This was said to my grandma. My grandma stood up and said, "I'm going to chop wood in the yard. You drink first. Call me if you need anything."

After my grandma said this, she pulled me out and walked out.

The door is closed.

My grandma said: "Xiao Wenzi, don't go into the house, play in the yard, and be obedient."

After my grandma said this, she went to do her business.

I squatted under the wall and played with the little black dog.


Late at night, Zhang Lin's child refused to admit his mistake , and Zeng Xiaoliang came out of the house.

Zeng Xiaoliang was so drunk that he couldn't walk unsteadily and relied entirely on Zhang Lin for support.

My father said: "Be careful on the road."

Zeng Xiaoliang said: "Don't worry, I'm not drunk."

The child who refuses to admit his fault_The child who refuses to admit his fault_The child who refuses to admit his mistake

He burst out laughing after saying this, and then said, "I want to eat fresh lamb. Why are there no children in the village? I'm so hungry."

Although it was dark, I could still see my father's face clearly. His expression turned ugly: "He's talking nonsense again. Send him home quickly."

Zhang Lin covered Zeng Xiaoliang's mouth with his hand and cursed: "You drunkard, please sober up."

Zeng Xiaoliang was afraid that Zhang Lin's child would not admit his mistake , so he widened his eyes and nodded.

Zhang Lin helped Zeng Xiaoliang stagger away, leaving only the three of us at home.

My grandfather was sitting on the earthen kang, smoking a dry pipe and humming a tune. He seemed to be in a good mood. He said, "This is a good meal."

After my father said this, he fell asleep.

Early the next morning, news came from the village that Zeng Xiaoliang was dead and died in the well at the entrance of the village.

All the people in the village gathered at the entrance of the village.

Zeng Xiaoliang's body was recovered. It was swollen and exuded an unpleasant odor.

Liu Wenyong was surrounded by a few more police officers and probably a forensic doctor.

The police prevented the villagers from gathering and told them to go home.

When I got home, my grandma had a worried look on her face. She said, "Why did Zeng Xiaoliang drown? He was such a good person."

My father laughed and said: "The King of Hell asked him to die at the third watch. He will not live until the fifth watch. His life span is over, and the King of Hell wants to take him in."

My grandma never went to school, but I did.

I don’t believe what my father said. He is talking nonsense.

As soon as my father finished speaking, I saw Liu Wenyong and Officer Yang entering my courtyard.

Just as my grandma was about to get off the earthen bed, my father stopped me: "Don't go out!"

My grandma listened to my father's words and sat still on the earthen kang.

Liu Wenyong and Officer Yang entered the house.

My grandma said: "Comrade police, what are you doing?"

Liu Wenyong said: "Aunt, let's investigate the case. At what time did Zeng Xiaoliang leave your house last night?"

My grandma said: "It was around 2 o'clock in the morning. He drank too much. Zhang Lin sent him back."

As soon as my grandma finished speaking, my father said: "Zeng Xiaoliang came to my house by himself to enjoy food and wine. He is dead and has nothing to do with us. If you want to check, go check Zhang Lin. They had a quarrel yesterday." .”

Liu Wenyong said: "What's the reason for the quarrel?"

My father said: "Because of the child, Zhang Lin went to Zhao Qiang's house to borrow money, but he didn't get it and was scolded by Zhao Qiang. The child of Zhao Qiang's family was lost on the third day after Zhang Lin was scolded, and on June 8 On the day of the election, Zhang Lin went to Zhao Qiang's house. Zeng Xiaoliang suspected that the child was killed by Zhang Lin. When we were drinking, Zeng Xiaoliang said this. But at this time, Zhang Lin came to my house and he heard it. If I hadn't stopped them, they would have started fighting."

Liu Wenyong glanced at my grandma, who said, "That's true. They almost had a fight."

Liu Wenyong asked again: "Have they had any quarrels since they were stopped?"

My father shook his head: "After we were stopped, the three of us drank quietly and there was no more quarrel."

Liu Wenyong was silent for a few seconds, and it was clear from his expression that he did not believe what my father said.

Liu Wenyong laid his eyes on me and said, "Child, is your grandpa telling the truth?"

My father said, "Of course it's the truth. When the three of us were drinking, he and his mother were in the yard."

Liu Wenyong simply ignored my father. He squatted in front of me and asked again, "Is it the truth?"

I shook my head: "My father lied."


As soon as I finished speaking, my father got down from the Tukang and raised his hand to hit me.

Fortunately, Liu Wenyong stopped him: "What are you going to do?"

I hid behind Liu Wenyong and looked at my father.

His face turned livid with anger, and he roared angrily: "Xiao Wenzi, if you dare to tell lies, I will skin you!"

My grandma said: "Xiao Wenzi, you can't tell lies."

I said, "I'm not lying."

Last night, I was playing under the wall, and I heard the three of them arguing.

To be precise, it was my father who had a quarrel with Zhang Lin and Zeng Xiaoliang.

Liu Wenyong gave Officer Yang a wink, and Officer Yang stood in front of me and motioned for my father to be quiet.

My father said: "Comrade policeman, he is just a seven or eight-year-old child. He doesn't understand anything! You can't believe what he says."

Liu Wenyong said nothing, and he took me to the yard.

He squatted next to me and asked gently: "Kid, what did you hear and see? Don't be afraid, tell the truth to your uncle."

I glanced into the room. My father was lying on the window, staring at me. His eyes were filled with red bloodshot eyes, as if he wanted to eat me alive.

Liu Wenyong turned his head and took a look, and said, "Let's go and talk outside the yard."

The child who refuses to admit his fault_The child who refuses to admit his fault_The child who refuses to admit his mistake

Liu Wenyong took me out of the yard again, and this time I couldn't see my grandfather.

I said, "Last night, the three of them had a quarrel again. I heard it while I was squatting under the wall."

Liu Wenyong said: "What caused the quarrel?"

I said, "Because of my brother-in-law."

Liu Wenyong looked at me confused.

I said: "My brother-in-law is 31 years old this year. He and my aunt have been married for 5 years, but they have never had children. Zeng Xiaoliang asked my father to get some lamb meat for my brother-in-law to replenish his body, and maybe he can have a baby. Zhang Lin also started making noises, saying that my brother-in-law was not in good health and that he was sick, so my father became anxious and started to quarrel with them."

Liu Wenyong frowned: "Lamb?"

I nodded.

“My family has never bought lamb, and I don’t know where they eat the lamb.”

Liu Wenyong touched my head and said, "Thank you, kid."

Liu Wenyong stood up, turned around and entered the yard.

A few minutes later, I saw my father being taken out by the police. When he passed by me, he shouted: "You are waiting for me to come back, I will kill you!"

Officer Yang said: "Go quickly!"

My father was taken away, and only my mother and I were left at home.

My grandma looked at me with a sad face. She pulled me to her side and said, "Why are you talking so nonsense?"

I said, "I didn't talk nonsense, I told the truth."

My grandma said: "When Sun Fu comes back, he won't take your life."

My grandma sighed and frowned.

I said, "Can he come back?"

My mother looked like she was hesitating to speak. After a few seconds, she nodded: "He is not the one who kills people."

I took my Nai's arm: "Nai, do you know anything? Is the person you are talking about Zeng Xiaoliang, or the dead child?"

My grandma shook her head: "He didn't kill him."

I said: "No way!"

My grandma closed her eyes, let out a long sigh, and said, "That child was brought out by Mrs. Zhao. I saw it accidentally. I didn't expect that she would kill her own granddaughter."

The old Mrs. Zhao in my mouth is Zhao Qiang’s biological mother, and she is a very bad person.

But why did she kill her own granddaughter?

My grandma stood up slowly and said, "The police are not fools. This old Mrs. Zhao will definitely be arrested. Liu Wenyong took your father away because he must be asking about Zeng Xiaoliang. It won't be long before your father is released." "

My hands clenched tightly: "We can't let him come back. I'm going to find Officer Liu."


"Don't go!" My grandma grabbed my wrist and refused to let me go. She looked at me with an indescribably complicated look. My grandma said, "He didn't kill anyone. What can you do to him?"

I said, "Nai, I saw it when Sun Fu was stewing meat. I want to go find Officer Liu."

My grandma frowned and said, "What did you see?"

"I saw…"

Before I could finish speaking, I heard rapid footsteps, it was Aunt Li next door.

Aunt Li gasped and ran into my house: "Aunt, the case has been solved."

My grandma said: "A case was solved? Which case was solved?"

Aunt Li said: "The little girl of Zhao Qiang's family was killed by old Mrs. Zhao. This bad guy dared to attack even his own granddaughter. He has been caught."

My mother was stunned for a few seconds, and she said: "What a sin!"

Aunt Li nodded: "Old Mrs. Zhao wanted to have a boy and forced her daughter-in-law to have one. When her daughter-in-law didn't agree, she threw the little girl to death."

My grandma sighed and said, "It's so pitiful."

Aunt Li was sitting on the earthen kang. She took out the melon seeds from her pocket. She added, "Zhao Qiang's house is now in chaos. It's full of people, including Zhao Qiang's daughter-in-law's family, who are all fighting."

My grandma frowned and said nothing.

Aunt Li added: "This old Mrs. Zhao is so cruel that she even threw the child to death and separated the bones from the flesh. She is not afraid that the child's ghost will come to claim her life."

My grandma said: "She threw the child to death, and it still makes sense, but she didn't dare to separate the child."

Aunt Li stretched her neck, with a look of shock on her face, and said, "Auntie, what do you mean, Mrs. Zhao didn't do it?"

I nodded: "Our village is surrounded by surroundings. If you really want to cover it up, just dig a hole and bury it. Who will know? There is no need to do this."

Aunt Li slapped her thigh hard: "Yes, although Mrs. Zhao is a bad person, she is too timid to kill a chicken. So who did this? I guess it's Zhao Qiang's enemy. It’s Zhang Lin.”

My grandma didn't answer, so Aunt Li raised her voice again: "Auntie, don't believe it, everyone in the village is saying this, Zhang Lin is the biggest suspect, and Zeng Xiaoliang's death, he is also the biggest suspect."

Aunt Li chatted with my grandma for a few more times, and she didn't go home until noon.

A child who admits his mistake_ A child who refuses to admit his mistake_ A child who refuses to admit his mistake

After Aunt Li left, my grandma said to me: "Xiao Wenzi, you are a child. Don't worry about adults' affairs. The truth will definitely come to light."

After my grandma said this, she started to pack her clothes and took out the iron box that contained money at home.

I said, "Mistress, what are you doing?"

My grandma said, "Pack your things and I'll take you into the city to find your parents. We can't stay in this village any longer."

I understood what my baby meant, and I started to help her pack her things.

In the evening, my grandma hired a car. The two of us put our luggage in the car and went to the county.

I bought a ticket out of the province in the county. After getting off the train, my grandma went to the supermarket to borrow a mobile phone and called my dad: "Tongjiang, Xiao Wenzi and I got off the train. Please give me your address." , I’ll take Xiao Wenzi there, something happened at home, I’ll explain it to you when we get there.”

My grandma took me with her and asked for directions along the way. After walking for more than ten miles, I finally found where my parents lived.

A shabby little bungalow, very small.

But neither of them was there, not getting off work yet.

My grandma and I stood guard at the door and kept waiting. When I was hungry, my grandma took out biscuits from the bag and let me eat a few pieces.

We waited for a long time before my parents came back. Their clothes were covered in dust and their hair was covered in dirt.

In the past two years, buildings have been demolished everywhere, and many people have been hired to build buildings. My father is carrying cement at the construction site, and my mother is tying steel bars at the construction site.

I was very happy to see my parents, but before I could say anything, my dad said with a tired look on his face: "Mom, why did you suddenly bring Xiao Wenzi here? This house is only 12 square meters, which is not enough for living."

My mother put her hands on my shoulders, looked at my breasts and said, "Mom, what happened at home?"


My grandma said: "Sun Fu was arrested."

"What?" My dad looked shocked. He opened the door and said, "Go inside and talk."

My grandma glanced at me, as if she wanted to avoid me. I said, "Nai, I know everything. Sun Fu deserves it."

My dad said, “What’s going on?”

My grandma told my parents the whole story. After hearing this, my parents were so angry that they said, "He is just an old beast! Just lock him up for the rest of his life."

A few days later, news came from the village that my father had been arrested and my mother was asked to go back.

My dad went back with me.

When they came back again, my mother was visibly haggard, and I heard their conversation. Zeng Xiaoliang was pushed into the well by Zhang Lin and drowned.

My father, Zeng Xiaoliang, and Zhang Lin all ate lamb. My father was sentenced to two and a half years. The people in the village hated the three of them with hatred.

Because of my father's affairs, I can't stay in the village. My grandma and I can only stay in the city and rent a house in the city.

Another year later, the small house of 12 square meters that my parents bought was selected by a developer and paid for the demolition. My parents took the money and bought a two-bedroom building far away. We It’s like having a home in the city.

Another year and a half later, my father was released from prison. After he was released from prison, he started to look for my grandmother and asked her to go back to the village to take care of him. I heard from my brother-in-law that my father was sick and skinny, as if he was going to die. Got lung disease.

My grandma didn’t tell any of us, she bought a train ticket and went home.

She didn't call my parents until she returned to her hometown.

My dad asked her to come back, and my grandma said: "If I don't come back, he will go to your brother's house to make trouble. Your sister-in-law is still pregnant and is about to give birth. I can't let him make trouble. He is sick anyway, so I Just stay with him for two years, don’t worry, don’t worry about me.”

My dad said, "Then I'll buy you a mobile phone so that you can communicate more easily."

My dad bought my grandma a mobile phone and he often calls her.

Two months later, my aunt gave birth to a boy, named Xuanxuan.

My parents took me to my uncle's house, and my father and grandma were also at my uncle's house.

Although my milk hair is white, she has a smile on her face and looks very kind.

As for my father, he was sallow and thin, with dark spots on his face. He looked like a living dead.

He kept coughing from the moment we entered the house. I could feel my aunt's disgust for my father, but she didn't say anything on the surface.

A few of us went into the master bedroom to look at Xuan Xuan, and my grandfather also followed in. He showed his yellow teeth and said with a smile: "I just said, lamb meat buns can cure all diseases."

My uncle frowned and said, "Dad, you are confused again, stop talking nonsense."

My father said, "I'm not confused. I'm awake. You can't live in such a big house. Your mother and I will live here from now on, and we can also take care of your children."

My aunt frowned, she laughed dryly and said, "Dad, Mom, you two are old, we can take care of the children by ourselves."

My father didn't answer. He called my uncle out and didn't know what to say.

My mother gave my aunt a red envelope and chatted with her about home affairs.

After watching Xuan Xuan, my dad went to the living room, and I followed him out.

My brother-in-law’s house has two bedrooms and one living room, which can’t accommodate so many people.

In the evening, my parents took me to a hotel to stay.

The next day, my parents got up early and took me to the vegetable market to buy pig trotters, and then took me back to my uncle's house.

My dad knocked on the door for a long time before my brother-in-law opened the door: "Brother, sister-in-law, you got up so early, why did you buy so many vegetables? We have them all at home."

My mother smiled and said, "I'll make some pig's trotter soup for Xiaoli."

My brother-in-law smiled and said, "Sorry, sister-in-law."

As soon as my uncle finished speaking, he heard my aunt's scream: "Where is Xuan Xuan? Who took Xuan Xuan away?"

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