Paper Man Attracts Ghosts: Full Text Of The Campus’ Point Of No Return

Game·How to Die

It was July 15th, half an hour before midnight, and the four girls couldn't help but feel their hearts beat.

Standing on the abandoned rocky hill behind the school, Li Hua still looked dizzy. The room of the Yin Yang store was too scary. The lights in the room had a suffocating feeling, but the pure black light was still shining through. With light.

"I'm about to start!" Lei Xiaoyu picked up the red paper figure on the side, which was Zhang Xiaoying's paper figure. Lei Xiaoyu looked at the lit fire and read, "The believer Zhang Xiaoying died without screaming . She was born in Gengwu He died by self-immolation on July 15th of that year."

The paper man was thrown into the fire. Zhang Xiaoying trembled violently, as if she had left her soul, and stood there motionless.

"Li Hua was born on the fourth day of April in the Gengwu year and died by hanging in a high-rise building." Lei Xiaoyu said, grabbing the white paper man next to him and throwing it into the fierce fire. When he heard the words "hanging in a high-rise building" , Li Hua's heart skipped a beat, as if he had been pulled hard by someone, and he screamed: "Xiaoyu, isn't this way of death too miserable?"

Lei Xiaoyu picked up the last yellow paper figure as if he hadn't heard it, threw it into the fire and shouted: "Chen Shan, born on the eighth day of the third month of the Gengwu year, died of drowning."

The moment Lei Xiaoyu's gloomy voice stopped, the fire suddenly went out. The three girls all opened their mouths at the same time, as if they could stuff a huge apple. They all saw it – the originally empty venue was filled with many people in an instant. People are walking, it seems like a lively street. There are old men in tattered clothes with eyes still hanging on their faces with blood vessels, a woman with only half her body left and long hair that is as withered as waterweed, and a little girl in red with a rotten face bleeding constantly. They are all heading in this direction. Come.

"Ah──" Chen Shan closed her eyes and ran back, "I don't want to play anymore. Whoever wants to play can play."

Zhang Xiaoying and Li Hua also ran behind. Lei Xiaoyu realized that something was wrong and was about to go up to stop them, but found a man blocking the girls' way.

"You dare to play this on the Ghost Festival, I really don't want to live anymore." The man was short, in his fifties, and his voice was rough and cold, "Get out of here quickly, and don't come back again." ”

"Who are you?" Lei Xiaoyu asked in surprise. Logically speaking, no outsiders would know about their game.

"I am Wu Ming, the administrator here." Wu Ming said, turning and walking towards a small attic similar to a warehouse, warning as he walked, "I don't know if you can escape. There are many children here to play games. They all ended up dying mysteriously.”

Wu Ming's voice echoed eerily in the ears of several girls. Zhang Xiaoying suddenly grabbed Lei Xiaoyu's hand and looked panicked: "Xiaoyu, is what he said true? Help us!"

"That's right! It was your idea, and you have to take responsibility." Li Hua and Chen Shan talked to each other, obviously really scared.

"I want to cancel too!" Lei Xiaoyu responded in a low voice, "But the game is not over yet."

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"What?" Chen Shan shouted, her voice hysterical, "Stop playing."

When… when… the bell rang 12 times, Lei Xiaoyu smiled under the moonlight: "The time is up, the game is over, and you are all dead."

The ghost house

Ghost House January 9, 2024 [Campus Ghost Story] Font:

Introduction This article tells the story of a strange incident on campus. The girls play a dangerous game before Ghost Day, trying to see ghosts by making paper figures and setting them on fire. This behavior was warned by an administrator who called himself Wu Ming, but the girls did not stop. Subsequently, the girls encountered a series of horrific incidents, including disappearances, self-immolations, and mysterious deaths. The protagonist Lei Xiaoyu tries to uncover the truth, but discovers that there is a bigger secret hidden behind it. In the end, Lei Xiaoyu revealed the truth and Su Qing's conspiracy, but still failed to escape Su Qing's frame.


At midnight, the huge campus is empty and cold. The leaves of the plane tree rub against each other in the wind and make a loud sound. The darkness is like a ghost dormant in the sky trying to swallow up the entire campus.

"Let's play a game!" A girl staggered and put her hand on another girl in red.

The girl in red was a little impatient and scolded: "I told you to drink less. Now you are back late and you are playing games in the middle of the night."

The girl ignored her and continued: "If everyone in the school disappears, where do you think they will go?"

The red peasant girl was a little disdainful and quickened her pace. Why was the campus so cold tonight? She couldn't help but shuddered: "Stop joking."

The drunk girl still looked unwilling to give up: "Then you can take a guess!"

"Hell." Suddenly an inexplicable woman's voice sounded, hoarse and piercing the brainwaves like a bayonet. The two girls suddenly turned pale and looked at each other.

"Ghost…" The two girls screamed and ran quickly to the girls' dormitory. A scary song came from the dark woods, like a death signal from an old record. The whole campus echoed with a strange voice: You guys You will all disappear to hell, and I will always be by your side…


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Heavy rain·Self-immolation

Lei Xiaoyu is the recognized little goddess in dormitory 415. She always says that she can see ghosts and hear various sounds in the middle of the night. As soon as she mentioned it, Li Hua looked so frightened that she refused to scream . She complained to Zhang Xiaoying who was on the upper bunk: "Next time, whoever wants to go out with Xiaoyu will do the same, but I won't dare to do it again."

Zhang Xiaoying picked up a magazine with a wicked smile on her face: "I told you that Xiaoyu, the goddess, always scares us."

"That's right, this little girl, we have to have a good talk with her." Chen Shan, who was talking on the phone, put down the phone and said with a smile, "Otherwise, I'll be scared to death before I graduate from college."

"Why are you looking for me?" Xiaoyu stood at the door at some point, her whole body soaked like a drowned rat, "I know you don't believe me."

"Little ancestor, we believe you to death, okay." Li Hua said, making a helpless gesture towards Zhang Xiaoying, and the dormitory was suddenly filled with laughter.

"Smile, smile…" Xiaoyu threw her high heels to the ground as if she was stimulated, and shouted, "Tomorrow night is the Bon Ghost Festival, do you want to see ghosts with your own eyes?"

Chen Shan realized that Xiao Yu's face was livid and she seemed to be really angry, so she acted like a peacemaker and said, "It's better to talk less about that ghost. We actually believe it."

"No, Lei Xiaoyu, you must take us to see the ghost." Zhang Xiaoying interrupted Chen Shan's conversation, grabbed Lei Xiaoyu, and pretended to be trembling as if possessed by an evil spirit, making Li Hua and Chen Shan laugh.

Lei Xiaoyu calmly wiped the rain off his head with a handkerchief, and after a while he quietly agreed: "I will let you see ghosts."

"How can we see it? It can't be those deceptive legends, right?" Chen Shan waved her hand to express that she was not interested in these things.

"The ultimate way to see hell – self-immolation!" Lei Xiaoyu ignored the surprised expressions of the three people and said to himself, "There is a 'Yin Yang Store' on Huangquan Road, which specializes in a kind of 'living paper man'. You can follow your appearance and height." Make a paper man, then drop your own blood on the paper man's seal, and light it at midnight tomorrow night at the rock hill behind the campus, and the paper man will guide you to see ghosts."

The girls became more and more mysterious as they listened. Li Hua was the timidest and screamed: "Lei Xiaoyu, are you telling the truth or a lie? I don't want to play anymore."

"You have to play. Let me tell you, if we are sisters, let's go together, otherwise we won't know each other from now on." Zhang Xiaoying stared at her as if she wanted to kill Li Hua.

Li Hua shuddered suddenly and said in a low voice: "Then it's okay for me to participate?"

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Chen Shan also joined in the fun and took Zhang Xiaoying's hand and said, "I'm also participating. Who said we were together!"

"Remember, you must not wear any spiritual objects tomorrow night, otherwise you will be cursed." Lei Xiaoyu told her darkly, then looked at Zhang Xiaoying and asked, "Xiaoying, in my impression, you You’ve always been the most silent one, why do you want to see ghosts so much?”

"You will know one day." Zhang Xiaoying's face suddenly turned pale. Several girls looked at each other. The bedroom suddenly felt strange. The heavy rain outside the window kept hitting the window, making strange sounds. The cramped room became more and more gloomy. .

Huangquan Road·Paper Man

The next day, it was still raining, but Zhang Xiaoying, Li Hua and Chen Shan had already walked towards Huangquan Road. Because Xiaoyu had something to do today, the few of them had to take the route map drawn by Xiaoyu and keep searching. It was not until the sky gradually darkened that the few of them walked to the depths of the old market by accident, and saw the messy houses and low walls. Divide out small spaces one after another. They stopped at the end of a dead end.

Yin Yang Store is a small store, it couldn't be smaller. It is a very simple store. Old pine boards are nailed around the door. Right above it is a relatively complete one. The bark has not been removed. There is no word on the sign, just deep. The ground was painted red, and a thick black curtain was hung at the entrance to block the eyes of passers-by.

"Why do I feel so scary? It can't be a black shop, right?" Li Hua followed behind Chen Shan and Zhang Xiaoying, trembling.

Chen Shan felt a chill behind her: "This store seems really weird."

Zhang Xiaoying ignored them and walked into the house. She turned around and complained to the two girls: "It's really worthless."

What catches the eye are colorful paper flowers and yellow coins. In the corner of the room, there was a woman in black sitting. She didn't look old, but she kept covering her face with a black veil: "Welcome, this is the Yin Yang store." Her sweet voice was slightly hoarse, Pulling them back from their surprise.

"We want to buy a 'living paper man', can we make it now?" Zhang Xiaoying stepped forward and asked, her voice full of expectation.

"Okay, but you have to first…" The woman took out a few pieces of yellow paper and placed them on the table in the middle of the room. "Give me your birthdays and horoscopes, and then blow on each piece of paper, and that's it. .”

Chen Shan and Li Hua were hesitant at first, but Zhang Xiaoying smiled, picked up the pen and started writing: July 15th, Gengwu Year. Li Hua came over and said in surprise: "So today is your birthday."

Zhang Xiaoying didn't say anything. She put the pen into her hand and urged: "Hurry up and finish writing so that you can go back."

Li Hua wrote with a trembling pen: The fourth day of April in the Gengwu Year. Then there is Chen Shan. After finishing writing, several people blew on the yellow paper at the same time, and the yellow paper began to move as if it was alive. Li Hua pulled Chen Shan's clothes and said suspiciously: "My head feels so dizzy, I feel like I'm about to faint."

Chen Shan nodded and saw the same answer on Zhang Xiaoying's face. They didn't know what happened. This was so strange.

"Okay, my paper man will be sent to your school later." The woman said, placing the yellow paper that was still moving on the table under the Eight-faced Buddha. Chen Shan always felt something strange when looking at the Buddha statue, but she couldn't explain it. When she walked out of the shop, it was already dark, but the rain was still pouring down. The whole sky was crawling with haze, as if it was about to solidify, and there was no trace of freshness. signs of life.

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