Supernatural Stories: The Revenge Of The Ghost: The Curse And Tragedy Of The Lotus Pond

Before I talk about this, I want to talk about this lotus pond. This lotus pond is on the edge of the field. It is equivalent to a reed marsh. It is quite large and people usually go there to wash clothes. Most of the water supply to the fields in the village comes from this lotus pond. . There has always been a legend about a female ghost circulating in this lotus pond. Many people in the village dare not let children get close to it, saying it is unlucky and bad luck!

This thing was told to me by a classmate from Hainan when I was in college. It was spread in his hometown. His hometown is Danzhou, Hainan, and he is a native of Danzhou. It has always been recognized that the western part of Hainan is relatively backward, especially in the past. This legend began to spread around the 1990s. At that time, rural areas were relatively backward, and the practice of marriage matchmaking was still popular. This is what we know as matchmaking, and then the two families negotiate a betrothal gift and then marry a daughter-in-law.

More than ten or twenty years ago, there was a woman from another village. She was the youngest in the family. Her father was fond of gambling and had debts, so he married her to the eldest son of a family from another village through a matchmaker. In that It was common in that era and it was okay, but the problem was that the eldest son of that family was lame in one leg and also had some mild mental retardation. People in the whole village were unwilling to marry their daughters to him, so they had no choice but to spend money. In fact, it was said that it was a matchmaker, but it was also a disguised form of human trafficking. The man's family paid the money, and then the woman was married off. She was unwilling at first and even tried to escape, but was caught. After she got married, the eldest son and other people in that family didn't treat her as a human being at all. They beat her at every turn and made her do all kinds of dirty and tiring work. Later, when she gave birth to a daughter, that family didn't treat her as a human being. After that, she couldn't bear it anymore and ran away to work outside.

This made the family very angry. They went to the city to look for her, but she refused to come back, saying she would never return to that home until she died. Later, there were rumors that she had another man outside. In fact, they were just rumors with no evidence at all. But because the news spread, she immediately withdrew and angered her family. The family lied to her and said that her daughter was seriously ill and asked her to come back to see her. After all, she came back because she missed her daughter deeply. But in fact, her daughter, like her, had gone out to work long ago and was not at home at all. So she was deceived by that family. As a result, she was detained as soon as she came back. The family locked her in a pig pen and beat her for three days and three nights. The whole village heard her screams. , and did not give her a chance to explain.

Later, she was put into a pig cage and taken to the lotus pond in front of the whole village. At that time, her body was covered with wounds and bleeding, her clothes were torn, and her lower body pants were torn off. It can be described as inhumane. She kept calling for help along the way, but no one paid any attention to her along the way, and some people followed to watch the fun. Then she was immersed in a pig cage. Before entering the water, she kept shouting, "I will not let you go even if I am a ghost…" "I will become a ghost…" and so on, and that day happened to be the Ghost Festival in the seventh month of the lunar calendar.

Then something strange happened. On the night of her seventh day, someone heard a woman crying by the lotus pond. The cry was very scary and shrill. Then the whole village spread, and everyone in the village said that she was back. Then one night, when a man was passing by the lotus pond at night, he went crazy for some reason. Occasionally when he regained consciousness, he muttered "Don't do it." "Follow me, stay away from me," "It's none of my business!" and so on. He also said that a woman at home followed him. Later, when it rained one day, the man actually went to the lotus pond and committed suicide by drowning. Later, several children drowned while playing in the lotus pond. When they were fished out, they saw black palm prints on their waists and feet.

After that, the rumors intensified. Some people said that when they passed that place at night, they saw a female ghost with long hair and white clothes floating around and crying. Later, more strange things happened. The well of the family who married her turned out to be filled with black water for no reason! This frightened them so much that they put spells on the door of their house and poured chicken blood on the ground in front of the door.

A year later, during the Lunar Ghost Festival, which was the woman's memorial day, it rained heavily because of a typhoon. Three people in the Hainan family died , and many houses collapsed. After the wind stopped, someone went to see the family and found that all five of their family members had hanged themselves neatly on the beams. No one knows why. There is no way of knowing what happened to their family. Some people say that the woman came back for revenge and took the whole family away. For a while, people in the village were panicked. Someone asked an expert in this field to come and see it. After seeing it, they said that the woman was too grievances and that the whole village must try to kill three people from the Hainan family , otherwise whoever she wants to leave after she comes back will leave! So the village started doing this, spending a lot of money to light candles all over the village, killing many roosters, and sprinkling their blood on the road into the village and by the lotus pond. Nothing strange happened after that.

But there is a rumor that on the night that the family had an accident, the woman's daughter had a dream in another place. She dreamed that her mother was talking to her and picked a lot of lotus seeds for her. When she picked up the lotus seeds with her hands, it turned out that She turned into a firefly, and the fireflies were flying all over the sky, and her mother just disappeared, as if saying goodbye to her. Later, the lotus pond was filled in for various reasons, but this incident is still circulated locally.

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