Steven Yeun Is Dead Or Not Dead Short Ghost Story

Noodles with human flesh

Xiaoying is the proprietress of a county noodle shop and has a daughter named Xiaolian. Xiaolian has been suffering from strange diseases for many years. Since Xiaoying's family is poor, she cannot take Xiaolian to see a doctor, so she can only buy cheap medicines from pharmacies to maintain her daughter's life. Xiaoying's husband ran away with Ou Yi, a young and beautiful female nanny, leaving Xiaoying with a lot of debt. Due to lack of money and creditors coming to collect debts, Xiaoying can no longer continue to buy meat to maintain the normal business of the noodle shop.

One day, Xiaoying was selling rice noodles on the street, but she encountered a protest in the town. There was a fierce conflict between the protesters and the police. At this time, a student named Willy took Xiaoying and fled the scene. Afterwards, Xiaoying returned to the scene and pushed the cart selling rice noodles home, only to find the body of a protesting student in the cart. Xiaoying then came up with a plan and decided to make the corpse into minced meat to maintain her noodle shop business.

After that day, customers were attracted by the unique taste of Xiaoying Noodle House, and business became better and better. Willy, the student who saved Xiaoying during the protest, also came to the store to help and fell in love with Xiaoying. However, after the two had their passion, Willy saw the body of Xiaoying's daughter Xiaolian in the water tank in the backyard of Xiaoying's home.

It turns out that Xiaoying's husband didn't run away with the female nanny Ou Yi. But when they were having an affair, Xiaolian saw it. In order to deceive others, they cruelly decided to drown Xiaolian. When Xiaoying came back, she found that Xiaolian had drowned.

The angry Xiaoying taught Ou Yi and the others a lesson, killed them, and made them into noodles with human flesh. Since then, Xiaoying has suffered from schizophrenia. She thought Xiaolian was not dead yet and lived with her. Willy immediately took Xiaoying to the police station to report the crime, but because no strong evidence could be found, Xiaoying was acquitted. Later, Xiaoying discovered that Willy had an affair with the young and beautiful Ani. So Xiaoying tricked Ani into a noodle shop and charmed her with sex.

Just when Xiaoying was about to make Ani into human meat noodles, Willy appeared in time, he rescued Ani, and Xiaoying ran away in a hurry. Willy quickly chased after him. He saw Xiaoying on a high bridge, but Xiaoying did not believe Willy's words. She resolutely jumped off the high bridge and fell into the water. At this time, the police rushed over. They did not find Xiaoying in the water, but suspected that Willy was involved in the human-meat noodle case. And Xiaoying did not die. She had good water skills. She swam back to her hometown and lived with her mother.

Steven Yeun is dead or not_ Steven Yeun ins_ Steven. Yeun

Two years later, Xiaoying found a partner in her hometown and gave birth to a pair of twins. In order to make ends meet, Xiaoying raised money and opened a noodle shop in her hometown. Actually the business is much better than in the county town.

Suddenly one day, her husband Wang Ming came home and did not see his children or his wife. He picked up the phone and dialed Xiaoying's number: "Beep…beep…beep…Hello, the number you dialed is temporarily unavailable…" Wang Ming became even more confused.

The noodle shop must have been closed at this time. Why didn't Xiaoying come back? Wang Ming anxiously called Xiaoying more than ten times in a row, but no one answered. It was already past 12 o'clock. Wang Ming finally got tired of waiting, put on his coat and rushed out of the house to the noodle shop. Seeing that the restaurant was closed, it was impossible for my wife to be here, and I was about to turn around and go home, when suddenly the iron gate opened with a "click…click…click".

Wang Ming immediately turned his head and stared at the door. At this moment, a man in white clothes with messy hair stood at the door. Wang Ming did not believe in evil, so he boldly moved towards the man in white clothes.

Suddenly the man in white raised his head suddenly, and Wang Ming was frightened and took several steps back. After a while, Wang Ming saw clearly that this was Xiaoying. After learning that it was his wife, Wang Ming felt at ease. He walked over and asked Xiaoying: "It's so late, why are you still staying in the store? Are you worrying me to death?" Come on, come home with me."

Steven Yeun ins_ Steven Yeun is dead or not_ Steven. Yeun

Xiaoying didn't answer. On the way home, Wang Ming asked Xiaoying again: "Why do you think you are acting weird today? Where are the children? Aren't they with you? Why don't you see them?"

At this time, Xiaoying answered him in a deep tone: "My mother said she missed the children, so I sent them to his old man's house. Don't ask anymore, I'm very tired."

After Wang Ming heard this, he said "Oh" and stopped asking any more questions. After returning home. Xiaoying returned to the room immediately. He lay down on the bed and fell asleep soundly.

Wang Ming saw blood stains on Xiaoying's clothes. He estimated that his wife accidentally got it when she was chopping meat, so he didn't think too much about whether Steven Yuan was dead or not , and he didn't dare to wake his wife to ask her.

Until dawn, Wang Ming didn't see Xiaoying when he got up. He probably went to the store early in the morning. After washing, Wang Ming called his mother-in-law and asked how the children were doing.

Steven. Yeun_ Steven Yeun is dead or not _Steven Yeun ins

After the call was connected, Wang Ming's mother-in-law's voice came out immediately: "Xiao Ming, are the children okay?" Read the ghost story and add the following: 1037673556

At that time, Wang Ming's face was full of doubts: "Aren't the children with you? Stop making this joke, my mother-in-law."

After hearing this, Xiaoying's mother became even more confused: "No, aren't you and Xiaoying taking care of the child? Yesterday I called Xiaoying, and she told me that the children went out to play with you. What's going on? "

Wang Ming immediately realized that his wife was lying. In order not to worry his mother-in-law, he said: "Oh, yes, Mom, the child is with me. I just made a joke to you. Hehe, I'm so sorry, you Don't worry, the children are all fine. If I have something urgent to do, I'll hang up and go visit you when I have time. Bye…"

After Wang Ming hung up the phone, he immediately ran to his wife's noodle shop and rushed into the kitchen. Seeing that his wife was cooking rice and noodles, he grabbed Xiaoying's arm. What Wang Ming hated most in his life was that others lied to him, but now he is still his. Wife. He couldn't keep calm no matter what. He shouted loudly at Xiaoying: "Why did you lie to me?!"

Steven.Yuan_Steven Yeun ins_Steven Yeun is dead or not

The sound was like thunder, and the guests outside were scared away by the loud noise. Then Wang Ming shouted again: "Where are the children?"

I saw Xiaoying pointing to the rice noodles in the nest. Wang Ming was not an idiot. He immediately understood what his wife meant. The children were all used by Xiaoying to make soup base. Wang Ming picked up a knife and was about to kill Xiaoying, but what he never expected was that when he was taking the knife, Xiaoying had already inserted the dagger into Wang Ming's vital part, killing him on the spot.

Without hesitation, Xiaoying picked up the kitchen knife and dissected Wang Ming's body with familiarity, taking out the internal organs, skinning and bones, and cutting off the head of the body. Seeing the blood on her neck flowing out like a faucet, Xiaoying didn't feel scary at all. She skillfully chopped the body into pieces and put half of it into the pot. Ah… the fragrance is so delicious that it immediately attracts many customers. I want to be open until 10:30 pm as usual.

The next day, Xiaoying learned from the villagers that her old mother had passed away. It happened suddenly. It goes quickly. That night, Xiaoying came out of her mother's house. He was holding a sack in his hand. It seemed very heavy, but inside it was his mother…

Xiaoying dragged the sacks from her mother's house to the kitchen of the shop… and started doing the work as if rewinding the tape. (I don’t need to tell you that everyone knows what the job is)

Steven.Yuan_Steven Yeun ins_Steven Yeun is dead or not

After a few days, the customers all ate and came back to find the taste. Unknown to them, they felt that this noodle shop had the most ingredients. But these "materials" won't last long.

A week later, it was almost used up. Xiaoying racked her brains and couldn't think of what to do, and she was reluctant to spend money to buy real "materials".

Finally one day, her whimsical imagination came up with the idea of ​​using her own meat to make food…

From then on, she cut off the flesh on her body every day to make soup. After a few days, all the flesh on her body was almost chopped off.

Finally one day, a customer discovered that the rice noodle soup base had similar human body parts, and immediately called the police.

When the police arrived, they discovered that the soup base indeed contained human body parts. He immediately rushed into the kitchen to ask Xiaoying for questioning.

But when he entered the kitchen, he didn't see her there, so he immediately set up a cordon and searched the whole house. But after searching the whole store, Xiaoying could not be found. After unanimous review by superiors, the team was finally closed.

But they never expected that Xiaoying hid in the pot. At this moment, a rotten human head appeared in the pot, with the eyes missing, her toes still in her mouth, and yellow noodles sandwiched in the middle – she was Xiaoying, and this was "human meat noodles"!

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