Kick Down Fairy

★ kick down fairy

The elders often say that if you don’t work hard and want to make a fortune, go drink the northwest wind. Some powerful old people will also say, if you don’t have enough food and clothing, if you don’t work hard, wait for the old raven to pull your mouth, then you must have an old raven! In short, one meaning, work hard and get rich. After all, killing people and setting fires, taking money and killing people is another kind of thing. It's not that different, and if you don't work hard, your life will be tense.

In my hometown, there is often a legend that there is a kind of god, commonly known as "kicking down the fairy", saying that he can "kick down" money from the outside to the home. Who in our hometown had a bad life before, if they slowly become rich Yes, people always say that there is a "Dengdaoxian" in his family! People respect and worship this god very much.

The legend of the ghost village and the snail girl_The story of the girl's ghost and the snail village_What episode of the girl's ghost legend and the snail village

I want to tell a true story of "kicking down the fairy".

The legend of the ghost village and the snail girl_Which episode is the legend of the snail village of the girl_What episode is the legend of the snail village of the girl

There is a family named Fan in my hometown. The life in the family is neither salty nor salty. I always fantasize about how great it would be if there was a "Dengdaoxian" in the family. I don’t work, I have food and drink, and I live a decent life in the village. In the days when I became a leader in the village, I thought about it every day and dreamed about it.

What episode is the legend of the girl ghost and the snail village? Which episode is the legend of the girl ghost and the snail village?

In the past, the living conditions in my hometown were not very good, and the family’s food was stored in the yard. The things used to store the food were made of the hard skin on the corn stalks, which spiraled up layer by layer, and the top was covered with plastic sheets. The food stockpiles of the family surnamed Fan are also stored in the courtyard, near the courtyard wall.

The son of a family surnamed Fan is in his teens and is in junior high school. One day he told his parents, saying that our family’s food storage seems to have become thicker, the parents can’t possibly, the son said that there is a legend about the snail girl in the ghost village , you go and have a look, the two of you can see it, that’s it. The son said, open it and have a look. His father said, don’t let there be a “dumping fairy” to “dump” food for our family!? The son said, it’s impossible, let’s open it! His father was determined not to let it go, and the child was still young, so he didn't insist. His father had a dream of "kicking down the fairy".

The bun is still getting thicker, the couple are very happy, and they don't tell outsiders, for fear of disturbing the god. A month later, the son went to the food store again. He smelled a musty smell, so he hurriedly told his parents. At this time, the wife said, don't let the water get in. The two came there with doubts. The son said, "Open it. " The ghost village legend tells about the snail girl . His father was still a little hesitant, but the wife also said to open it. So, opened it, and guess what, huh, huh,

It turned out that the rainwater entered the storage along the wall, and the food germinated, which made the storage bigger!

For some reason, this story spread in the village and became a joke. When people saw his family, they always joked, "Did Dao Xian" go away? The man was always in a hurry, and others just walked away with a smile.

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