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The science and technology of today's era can reach the moon in the sky and penetrate into the center of the earth. However, there are many illusions and mysteries in the world that I just can't figure out! Don't be anxious, everyone, let me explain carefully.

On the day of Ching Ming Festival in 1995, I can’t remember the exact date. Anyway, it was either April 4, 1995 or April 5, 1995. I was working in a large central enterprise in Shandong at the time. After dinner, my children went to study by themselves Yes, around 6 or 7 o'clock, that is, at dusk, the two of us took the paper money we bought during the day and went to pay homage to my ancestors and relatives. Because my hometown is in Sichuan, it is impossible to travel thousands of miles to go back to my hometown. To pay homage to the old people, I heard that we can do a remote sacrifice at the intersection, but we have never done a remote sacrifice before, so we decided to pay a remote sacrifice to our ancestors and relatives once in Qingming Festival this year.

When we arrived at the intersection outside the station, we could already see green smoke everywhere, paper money flying, and many people paying homage to their loved ones in the distance! We also found a place to burn the paper money, while praying to our ancestors and relatives to bless our wives, children, our own health, study well, and get rich… We kowtowed, bowed, and prayed. The words were spoken and the paper money was burned. Up to this point, everything was pretty normal.

During the Ching Ming Festival, the rain has been afraid of ghosts since childhood. The rain has been afraid of ghosts since childhood. The rain has been afraid of ghosts since childhood. Seasonal rain_Afraid of wind, rain, fear of thunder

We decided to take a walk, so we chatted and walked aimlessly forward. After walking about 300 meters, we arrived at the countryside. of a place. At this time, a strange wind suddenly blew up, and in the miserable and gloomy wind, I heard the sound of ghosts crying, and I shivered involuntarily. The Ching Ming Festival in the north is still relatively cold, and we all wear thick clothes Yeah, why are you shivering for no reason? Subconsciously, I said to my wife: Go back. During the Qingming Festival, it rains heavily. My brother has been afraid of ghosts since he was a child and will not leave. At this time I asked her again: Did you hear anything? My wife said: No. I asked again: Are you cold? She replied: It's not cold! I said: I had a chill just now, don’t catch a cold! My wife said: Then go back. (Haunted House: Please keep reprinting!)

That night, around 3:00, I fell ill and had a high fever. When my wife touched my forehead, it was very hot. She immediately said: No, I must go to the hospital immediately. Fortunately, she works in a staff hospital (county level) of our state-owned enterprise, so she still has some face. Immediately, the doctors and nurses on night shift in the outpatient department acted urgently, taking the temperature: 41.8 degrees, and the laboratory came quickly. Blood tests were drawn at my hospital bed, someone from the B-ultrasound room came to help me do B-ultrasound, chest X-ray, and the pharmacy hurriedly prepared medicines for infusion. I was busy until dawn, but nothing was found out! The doctor said to my wife: Normally, if your husband has a fever, the white blood cells should be high, but his white blood cells are normal, which proves that his fever is not caused by inflammation. Are B-ultrasounds and chest X-rays okay? Well, let's do a comprehensive inspection in the morning.

In the morning, it can be said that all the advanced equipment in the whole hospital were used to examine me. In several departments such as internal medicine and surgery, cardiovascular department, and neurology department, all recognized doctors with excellent medical skills also came to consult me. My eldest brother has been afraid of ghosts since he was a child , but there is still no clear diagnosis. Although my fever has dropped a little, it is still between 39 and 40 degrees. To be honest: I was a little over 40 at the time, which was the golden age of a strong man. At that time, I rarely caught a cold once a year, and my health was very good, so I rarely had to deal with the hospital. For example: the unit distributes welfare, each person is given a bag of rice, 150 catties, my family lives on the 4th floor, I asked my neighbor to help me throw it on my shoulder, and I carried it up with a step, and I didn’t feel too out of breath when the two bags came down , and it can also help the neighbors!

Back to the main story of the book: Just like that, I had a high fever for three consecutive days, which made me deformed. The director of the hospital suggested to my wife to transfer me to the Jinan Provincial Hospital, but I knew it well and was determined not to go. They kept giving me infusions every day, and they didn’t even know what my illness was! God bless: on the fourth day, the fever finally subsided. I felt enlightened and my whole body felt much more relaxed. The weakness I had before was gone. In this way, I stayed in the hospital for a few more days, a whole week!

After I recovered, my wife said: It’s better to go to the provincial hospital for a comprehensive check-up to see what the disease is. When the results came out: everything was normal! This is really: being confused is sick, being confused is good!

Fifteen years have passed since the incident, and now I think about it: At that time, I was possessed by a wild ghost in the wilderness, and that was the moment I shivered! It's a pity that my yang energy was strong at that time, and the evil could not suppress the good. There was nothing I could do, so I had to get out after three days! In addition, I never do anything harmful to nature and have a great uprightness. The lonely ghost has nothing to do with me and has no choice but to run away in despair! hehe! I often see reports that witches use magic sticks to drive away ghosts, which is said to be superstitious. I don’t think so, and there may be some truth to it. Because existence determines everything! There are many things in the world that have not been cracked even today with highly developed science and technology! This is the truth!

This is really:

It rains heavily during Qingming Festival,

Lonely ghosts want to die,

Don't do bad things for others,

Haoran has righteousness in his heart!

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