Chapter 17 Re-entering The Void

Quan Fushi was shocked and hurriedly reached out to catch him. After all, he was considered a first-class master in the world and his reaction was very fast. However, he was still a little late and watched Xiao Jian fall into the deep well.

Alas, this is the first time I have encountered the successor of "Corpse Gu Technique" in the fifteen years since I came to the Central Plains. I must not give up just now. Thinking of this, he jumped into the well without hesitation, but because his body was too fat and bloated, he almost got stuck at the mouth of the narrow well. Unfortunately, he was naked and slid down with a "chill".

Xiaojian rolled down the slope at the bottom of the well and fell into the underground cave. Just as she stood up, Inubushi followed closely like a big meat ball and almost hit her.

"Little Junior Sister, if you have something to say, you must not seek death or survival…" Master Inufushi saw that Xiaojian was fine, so he felt relieved and hurriedly came forward to comfort her.

Xiao Jian silently looked at the huge stone hall underground. It seemed that if he wanted to return to Zhang Daoling's scroll void, he would have to go out from the ancient well mouth. She recalled that the wall near the wellhead was very steep, but she didn't know how to do light kung fu, and she would never be able to climb up without a rope.

"Junior sister, can you say something?" Inufushi thought that this girl must be frightened. Although the void in Mingsha Mountain has been destroyed, the grotto under the ancient well is quite good, spacious and hidden. All it takes is to make some Lard and food are enough.

Xiao Jian smiled slightly and already had an idea in his mind, so he said, "Elder brother, didn't you really collapse the void intentionally?"

"Of course not," Quan Fushi assured, "I'm still wondering whether there is a strong enemy coming from Mingsha Mountain."

"Where is the strong enemy? It must be that the quality of your void is not good. It lasted for more than ten years and finally leaked. It almost suffocated me to death." Xiaojian complained.

"Hey, junior sister, I feel that the environment under this ancient well is not bad. It is much more spacious and comfortable than the sand cave in Mingsha Mountain. How about we study the 'Corpse Gu Technique' here?" Master Quanfu said with a smile. .

"It's good , but I'll go crazy if I stay in there all day long. I have to go up and get some air." Xiao Jian pretended to think.

"Haha, this is easy to do. During the day, we will practice in this cave. At night, when everyone is quiet, I will take you up for a 'walk'. That's all right, right?" Inufushi said with a smile.

"Well, okay, let me go up for a walk now to get some fresh air." After that, Xiaojian turned around and climbed down the slope into the well regardless of whether Quanfu Shi agreed.

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Inufushi relied on his strong martial arts skills. In addition, it was a quiet night and there was no one in the ancient city ruins. It seemed that this little girl could not escape his control, so he followed Xiao Jian without any obstruction.

Xiao Jian climbed up the slope and could see the starry sky when he raised his head, but he could not climb up the steep well wall more than one foot high. Looking down, the fat body of Inubushi behind him almost filled the well wall.

"Brother, can you push me out with force?" Xiao Jian raised his hands high, secretly holding the big Lomo's dog tooth, the tip of the tooth rushed up, and said calmly.

"Of course." Quan Fushi gathered his true energy, grabbed Xiao Jian's waist and legs with both hands, pushed him up, and threw him out of the ancient well.

He immediately channeled his true energy again, and jumped out of the well mouth like a green onion from a dry land.

The moon is bright and bright, as cool as water, and Xiao Jian has disappeared…


Xiao Jian stood on the edge of the well and looked around in confusion. He remembered that in the barrier, not far from the dry well, stood the bluestone inscribed with Zhang Daoling's "Walk-breaking Method". Why was it missing? Look down. Look at the dog's teeth in the hand, still reflecting a faint cold light under the cool moonlight…

No, I remember it was clearly daytime when I jumped into the dry well from the barrier with my master. Could it be that Dog Ya couldn't bring him back to the void?

She quickly turned around and looked down into the well. She could no longer see the fat figure of Inubushi, so she quietly shouted a few times: "Senior Brother, Senior Brother…"

A hollow echo came from the dry well.

Xiaojian pushed aside the basil weeds suspiciously and slowly walked out of the ancient castle alone. Looking up, a bright moon hangs high in the night sky, and the vast Gobi beach is ancient and desolate, as if it is dead.

She understood that she had returned to "Dunhuang Nightmare" and no longer had to worry about that strange Japanese monster named Inubushi.

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Xiaojian took a deep breath, sat in front of the ancient castle, looked at the Gobi Desert silently, and felt an inexplicable loneliness. I used to be with Master. Even though it was just a pig, it could talk and chat after all. But now that I am alone, thinking about living a life of fine clothes and fine food in the capital, I was really carefree at that time. She thought of her father, whom she had never seen since she was a child. Although her grandfather and mother avoided mentioning him, and she had only seen half of his body in the Grand Canyon in Western Henan, he was her biological father after all. Why? ?Dad, my daughter is really miserable now…

Thinking of her sadness, she couldn't help crying.

For a long time, she stopped sobbing, stood up suddenly, and walked resolutely towards the Mogao Grottoes. Now that we have reached this point, we must face it bravely. We must go to join the Yellow Fu Chong.

In the Sutra Storage Cave of Cave 17 of Mogao Grottoes, the Immortal Saint Son and his two apprentice nephews lay weakly on the ground. Ever since Xiao Jian and the talking pig escaped into the barrier, they have been filled with grief and anger, despair, and have lost the courage to survive.

If this hateful little goblin hadn't kicked him and followed him into the barrier, there might be another passage there to return to the world, the Fairy Saint thought angrily.

Suddenly there were footsteps outside the cave, someone was coming…

Immortal Saint Zi suddenly became energetic and sat up immediately.

"The master must have come back and let us out!" Xuan Zhenzi said happily.

"Otherwise, who would come to this void?" Xuanjizi also had a smile on his face.

The three people stood up and straightened their wrinkled Taoist robes. Although they had been trapped for many days, they still had to maintain their solemn image as Taoist priests of the Golden Palace of Taihe Palace.

"Hey, how could it be you…" Xian Shengzi couldn't help being extremely surprised when he saw Xiao Jian walking in.

"Fairy Chang'e… didn't you enter the barrier?" Xuan Zhenzi murmured with blurred eyes.

"There must be a passage connecting the barrier and the void…" Xuan Jizi suddenly realized.

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The Immortal Saint looked at Xiao Jian doubtfully and said slowly: "It seems like there is still no way out of the barrier."

I have to trick them into leaving the Scripture Cave, so that I can use the dog's teeth to open the enchantment door, Xiao Jian thought to himself.

"Didn't you come here after you left?" Xiao Jian pretended to be surprised.

"What! Released? Is he here…" The Immortal Saint said in surprise.

"Yes, it turns out that the barrier is connected to the void. When I came out of the ancient castle, I saw Shi Quequ walking towards the Mogao Grottoes, so I hurriedly chased after him. Strangely enough, I didn't come to the Scripture Cave. Then where will he go? Is he looking for you?" Xiao Jian muttered.

"Haha, he is finally here…" The Immortal Saint said excitedly, "Hurry up and pick up the Zhenwu Sword, we are finally going out."

Xuan Jizi and Xuan Zhenzi quickly raised their swords and put them on their shoulders. Xian Shengzi called to Xiao Jian and said, "Let's go."

"You go first, I'll be back in a moment." Xiao Jian said, without any intention of leaving the Scripture Cave.

The Immortal Saint immediately became suspicious and asked, "Don't you want to go out early?"

"I still need to… pee." Xiaojian couldn't think of a reason to stay, so he made it up casually.

As a result, these words aroused the suspicion of Xian Shengzi even more. He stared at Xiao Jian and said: "There is no water to drink in the void. The three Pindao people have not peed since they came in. How could you…"

"Men and women must be different." Xiao Jian smiled awkwardly.

"Okay, it's convenient for you. Pindao turns his back." The Immortal Saint turned around and stood with his hands behind his back.

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"Then you can still hear it." Xiaojian argued.

The Fairy Saint simply covered his ears: "Is the head office ready this time?"

"I can't pee when outsiders are around." Xiaojian shouted loudly.

"Uncle Master, how could you blaspheme Fairy Chang'e like this? You are simply shameless!" Xuan Zhenzi said angrily.


"Shut up!" The Immortal Holy Son looked angry.

"Junior brother, please don't talk nonsense. My uncle is the head of Taihe Palace, how could he do such a despicable thing?" Xuan Jizi criticized.

"Brother, ordinary women are fine, but Fairy Chang'e is different. Even seeing her urine and urine is disrespectful, blasphemous, and a hooligan…" Xuan Zhenzi blushed and argued hard.

"Don't slander Uncle Master!" Xuan Jizi scolded loudly.

"Hahaha, little goblin, I know you are up to no good," Xian Shengzi ignored Xuan Zhenzi's complaint, looked at Xiao Jian with a sinister gaze, and said in a hey voice, "People are little and ghosts are big, could it be that in this scripture cave? Is there any secret left?"

"Just leave, who wants to stay here?" Xiao Jian knew that this old Taoist priest was not easy to fool, so he walked out of the cave nonchalantly.

Xian Shengzi followed her closely, and Xuan Jizi and Xuan Zhenzi followed behind with the Zhenwu Seven-Star Sword on their shoulders.

When he came to the railing outside Mogao Grottoes, Xiaojian stopped and glanced around, thinking about how to get rid of them.

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"Where are you? Little goblin, are you teasing me?" The Fairy Saint became more and more suspicious at this moment.

"I did see him." Xiao Jian insisted.

"Hmph," Xian Shengzi snorted. His eyes moved down from Xiao Jian's face and found a sharp bulge in her jacket pocket, so he asked, "What is that in your pocket?"

Xiao Jian was startled when he heard this, with a look of panic on his face, which did not escape the cunning eyes of the Immortal Saint.

"Bring it to poor Taoist." Xian Shengzi knew that there was a big roundworm on Xiao Jian's waist, so before she could react, he reached out and grabbed her chest.

Xiao Jian quickly covered his coat pockets with his hands. Da Luo Mo's dog teeth were the key to entering and exiting the void barrier, and he couldn't let the old Taoist take them away.

"Uncle Master, you are so shameless, you actually molested Fairy Chang'e in public!" When Xuan Zhenzi saw him touching Xiao Jian's breasts with both hands, he was filled with indignation. He swung his Zhenwu sword and rushed forward to drag the fairy saint son.

Xiao Jian struggled back desperately. Xian Shengzi was suddenly pulled by Xuan Zhenzi, and his hands suddenly came loose. He was about to turn around and reprimand severely.

Xiao Jian suddenly lost his balance on his feet, leaned back, and unexpectedly fell from the railing and fell into the Mogao Grottoes…

The Fairy Saint was also shocked when he saw this. The little goblin fell from the railing more than ten feet high and would definitely not survive.

"Uncle Master, you killed Fairy Chang'e…" Xuan Zhenzi opened his mouth like crazy and bit the Fairy Saint's shoulder, refusing to let go.

"Junior brother, you are crazy, how dare you bite my uncle?" Xuan Jizi also dropped his sword and hurriedly came forward to drag Xuan Zhenzi.

The Immortal Saint was furious and managed to break free. Blood was already seeping out of his shoulder. He ignored the entanglement and hurriedly looked down. There was no one in the yellow sand below Mogao Grottoes.

Xiaojian has disappeared…

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