Fairy’s Fate

I am a goblin, living in the depths of a dense forest, where there is no sunlight, all goblins like it there. In fact, not all goblins rely on human blood to live, only those who want to cultivate into demons need human blood, and little goblins like us can survive by sucking the blood of small animals every few days.

I have no parents, I don’t know how I came to this world. The only thing I have is a few good playmates. Like me, they have long ears, pointed teeth, disheveled hair, and a long thin tail, which are also the common features of fairies.

banshee wins

In the thickets deep in the forest, there is a banshee with strong spells, her name is Sheng Nu. She is the kind of goblin who is bloodthirsty because she wants to become a demon through cultivation. She acts abnormally, and whenever the moon is full, she will go to the place where the forest is getting thinner, and then come back full of energy before the sun rises. I heard from the old demons that she is addicted to human blood. She needs good nutrition to practice demon magic, and human blood is the best supplement.

escaped disaster

When people in the castle kept being killed on the night of the full moon, there were powerful mages wandering around the forest where I lived. The old demon told me and my partner: “Mages are specialized in killing goblins, so don’t play in places with few forests.”

Every full moon night, Sheng Nu will go to bloodthirsty as usual, so I understand that those mages who kill goblins are attracted by Sheng Nu, and I began to secretly hate this beautiful and vicious banshee.

One day, an old mage and his apprentice broke into the forest where I lived. I watched him wield his long sword and utter terrible incantations, reducing my companions and kindred to a thin puff of smoke, among them Victor. I hid in the tree and watched, firmly remembering the faces of the two enemies.

By the time the forest returned to tranquility, none of my companions existed. Because I don’t have any spells, it’s not easy to be discovered by mages, so I escaped this catastrophe by luck.


I decided, I want revenge, no matter what, I must let that mage get his due retribution, because he killed so many of my kind, he must die!

I started to drink blood and started to walk out of the forest. The night of the full moon is when the yang energy is the weakest and the yin energy is the strongest, so it is the best time to act.

When my sharp teeth pierce human blood vessels, I greedily suck their blood. That taste is my favorite. I won’t suck all their blood, so that I won’t be hunted down by the mage, and I don’t want to die without revenge.

ten years later

After ten years of practice, I finally lost my fairy tail, ears, and even my teeth are only exposed when necessary. I turned into my enemy – human beings living in this world. At the same time, I have been looking for the mage who killed my kind back then.

After ten years, everything will change, just as it is not surprising that the mage died of old age. It’s a pity that I couldn’t let him die in my hands. When I think of my kind who died tragically, I can’t help screaming to the sky. The voice is no longer a weak human being. Maybe only at this time, I am a demon, a real monster. leprechaun.

Love and Hatred

It’s a full moon night again, and it’s time for me to enjoy the delicacy I haven’t seen for a long time-fresh human blood.

There was no one in the dark alley, I looked up, and the plaque attracted me – the full hotel. I dodged in and stood in front of a bed, and there was a slight snoring sound from the mosquito net. I raised the corners of my mouth, revealing my original shape as a fairy, with my teeth exposed. Gently lifted the mosquito net, and there was a man sleeping inside, a man with distinct water chestnut corners and bushy eyebrows. My heart was touched slightly, but I told myself that he was a human being! Then, I leaned down and bit down on his throat with my teeth, and his sweet blood flowed into my mouth.

I was sucking greedily, when suddenly, he hugged me, pressed his body against me, and then kissed me madly. For a moment, a belief flashed through his mind – he is human. I slowly escaped, packed my clothes, and left there.

That man’s face kept flashing in my mind, I knew that the moment I lifted the mosquito net, I fell in love with that man, that man named Yi Tian. I started walking with him, looking for opportunities to get close to him.

I lived in the room next to him, and at night I stood by his bed again, approaching him like last time, but not sucking his blood. When he discovered my existence, he hugged me rudely and kissed me frantically. I didn’t escape, and kissed him lingeringly until I had difficulty breathing. He woke up, looked at me stupidly, I smiled, and he said: “I dreamed of you again.” I lay gently on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. Then, when he left, he left one of his earrings to him.

In the morning, I started to create a chance encounter with Yi Tian. When he saw me, his expression was extremely surprised. He didn’t expect the woman in his dream to appear in reality. I greeted him with a faint smile, and he responded unnaturally. I still walked past him with a faint smile, deliberately letting him see that I only had one earring left.

I think he should have seen it, but he didn’t say anything.

In the evening, he came to me and asked if I could take a step to talk, I pretended to hesitate a little and followed him. In the courtyard, he asked me if I knew him, and I replied that he looked familiar. Then, ecstatically, he took out the earrings I intentionally left for him from his arms and asked, “Is this Miss’s jewelry?” I took it, smiled sweetly, and nodded shyly.

It is indeed unbelievable to go from a dream to reality, let alone a mortal like him. He didn’t ask me about that night, and we just became lovers.

I often snuggle into his arms and listen to him say: “When the world first opened, humans and demons coexisted. Later, humans destroyed the demons and monopolized the world.” After he finished speaking, I would laugh secretly. In fact, the demon has not been exterminated, and I am one of the survivors. He told me that a friend of his, his name was Yongzhen, used to go to kill demons with his master when he was young. I asked Yi Tian to bring me to him, I wanted to see if he was the guy who killed my kind back then.

He, Yongzhen, was waiting for us by the bank of the stream. The moment I met his eyes, the eyes in front of me switched wildly with the eyes of the kid standing behind the mage ten years ago. He is the guy who killed my kind! I want him to die! After ten years of waiting, this day is finally here.


For no reason, I left Yitian. I want revenge, I don’t deserve love.

I tried to get close to Yongzhen, but he was by no means a womanizer. No matter how coquettish and charming I am, Yongzhen just treats me indifferently, and even avoids it.

I suddenly felt like a failure. I used to always think about how to get revenge, but now the enemy is right in front of me, but I can’t do anything to kill him.

I drank like crazy, sitting in the courtyard under the moon, the white moonlight covered the ground, and I wept to the moon. My tail, ears, and teeth all showed their original shape after being drunk. I got up, and the wind floated by, and my dress was blown up by the wind.

Behind him was Yongzheng’s sigh. He said: “There are good monsters among monsters. It is not the ones that do not harm people that are good monsters. After all, the human world is the place where people live. Monsters should go to practice with peace of mind and reincarnate as soon as possible.”

I couldn’t help laughing, and said: “There are many good monsters, but they are also killed by humans. If they can practice with peace of mind and reincarnate in reincarnation, who wouldn’t want to?”

Yongzhen retorted: “If the demons hadn’t offended humans first, we would never have killed them all!”

I turned around, looked into his eyes and said, “Why do your dynasties always change in the midst of wars and killings? Are you also offending each other?”

Yongzhen is speechless. I said bitterly: “Because this is the nature of you human beings!” After that, I left sadly, with a winner’s smile on the corner of my mouth.

Still can’t kill Yongzhen, I’m a demon, he already knows, I think, soon, he will kill me, because there is a saying among human beings: “The first to attack is the strong, and the second to attack will suffer.” I thought I was smart , it is better to strike first.

I thought of Yi Tian, ​​I had to use him, use him to kill Yong Zhen.

Returning to Yi Tian, ​​I told him to kill Yong Zhen. He was stunned and asked me why. I said: “Because I fell in love with him, but I fell in love with you. Now, I hate Yongzhen. It was his appearance that made me betray you!”

Yi Tian looked at me lovingly and said, “Lianyan, we don’t need to kill Yongzhen. Since you are in love with Yongzhen, you can leave me, just like I left my fiancée when I fell in love with you. Everyone has The right to choose love!”

I am dumbfounded. I have seen Yi Tian’s fiancée, she is a kind and beautiful woman, but Yi Tian betrayed her because of my presence, I think she must hate me very much.

I saw a kind of high-quality arsenic called “poison poisoning” in the market, so I bought a pack, and put it in the wine that I wanted to worship Yongzhen on the day I worshiped with Yi Tian. The clear wine was poured into the jade cup held up by Yongzhen, shining with a poignant light.

After Yongzhen raised his glass and said his blessings, he drank the wine down and fell to the ground in the blink of an eye. I looked at him coquettishly and smiled, Yi Tian called Yongzhen’s name and carried him into the house.

I thought Yongzhen would die forever in an instant, but he actually woke up. I pulled the cold sword out of its sheath and forced it to Yongzhen’s throat. He smiled, the first time I saw him smile so sincerely, my heart ached slightly.

He said weakly: “Lianyan, if you kill me, you can dissolve the hatred in your heart, I am willing. You are a demon, I know, I recognized you when I first met you. Ten years ago , I went to a forest with my master to kill demons. There was a little fairy hiding in a tree. The master didn’t find it because I didn’t practice very much. Instead, I found it, but I let it go, because its eyes are so kind, I thought It has to be fine…” Yongzhen laughed wildly: “I didn’t expect it, I didn’t expect it to become so vicious now!”

The sword in my hand fell heavily on the ground, the sound was crisp and deafening, as if my heart was broken. Yongzhen said to Yi Tian: “Take good care of your sweet wife, don’t let her down!” After saying that, he convulsed for a while, vomited blood, and closed his eyes forever. The first time I called his name, it hurt my heart.

He let me go twice, I didn’t know it, and I didn’t cherish it. He hoped that I could be reborn in reincarnation, but instead I will repay my kindness with revenge.

come, go home

The autumn wind was blowing, and I left quietly. Alone, back to the forest where I lived when I was a child, being the only surviving monster in the world, practicing with peace of mind, waiting for reincarnation.

On the night of the full moon, I stood outside Yitian Courtyard, listening to him tell his married fiancée: “When the world first opened, humans and demons coexisted. Later, humans destroyed the demons and monopolized the world. But everyone I don’t know, there is still a demon alive now, her name is Lianyan…”?

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