Nightmare Hallway: The Thrilling Solution To The Mystery Of The Curse

Death god's death character_Who died of the god of death_How many captains died of the god of death

Zhang Yong is 23 years old, handsome, and works as a clerk in a company, sometimes working overtime.

Who died of the god of death_The death god's death character_How many captains died of the god of death

Recently, he had a frequent dream. In the dream, there was a woman wearing a pure white dress and with dark hair covering her face. She said to him, "Corridor, corridor, corridor, corridor…" In his dream, the woman kept repeating the word "corridor", which made him wake up in a cold sweat. He fell asleep with a heavy heart, but once he fell asleep, the dream continued to repeat…

Zhang Yong worked overtime that day and came home very late. As soon as he entered the corridor, he felt a cold wind blowing towards him. He couldn't help but say, "MD, you bastard! Show yourself to me, I'm not afraid!" This sentence made him emboldened. He continued to climb the stairs. Because he lived on the 6th floor, it would take about 4 or 5 minutes to get home. But this time was different. He climbed for a long, long time, as if it had been an hour, but he still didn't get home. He sat on the stairs panting and rested, thinking: What's wrong? Is there really a ghost? As he thought about it, he felt that something was wrong. How could he not get home after climbing for an hour! Then, fear slowly attacked his heart. He ran downstairs desperately, thinking that he must get out of this weird corridor. He ran and ran and finally reached the door on the first floor. He opened the door and thought he was finally free. However, it seemed that the god of death was playing a joke on him. It was pitch black outside the door and nothing could be seen. He took out his mobile phone and wanted to use the light on the screen to illuminate the scenery outside, but the phone still wouldn't open. He cursed in anger: "CTM!" He walked forward in the dark, but he couldn't touch the old locust tree in front of his house. So, he had to go back, but it was pitch black, so he had to rely on his memory to feel his way to that location. He suddenly touched a door handle. With fear and surprise, he reached out to the door handle with trembling hands. As soon as he exerted force, the door opened with a "click~~~" sound. A cold air hit him from inside. He shuddered involuntarily. The lights in the corridor emitted a strange orange color. Suddenly, a woman was slowly walking down the stairs. Zhang Yong looked closely. Wasn't that the strange woman in his dream? How could she be here! The woman in white came to him lightly and said ethereal words: "Get out of here, quickly!" Zhang Yong woke up from his dream with a "whoosh". He was still sleeping in his small bed. He was familiar with the surrounding scenes. He finally breathed a sigh of relief and wiped off the cold sweat. When he woke up from his dream, he had a big question in his mind: Who is the woman in the dream? Why did she help me in the dream? So, out of curiosity, he decided to go downstairs to find their building manager: Uncle Zhang, and ask him what was going on.

Death god's death character_Who died of the god of death_How many captains died of the god of death

It was the weekend, and the afternoon sky was particularly depressing. Under Chen Yong's repeated questioning, Uncle Zhang finally told the strange things that happened 13 years ago:

"13 years ago, in the house where you lived, there was a couple who had a good relationship. One night, the husband did not come home, and the wife thought he was busy at work, so she didn't care too much. The next night, the husband still did not come home, and the wife still thought that the husband was working overtime tonight, so she didn't say anything. However, the third day, the fourth day, the fifth day, the sixth day, the seventh day… the husband still did not come home. That night, the wife finally couldn't stand it anymore, and called her husband to ask why he didn't come home. The husband's phone was turned off, so the wife called the husband's company, and the people in the company said that the husband had gone home from get off work a long time ago. So the wife waited and waited until the clock struck midnight 12 times and the husband finally opened the door. Standing at the door, the wife was about to ask her husband why he hadn't come home for so many days, when suddenly, the husband smiled at his wife and fell into his arms. When she looked again, the husband had died from the first floor to the sixth floor, and the blood had been flowing without stopping. The husband died, just like that, inexplicably. The wife was in great pain, hugging her husband's already cold body and crying… The next morning, the wife and husband were gone, and the blood was gone too."

How many captains died of the god of death_The death god's death character_Who died of the god of death

Chen Yong still didn't understand, so Grandpa Zhang continued, "I saw all these things through the surveillance camera in the corridor, and I heard about what happened in the house from others… I will never forget what happened 13 years ago… By the way, haven't you been dreaming about a woman recently? Maybe there is evil in your house. You should go to Foshan and ask a Taoist priest to exorcise the evil."

Chen Yong thought about it and it made sense, but he was too tired today and his mind was in a mess, so he went back home to take a rest. As soon as he entered the house, he fell on the bed and fell asleep with his eyes closed. He dreamed again. This time, the woman in white was sitting on a black stone chair without saying a word. Chen Yong got bolder and asked, "Who are you? Why do you always appear in my dreams!" The woman was stunned for a while, and then she slowly replied, "Actually… I am the woman from 13 years ago…"

How many captains died of the god of death_The death god's death character_Who died of the god of death

Chen Yong was completely stunned by the woman's words. The woman continued slowly, "13 years ago, that morning, do you know where my husband and I went? In fact, my husband disappeared in my arms. Of course, my husband's blood also disappeared. As for me, I changed into this white dress, took a knife, and committed suicide. As for why Uncle Zhang didn't see me on the surveillance camera at that time, it was also very simple, because my husband and I were at home and disappeared. As for why the neighbors didn't see the scene of my killing in the end? It was because after I died, I took out their memories of my husband and I disappearing and destroyed them. The house was cursed by my husband with blood. Everyone who lived in this house was cursed. They would dream of me every time and have strange dreams every time. Endless stairs to go down and endless stairs to go up are what the curser will receive. Later, I didn't want to see that everyone who lived in this house would bear the terrible curse for the rest of their lives, so I would remind you in my dreams not to walk in the corridor and take the elevator. However, you didn't understand what I was saying. Sigh… Chen Yong."

Chen Yong understood everything after hearing this, but he suddenly asked, "How do you know my name?" The woman in white said, "Haha… I watch you live every day. My name is Shen Li. Sigh… Go and ask a powerful Taoist priest to remove the evil spirits here. I also want to reincarnate with my husband."

How many captains died of the god of death_The death god's death character_Who died of the god of death

Chen Yong suddenly didn't understand and said, "Then how do I wake up…?" Shen Li giggled and said, "Of course I pinch myself!" As soon as Shen Li finished speaking, Chen Yong was ready to pinch himself . Before pinching, Chen Yong said, "Shen Li, can I see what you look like?" Shen Li shyly brushed back the hair that was blocking her face. Under her hair was a face of a woman with classical beauty. "What a stunning face!" This sentence was revealed by Shen Li. Cheng Yong, who was stunned by what he saw, took a lot of effort to say something. Shen Li said shyly, "Oh! Okay, okay, go and ask the Taoist priest, don't waste time…" Chen Yong came to his senses then, pinched himself hard, and woke up from the dream. After waking up, Chen Yong hurried to Foshan to find a Taoist priest with powerful magic and went home, and explained the reason. After listening, the Taoist priest took out the demon-killing paper, said some spells, bit his finger, squeezed out some blood, and killed the demon.

Time passed minute by minute, and the Taoist priest finally walked out of the room. Chen Yong asked him excitedly, "Master, what happened?" The Taoist priest said, "The demon has been eliminated, and the donor can live in peace." After that, he turned around and prepared to leave without looking back. Chen Yong hurriedly took out a wad of money from his pocket and said, "Master, here is money for you!" The Taoist priest waved his hand leisurely and said, "No money is needed, just help. Eliminate the demon and the world will be peaceful." After that, he disappeared from Chen Yong's sight.

Chen Yong, since he moved back into the Taoist priest's house, he felt extremely comfortable. Shen Li never appeared in his dreams again, and he never encountered such a thing again. Sometimes he also dreamed that Shen Li and her husband were running towards him hand in hand, with happy smiles on their faces.

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