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In the early years, there was a down-and-out scholar Zhang Xiang in Linchuan City, who was only 26 years old. Because both of his parents died, his family was poor and he was not yet married. Zhang Xiangxing liked to collect old books and coins. To make a living, he opened a Yuxiang antique book club in the city.

That summer, it rained continuously for several days, and the already depressed Yuxiang Old Book Club became increasingly quiet due to the rain. Zhang relative did not care much about it. He used the peace and quiet in the rain every day to study poetry and books at his desk, or to do some fiddling. Old coins.

In the evening of this day, the lingering light rain suddenly changed from the gentleness of the past, and vented vividly between the heaven and the earth. In the pouring rain, the entire street was silent and deserted, only the sound of raindrops stirred up people's emotions. Suddenly, a slim and graceful woman came from the alley. Holding an oil-paper umbrella in her hand, she walked into the antique book club.

When Zhang Xiang saw someone entering the store, he nodded slightly as a greeting. The woman also smiled sweetly, put down the paper umbrella, walked straight to the bookshelf, and then immersed herself in flipping through the collection of classics and history that had been lonely in the rain for many days. After a long time, the woman finally selected a copy of "Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio", left a piece of paper money, held up an oil-paper umbrella, and disappeared into the rain and mist.

That night, when Zhang Guan's door was closed, he counted a few banknotes and found a ghost banknote. I couldn't help but wonder, but I couldn't figure out when it was collected. From then on, the woman will come every day. After the woman leaves, Prime Minister Zhang will have one extra ghost coin in his money. Zhang Xiang has always been bold and does not believe in ghosts and gods. He suspects that the woman is deliberately playing tricks on him.

That night, the woman came to buy books again. When she was about to leave after paying, Zhang Xiang said: "Girl, please go slowly. I have something unclear and I would like to ask the girl for advice." As he spoke, he took out a stack of money from the cash box. Seeing this, the woman did not panic. She moved lightly and sat opposite Prime Minister Zhang. She said, "I have heard that the young master makes a living by selling calligraphy. The young lady has admired him for a long time but has no way to get close, so he made this move. It's just that the young lady made a living by selling calligraphy. The woman has something to ask for, sir, can you write a note for me?"

"I would like to hear the details." Zhang Xiang said.

The woman sighed leisurely and told a story from the past.

My name is Nanguan Ping, and my name is Yuwan. In his early years, he came from a scholarly family, but his family fell into decline and could not afford to buy books to read. There is a scholar in this city who likes to collect books. He has been an official in Beijing for many years. When he retired and returned to his hometown, he brought thousands of books with him. Later, he collected them from many sources and built a library in his home, named Yitian Pavilion, which was famous all over the world. But the original poster has an eccentric personality and only collects books but does not lend them out. My desire to go to Yitian Pavilion to read books is nothing more than a foolish dream. I often grudge against this and hold grudges in purgation!

The poster has three sons in his family, two of whom are married. Wei's son became disabled due to illness when he was young, and his legs can no longer walk . Although he is nearly three years old, he has not yet married. After the slave family heard about it, they begged their parents and asked someone to be a matchmaker, and they were willing to marry the owner's son. The owner's family was overjoyed. But how do they know that I only married for his family’s collection of thousands of books?

However, God seemed to be playing a trick on me. On the day of my wedding, the groom suddenly fell ill and died before entering the bridal chamber. A happy event has turned into a funeral, and the whole family is naturally filled with sorrow. Since I don’t have much emotion with him, I don’t feel any sadness at all. I just dream of one day being able to read books in the pavilion. In the long days that followed, I realized that not only did I have no chance to enter the palace, but even the elder brother and the second brother's family were not allowed to enter at will. My father-in-law locked the library tightly with two big locks, kept the keys close to his body, and sent someone to guard it.

In the lonely days of being a widow, it became my dream to go to the pavilion and read books. Even if I just took a look at the tens of thousands of books, I would die without regrets! Finally, on a lonely rainy night, I secretly climbed up to the Yitian Pavilion, masked by the sound of rain, intending to pry the window into the pavilion. Unexpectedly, a bolt of lightning shone across the earth and also saw my figure. The person watching the pavilion shouted: "Who?" I was panicked and wanted to escape, but I accidentally slipped and fell to my death…

Zhang Xiang stared at the woman in front of him for a long time – it should be said to be a ghost. Not only did he not feel the slightest fear, on the contrary, emotions of respect and regret arose spontaneously, so he said to her: "If you love books, feel free to come and get them at any time!" However, Yu Wan carefully took out a few copper coins from her body and said: "Thanks to my husband for seeing me in love, I feel sorry for the many disturbances in the past few days. These copper coins were left by my mother back then, so I will give them to my husband as a souvenir!" "Xiangong Zhang took it and took a look, but he couldn't help being shocked!

It turned out that these ancient coins were all rare treasures in the collecting world, so he refused. The woman said: "This ancient coin is of no use to me. If it can benefit poor scholars, it will be considered a complete merit!"

After that, Zhang Xiang auctioned the ancient coins one by one, expanded the scale of Yuxiang Ancient Book Club, and renovated it. Since then, Zhang Xiang’s shop has been prospering, and he has generously donated books to those who were short of money, making him famous in Linzhou.

Everyone in Linzhou knew that Zhang Xiang had a kind-hearted and beautiful wife, but few people had seen her. How did they know that he married a ghost wife?

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This story takes the adventures of an ancient scholar and a female ghost as the main line, showing the emotional entanglement and desire for knowledge between humans and ghosts. Zhang Xiang's kindness and love for books, as well as Ping Yuwan's persistence in reading, together form the core of this story. The ancient coins in the story become the link between the world of humans and ghosts, and are also the key to Zhang Xiang's realization of his dream.

The plot of the story is ups and downs, full of mystery and romance. During the reading process, people can not only feel the customs of ancient society, but also appreciate the respect for knowledge and culture. Through this ghost book , readers can reflect on the values ​​of knowledge and culture in modern society, as well as the emotional exchanges between people.

The whole story is not only a story about the unresolved love between man and ghost, but also a tribute to the spirit of ancient literati. The ending of the story left a deep impression on people. While people lamented the impermanence of fate, they also felt warm and moved by the love story of Zhang Xiang and Ping Yuwan.

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