What Does It Mean To Dream About A Child? Chapter 688: Awakening

Yang Jian, who fell to the ground, felt the passage of life at this moment.

This dream is so real, it is exactly the same as reality. You will feel pain, tiredness , and excitement… Of course, you will also feel death.

"I made a mistake."

Yang Jian was staring at the strange and strange person in front of him, wanting to kill it, but was unable to do anything.

This person is the ghost in the dream.

But it seems a bit late to discover this problem now. He had fallen into his own thinking habit before, thinking that ghosts were hidden among those things just now. Little did he know that those things were used to interfere with his vision and affect his judgment. .

Instead, the inconspicuous worker carrying the ghost's coffin was the hidden identity of the ghost.

The ghost never came within five meters of Yang Jian.

It just watched quietly, waiting for the moment when Yang Jian died, and did nothing more.

If nothing happens, Yang Jian, who is lying on the ground, will die in this dream soon. As for whether something will happen to him in reality, although it is not certain, no one dares to bet, because this is not an ordinary nightmare. Dreaming about children ghosting is not a sign , but a supernatural nightmare.

"If this continues, I will definitely lose… I have completely lost the ability to move, and my injuries are getting more and more serious. The only way now is for other people to appear, discover the ghost in this dream, and quickly Kill it and end this nightmare, otherwise there will be no chance for me."

Yang Jian did not panic. Even when death was imminent, he remained calm. He understood the current situation very clearly.

"It's very stupid to pin your luck on others, but that's all I can do at the moment, or bet that the ghost controller will survive after dying in the dream."

There is no better way.

As time goes by.

His consciousness began to blur, his eyelids were heavy and he wanted to close them.

I understand that my loss this time was not unjust. It can only be said that after losing the identity of a ghost controller, I was unable to adapt to the identity of an ordinary person, which led to this series of accidents.

However, just when Yang Jian was about to die in this nightmare.

Between confusion.

A footstep appeared.

The footsteps were very gentle, far and near, and gradually walked to Yang Jian's side.

"Is it a ghost?"

He thought this, but his body could no longer move. He could only maintain some vague consciousness and couldn't even open his eyes.

Without waiting for him to think too much.

The man who was close to him suddenly grabbed one of his arms, then pulled his body and dragged him on the road, starting to leave here and leave the market.

The rain is getting heavier and heavier.

It was already raining heavily. Under the dim light, the black rain seemed to soak into everything here. The air became cold and turbid, and an incomprehensible chill came to my heart.


It had been a long time since I had felt this way, but I felt this way when Yang Jian was about to die.

A very painful but long-lost feeling.

Normally, he would probably be very happy, but now, Yang Jian took a strong breath and allowed this strange person approaching him to drag him forward.

This person is very strong, and an adult's body is like a piece of light cargo in front of him, which can be pulled forward at will.

"This is not a ghost. It feels different from before. It's not Madoka, and it's not that Lin Xiaoxi. Who could it be? Is it someone else in this dream." Yang Jian thought like this, and he tried to open his eyes to see look.

But it can't be done.

Although he exerted great force, his eyelids did not move at all, and he did not obey the orders at all.

He didn't know how long he was dragged along by this person. Yang Jian was in a coma during this period. He thought he would be in a coma forever, but he didn't expect that he would still wake up.

Drowsily, like a flashback, he woke up.

The spirit seems to have been restored.

At this moment, Yang Jian was finally able to open his eyes. He did not think about why he could still survive, but took the first step to look at the surrounding environment.


He has arrived at the entrance of the village.

I had followed my cousin Xiao Yuan and Lin Xiaoxi out of the village before, but I didn't expect that I would go around and come back again.

But he didn't see what the person dragging him looked like. He seemed to be lying alone at the entrance of the village.

The wound was still bleeding, and the long coffin nail that pierced his body was still in his abdomen. Nothing had changed. But Yang Jian didn't know why he didn't die. According to normal circumstances, he should have died. It’s only right that you have fallen into this dream.

Or is it that the ghost in his body is still at work, and this injury can kill ordinary people, but cannot kill himself?

In other words, the person who dragged him just now did something.

Since it is a dream, anything can happen. If you master some tricks in dreams, it is not impossible to keep people alive.


Yang Jian felt a strange touch on his face, as if an invisible hand was touching his face.

next moment.

Late at night, in a room on the second floor of an old house in Meishan Village.

Yang Jian, who was lying on the bed, suddenly opened his eyes at this time. His eyes were slightly red, with a bit of weirdness, as if they were emitting light in the darkness, but soon, this abnormality disappeared again, no matter what , should be said to have calmed down.

At this time, Yang Jian felt the restlessness of Ghost Eye's revival.

But after he woke up, this feeling disappeared again.

Yang Jian suddenly sat up from the bed. He was covered in cold sweat, his heart was beating wildly, and he was breathing heavily. He couldn't calm down for a long time.

Returning to reality from a nightmare feels unreal.

As if that was reality, he was in a dream, and all the emotions he had experienced in the dream burst out at this moment, making Yang Jian unbearable for a while.

"What's wrong, are you having a nightmare?" Jiang Yan on the side was woken up in a daze. She put her arms around Yang Jian's neck and said: "You have been like this before, and this is not the first time. Hurry up and lie down and rest. , I feel very sleepy in the middle of the night, and I seem to be going to a banquet tomorrow, and I don’t know which of your relatives is treating me."

Yang Jian didn't hear Jiang Yan's words. He touched his abdomen, but felt no pain or wound.

He was indeed out of the dream.

He touched his face, but he touched Jiang Yan's slender palm, which was exactly what he felt just now.

"Did you dream just now?" After taking a breath, Yang Jian gradually regained his composure, or perhaps the influence of his own ghost appeared again, allowing him to quickly return to his previous state.

In the dark room, Jiang Yan shook her head slightly: "No, I wasn't dreaming. I saw you having a nightmare, and you were sweating constantly. I was worried all night, and I just kept wiping your sweat. I kept holding you to sleep because I was afraid you would catch a cold. You see, several of the towels I brought were wet. I don’t know why you sweat so much."

"Are you thirsty now? I still have water here."

As she spoke, she took out a bottle of water from the bedside table and handed it over.

Yang Jian was not polite, opened it and drank it.

However, he did not feel thirsty and his body did not appear to be dehydrated, but his body was indeed broken into a cold sweat.


After drinking a bottle of water, Yang Jian threw the bottle out. He said coldly: "This village is not normal. No, it should be said that the surrounding area is not normal. There must be an invisible supernatural event happening. It's just this supernatural event." The incident was too secretive, so there was no big fuss.”

"What should we do? How about we go and pick up my aunt, and we go back to Dachang City." Jiang Yan shrank into Yang Jian's arms in fear.

For her, what scares her most is supernatural events.

"Going may not be of much use. I feel like I have been targeted. You have not been a target yet. My mother has lived here for so long and has not been a target. If everyone living in this village will die, then the village will be over soon." , so don’t be too nervous and wait a few days before talking." Yang Jian said.

He won't run away immediately.

The cause must be found, the root cause must be found, and the problem must be solved.

And this nightmare thing is incomprehensible. He doesn't want to be trapped in this dream forever, constantly fighting against the ghosts in the dream.

"At dawn, I will go check out the three places where my father left me to see if I can find any clues. In addition, during this period of time, I must not sleep again, or have any thoughts of sleeping. .”

Yang Jian's eyes moved slightly.

If it is truly a nightmare event, then it can be avoided by following the information above and not sleeping.

It happened accidentally once before, but it probably won't happen again.

After all, with my current physical condition, I wouldn't have any problem if I didn't sleep for ten days, and I wouldn't feel tired at all.

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