The Dead: Part I, Chapter 21, Dream

The truth about Zhang Junxing has been revealed. This is the first complex mystery that has been completely solved during the investigation of the Ghost Road. The unexpected ending turned the hero into a villain. There was silence in the room and everyone was extremely sad. After a long while, Uncle Li said, "This way, Zhang Junxing's matter can be completely over. I wonder what the ending will be?" He Jianfei raised his head and said, "Who said it was over? Have you forgotten your dream?" Uncle Chen said, "What dream?" Uncle Li told him quickly.

"Ah…" He Jianfei almost said A Qiang in a moment of haste, and quickly changed his words, "You had this strange dream, which means that you received the residual thoughts of Shi Ting's wronged soul. The residual thoughts usually only dissipate within a very small distance, which means that Shi Ting did not reincarnate. She is near us, maybe in school." Another shocking fact. Tian Yinzhen said: "There is also the photo. The matter between Xiaohu and Zhang Junxing is so secretive. If Zhang Junxing tells anyone, he can only tell Shi Ting and Tan Xingwan. So the person hiding behind the tree must be Shi Ting. She already knew at that time that Zhang Junxing wanted to take revenge on Xiaohu. From Uncle Li's dream, it can be seen that after Shi Ting became pregnant, it was the time when Zhang Junxing was going to carry out his plan. Everyone knows that it is very dangerous for people who are not in the magic world to deal with the ghost world, so she would try hard to keep Zhang Junxing. Zhang Junxing finally abandoned her and left resolutely. How could Shi Ting not have a trace of resentment after her death?" He Jianfei agreed: "Yes, and now Shi Ting is the only one who knows the truth about the cursed diary. Although it has disappeared, it is a hidden danger after all. Let's break it to the end and solve the diary by the way so that we can concentrate on dealing with Donghu."

Uncle Li asked Uncle Chen, "Do you know where Shi Ting likes to go?" Uncle Chen said blankly, "How can I know this when I haven't even spoken to her?" Uncle Li said, "Then the clue is broken?" He Jianfei said, "You can't ask Shi Ting. If Tan Xingwan is still alive, she might know. I think that the cursed diary, since it first appeared beside Shi Ting, may have a close relationship with Shi Ting's death. Or is the cursed diary around Shi Ting? Where did Uncle Chen's cursed diary disappear in the end?" Uncle Chen said, "I still vaguely remember it, but I can't name it now." He Jianfei smiled and said, "It's good to know. Let's go and see if there are any clues tomorrow and then decide on the next course of action." Arrangements were made. Uncle Li didn't sleep well, and Uncle Chen didn't sleep all night. They went back to their rooms to sleep. Suddenly, only He Jianfei and Tian Yinzhen were left in the hall.

He Jianfei pretended to look around several times as if he was looking at the scenery, and secretly winked at Tian Yinzhen. Tian Yinzhen smiled knowingly and said, "By the way, since you have nothing to do now, why don't you come to my room and sit down. You have been away for so long that the scriptures are no longer familiar to you. It's a good time to review them during this free time." He Jianfei hurriedly said, "Okay." Then the two of them came to Tian Yinzhen's room.As soon as Tian Yinzhen came in, she sat on the bed and said to He Jianfei who was closing the door: "If you have anything to say, just say it directly." He Jianfei said: "You don't have to sit like Bao Gong interrogating a prisoner, right? I want to discuss something important with you." Tian Yinzhen chuckled and said: "I know you didn't find some photos again, did you?" He Jianfei said: "It's not about Aqiang." Tian Yinzhen was surprised: "Aren't you always talking about Zhang Junxing and Shi Ting? Why did you suddenly think of Aqiang?" He Jianfei sat close to her and his voice trembled: "I just said that there is a hidden point in the Ghost Road that connects to the ghost world. But if this is something that the Ghost Road itself has, Aqiang's magic power will definitely not fail to detect it. In other words, it was only later. At this point, you Don't you understand the seriousness of the problem?" Tian Yinzhen almost jumped up from the bed and pointed at He Jianfei and said, "You mean he…he…" He Jianfei quickly covered her mouth: "Don't talk about things without evidence. My intuition always tells me that things will not get so bad. There must be something else going on. Zhang Junxing and Dong Fu are not the focus of the Ghost Road. Only this is the key and guide to the whole case. This matter is of great importance and no one can reveal it except the two of us. The honor and disgrace of the magic world depends on this line." Tian Yinzhen's eyes were red and she said, "Have you found any counter-evidence to overturn this argument?" He Jianfei sat there in silence. The fact was already very obvious. All the evidence pointed to the point they were most reluctant to see.

The next day, the four of them checked out and followed Uncle Chen, and finally arrived at the school gate. Uncle Li was surprised and said, "In the school? Doesn't that mean we have to meet Dong Fu?" What he was most afraid of now was Dong Fu. He Jianfei's face also changed color and said, "If it's inside, we won't go." Uncle Chen said, "It's not inside. I remember that you can only get there by going through a small mountain road in the school. I don't know if that mountain road is still there? But that place should still belong to the back mountain of the school." Everyone asked about the route and breathed a sigh of relief when they knew that they had avoided the ghost road. In the past, those who were not afraid of legends gradually felt fear as the inside story became more and more detailed.

After fifty years of evolution, even the back mountain, which was rarely visited, has changed beyond recognition. During the journey, people often encountered buildings blocking the road or diverting the road. After several twists and turns and asking for directions several times, they came to a dilapidated wall. He Jianfei was wondering if he had taken the wrong road. Uncle Chen suddenly shouted happily: "It's here." When everyone looked back, he pointed to a big banyan tree next to him and said: "I remember this big tree. It has not changed at all after so many years. This tree is the only obvious sign of that exit." He Jianfei pointed to the wall and said: "But now this road is blocked. How can we get through?" Tian Yinzhen said: "This wall is not too high. Why not let one person climb over it to see the situation and then show others a way to get through?" Uncle Li and Uncle Chen immediately agreed with He Jianfei and said: "The question is who will climb over it?" Before he finished speaking, he suddenly found that everyone's eyes were staring at him…

After He Jianfei turned over, he found that the back was actually a wasteland. There were weeds everywhere, very dense, growing up to chest height. Some of them would cut people. Some of the grass had a furry grass-like stick on top. The breeze blew a large piece of fluffy fluff flying over, sticking to people's skin and feeling very uncomfortable. The ground was a little wet, and when he stepped on it, a deep footprint immediately appeared. It was a bit like the softness and stickiness of a swamp. In front of him was an endless grassland, and the strong smell of rotten mud hit his nose. He Jianfei was just considering whether he could step out when he heard Tian Yinzhen's voice from the other side of the wall: "Hey, hurry up and show us a way over." He Jianfei said, "This is basically a wilderness with grass everywhere. I can't even see the edge. How can I find any way? The soil here is easy to drag your feet and you may not be able to get down." When Old Man Chen heard this, he hurriedly said, "It used to be a large wasteland. Only a few people came here to mine stones. The surroundings are very wide. In this case, don't move around. Wait until we get over there to discuss it." As they couldn't find any other way to get around, the two old men had to choose a lower place and start to climb over. With the help of He Jianfei and Tian Yinzhen who had been there earlier, they finally got everyone outside.

Old Chen looked around carefully and looked into the distance and asked He Jianfei, "Where is the east?" He Jianfei pointed to the left and said, "This used to be a road, but I usually take the left one. Let's go over there first and see what's ahead." He Jianfei said, "Wait a minute, I want to ask first, did the diary disappear in the wasteland?" The implication is that since this is a wasteland, doesn't it imply that the diary suddenly disappeared? Old Chen said, "It used to be a village, and the diary disappeared in the forest in front of the village. But I heard that the forest had been cut down a few years ago." Everyone walked forward in the direction pointed by Old Chen. The grass became less and less, and the terrain became more and more open. Suddenly, everyone's eyes lit up and dozens of large and small tree stumps appeared in front of them. Old Chen pointed to that place and said, "This is the dead spirit . The body was lying there at the time, and the diary was placed next to it." He Jianfei looked around and everything had already withered and dilapidated and was unrecognizable. There was no trace of the original appearance. The original village had long since become a rumbling construction site with a banner hanging above it: So-and-so Real Estate Company. Uncle Li said, "We finally got here, let's look around." So Uncle Li and Uncle Chen went to the right, while He Jianfei and Tian Yinzhen went to the left to the dead spirit .

He Jianfei found that the cut surface of a tree stump was very rough, which formed a sharp contrast with the smoothness of other tree stumps. When he was studying the cutting tools, he suddenly heard Mr. Li shouting from behind: "What's wrong with you?" He Jianfei and Tian Yinzhen turned around and asked: "What happened?" But they saw Mr. Chen's face was pale and his whole body was shaking. His face was as pale as a paper man, and cold sweat dripped down his forehead. "What's wrong with you, Mr. Chen?!" He Jianfei asked in surprise. Uncle Chen trembled and said, "No… It's okay. Maybe… I was just having an illusion." Unexpectedly, Uncle Chen screamed "Ah" again after walking a few steps. Uncle Li turned his head suddenly and said, "No, there must be a ghost. What did you see? I just saw a dark shadow passing by. What was it?" Uncle Chen denied it flatly, "No, I didn't see anything." He Jianfei said unhappily, "Uncle Chen, if you have any unspeakable secrets, you can tell us. We won't ask. What do you mean by hesitating and hiding things?" Uncle Chen was about to answer when his pupils suddenly dilated. He Jianfei felt something was wrong. At the same time, a breeze blew behind his head. When he turned around, he saw that the grass behind him moved slightly, but there was nothing. Uncle Chen was already paralyzed with fear. Tian Yinzhen had to give him some soul-soothing water to drink. He Jianfei looked at Old Man Chen suspiciously and walked towards the grass. When he slowly parted the grass, he saw two strange traces clearly left on the mud. The outlines of the two long oval shallow pits were very clear. He Jianfei picked up a little soil and smelled it, thinking: Could it be a sled? Old Man Li was already persuading Old Man Chen to tell the truth. Old Man Chen calmed down a little under the effect of the soul-calming water, and then he stammered: "Just… just now a… dwarf passed by me." Old Man Li spat: "A dwarf scared you like this? What if you see a ghost later?"

"No… that's not the reason. I feel that he… the way he looks at me is very… familiar, as if… Shen Fang."

The three were shocked. He Jianfei asked, "Wasn't Shen Fang also killed by the diary? How could he appear here?" Old Man Chen said, "That's why I was afraid. I wondered if it was his wronged spirit. He must hate me for not being able to avenge him back then."

As he was talking, there was another sound of grass rustling behind him. Tian Yinzhen yelled tenderly. Before he turned his head, the hidden dart had already been sent out. He heard two "swish" sounds and a scream suddenly came from the bushes. Everyone was relieved to hear the scream. Since this thing is afraid of pain, it means he is not a ghost. Tian Yinzhen ran towards the place where the scream came from. He Jianfei turned around and smiled at Old Man Chen: "I'll catch him and you'll know he is not Shen Fang." Before he finished speaking, Tian Yinzhen screamed in the distance. He Jianfei was shocked: "What's wrong with Yinzi?" He was about to run after him, but he saw Tian Yinzhen covering his face and running towards him, throwing himself into He Jianfei's arms, panting and saying: "It's so scary. I don't want to see this person again! I'll have nightmares if I look at him again!" He Jianfei was surprised and comforted Tian Yinzhen. After running over, he suddenly stopped before he ran a few steps.

A dwarf was sitting cross-legged quietly on the ground, his back hunched high, his face was covered with red sores and uneven, most of which had oozed white pus mixed with some yellow exudate, his lips were swollen and split on both sides, his deformed chin was straight up, his legs were bent inward like brackets, and there were several purple spots on his hands, like moldy green moss. He Jianfei frowned and quickly took out 5 yuan and threw it over, but heard the dwarf laughing loudly: "Chairman Chen, you are finally here? You didn't expect me to become like this after fifty years of not seeing you, did you?" Old man Chen, who had just arrived with the help of old man Li, saw this and screamed in pain: "No! Impossible! You are definitely not Shen Fang! Shen Fang is dead! You are not a human, you are not a human, you are a ghost!!" He Jianfei pointed at the dwarf with cold hands and feet and said: "You…you…you really are…" He could not connect the inhuman thing in front of him with the handsome boy in the photo.

The dwarf didn't care about He Jianfei's shock at all and just smiled strangely at Old Man Chen, "Yes, it's impossible! How could a handsome man in the past become so ugly and dirty! If it weren't for Jun Xing, I would have become a ghost long ago. What's the point of living in this world when I look like this? Look at these red sores oozing white pus, how hateful! They have been with me for fifty years!" Old Man Chen panted and said, "How are you still alive? They said that you kept the diary and were killed by the wronged spirits. Why…would it be like this…I don't believe it! I absolutely don't believe it!"

The dwarf murmured, "Whoever keeps that diary will be baptized by blood and fire. That's right, it's absolutely right! I deserve to die! Jun Xing risked his life to save the diary and it can't be destroyed in my hands! All my friends are dead and I'm the only one left. So I can't die!" Suddenly he shouted, "Do you know why I can't die? Haha, I thought about it and finally came up with a clever plan. Do you know what it is? I asked my pet dog Bobby to bury the diary. This way, it would be Bobby who hid the diary instead of me. Bobby died the next day. It died in great pain and I still remember the miserable scene. Hahaha, that ghost couldn't do anything to me and it had no reason to kill me, so it turned me into this and made me live a life worse than death for fifty years."

It turns out that Shen Fang is still alive. This can be said to be the second major discovery on the Road of Unjust Ghosts since Zhang Junxing's private vendetta was exposed. He Jianfei didn't care about being surprised and stepped forward and said, "Senior, since you are Shen Fang, you should know the ins and outs of the cursed diary. Please tell me about Shi Ting. I would be grateful if you could tell me about it as well." The dwarf then turned around and looked at He Jianfei straight in the eye. His two twisted eyes rolled up and he laughed, "Senior? Diary? Shi Ting? Haha, kid, who do you think you are? What can you do if I tell you? Get out of here!" He Jianfei said solemnly. Rong said, "To be honest, senior, we have deduced that there is a dead spirit attached to the diary. This dead spirit has a great connection with the murderer who killed senior Zhang Junxing. If it is not the murderer, it must be an accomplice. I beg you to tell me the name so as to comfort the spirit of senior Zhang Junxing in heaven." The dwarf laughed up to the sky and said, "Murderer? Hahahaha, if you self-righteous people were born fifty years earlier, I'm afraid you would have killed me! Since you want to know so much, I can also tell you that the dead spirit in the diary is none other than Shi Ting!! Go ahead and deduce, go ahead and rack your brains to fabricate evidence that Shi Ting killed Zhang Junxing!"

Is it Shi Ting?! All of them couldn't believe their ears. Only He Jianfei, who was always eloquent, spoke with difficulty: "Senior…Senior, you won't admit your mistake?" The dwarf looked at him contemptuously for a while and said, "I'm not worthy of being a human being if I admit my mistake to someone who made himself look like this. Do you think it's Shi Ting?" A puff of white smoke suddenly rose from the bush three meters away. At the same time, a faint sigh passed by everyone's ears: "Alas, Shen Fang, it's been fifty years. What can you do if you have trapped me here? You don't have to waste your efforts. You only have a few years left to live. What can you do to me after you die? I won't let you know." The dwarf sneered: "As long as I'm alive, I will have a chance to know the answer. Naturally, I won't let you stay there comfortably before I die."

He Jianfei twisted his stiff neck and turned his head. He saw a woman in a long white shawl floating beside a bunch of wild flowers. She lowered her head halfway, swaying left and right because of the wind. Her hands were drooping weakly on both sides, and at first glance, they looked like they were broken. The ghost girl slowly raised her head after hearing the dwarf's words. Instantly, He Jianfei's whole body was shocked. Her thin eyebrows were like the moon, her lips were like cherry blossoms, and her small nose was exactly the same as the person in the photo. Who else could it be but Shi Ting?

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