Santo Dream

Mr. Xiang wrote “Strange Tales from a Liaozhai Studio”, which has been popular for more than 300 years, and people still remember it. Zeng Sheng said: “Do you want me to learn from you to write Strange Tales from a Liaozhai Studio?” “Pu Songlin said: That’s exactly the case. The title is all thought up for you. Let’s call it “Strange Tales from a New Liaozhai Studio”. In this way, the combination of ancient and modern, local and foreign, has both the inside and the face. It looks good and sells; I don’t believe in ghosts, but there are still many people who are interested in new and strange things. Mr. Why don’t you come out of the mountain yourself and continue “Liao Zhai” to revive the name? There are no ghosts in the world, it goes without saying, but ghosts and dreams are by no means absolutely illusory. , there must be some kind of spiritual connection between them. … Continue readingSanto Dream

The Revenge Suicide Note Of A Poor Scholar

I also heard that Fang Xiucai wrote a “Suicide Note of Revenge” and buried it in the grave, which made him feel even more restless and restless. He wished he could dig out the “Suicide Note of Vengeance” from Fang Xiucai’s grave immediately to see what happened. Those with a little literacy hurriedly picked up the “Revenge Suicide Note” and read the two petty lines on the back to everyone: “Master Kong, you are doomed. I said to myself, this is not the secret box of my husband’s “Revenge Suicide Note” Huh? Fang Xiucai didn’t want my life in the first place, if he really put poison on the “Revenge Suicide Note”, would I still be alive today? … Continue readingThe Revenge Suicide Note Of A Poor Scholar