Eight Gates, Nine Stars, Yin And Yang, And Two Escapes

Since ancient times, the art of touching gold and school captains has been based on the "Book of Changes", the first of the classics, so I saw dozens of pieces of blue -headed ancient jade scattered in the sea. The picture drawn by the professor can actually be synthesized into a complete jade carving. The jade man in the shape of a sea monster is "lighting candles and divination tortoises". , the congenital gossip is likely to be based on the complex, profound, and mysterious sixteen-character Tian Gua, how can I not be startled by this?

I quickly gathered myself together, and went back to the fisherman's house with Professor Chen. I dug out the box of green heads, trying to discern exactly which moment the hexagram was on the back of the jade turtle, but found that it was engraved with Most of the most critical part of the hexagram image was soaked in rot, and the remains of tiny marine organisms were deposited on it. It was impossible to distinguish only by some fuzzy figures on the corners, and I couldn't help being disappointed.

Professor Chen saw me staring at the jade carving for a long time but couldn't recover, so he patted my shoulder lightly and said: "From the decoration and craftsmanship, this jade figure is probably used for worshiping gods and witchcraft in the Western Zhou Dynasty. There have never been any cultural relics of similar shape in the mainland of China. It is very likely that they are the remains of the seabed that were introduced to the Kingdom of Hating Heaven in the Zhou Dynasty. This is a priceless treasure. Where did it come from? How? What can you tell from the hexagram? "Although he is an old scholar, he mainly focuses on the culture of the ancient Western Regions and is not an expert in Yi Xue.

I shook my head. This jade carving was originally a "green head" that we received by accident. We planned to transport it back to Beijing and find someone to sell it for a high price. My secret, if it is true as "Bai Wu" said, a boat-swallowing sea beast died on the shore during the tsunami, and this jade carving was obtained from a fishing boat that was buried in the belly of the beast, so it would be difficult to determine its origin.

But Professor Chen and I are very clear that in the Yin, Shang, Western Zhou, Eastern Zhou, Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods, the ruling class made decisions on most things through the results of witchcraft. They will record the previous divination results and subsequent verifications in detail on the tortoise shell keel. To a certain extent, the tortoise shell and the bell are almost equally important. It can all prove its age, because the same oracle bone inscriptions and inscriptions have their own differences according to different times. In terms of shape, the Xia Dynasty used bird traces, and the Shang Dynasty mostly used insects and fish traces. In the Western Zhou Dynasty , all use the insect and fish seal script. Although the Chinese characters were unified later, there are still differences between the dynasties. All signs can indicate the age of the jade carving.

The inscription Zhong Ding and the Dragon Bone of Tianshu all recorded the secrets of major events at that time. It was the era when the hexagrams of the Zhouyi were prevalent. If you can solve the hexagrams of the sea monster lighting the candle, you can learn many long-lost secrets. Hate Tianshi It is almost equivalent to Atlantis in the east, how many secrets and treasures are there? It is even possible to get a glimpse of the mysteries of the sixteen-character celestial hexagram. Unfortunately, this jade man has sunk in the sea for thousands of years. Given our current conditions on the island, it is still difficult to peel off the sea erosion on the surface, so we cannot know for the time being. The truth in the tortoise divination.

Professor Chen once heard Shirley Yang say that I read "Yi" almost every day recently. He encouraged me a lot, and said that if he could repair the ancient jade after returning to Beijing, he would invite me to come back for textual research after recovering the hexagram.

I thought to myself that this is the green head that I collected. How can I hear what this means, and I will have nothing to do when I go back to Beijing? Professor Chen really didn't meet with me, and confiscated it directly, which is fine, but I didn't learn Yili because of my love for Chinese studies. When it comes to motives, it's even more impure. "That divine number really convinced me. If I could also discern the numbers, wouldn't I be victorious in all battles in the future no matter whether it was fighting or doing business? In addition, the most important thing is to perfect the cognition of the sixteen-character yin-yang feng shui secret art, but I can’t say that in front of Professor Chen. When he asked me about my experience with Yi Li, I casually told Professor Chen about it. My recent experience in learning Yi, of course, most of which I heard from Zhang Yingchuan.

In the past, I only knew Fengshui but not Yin and Yang. In fact, Yizi is the general formula of Fengshui. To understand human affairs, the way of heaven and the way of humanity are a whole, and people should follow the example of heaven and earth when they live in this world.

If you imitate the sky, you can be vigorous and promising, full of vitality, and the sky is vigorous, and a gentleman should strive for self-improvement; if you imitate the earth, you will become generous, tolerant and loving, always humble and obedient, the terrain is Kun, and a gentleman should carry his virtues.

I talked with Professor Chen about some theories in the Book of Changes, and then we talked more in-depth. Judging from our experience a while ago, in a sense, the sixteen hexagrams of the innate and the Jingjue ghost cave, the dragon bone book, and the phoenix gallbladder. There is an unclear relationship between them. Since this jade man is likely to be an ancient relic from the Kingdom of Hate Heaven, is it possible that the hexagrams in it are related to Haiyan? Will all the relics of the Kingdom of Hate Heaven that were on the sea be swept away by sea eyes? Of course, these are all my subjective guesses. If you don't see it with your own eyes, probably no one can make it clear.

Professor Chen once again instructed: "This time I went to sea to look for the bone mirror of the king of Qin. Of course it is best to find it. If you can't find it, don't take risks and approach the sea eye in the coral spiral. It is recorded in ancient books that the sea eye will return to the ruins and be killed." If you suck it in, don’t think about it coming out, no one knows what kind of devastating disaster Hate Heaven encountered back then, once you have any troubles…"

I persuaded him: "Don't worry about this matter, we are only on a salvage mission this time, in order to retrieve the national treasure in the sunken ship, and also collect eggs to make some extra money, and it is not a death squad that takes the route of self-destruction, it is too risky Things will never be done." After a long talk, before we knew it, it was almost dawn, and according to the original plan, we were going to go to sea in the morning, so I simply didn't sleep, greeted the fat man and others, and got ready to go.

This day is an auspicious day for going out to sea. In the morning, we have to sacrifice to the God of the Sea. Not only our Trident, but also the rest of the fishing boats are also going out to sea. Everyone spent many days in repeated preparations and waiting, and finally they are about to set sail Entering the sea, everyone cheered up and couldn't hold back the excitement in their hearts.

Ruan Hei, an experienced egg farmer, gave us a lot of requirements before going out to sea. Fishermen and egg folks have as many taboos as the craftsmen who are upside down, and the customs are extremely unique. The most taboo is to say Words such as turning over, buckling, and turning over, whoever dares to mention these words at sea, the boss of the boat has the right to throw anyone into the sea to feed the fish. Dan people call sailing boats tent boats, and they always call "fans" "ponts", and "sailing sails" are commonly known as "supporting tents" or "opening tents".

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