Chapter 53: Immortal Rope

Professor Sun said that a thorough plan must be made to steal the coffin and corpse of the Earth Immortal. Once the ancient mirror of returning to the ruins does not work, it will be burned with kerosene, but if Feng Shigu's corpse is really possessed by the corpse, We people may be difficult to deal with, so we must prepare for the worst, and we can be more sure if we bring the fairy rope.

I know that Mojindoudou uses a corpse rope, that is, a rope with a looper at each end, one end is tied to the chest of the tomb robber, and the other end is looped around the neck of the ancient corpse in the coffin, and then the corpse is pulled He sat up, picked up the funeral clothing with both hands, and poured it cleanly.

The Immortal Rope is a lasso that binds walking corpses and flying corpses. It is just a rope, but it has 16 loose buckles, which can be contracted freely and shaken apart like a net. Even the Daluo Jinxian can't escape However, people who don't know rope skills can't make the multiple buckles that bind the fairy rope. The practice of touching gold has been passed down to our generation, and many unique skills have been lost, so I only heard of it.

Sun Jiuye said: "I didn't expect you to know how to do it at first. I saw that the buckskin treasure bag tied around the waist of Yaomeier had nine knots and seven buckles. It is definitely not something that ordinary people can tie, so I took the fairy rope and tied it." I asked her about it, and indeed there is this craft in Honeycomb Mountain, but it's not called Immortal Binding Rope, but Pin Pin Rope."

Since ancient times, there has been a saying of "seventy-two lines, one hundred singles and eight mountains". In these traditional industries, craftsmen from almost all walks of life have unique skills, and they are also integrated with each other. Most of the agency means came from Honeycomb Mountain. Therefore, it is not surprising that the fairy-binding rope in Daodou Xing evolved from the pin-shaped rope.

After going through many hardships since entering the mountain, I gradually became convinced of Yaomeier's craftsmanship. I immediately gathered up the remaining climbing ropes on everyone's bodies and handed them to Yaomeier to close the noose. Sun Jiuye smeared the black and smelly ointment from the kettle on the rope, no matter whether Feng Shigu in the tomb was a fraudulent corpse or an immortal, if he saw the opportunity to tie him up, he would be unable to escape.

Although I don't have such serious idealism as Sun Jiuye, but I also know very well in my heart that it is a very dangerous move to meet the earth fairy in the coffin mountain. He couldn't be negligent, and seeing that everyone was ready, he sneaked in to check the tomb of Lingxing Rock.

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I saw that on this rock wall, there are all kinds of monster stars such as dark, blood, hanging, death, etc. In fact, there are no such monster stars in the sky, they are just legends in the ancient celestial star Feng Shui. It is said that the demon star is in the lead, and the glow can cover the moonlight, and it is the omen of the mountain of corpses and the sea of ​​blood. These ominous ancient stone inscriptions of astrology made the city of tombs, which was already extraordinarily gloomy and silent, even more frightening, and faintly felt that the current situation was extremely difficult to deal with.

By interpreting the sacrificial stele and reviewing the handwriting left by the immortals, we can already conclude that in ancient times, coffin gorge was full of shamanism such as astrology. The place where sacrificial utensils are hidden, and Feng Shigu built this mountain as a yin house, using Fengshui secrets to restore the aura of the earth veins, in an attempt to make the corpse immortals who had disappeared for thousands of years reappear, and make all the dead in the earth immortal village become immortals . There are at least tens of thousands of tombs in the Lingxing Hall of the Jade Palace underground in the Pangu Vein. If the earth fairy's calculations come true, and the zombies inside swarm out of the mountain, who can stop it? I thought back and forth, now the only way to save the situation is to put life and death aside, first destroy Feng Shigu's body, and then completely break the vitality of Pangu's corpse in the coffin mountain.

The five of us searched for a while in several nearby rooms, and found that most of the tombs were filled with one room and one corpse, and there were no objects in the coffin. The nose, mouth, eyebrows, and eyes are all open, and the lights are used to illuminate them in the dark, making those masks look extraordinarily weird, but the tomb of Lingxingyan is small and low, and it doesn't look like a hiding place for earth immortals.

In an unremarkable rock chamber, Shirley Yang found a triangular rock crevice behind the dead body. He shone in with a wolf-eyed flashlight, and there seemed to be room in the depths. I bent down and drilled through the cracks in the rocks. After passing a few meters long and narrow place, there was a Lingxing rock room, about 20 square meters in size. The rock walls were neat, and there were murals on the walls. The golden coffin of turquoise is shining with golden light, and its shape is strange, it looks like something from a foreign place in the Western Regions.

I thought to myself that this was probably the main tomb, so I turned around and called the rest of the people to get into the rock chamber. The fat man came in and took a look back and forth with the spotlight, his eyes fell on the golden coffin, he couldn't help but step forward to make a move amidst the exclamation, but Sun Jiuye stopped him and said don't worry, let's learn some lessons, see clearly first, so as not to repeat it again Fall into the trap set by the earth fairy.

Everyone squatted in the corner of the tomb, carefully looking at the situation in the tomb. I walked around the room this time and looked more carefully, but the more I looked at it, the more strange it became. I saw that the murals painted on the wall of the tomb were actually peach forests, with luxuriant branches and leaves, fruitful, and clouds and mist among the red leaves and green. Wreathed. The colors of the murals are thick and bright. When you look closely, you almost have the feeling of being there. You can only feel that there are peach forests in front of you and behind you.

And the coffin made of gold is surrounded by colorful peach forest murals. Except for the bottom, which is invisible, the other sides are cast with many strange-shaped figures, fish and beasts, and the eyes are embedded with turquoise. A strange aura floated in the silent and cold air.

There are two smaller tombs behind the stone chamber, one of which is connected to the entrance of the burial, and a jade square is embedded in it, carved with phoenixes, lins, dragons, and tortoises. To identify the writing on it, it is "Lingxing Temple Earth Immortal". The other room is blocked by a stone gate, it is estimated that the inside should be a burial cave, but it is still impossible to judge from the outside what the artifacts hidden in the burial cave of the Earth Immortal are.

I saw that the layout of the tomb was strange, I had never seen it before, and it was completely different from the tomb of the Earth Immortal, so I couldn't help wondering whether the golden coffin contained Feng Shigu's remains. The fat man was also puzzled: "Why do you feel like you've come to a farm that grows peach trees? Could it be that this old landlord's ancestors were selling peach hair? It's just that the coffin is made of real materials and looks like it."

Shirley Yang said that in the murals of the tomb, the auspicious clouds among the peach forests and the pavilions and pavilions in the distance seem like a scene in the sky, or it may be a paradise of peach blossoms.

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Professor Sun said to her: "You really hit the point. The murals do not depict the mortal world. It is said that Feng Shigu dreamed of being a fairy when he was alive. The tomb is full of peach forests. People in the meeting back then. Judging by the arrangement here, the Earth Immortal must be in the golden coffin."

Yaomeier asked Sun Jiuye, "Who is the member of the meeting? What kind of meeting did the earth fairy hold?" Before Professor Sun could answer, the fat man pretended to understand: "Anyway, it must not be the People's Congress. It is probably the representative meeting of landlord leaders, and the regulations discussed at the meeting are all about exploiting the working people."

I heard what Sun Jiuye said just now, and I already understood what he meant. In ancient times, those people who were superstitious in seeking immortality and Taoism believed that they had participated in the Peach Blossom Fair held by the Queen Mother of the West in their previous lives, and those who could participate in this meeting were gods. Immortals, the arrangement in Feng Shigu's tomb is to implicitly claim to be a true immortal.

Sun Jiuye ignored the fat man and asked me, "Since we have found the coffin in the Earth Immortal's tomb, it's up to you to decide what to do."

I looked at the expressions of the four of them, and I knew that everyone was exhausted and depressed, and desperate and nervous. Only the fat man and I were somewhat excited about fearing that the world would not be chaotic. Said to everyone: "Comrades, everyone knows the current situation of Coffin Mountain, so I won't say more. As for the poor idea of ​​whether it will be safe to open the golden coffin of the Earth Immortal, I think I should throw it in as soon as possible." Let’s go to the Pacific Ocean. Don’t forget that only by dying can we be reborn, as long as we hold our breath and make full use of the skills in the gold-touching industry to raise the coffin and hair, there will be no fight that we can’t get rid of.”

The vibrations at the bottom of the coffin mountain came and went, but they became more and more intense. In order to avoid long nights and dreams, we immediately started preparing to open the coffin. I first took out a piece of candle and asked Sun Jiuye to go to the southeast corner of the tomb to light it.

The reason why Sun Jiuye was asked to do this is because I always felt that there were signs of a dead body on him. The strangest thing is that touching the candlelight and life lamp of Captain Jin to predict good and bad luck did not have any reflection on Sun Jiuye , This shows that he is not a ghost, but there is absolutely no trace of corpse insects gnawing on a living person. Since I entered the underground palace of the Black Sheep King, I don't seem to feel the breath of a living person on him. Although the truth and consequences of this incident have not yet been revealed, the potential threat far exceeds the record of the earth immortal and demon god in the golden coffin, so it must be guarded against.

Sun Jiuye lit a candle as he said, and the candlelight shone on his face. His face was as dark as a corpse, and his eyes were particularly cloudy, which made me feel cold. But before he swore and swore, he insisted that he didn't know what happened to him. Fortunately, since he entered the Coffin Mountain Cannon Temple, what he did was still reasonable, and it seemed that he could explain it I have also explained everything. In his words, the lives of the five of us are tied together. Without him, we may not have a chance to escape from Dixian Village. Although everyone finds that this person is becoming more and more terrifying , but finally endured it.

The Earth Immortal Tomb is the birthplace of the vitality of the Pangu Vein in the Coffin Mountain. The candle didn’t look strange when it burned. I gave Shirley Yang a wink and asked her to take Yaomeier back and make sure to stay at the exit of the tomb. The most important thing is Carefully observe Sun Jiuye's every move behind us, and don't let the fat man and I fall into his hands when we open the coffin.

Afterwards, Fatty, Sun Jiuye and I gathered in front of the golden coffin, looking carefully for where to start. In the process of tomb robbery, opening the coffin and touching the gold has always been the most dangerous part, so even the fat man was extra careful. He originally planned to find the gap in the golden coffin and use an engineer shovel to pry open the coffin cover. Unexpectedly, the three searched around and found the ground There are no gaps around the fairy's golden coffin, but there are two hollow doors on the top of the coffin, without locks and nails, which can be opened with one hand, without any effort.

Although it has been considered that the tomb of Dixian Fengshigu is quite different from other famous tombs, it is still surprising to see that the coffin of the owner of the tomb is in vain. I didn't dare to act rashly and directly opened the coffin door. I climbed up to the golden coffin first, looked inside through the hollow with a spotlight, and found some dark green faint reflections inside. I couldn't tell whether it was another coffin or something, but I could only smell a highly decomposed corpse smell coming from it.

When the fat man saw the huge golden coffin, he was filled with emotion. He wished that the whole coffin could be flown back directly, and he kept stroking the golden coffin beside him. He couldn't wait to ask me: "Old Hu, what's inside the coffin?" Sun Jiuye also asked, "Is the Earth Immortal in the coffin?"

I said disdainfully: "What the **** earth fairy, smells like stinky cheese, it's probably almost rotten. It seems that we were too worried earlier, Feng Shigu's old rice dumpling is so rotten that he probably can't even cheat his corpse." I can't cheat anymore."

Sun Jiuye said: "If his corpse is highly decomposed, it will definitely not be able to be refined into a corpse fairy, but don't be careless, quickly take out the kerosene."

I was still counting on the golden pill in the belly of the zombie inside, although from all the signs, this hope is already very slim, but I don't want to set fire directly, just take out the kerosene jar and give it to the fat man, let him wait for me Send out a clear signal, and then burn the corpse of the Earth Immortal.

The fat man said broadly, "Don't worry about setting fire, let's quickly uncover the coffin and see if there are any rare things inside…"

Just halfway through saying this, I heard a strange sound from inside the coffin. It seemed that there was a heavy body struggling and wriggling in it. I hurriedly turned over and rolled down the golden coffin. Sun Jiuye and the fat man also took two steps back. , I looked behind, and Shirley Yang and Yao Meier at the back of the tomb also heard the movement. Shirley Yang was worried that I might make a mistake, so he raised his hand and threw the vajra umbrella at me.

I stretched out my hand to grab the vajra umbrella, wondering if the carrion in the coffin was moving? It was also seen that the candles in the corner of the tomb were still burning, and it seemed that the strong stench of corpses in the nearby air had no effect on it. The presence of flames means that there is oxygen, and there is no danger in the tomb, so they gestured to Sun Jiuye and the fat man. The three of them put on their gloves, touched the golden coffin again, and opened a gap slightly with the engineering shovel .

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