The Revenge Suicide Note Of A Poor Scholar

There was a poor scholar surnamed Fang in Kongjiazhuang, who lost the lawsuit against Bo in court because of family affairs and the richest man in the village, Mr. Kong. Not to mention the loss of face, he also paid the rich man a hundred silver dollars. Fang Xiucai’s resentment was stagnated in his chest, and he gradually became terminally ill, and died of illness.

On his deathbed, Fang Xiucai left two wax-sealed boxes. It is said that what is contained in a secret box is the “Suicide Note of Vengeance” written by him. Tell the family that when he dies, he will put this box and his head as a pillow and bury him in the tomb. When the child grows up, he will take it out of the tomb, and follow the instructions written in the suicide note. What was in the other secret box, he did not say until his death. I just asked my wife to deliver this secret box to Mr. Kong’s home in person when the grave was rounded up three days after his death. Fang Xiucai said that with these two secret boxes, Fang’s family can be saved from disasters and good luck in the future, and they can sit back and relax.

Although the rich man Kong said he was rich and powerful, he was a little domineering. But seeing that a life was ruined because of a lawsuit, I really feel uneasy. I also heard that Fang Xiucai wrote a “Suicide Note of Revenge” and buried it in the grave, which made him feel even more restless and restless. He wished he could dig out the “Suicide Note of Vengeance” from Fang Xiucai’s grave immediately to see what happened. However, there is a local custom that after a person dies, the family members must keep watch over the fire in front of the new grave for three nights, which is called burning kang. This made it difficult for the rich man to make a move for a while. After three days of rounding the grave, as soon as the night watchmen withdrew from the fire cage, the rich man couldn’t wait to ask the master tomb robbers to steal the “Suicide Note of Revenge” from Fang Xiucai’s grave, and then let his family lock him in an idle house. Look it up.

This “Revenge Suicide Note” has a total of 4728 pages, and each page has only one word. They are: Hua, Yong, Zhu, Ge, Body, Back, Plan, Enemy, Pass, Cao, Ying, Bai, Wan, Bing, Wei, Enemy, Labor, Heart, Mind, Chest, Narrowness, Friendship, Kindness, Neighbor , Li, Lu, Lu, Tong.

Rich Master Kong was spittle on his hands, and he couldn’t help frowning after flipping through the pages. My heart said it was like a fart collapse, one word per page. What do you mean? Just when he closed the “Suicide Note of Vengeance” absent-mindedly, he found two lines of small letters on the back of the last page. When he took a closer look, he couldn’t help but turn pale with shock, and shouted: “My life is over!” and collapsed on the ground.

Hearing movement in the house, the family quickly unlocked the door and entered. I saw rich man Kong lying on the ground, his face was as yellow as wax, and there was no blood at all. The family hurriedly picked him up, put him on the grand teacher’s chair, and called the master incessantly, asking: “What’s wrong, master? What’s wrong with you, master?” But at this time, rich man Kong was speechless with trembling lips. , I saw him struggling to lift his finger and point to the back of the “Revenge Suicide Note” on the table. Those with a little literacy hurriedly picked up the “Revenge Suicide Note” and read the two petty lines on the back to everyone: “Master Kong, you are doomed. It is expected that you will steal this book, and I will follow Zhuge Liang’s example and die.” In the final method of killing Sima Yi, the poison of Hundred Days Heartbroken Herb has been applied to the corner of each page. As long as you use your finger to dip the tip of your tongue and saliva to read, the poison on the paper can be used to enter the body. It will not take more than a hundred days On this day, I will surely die from the poison. I prepared this poison myself according to the secret recipe handed down from my ancestors, and there is no medicine for outsiders to cure it.”

It wasn’t until this time that people suddenly realized that their master had been poisoned by the hundred-day heartbroken grass smeared on the pages of the book while reading “The Suicide Note of Vengeance”, and he would die of poison within a hundred days.

Seeing that the family members were plotted against, seeing that their lives were in danger, the entire Kong family immediately fell into chaos.

At this time, just three days after Fang Xiucai’s death, the grave was completed, and Mrs. Fang followed her husband’s dying instructions, went to the door in person, and sent the wax-sealed box to Kong’s house.

When the Kong family opened the secret box, they couldn’t help but sigh. No one would have thought that what was inside was actually a secret recipe for a life-saving antidote. But the Kong family has many doubts about this secret recipe. He said in his heart that since Fang Xiucai set up a poisonous plan to poison the rich man Kong to revenge, his wife would take the initiative to come and deliver the secret prescription for the antidote? I’m afraid there is fraud in it. But who would have thought that when the rich man heard that he had the secret recipe to understand the medicine, he stood up from the chair with a “teng”. It is said that Wu Dalang is taking poison now, and he will die if he eats it, and he will die if he doesn’t eat it. Why don’t you just follow the secret recipe and try it out. His wife also said that a dead horse should be treated as a living horse.

Since then, Mrs. Fang would find a silver dollar in the stove every morning when she picked up ashes. To be honest, because Fang Xiucai knew his son Yue Shiyun during his lifetime, he knew nothing about family management, so he could barely make ends meet. After this lawsuit and all the troubles of getting Fang Xiucai’s doctor and medicine, the family was destitute. Not long after the funeral of Fang Xiucai, the family was short of food and couldn’t get rid of the pot. Just at the end of the day, a windfall came out of the kitchen. Just solved the urgent need. But later, Mrs. Fang gradually felt uneasy. My heart said, why would there be silver coins popping up in the kitchen for no reason?

In order to get to the bottom of this matter, Mrs. Fang lay down by the window at night, listening quietly to the movement in the courtyard. The rooster crowed three times, and the window paper began to turn white. Just heard the sound of light footsteps in the courtyard. Mrs. Fang licked the broken window paper with the tip of her tongue and looked out. But at this time, it was the darkness before dawn, and it was dark, and I saw a black figure tiptoeing to the front of the house, gently pushed open the door, and quietly pushed the door in. After a while, the man quietly came out again, gently opened the door, closed the door branch again, turned around and left. At this time, the sky was bright, and Mrs. Fang could vaguely discern that this person was actually the rich man of the enemy family, Kong.

Mrs. Fang hurriedly got off the kang and went to the kitchen in the outhouse, and found that there was no change in other places, except that the stove showed signs of being rubbed. Madam Fang reached into the stove and took out a silver dollar.

Since then, Madam Fang has been observing for several nights. It was found that the rich man Kong came and left quietly every day before dawn. And Mrs. Fang would take out a silver dollar from the stove every morning when she got up early. Mrs. Fang was puzzled, and said to herself, this rich man sneaks in every day and quietly puts a silver dollar in the stove. What is he trying to do?

This matter lasted for a hundred days, and Mrs. Fang took out a total of one hundred silver dollars from the stove. Mrs. Fang was not sure what to do with these silver dollars. The rich man Kong, the enemy family, came to the door suddenly.

Mrs. Fang couldn’t help being taken aback, thinking that the silver dollars that the rich man put in the stove every night might be a trap. He came to the door today, maybe he just wanted to find fault and make trouble. But to Mrs. Fang’s surprise, rich man Kong knelt down and kowtowed to Mrs. Fang as soon as he entered the door. He said he wanted to thank Mrs. Fang for saving her life.

Mrs. Fang said: “My husband died of anger because of the lawsuit with you. Our Fang family is at odds with your Kong family. I will save your life?”

“Mrs. Fang did save the old man’s life. I don’t know how to repay the favor.” The rich man presented a small wooden box and said, “Mrs. Fang, do you still remember this box?”

Mrs. Fang said: “Of course I remember, this is what my husband left behind on his deathbed. According to my husband’s will, I personally delivered this wooden box to your home after the grave was completed three days after his death.”

The rich man Kong said: “Just three days after Fang Xiucai rounded up the grave, I was accidentally poisoned by the hundred-day heartbroken grass, and I was about to die of poison within a hundred days. At this time, Mrs. Fang sent this box to To my house. To be honest, our Kong family was suspicious of this box at the time. Unexpectedly, when we opened the box, it turned out that there was a secret recipe for life-saving antidote.”

Mrs. Fang took the small wooden box and opened it, and saw a piece of paper inside, which was indeed her husband Fang Xiucai’s handwriting. What it says is: Get up early every day, use a silver dollar to scrape the ashes from the bottom of the enemy’s pot for three pinches. Abandon the silver dollar and bring back the ashes at the bottom of the pot, and eat a boiled black egg with it. Even eating for a hundred days can remove the poison of the hundred-day heart-broken grass.

After reading the secret recipe, Mrs. Fang finally understood what happened to the silver dollars in the stove. But what puzzled her was, why is it such a coincidence? Just in time for him, rich man Kong, to be poisoned by the Hundred Days Heartbroken Grass, I sent him to understand the secret recipe of the medicine. What made him even more puzzled was that, after having such a big feud with the rich man Kong, why did he leave a will and ask him to deliver the secret recipe of the antidote to his door in person?

The matter of this small box has not been sorted out yet, and rich man Kong presented another small wooden box.

When Mrs. Fang saw this small wooden box, she couldn’t help being shocked. Xin said, isn’t this the secret box of her husband’s “Revenge Suicide Note”? Was she buried under her husband’s head when she was encoffined? Why did it get into the hands of the rich man Kong? At this moment, rich man Kong knocked his head on the ground “Dangdang”, and his head was bleeding. Said that this small wooden box was stolen from Fang Xiucai’s tomb. When he was reading the “Suicide Note of Vengeance” in it, the poison of the hundred-day heartbroken grass was in it. He came to the door today, first to thank Mrs. Fang for saving his life, and second to thank himself for the crime of robbery.

In the end, Mrs. Kong presented a package of silver dollars, but Mrs. Fang flatly refused. Mrs. Fang said: “Bridges return to bridges, and roads return to roads. The silver dollars in the stove are your money for buying medicine, and we will do our part. But our Fang family will never accept such unclear money from you. It doesn’t matter if you thank you or apologize. You don’t need to tell me. When my son grows up, he will follow his father’s will and find you Kong’s family to end it.”

The rich man Kong was a little pig who got into the stove and made a fuss. Desperately returned home. Unexpectedly, as soon as he entered the house, his wife leaned into his ear and whispered, “We were fooled. We were cheated of a hundred silver dollars for nothing. There is no poison in the “Revenge Suicide Note” at all.”

The rich man Kong couldn’t help being taken aback, and said, “How do you know that there is no poison in the suicide note?”

His wife pointed to a white cat on the kang and said, “When you locked yourself in the room and read that ‘suicide note’ and got poisoned, half a bowl of leftover millet noodle tea soup on the table was knocked over in a panic on the page. The white cat took advantage of the chaos and ate it up. At that time, I thought that the cat must have been poisoned and died. Unexpectedly, it has been a hundred days, and the cat is still romping. It doesn’t mean that the suicide note Is it not poisonous at all?”

The rich man said: “You are smart, but it is a pity that you are wise after the fact. To be honest, as early as two months ago, I knew that there was no poison in the book.”

His wife was stunned when she heard what he said. Said: “How do you know?”

He pointed to the big yellow dog lying at the door and said, “If the tea soup is spilled on the book, the cat will eat it. If the broth is spilled on the pages of the book, what do you think the dog will do?”

His wife finally woke up from her dream and said, “Since you already know that there is no poison on the book, why do you still get up early every day and use a silver dollar to get the ashes from the bottom of the pot as an antidote? Could it be that you can’t sleep because of the burning of silver?”

The rich man Kong couldn’t help shaking his head and sighing, “Stupid! By now, don’t you understand Fang Xiucai’s good intentions? Fang Xiucai didn’t want my life in the first place. If I take poison, can I still live to this day?”

Besides, the mother and son of the Fang family opened the small wooden box and read and reread the 4728 words on the “Revenge Suicide Note”. Finally, I found that these four to seven twenty-eight characters turned out to be four lines of seven-character poems: using Zhuge’s behind-the-scenes tricks, the enemy defeated Cao Ying’s million soldiers; Mrs. Fang read it twice, but to no avail. But his youngest son, who was only eight years old, said: “Mom, I understand. This “Revenge Suicide Note” written by Dad is an acrostic poem.”

As soon as her son reminded her, Mrs. Fang took out the first word of each line of the four-line seven-character poem, and linked them together to read: “Turn enemies into friends”.

At this point, Mrs. Fang suddenly realized. Finally, I understood the good intentions of her husband Fang Xiucai.

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