Chapter 4 Benefits And Dachuan

I thought to myself that there is no need to ask, this person must be Quan Gua Daoist. I pretended to be a spectator and squeezed into the crowd, only to see Master Ma pointing to the foot of the mountain, digging acupoints, and said to those people: "The mountain in the northwest is flat, and the mountain in the east is slightly concave. It is protected by a screen and surrounded by dragon veins. If Zhuang’s school is built here, there will be more champions.”

At this time, there was a middle-aged mountain man with a parcel on his back. He seemed to be passing by here and overheard Ma Zhenren's remarks. ? This mountain is a place where termites stop and gather, so you must not build a sun house, otherwise it will easily cause accidents and hurt people."

Ma Zhenren has always been used to the stars holding the moon, and the situation is always the same. No one dared to refute. Seeing that the mountain people are very unfamiliar, they are not native of the village. You will know that there are termites in this mountain.

The mountain dweller who passed by said: "The east mountain is concave, and the west mountain is flat. The concave place is the northwest screen. It turns back to the south and circles the mountain. Although it has the shape of a Tibetan wind, it does not have the momentum of a hidden wind. The wind is condensed and breathed." Knot. The wind produces insects, so the earliest traditional Chinese character "wind" means ghosts and gods Wu Jita , and there is a worm in it. When the wind meets the mountain, termites are born. This place is regarded as the mountain wind in Qingwushu or "Book of Changes". Gu, the building collapses, the building collapses."

Ma Zhenren asked: "There are beautiful mountains and clear waters here, how can there be Gu elephants? Although there are mountains and winds, I have never heard of mountain wind Gu. Since you say so, where does the Gu come from?"

The mountain people pointed to the bottom of the mountain and said that no termites act alone, and all termites come and go in groups. There are three insects on the word "Gu", and the three are all images, and there are many. The damaged device is like an ant nest. Although the surface of this place is intact, the lower part has been devoured by ant nests. I am a passer-by, right and wrong have nothing to do with me, but I just can't bear to hurt the innocent when the house collapses, so I remind you, if my words are reckless, if there is anything inappropriate, I still look at Haihan, so I will leave.

The mountain man turned around and wanted to go, but Master Ma grabbed him: "Wait a minute, don't think about leaving without explaining. You said that there are ant nests in this mountain, but I don't know. It's really a fabrication, this kind of tricks in the rivers and lakes, An Neng can hide it from me."

The mountain people had no choice but to explain: "Fengshui and Yishu have been inseparable since ancient times, so there is the theory of yin and yang Fengshui. This place is located on the bank of Juma River, and the river flows around the west mountain. There must be water where termites walk, so "Book of Changes" The Gu hexagrams in it are also beneficial to the words of Dachuan, and the mountain wind Gu should be beneficial to Dachuan."

After hearing this, Ma Zhenren laughed and said: "The eight generations of my family's ancestors have been divination masters and burial masters, and the "Book of Changes" has been memorized backwards. When it comes to Yi Shu, you can't get away with it. Chaos should be rehabilitated, and it is a sign of bringing order out of chaos, so this hexagram is for Yuan Heng and benefiting Dachuan, how dare you solve it in such a chaotic way, it is really ridiculous."

At this time, several good-natured villagers rushed to the bottom of the hill, dug a few times with a shovel, and sure enough, clusters of termites were dug out.

I just heard the mountain man say to Master Ma: "According to what you said, Lishe Dachuan is just a lie, and other words with similar meanings are as common. There is something special to point out, Gu hexagram Gen up and Sunda down, originally belonged to Sunda Palace, Sunda is wood, Kan hexagrams in Gen hexagram, Kan is water, and wood is used to ford water, so it is beneficial to talk about Dachuan. I still have something to do, I can't argue with you for a long time, if there is really a geomantic place in the world, how can there be any geomantic master who can help others, I advise you not to be too obsessed with it, mountains and rivers can speak, and there is nothing to bury the teacher." After finishing speaking, he also Regardless of the green and white expressions on Ma Zhenren's face, he turned around and left.

I was also dumbfounded when I heard it. In this world, there are mountains beyond the mountains, and there is a sky beyond the sky. Since I have half a copy of "Sixteen-Character Yin-Yang Fengshui Secret Art", I feel like something is wrong. In fact, compared with this unattractive mountain dweller, my little things are really not up to the table. These years I only know Fengshui, but not Yin and Yang. I suddenly realized that this mountain man knows the hexagrams like the palm of his hand, and he also has the secrets of ventilating water.

After such a dazed effort, the passing mountain man had already walked down the hillside. Ma Zhenren, who was speechless after being debated, claimed to be able to recite the "Book of Changes" with all hexagrams, was probably also a bun. I didn't even bother to look at him again, so I chased after him three steps at a time.

The mountain road was twists and turns, and after bypassing the col, I finally caught up with him. I said straightforwardly that I wanted to know some hexagrams. The mountain man didn't have any airs, and he talked to me casually. It turned out that he came here to visit relatives, and now he was going back to his hometown by car. Seeing that the opportunity was not lost, I was not too polite and asked him directly if he knew about the "Sixteen-Character Yin-Yang Fengshui Secret Art".

When the mountain people heard this, they showed a look of surprise, and simply sat down with me in the forest at the foot of the mountain and chatted in detail. The sixteen-character Tian Gua is a self-contained body, including Jue, Xiang, Xing, and Jue. It is said that it was created by King Wen of Zhou. However, due to the unpredictable number of ghosts and gods, very few people can see its way, and it was lost after the Han Dynasty. What is left is only Yishu and gossip, which is the source of all metaphysics and odd numbers in later generations, including Fengshui mysteries.

In the late Qing Dynasty, the famous Mojin Xiaowei who washed his hands in the golden basin was known as Zhang Sanlianzi and Zhang Sanye. It is said that he unearthed the full image of the sixteen-character Tian Gua from an ancient tomb, combined with Mojin Xiaowei's patented product "Xunlong Jue", and wrote a "Sixteen-character Yin-Yang Fengshui Secret Art". But this book is the secret of heaven and earth, fearing that Yang's life will be lost, so he destroyed the half of Yin Yang, and the remaining half was passed on to his apprentice Yin Yang Eye Sun Guofu, even his own descendants were not able to teach it.

This mountain man is Zhang Yingchuan, a descendant of Zhang Sanye back then. All he knows and learns is nothing more than dictation from his elders in his family, and he especially studies Yishu intensively. We talked together, and the closer we talked, the yin and yang eyes Sun Guofu was my grandfather's mentor, what a coincidence, Ganqing is not an outsider, descended from the ancestors, we belong to the same generation, I can call him One big brother.

Zhang Yingchuan asked about the ins and outs of my search for the sixteen characters, and said that it was extremely difficult, and it was impossible to find the sixteen characters. It may not be a blessing.

I think there may be a different understanding of "heavenly secrets". I think the so-called "heavenly secrets" are just some secrets to seek immortality, a secret held by the ruling class. However, I have no interest in idiotic dreams like becoming an immortal. I just want to get rid of the curse behind me, so I have to find the way to use Muchen Bead from the Dragon Bone Book. It is a matter of life and death, so willing to take the risk to dig a grave in the deep mountains and old forests, even if you die in front of the battle, it is better than lying down and waiting for death every day.

Zhang Yingchuan said that if something happened to his brother, he should stand out, but his own skills are low, and the family's ability to touch gold has not been passed down, so he can't help much. But it is easy to contain everything, the ancients said that it is easy to change from generation to generation, and it is often a scripture from ancient times to the present. There is a certain opportunity for the changes of misfortunes and blessings in the world. Brother Yu knows this a little bit. Although he can only measure the outline, it is better than nothing. Here is a lesson for the brothers, to push the way of heaven to understand human affairs, and to discover the way to find the dragon.

I was overjoyed when I heard the words, and if I was instructed, I would see the sun behind the clouds. When Zhang Yingchuan talked about hexagrams and numbers, he didn't stick to anything. There were secrets everywhere in his heart. He picked a few leaves at random and threw them down on the spot. , it is actually another Gu hexagram of the mountain wind Gu, Yuan Heng, benefiting from Dachuan, the first armor for three days, and the second armor for three days."

I didn't know anything about it, so I hurriedly asked, "What does this hexagram mean? Can the curse on our backs be lifted?"

Zhang Yingchuan said: "The mother of Gan Gu has the middle way, and ghosts and gods realize Jita , and it is beneficial to cross the river, so there are things going on. The wind comes from the west, so the main refutation is in the west, and there will be something to go west. However, the wind drives the fire, and this hexagram Water is wading with wood, so fire is evil, and it turns into life when encountering water. If encountering fire, you can’t get it, but encountering water, you can find the middle way, but you can’t see it. It’s good for three days first, then three days later, and finally There is a beginning, and the sky moves, remember, remember.”

In my heart, I was a little apprehensive about Tibet. I have been frustrated with it for many days, and I still couldn’t make up my mind to go to Tibet. At this time, seeing the hexagrams dictated it, I immediately made up my mind. It seems that I don’t want to go to Kunlun Mountain. After all, the disaster cannot be resolved. Then he asked what the Muchen Bead was, is it an eye or a phoenix?

Zhang Yingchuan stared at the leaves for a while, and then replied: "It is both eyes and a phoenix. This thing is longevity."

I said this is weird, how could it be both an eye and a phoenix? Could it be that the eyes of the phoenix are not working? The phoenix is ​​a mythical beast in myths and legends, how can there be phoenix eyes in the world?

Zhang Yingchuan interpreted this hexagram machine number for me, the first three days, the second three days, the end has the beginning, these are all rotations and reciprocations. Legend has it that the phoenix is ​​immortal and can be reborn from ashes, which is also an image of endless life. There are two eyes, and three days are strange. Although the sun looks like eyes but not eyes, it is not enough to be eyes. I look at it with a machine, and it may be a very similar to a human eye that symbolizes immortality, but it is not a human eye.

Although I couldn't point out exactly what Muchen Bead was, it made me suddenly enlightened, and I was overwhelmed with admiration. The thick fog in front of me finally opened a gap. I didn't tell him about Muchen Bead's situation beforehand, but with a few leaves and two sentences of questioning, he managed to figure out the word "Longevity". Combined with the recent events, it all agrees. It is so exquisite, if there are sixteen characters, it is really magical.

Zhang Yingchuan said that the number of opportunities has been exhausted today, and it would be against the sky to occupy more. Just got to get together, but had to go their separate ways, the accuracy or inaccuracy of the hexagrams all depended on the coincidence of the mind and the secret of heaven, and maybe a tiny bit of loss would be a thousand miles away. The lesson just learned can be used as a reference, you must believe it, and you must not believe it all. I hope you will do it yourself, and if there is fate in the future, we will meet again.

I remembered all the hexagrams he said one by one. After returning from Tibet, if I still have life, I will definitely visit him again. So both parties left their addresses, and I sent him to the station at the foot of the mountain until I said goodbye. I stood where I was, recalling those hexagrams, and felt that the mystery was unfathomable.

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