Halloween Horror Nights In The Old School Building

"Were you just discussing the haunted incident in the old teaching building?" "Tomorrow is Halloween, how about we go to the old teaching building and have a look? I heard that Halloween is not only a festival in our world, but also in "that world" In the same lively festival, many "things" will come to the world to participate in some grand ghost activities that night. … Continue readingHalloween Horror Nights In The Old School Building

Yoshiko Kawashima Is Dead, There Is No School Library

Since then, many students have applied for dropping out, because they all said that they saw Li Die floating around in the library every day, as if they were saying, “I’m so sorry for my death! A year later, the school put the book The hall was converted into a classroom, but it was of no use. Tonight, I saw that the classrooms in the teaching building were all extinguished. I knew someone would die, so I heard the call for help and I ran towards you. Thank you for your help. fine. … Continue readingYoshiko Kawashima Is Dead, There Is No School Library

Midnight Book Sound

After preparing a few lesson plans and changing a bunch of homework, I lay in bed and read a book, and fell asleep in a daze. As for the sound of reading, it may be my hallucination. But at this time, I vaguely heard the sound of reading, which came from the classroom of my class. Amin barely opened his sleepy eyes, and when he listened carefully, there was the sound of reading. I turned on the lights in the classroom, but still no one was seen, but there were a few lines of slanted chalk on the blackboard, which was the homework I asked students to make sentences when I was studying at night…” I blurted out, tears streaming down my face, “Cousin , don’t disturb them, let them read in peace! … Continue readingMidnight Book Sound

The Ghost Of The Weird Classroom

Before Xiao Wang walked over, he saw that the fog was getting bigger and bigger, and finally covered everyone. When the fog disappeared, Xiao Wang was surprised to find that the class was gone again, and the lights in the classroom were back again. Off immediately. As a school, it naturally doesn’t believe in the theory of ghosts and gods. No matter how real Xiao Wang described last night, the school did not believe him. It was rumored among the students that they were killed by those ghosts. Since then, the news has spread, the school finally demolished the teaching building under pressure, and later invited several Taoist priests to do it. … Continue readingThe Ghost Of The Weird Classroom