Yoshiko Kawashima Is Dead, There Is No School Library

Wu Tian walked leisurely on the way to the teaching building, humming a song. Suddenly a student girl appeared in front of him, Wu Tian walked over at a faster pace, and shouted, “Hey, the classmate in front, wait!” The female student turned around, and Wu Tian thought to himself, “This girl, really tm is so cute, I really want to possess her!” The student girl said, “What’s the matter?” Wu Tian replied, “Nothing, I just want to ask where the 014 class is, I’m new here, I’ll report it”, “Oh, I’m from class 014, it looks like we’re in the same class!” the female classmate said with a smile, and at the same time she gave Wu Tian a wink, and Wu Tian asked again, “Then what’s your name? You are so cute. Oh!”, “My name is Li Die, thank you, you are also quite handsome, ha ha!” Li Die replied. “My name is Wu Tian, ​​then take me to class, I’ll put down my bag!”

“I’ll treat you to dinner tonight, do you want to go?” Li Die said

“Ah, invite me to dinner?” Wu Tian was at a loss

“Don’t want to?” Li Die asked

“Of course, I’m willing, I’m willing.” Wu Tian wanted to ask Li Die for his contact information, but the happiness came too suddenly. Wu Tian certainly wanted to. Which man doesn’t want to have a beautiful woman by his side.

“Then give me a call!” Li Die said


“151xxxxx, save it, the phone number I use often,” Wu Tian said

After a while, the two of them came to the door of class 014. Li Die said, “Xiao Tian, ​​I have something to do now. I just asked for leave and went out to do some errands. I’ll invite you to dinner at night. Don’t go, alright!”

Wu Tian’s heart was instantly demonized by Li Die’s “Momada”, what a lovely girl.

“Hmm, okay, remember to call me!”


“Dingdingding~”, after class, Wu Tian received a call from Li Die as soon as he walked out of the classroom, and a pure voice sounded: “Hello, hello, is this Wu Tian?” Wu Tian replied: “Yes, Li Die, Where are you now?”

Li Die: “I’m at the gate of the school now. I have left my things in the classroom. You are waiting for me in the classroom. I’ll come up and get them!” Li Die hung up the phone.

After more than 10 minutes, Li Die hadn’t come yet. The school’s people finished leaving, leaving Wu Tian alone. Wu Tian thought he was being tricked, and was about to call Li Die when he turned around and saw Li Die, “Scared. I’m dead, where did you come from, why didn’t I see you?”

“Maybe you didn’t see the handle?” Li Die said coldly


“Then go find something! I haven’t eaten for a day, so I’m just waiting for you to invite me to dinner, haha” Wu Tian said

“Then I’ll look for it, you can go in with me,” Li Die said.

So the two of them entered the classroom. The teaching building with no one at night was indeed a bit scary. Suddenly, did Yoshiko Kawashima died , and there was no electricity in the classroom, “Damn, is the power outage?” Butterfly, hurry up, there is a power outage in this classroom.”

Li Die said with a little cry: “Xiao Tian, ​​I’m afraid, come and hug me!” Wu Tian thought to himself, “Is this because she is tempting me?”


“Oh, here is Fangzi Kawashima dead , Xiaodie, don’t be afraid, I’m here!” Wu Tian ran to Li Die’s side and held Li Die in his arms.

But he found that Li Die’s body was cold, and Wu Tian’s head suddenly floated a trace of fear. He didn’t know that death was approaching him. At this moment, he found that water droplets were dripping from the top of his head, and the 014 classroom was on the floor. , No matter how wet it is, it will not fall off. He touched his hair with his hand, and his head was indeed a little damp, with moonlight printed on it, and he found that the water droplets were blood red. He was frightened, he said to Li Die: “Xiao Die, is there a leak in your classroom?” But Li Die in his arms didn’t speak. He shouted several times in a row, “Xiao Die!”, but the courage did not respond. He, he turned to look at Li Die, only to find that what he was holding in his arms was just a dead man in clothes, with moonlight printed on it, he saw the horror expression on Li Die’s face, the left side of his face had been rotten and disgusting, and his mouth was wide open. . Wu Tian was so frightened that he immediately threw Li Die out, but the body stood up on its own. “Li Die” said, “How are you going to die?” Wu Tian’s heart was already shrouded in fear. The mouth that looked at the corpse did not move, but the voice did come from the stone, Wu Tian said, “I don’t want to die, please let me go, please!”, “Li Die” said: “I have never let go of anyone. Man, you can’t run away, you must die tonight!” As soon as the voice fell, “Li Die” rushed over, Wu Tian wanted to run, but his feet were already weak with fright, he raised his feet hard, When the stone was about to approach Wu Tian, ​​Wu Tian threw a chair over, Wu Tian immediately got up, ran out of the classroom, and shouted, “Help, help!” At this time, the security guard not far away heard it. The voice ran towards the cry for help. Wu Tian ran to the security guard and shouted at the security guard: “Run! There is a ghost!” Of course the security guard knew what was going on, so he took Wu Tian by the hand and went to the school gate He ran to the security room and said, “It’s safe here, huhu~ I’m exhausted!” Wu Tian said, “What the hell is going on?”

After a while, the security guard said: “This happened 3 years ago. At that time, class 014 and the classes next to it were a library. One day, a girl named Li Die went to the library to read a book, and was arrested by the library. Teacher Tong took a fancy to it. It is said that Teacher Tong is a relative of the principal. He used to be a gangster outside. According to the surveillance video at that time, Teacher Tong pretended to sort out books and deliberately approached Li Die. Li Die carefully searched for the book. , I didn’t find out what that teacher Tong was doing. When approaching Li Die, Teacher Tong directly covered Li Die’s mouth with one hand, and dragged Li Die into a corner that the monitor could not see with the other hand. At that time, the monitor could only Seeing the two people’s feet, Li Die struggled hard, but it was of no use, and the exchange was only aggravated. After the incident, there was a pool of blood on the ground. The teacher Tong knew that he was in trouble, so he threatened Li Die and said, “You If you dare to say it and I will kill you, Li Die cried and said: “I have no meaning in this world, but I must make you pay the price”, the pervert said: “You! Then me!”, the The pervert looked left and right, and found that there was a bottle of sulfuric acid on the table next to him, the pervert poured it on Li Die in a hurry, looking at Li Die’s painful expression, the pervert didn’t let go, so he strangled Li Die with his hands, After killing Li Die, the pervert ran away. At that time, several other security guards and I watched him run away quickly. We didn’t take it seriously at the time, and continued to chat with other security guards. We didn’t know until later that the police intervened. After the investigation, the pervert was arrested, and he was found on a mountain a few days later, and he died horribly, as if he was scared to death by something.”

Since then, many students have applied for dropping out, because they all said that they saw Li Die floating around in the library every day, as if they were saying, “I die so resentful!”


These are nothing, and then every year, a student will die. According to the police investigation, they said to the outside world: “They are all mentally ill and scared to death by something.” In fact, everyone knows that those people were strangled. Dead because of the strangles on the neck. A year later, the school converted the library into a classroom, but it was of no use. Tonight, I saw that the classroom building was completely extinguished. You run away, fortunately you’re fine.

Wu Tian lowered his head and said, “How do you know I’m fine? Actually, I’m dead too!”

The security guard looked at Wu Tian in fear and said, “What!”,

Suddenly, the security guard saw a terrifying face outside the window

The next day, there were two corpses lying in the security room!

ps: Don’t look out of the window in the middle of the night, otherwise a scary face will appear in front of you!

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