Halloween Horror Nights In The Old School Building

"Hey, you heard about it too!"

"Yes, do you think this is true?"

"I don't think it's true. There is no ghost in this world." &rdquo

“But someone really saw it. &rdquo

"Huang Xia, Zhou Ping, if you continue to speak in class, please go out and speak. Don't disturb other students here," the head teacher said angrily to Huang Xia and Zhou Ping.

The whole class suddenly became quiet. Huang Xia and Zhou Ping also stopped talking at this time. The whole class was enveloped in a strange atmosphere at this moment.

The sound of "ring ring ring&hellip&hellip ring ring ring&hellip&hellip ring ring ring&hellip&hellip" broke this strange atmosphere.

After class, everyone gathered around Huang Xia and Zhou Ping and asked questions.

"Were you just discussing the haunting incident in the old teaching building?" A girl who was standing around to compare notes before the exam took hold of Zhou Ping's hand and asked.

"How did you know?" Zhou Ping looked at her doubtfully.

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"Hey, it's not just you who are discussing the ghost story on the stairs , we are also discussing this matter. I heard that a couple went there on a date last night and saw a woman wearing red clothes with long hair standing at the entrance of the stairs with her back. There, the entire staircase was blocked, so the couple politely wanted to borrow a way, but when the girl in red clothes turned her head, the couple found that the girl in red clothes in front of them did not face. &rdquo

"Classmate, what's the matter with you?" The faceless girl asked slowly.

"Ah!" The couple yelled and ran back. As they ran, they heard some strange laughter coming from behind.

"What do you mean?" Before the classmate finished speaking, another classmate interrupted.

"I heard that one time after late repair, Lao Wang, who was in charge of inspecting the teaching building, saw that the lights in Class B on the 4th floor were not on. He went to the classroom to turn it off. When he When I came to the classroom, it was full of students, but those students had their heads lowered and remained motionless in their seats.

"Hey, it's already late afternoon, why don't you go back to the dormitory to rest?" Lao Wang asked curiously.

"We will go back after studying for a while." A boy sitting closer to Lao Wang said this and raised his head to look at Lao Wang.

When he raised his head, Lao Wang found that the boy in front of him had no eyes, only two empty eye holes, and blood was still bleeding under the two empty eye holes. At this time, Lao Wang discovered that the other " The classmates also began to raise their heads slowly. At this time, Lao Wang discovered that all the "classmates" in this class had no eyes, only two empty eye holes, and there was blood flowing under the two empty eye holes. , just like the boy in front of me.


After that time, no one saw Lao Wang again. Although the answer from the school was that Lao Wang resigned and went home, it was also after that time that the school had civilized regulations. After the next evening semester, students must leave there. Old dormitory building.

Staircase ghost story_staircase ghost story short super scary_staircase ghost story plot summary

"Tomorrow is Halloween. How about we go to the old teaching building and have a look? I heard that Halloween is not just a festival in our world. I heard that it is also a lively festival in that world. There will be a lot of things coming that night." Go to the human world to participate in some grand ghost activities. &rdquo

Half of the classmates had already walked away before Zhou Ping finished speaking. Apparently they were very sensitive about going to the old teaching building.

"Coward" Zhou Ping cursed unceremoniously as she watched the classmate leaving.

"Is there anyone who wants to join us?" Zhou Ping continued to ask.

"Me, me, me," three voices rang in the classroom. In the end, only three people were willing to go to the old teaching building with Zhou Ping.

Zhou Ping looked at Huang Xia, Li Tong and Liu Qian and said, "Then we will gather in the classroom at 22:00 tomorrow night. After the school party is over, we will run inside to hide in the old teaching building and wait. After the inspection teacher finished the inspection, we started to "check" to see if those things were really there.

"Okay," Huang Xia, Li Tong, and Liu Qian said in unison.

The next day, strange students could be seen everywhere in the school, and in the evening there were even more students. Huang Xia, Li Tong, Liu Qian, and Zhou Ping also dressed up as various ghosts and wandered around the school.

22:00 arrived soon. When Huang Xia, Li Tong, and Liu Qian came to the classroom, they found that Zhou Ping had not come yet.

"It's been more than ten minutes. Why hasn't Zhou Ping come? Is she just playing tricks on us?" Li Tong said impatiently.

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Just when the three of them were about to leave, Zhou Ping appeared.

"Zhou Ping, where have you been? It took you so long to come?" As soon as Li Tong saw Zhou Ping, he immediately stepped forward and cursed.

"There was something delayed just now. Didn't you see that I'm still dressed like this?" Zhou Ping said to Li Tong with a smile.

"Why has your voice changed a bit?" Huang Xia is a girl who is more attentive after all. She noticed that Zhou Ping's voice seemed to have changed a bit and asked quickly.

"I feel a little uncomfortable. Don't worry about it. Let's leave quickly, otherwise the old teaching building will be closed," Zhou Ping said.

Just when they were about to set off, Huang Xia's cell phone suddenly rang.

"Whose cell phone is ringing?" Zhou Ping asked.

"There is a text message on my mobile phone," Huang Xia said.

"Don't look at it yet. Everyone should also set the ringtone of their mobile phones to vibrate, otherwise it will be bad if there is a sound when we are hiding." After Zhou Ping said this, she walked forward.

By the time the patrolling teacher finished his inspection, it was almost early in the morning.

The plot summary of the ghost story on the stairs_The ghost story on the stairs_The short ghost story on the stairs is super scary

"Where should we go now?" Huang Xia asked.

Without any objections, everyone came to Class B on the 4th floor.

"Class B on the fourth floor is no different from other classes," Liu Qian said with disappointment as she looked at the empty classroom inside.

Just as they were about to leave, the lights in the classroom suddenly turned on, and the originally empty classroom was now filled with "people".

"It's the same situation as Lao Wang. It seems that this teaching building is really unclean. Let's go quickly."

Before Li Tong could finish speaking, Zhou Ping, Huang Xia and Liu Qian were already rushing towards the stairs.

"Don't go to the stairs, come with me," Zhou Ping shouted loudly.

Under the leadership of Zhou Ping, they came to a very shabby classroom.

"Zhou Ping, where is this place?" Liu Qian asked timidly.

"This is where I will die," Zhou Ping suddenly laughed loudly.

Staircase ghost story_staircase ghost story short super scary_staircase ghost story plot summary

"Are you still in the mood to joke now? Stop making trouble with Zhou Ping," Li Tong scolded loudly.

"Then do you think this is a joke? Zhou Ping turned around and slowly peeled off her face.

"You're not Zhou Ping, who are you?" Huang Xia asked, looking at the ugly face.

"I am the one who wants to bring you to accompany me." The man in front of him let out a weird laugh and slowly asked Huang Xia and the others to get closer.

"Hurry up and call someone to rescue us," Liu Qian shouted.

Huang Xia quickly took out her phone and found that there were ten unread text messages on it. Those ten text messages were all sent by Zhou Ping. She slid to unlock and the messages automatically popped up on the screen.

"Huang Xia, I have something to do tonight so I can't go to the old teaching building with you. You don't want to go either. A senior came to see me today. He said that there was really something unclean in the old teaching building. He told us to Don't go there, otherwise you will regret it. Remember, don't go there, remember".

When Huang Xia read the message, the man with the ugly face had already arrived in front of her.

The next day, Li Tong, Liu Qian, and Huang Xia disappeared. No one knew where the three of them had gone.

But on that day, Zhou Ping suddenly went through the transfer procedures and wanted to transfer to the school next door.

Later one night , some schools seemed to see three people who looked like Li Tong, Liu Qian, and Huang Xia wandering in the old teaching building.

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