My Ghost Sister

Xiaochen subconsciously went to hug her sister, but her sister suddenly disappeared. Xiaochen suddenly sat up from the bed and murmured softly: "Why is the dream different this time?" She wanted to break away, but Xiaochen cried and said: "Sister, I know what you are now. Since you are here, why don't you accompany your brother?" Xiaochen replied hastily: "Sister, you are right, it is all your fault that smelly Taoist priest, he is the one who caused you to be like this."

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Death Short Ghost Story

A man named Zhang died suddenly and was taken to the King of Hell by a ghost officer from the underworld. When the King of Hell checked the book of life and death, it turned out that he had been arrested by mistake. He was very angry and asked the officer to send him back. The man named Zhang asked the officer how he could be freed. The officer said that he had to repent and change himself. After the man named Zhang woke up, he thought about what he had seen and felt that his brother must be dead. … Continue readingDeath Short Ghost Story

Album Password I Am Ghost Brother

After opening the message, Xiaoma saw that it was a girl named Ghost Girl, and then looked at her age of 19, hey! Xiaoma has a habit of going into the space to take a look at all the girls he adds, first look at their photo albums, and see Can I find my photo? If the other person looks good, then he will stick to it like mud and talk to him. If it doesn’t look good, block it immediately! "Why don’t you dare, I like ghost sisters like you the most, Haha, sister, you just follow Brother Ghost, tell me the password, and let me see my sister's face! "I am Brother Ghost" … Continue readingAlbum Password I Am Ghost Brother

Life And Death Sign

My great-grandfather was a storyteller. When he was dying, he told us a story about him falling into a bandit’s den and drawing a “life and death lottery”. When the bandit leader kills someone, he has to draw a life and death lottery to see God’s will. If the “death” lottery is drawn, they will be forced to drink a bowl of brine to end their lives; if the “life” lottery is drawn, they will be given a bowl of hot soybean juice in accordance with God’s will, so that they can be released to life. Blaming his bad luck, he drew the “death” lottery. Although it is a critical moment of life and death, he still speaks the book clearly and clearly. At this point in the story, it was the time when the lives of the Li family brothers were at stake. … Continue readingLife And Death Sign

Military Division

I want to find an expert from the outside world to be a military adviser, sit in the army, and give him advice. In the end, the Taoist priest “out of thin air” was still invited down the mountain by Du Erbiao, and became a military adviser in the Biaozi Army. Du Erbiao invited the military adviser, and the army with the word “Biao” rejoiced. Even though most of these people are illiterate and rude people, they respect the literate and capable people the most. With a military adviser who has clever calculations, our “Biao” army can act according to the military adviser’s clever plan in the future, and just wait for the victory. The military adviser said that during the period of the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang lost his street pavilion, and because there was no water source on the mountain, he was trapped by Wei soldiers on the mountain and failed miserably. … Continue readingMilitary Division