Album Password I Am Ghost Brother


"Hey, why did someone add me?" This was the first time for Xiao Ma who spent every day on the Internet. In the past, he was the one who added others. There are more than 20 girls in OnePlus, but they are always refused to add. Xiao Ma yearns to get a relationship from the Internet, but these days, the little girls are very smart, who would easily fall for him!

When I opened the message, Xiaoma saw the picture of a girl called Ghost Girl, Ghost Doll Hanako , and then looked at her age of 19, hey! It is the age of Ruhuasiyu, Xiaoma wiped the halazi who was about to fall, and immediately added her. Xiao Ma has a habit of going into the space to take a look at all the girls he adds, first look at their photo albums to see if he can find his own photo, if the other party looks good, then he will stick to it like mud Talk to people, if it doesn't look good, block it immediately!

Xiao Ma opened the ghost girl's space as usual, and found a few photo albums after turning around, but they were all encrypted! "Hey! Xiaobian, you still play with me! Well, I like challenges!" Xiao Ma decided to ask this The girl asked for the password.

"What? Want to see my photo?" Before Xiaoma could type, the other party sent a message with a picture of the ghost doll Hanako , and it was exactly what Xiaoma meant. It's amazing! Xiao Ma immediately replied "Yes, beauty, why are you so smart, brother ghost, I just want to see my ghost sister!" This is Xiao Ma's usual style, using humor to attract the opponent to give Good impression.

"Oh, ghost brother? Do you dare to be my ghost brother?" The ghost girl seemed to be deliberately teasing the pony.

"Why don't you dare, I like a ghost sister like you the most, haha, sister, you just follow the ghost brother, tell me the password, let me see the beauty of my sister!" Xiao Ma also deliberately revealed in words ambiguous.

"Well, brother ghost, that little girl followed you."

Xiao Ma was excited, "What is the password?"

"I'm Ghost Brother"

What kind of password is this? Changed it now, Xiao Ma thinks it must be changed by the ghost girl to please herself.

But when he entered the password to open it, he was stunned! There were a bunch of photos lying in a pool of blood, and the pale faces of each man were clearly visible. Suddenly he saw his own photo in the last one, his eyes glazed over. , it's frighteningly empty…

The next day people found Xiao Ma lying down next to the computer and never woke up.

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