Death Short Ghost Story

A man named Zhang died suddenly and was taken to the King of Hell by a ghost officer from the underworld. When the King of Hell checked the book of life and death, it turned out that he had been arrested by mistake. He was very angry and asked the officer to send him back. When the man surnamed Zhang arrived at the hall, he was no longer so nervous, so he quietly asked the guard to take him to visit the hell. The guard then took him to various places in the hell, and showed him the sword mountains and sword trees one by one. Give it to him and let him see it. When they arrived at a place, they saw a monk whose legs were tied with ropes and hanging upside down. He was howling loudly and in pain. The man named Zhang came closer and saw that the monk turned out to be his brother. He was greatly surprised. He was very sad and asked his brother what crime he had committed to get here. His brother said that he raised a lot of money as a monk and spent it on food, drinking, whoring and gambling, so he was punished here. The man named Zhang asked the officer how he could be freed. The officer said that he had to repent and change himself.

After the man named Zhang woke up, he thought about what he had seen and felt that his brother must be dead.

The brother named Zhang lived in Xingfu Temple, so he went to see what was going on. As soon as he entered the gate of the temple, he heard his brother's screams of pain. When he entered the house, he saw a large growth on his brother's thigh. The sores were rotten with pus and blood. Since they could not be touched, they tied their legs with ropes and hung them upside down on the wall, just like in the underworld. The man surnamed Zhang quickly asked his brother why he was so stubborn . His brother said that it would be better if the sore was left hanging, otherwise the pain would be unbearable to the internal organs. The man surnamed Zhang told his brother what he saw in the underworld. His brother was very surprised and frightened, so he gave up eating meat and drinking alcohol and chanted sutras devoutly. After half a month, he gradually recovered. , and became a monk who truly abides by the precepts.

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