The Groom Kisses The Bride To Death And Reads Online

At this time, the newlyweds had not gone to bed to rest. The bride was leaning on the bed and playing with her belt, while the groom kept talking to her in her ear. After a while, the groom took off the bride's clothes. The bride was just shy and refused. Zhang Gui'er couldn't bear to watch outside, so he started to imitate ghost calls. The bride was very frightened when she heard it, and quickly took off her clothes and shrank into the bed. The groom also took off his clothes and got in. After a while, he saw the bed curtain. Shake it, make obscene noises and whispers without realizing it.

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Ice Ghost Protection Characteristics: Terrifying Resurrection

After resisting the cries of the Graveweeper for so long, he still didn't die. This kind of lying corpse is also a very strong ability to protect himself. In line with the principle of taking advantage of his illness to kill him, this time was the perfect opportunity to add insult to injury. He discerned the pattern one step earlier and could not be affected by the grave-weeper ghost. However, Xu Feng did not and could only choose to lie down where he was. Self-preservation.

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In the early 1990s (I was studying abroad), on the wedding night of the villager xxx, everyone was having sex in the house and suddenly found that the bride was missing. After hearing the bride's description of the old woman's appearance, everyone was surprised: Isn't that the old woman in the village who just passed away a few days ago? Later, the owner of the family came and a magician came to kill the dog and use the dog's blood to perform rituals. This is what we understand. … Continue readingYour Current Location Is: Haunted House>Short Ghost Stories>Browse Articles Short Ghost Stories

Couple In Painting

The most jobs these days are from wedding companies, and there are a lot of people getting married during the National Day holiday. Looking at the display rack, I felt that the newlyweds were a good match. The bride was beautiful and the groom was dashing. Sigh… You said whether to mourn or not, everything was ready, but the last step was left. Guess what, the bride and groom went out to celebrate with their friends, drove drunk, and got into a car accident, and two people died on the spot. It's great to be a couple underground. … Continue readingCouple In Painting

Ghost Bride Accompanied By Foxtail

The bride on the left played a song "Moonlight Night on the Spring River", and the bride on the right played a song "Three Lanes of Plum Blossoms". The bride on the left put her hands on the qin, and a piece of "Lovesickness" flowed from the strings, which made Lin Zige burst into tears. Then, the bride on the right stretched out her fingers, and the same tune reached Lin Zige's ears. And the sound of the zither came from above the fox tail, Qingyi was so frightened that she fainted. Although Lin Zige didn't get the foxtail violin as a gift to his beloved wife in the end, Honghu's affection for the couple surpassed all the treasures in the world. … Continue readingGhost Bride Accompanied By Foxtail

One Eyed Bride

Before I left, I glanced at Luo Lei, but I didn't expect that she was also looking at me. I was flustered and almost fell when I passed the door. I sometimes peek into her eyes for nothing, but see nothing. Like yesterday, Luo Lei complained that her eyes were sore, she didn't eat much and went back to her room. I rubbed my eyes and thought I was wrong, but there was clearly a red wedding dress in front of me, and she had already walked out of the back room. There was also one who claimed to have seen a girl's face with only one eye. "Ji Yan came over and pointed to the red eyes. Sure enough, the red part was slightly larger than before. There was a voice in the sky, and she said bitterly: "I will still stare at you in the future. See if you're lying. … Continue readingOne Eyed Bride

Lelouch Is Dead Ghost Bride

The ghost bride came to pester the girl every day, but the girl refused to agree, and later he said that if he didn't agree, he would marry her even if he died. Who knew that the leader of the Red Guard was really dead, and he was buried on a road that the girl passed every day. But every time I walked to that intersection, I would meet the ghost of the leader of the Red Guards who came to him, and I must let her marry him! The girl washed and dressed, walked to the grave alone, and hanged herself on the head of the Red Guards. In front of the grave! Later, that road was often haunted, and there were many car accidents on this road, and they were inexplicable. … Continue readingLelouch Is Dead Ghost Bride