Couple In Painting

Yu Yu is a graphic designer. Some people may not understand this profession, but in fact, it is simply a static advertisement.

Which episode is the movie about marrying a ghost as a bride? Do you have to be a human to marry a ghost as a bride? Do you have to be a human to marry a ghost as a bride?

Yu Yu works in a small advertising company, with only 5 people including the boss and other employees. The company is small and has a lot of workload. Basically, we take on any job. This results in less than regular overtime work. Tomorrow is the National Day and everyone is working hard. No one wants to delay their vacation due to work. Yu Yu prayed in his heart that he was about to get off work, so he must not take any more jobs. He was about to turn off the movie about a computer man having to marry a ghost as his bride , when suddenly his QQ flashed and someone was sending a file. "Damn it, what are you afraid of? What's coming?" Yu Yu muttered as he received the file. He opened it and was happy to see that it was an X display stand, for weddings. The most jobs these days are from wedding companies, and there are a lot of people getting married during the National Day holiday. Nothing further, let’s do it. The other party is anxious. The wedding venue will be decorated at 7:00 tomorrow. Turn on the photo machine, load the photo paper, complete the preparations, and just place the next print order. All the other colleagues had left, leaving Yu Yu alone guarding the photo machine. Looking at the display rack, I felt that the newlyweds were a good match. The bride was beautiful and the groom was dashing. Wearing wedding dresses and suits and running on the beach, you can feel the happiness just by looking at their smiles.

Do you have to be a human to marry a ghost as a movie bride? Do you have to be a human to marry a ghost as a bride? - Marry a movie as a bride Which episode does a ghost have to be a human being? Which episode does a ghost have to be a human being when he marries a movie bride? People have to marry a ghost as a bride. Does a ghost have to be a human being to marry a movie bride? Does a ghost have to become a human being when marrying a movie bride? A movie about not marrying a ghost as a bride_Does a ghost have to be a human to marry a ghost in a movie?

Yu Xiao took a look at the photo machine. It was bad. The painting was ruined. The blue sky and white clouds were okay, but the characters were all wrong in color. They were all red ink. It seemed that the nozzle was broken. The red ink was everywhere, covering the entire picture. What's exaggerated is that some of it even flowed down the photo paper. Yu Yu pressed the pause command, but the photo machine continued to work as if it did not accept the order, and the paintings were sprayed out bit by bit. Suddenly Yu Yu felt like he was being stared at by a poisonous snake, and he subconsciously looked for the source of the feeling. He found the picture on the photo paper. The bride's eyes were full of resentment and she looked at him viciously, while the groom's face was twisted and his smile was sinister and cold. The red ink was as viscous as blood, which made Yu go crazy. He unplugged the power and the photo machine stopped. He breathed a sigh of relief and sat down on the ground. The ringtone of his cell phone scared him so much that he almost jumped up and hurriedly answered the call: "Hello, I, this is Yu Xiao" "Yi Yu, this is Dali. You are working overtime at the company, right? You don't have to do the documents I just sent you." , the wedding was cancelled. Alas… You said mourning or not, everything was ready, but the last step was left. Guess what, the bride and groom went out to celebrate with their friends, drove drunk, and got into a car accident. The two of them were on the spot. Death. It’s better to be a couple underground.”

A familiar voice suddenly sounded. Xiao Yu's face turned pale, and his clothes were soaked in cold sweat. He was horrified to see the photo machine without power supply working, and the newcomers on the X stand looked at him mockingly. I don’t know when the sound on the other end of the phone went silent. The thick smell of blood penetrated into his nostrils, and his vision went dark and he lost consciousness. He could only vaguely recall Da Li's words and his eyes full of viciousness, cruelty, and unwillingness in his mind… Yu Yu changed jobs and had to marry someone. In the movie "The Ghost Bride" , despite the boss's request to stay, the deposit was used as compensation for the display stand. I found a job as a clerk and never did any graphic work again.

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