Ice Ghost Protection Characteristics: Terrifying Resurrection

As Yang Jian became deaf, the crying around him suddenly stopped, the whole world became pure, he could no longer hear any sound, and the weird crying no longer entered his mind.

The impact of the terrible ghost cry on him also disappeared, and everything seemed to be back to normal again.

"Fuck, that's okay too."

Yang Jian couldn't help but curse in his heart at this moment.

This ghost has the ice ghost protection property that will almost kill you if you let it cry for a while. I didn't expect that it would not be affected by making myself deaf.

If we could know this, it would really be possible for ordinary people to survive.

But it seems a bit late now.

Yang Jian looked at Zhang Hao and the two girls who were traveling with him. Even though they were in the ghost realm on the second level, they could not be saved. These three people had fallen to the ground with stiff faces at this moment, looking like they were before they died. With a sad and crying face, it looked like he was crying to death.

That rigid expression made people shudder.

"No, no, Zhang Hao is not dead." Yang Jian thought that Zhang Hao had died lying there with a stiff expression, but he found that he was just out of control and still had the breath of life.

"How is this possible? The two girls next to him died. Why would he be an exception? He is obviously just an ordinary person."


But this kind of doubt can only be kept in the heart. Now is not the time to care about it. Although Zhang Hao is a little weird, at least he does not pose any threat.

"Is that Xu Feng dead? If he doesn't become deaf and isolate himself from all sounds when crying like this, even the top ghost controller will die. Ghost Cry's killing ability has the characteristics of constantly increasing. If he reacts If you don't respond in time or choose to fight against this cry, you will definitely be the one who suffers in the end."

Yang Jian put down the palm on his forehead, put away the second level of the ghost realm, and then stood in the ghost realm looking for Xu Feng.


He saw Xu Feng on the road next to the bus.

At this moment, he seemed to be dead, lying flat on the ground motionless. His body was cold, as if he had been dead for a long time, and the most disturbing thing was that several places on his body were completely rotten and leaking out. The corpse water gave off a foul odor.

No matter how you look at it, it looks like a rotting corpse that has been abandoned for many days.

But even with such a corpse, Xu Feng still kept his eyes open, turning around, paying attention to everything around him.

This was already the case, and he was actually still alive.

"In this way, he blocked the attack of the Graveweeper Ghost? This can't be done just by controlling the ghost." Yang Jian's eyes moved slightly, feeling that Xu Feng's state was very special. .

It seems that he has completely transformed into a powerful ghost and can no longer be regarded as a ghost controller.

But it happened that he could still maintain his consciousness at this level.

It's a bit like my own situation. The ghost in my body is dead, and I can use the power of this ghost unscrupulously without worrying that the ghost will kill me after it revives.

"Is it possible that he also used some method to solve the problem of the ghost's resurrection? And turned into a stranger like me?" Yang Jian couldn't help but wonder.

He does not feel that his situation is unique. You must know that the circle of ghost masters has been formed for at least a year now. With so many ghost masters around the world, it is inevitable that some lucky ones will accidentally encounter supernatural events. Got some opportunities of my own.

"Looks like he won't die easily."

Yang Jian looked at the man in the peaked cap again, only to see that he was sitting on the ground with his head lowered and seemed to be asleep.

Other than that, he couldn't see anything strange about the man in the peaked cap. He was just like a normal person. His body had not changed, and he couldn't feel the ghost he controlled.

But it happened that this seemingly ordinary sleep could survive this kind of ghost crying.

Sure enough, there is a reason why these two people can stay on the bus until now. They are both very special, and they are indeed very different from ordinary ghost masters.

Faced with this situation, ordinary ghost masters can only rely on the risk of recovery to delay time, but they don't need to.

Yang Jian thought for a moment and decided to go to Xu Feng to see the situation.

He didn't mind causing a little havoc if he could.

Coming to Xu Feng's side , Yang Jian looked down at Xu Feng's body lying on the ground.

"You actually withstood this wave of attacks?" Xu Feng stared at him, his body seemed unable to move, but he still felt a little surprised when he saw Yang Jian.

It stands to reason that the newcomer will probably die this time. After all, he is an A-level ghost, and there is no reason for the newcomer to be able to withstand it.

Yang Jian couldn't hear him and couldn't read lips, but the way Xu Feng spoke could confirm that this guy was alive and well.

"Can't he move in this special state?"

Seeing Xu Feng's motionless appearance, he couldn't help but become suspicious.

I wanted to give him a try, but considering that this guy was rotten in many places and his body was no longer normal, it was better not to touch him, but not touching him did not prevent Yang Jian from testing him.

Touched his pocket.

Pull out a pistol.

This is a special pistol, and it is currently the only weapon that Yang Jian has with him. After all, when he went out before, he didn't even think about encountering this kind of situation. He just wanted to go back in a circle, so he didn't bring many key things with him.

"What do you want to do?" When Xu Feng saw Yang Jian actually taking out a pistol, he immediately raised his eyebrows and glared at Yang Jian.

He could also tell that Yang Jian's pistol was specially made, and he was not sure whether it would affect him.

Yang Jian did not hesitate, and immediately loaded his bullet and pointed it at Xu Feng.

"He's still not getting up even in this situation. It seems like he's really so bad that he can't move anymore." Seeing no reaction, Yang Jian determined Xu Feng's shortcomings when using his ghost ability.

Can't move.

No wonder his abilities were concealed and not reported, and there was nothing written in the criminal police file.

This is a very useless ability. If someone sees his file and leaks it, he may be targeted by some mercenaries and the like, and he will be kidnapped for research.

But there is something unusual behind the tasteless ability.

After resisting the cries of the Graveweeper for so long, he still didn't die. This kind of lying corpse is also a very strong ability to protect himself.

"Are we going to get rid of him at this time?" Yang Jian's eyes moved slightly and he began to weigh.

In line with the principle of taking advantage of his illness to kill him, this time was the perfect opportunity to add insult to injury. He discerned the pattern one step earlier and could not be affected by the grave-weeper ghost. However, Xu Feng did not and could only choose to lie down where he was. Self-preservation.

"What are you looking at? You don't want to kill me, do you? You'd better not be naive. Your crying can't kill me, so you deserve it?" Xu Feng sneered. Although he was lying on the ground, he did not let Yang Jian go. In the eyes.

Yang Jian couldn't hear what he said yet, but he could guess that it was definitely not a good thing.

"The mouth that keeps moving must be very offensive to me. It's better to solve it." He immediately made up his mind and prepared to be a villain who repays kindness with enmity.

Anyway, Xu Feng over at the criminal police headquarters has been reported missing and is almost considered dead. Even if Yang Jian really gets rid of him, no one will cause trouble for him.

The next moment, the headless ghost figure under Yang Jian slowly stood up from the shadow under his feet, preparing to take off Xu Feng's head.

If the head is missing, the person will definitely not be alive.

However, just when he was about to take action, Zhang Hao, who had been strange before in the ghost domain, stood up at some point.

He turned his back to Yang Jian and walked farther away step by step. His movements were a little slow and stiff, but with such steps, he managed to leave his ghost realm.

"Huh?" Yang Jian's eyelids twitched.

He had no reason not to pay attention to such a strange thing happening in his ghost domain.

He looked back sharply.

The thing that frightened him the most stood across the road not far away.

It was a woman wearing a red cheongsam and a red scarf covering her head, revealing dark brown withered hands.

It’s the mummy bride who got off the car earlier.

Yang Jian was startled and broke into a cold sweat.

When did this thing appear there, or did the mummy bride never leave from the beginning to the end? Have you been watching everything here?

But the target of the mummy bride’s appearance seems not to be herself, but to Zhang Hao.

Zhang Hao walked out of the ghost realm uncontrollably, came to the other side of the road, and kept approaching the mummy bride.

"He is really hopeless now." Yang Jian felt silent condolences for Zhang Hao.

Even though he was a passerby, being targeted by such a ghost was like a lifetime of bad luck.

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