Lelouch Is Dead Ghost Bride

★ ghost bride

Is Lelouch's father dead_Rebellious LelouchLelouch_Is Lelouch dead

This story was told by my mother when I was young, and that story happened in my mother's hometown, which is also by the sea. It was the time during the Cultural Revolution when Lelouch was dead , when the Four Old Weeds were destroyed and all monsters and ghosts were eradicated!

Is Lelouch's father dead_Rebellious LelouchLelouch_Is Lelouch dead

The leader of the Red Guards in his village was heroic in the fighting. Dead! Just buried by the side of a road. When he was alive, he had been chasing a girl from a landlord's family, or maybe a young lady. The girl naturally refused to agree, but his parents, in order to avoid fighting, agreed without telling the girl . Did Lelouch die ? , and accepted the dowry gift. This man came to pester the girl every day, but the girl refused to agree, and later he said that if he refused, he would marry her even if he died.

Rebellious Lelouch Lelouch_Is Lelouch Dad Dead_Is Lelouch Dead

Who knew that the leader of the Red Guard was really dead, and he was buried on a road that the girl passed every day. The girl has always been afraid to go out, but because she is a five-category black girl, she has to go to work for a transformation!

Is Lelouch Dead_Is Lelouch Dad Dead_Rebellious LelouchLelouch

But every time I walked to that intersection, I would meet the ghost of the head of the Red Guards who came to him, and I must let her marry him! The girl told the commune (at the town government level), but the Red Guards said that she was spreading feudal poison. …..Slandering the revolutionary martyrs, etc., the girl also secretly told her parents that she would return his betrothal gift, but the betrothal gift was gone—a few bags of grain and cotton (confiscated)! Go to the grave I prayed a few times before, but it still didn't work.

Rebellious Lelouch Luluxiu_Is Lelouch dead?_Is Lelouch's father dead?

Until one day, no one noticed. After the girl washed and dressed, she walked to the grave alone, and hanged herself in front of the Red Guard's grave! Later, that road was often haunted, and there were many car accidents on this road, and they were inexplicable.

Is she really his bride?

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