The Groom Kisses The Bride To Death And Reads Online

During the Yongzheng period, there was a villager named Zhang Aqi in Hua County, Henan Province. This man was short in stature, with an eagle nose, small eyes, a wide face and a big mouth, and his appearance was very ugly. On weekdays, Zhang Ah Qi works as a farmer at home and has nothing but brute strength. However, his left ear is very weird. It is not only half smaller than his right ear, but also has a pointed shape, just like an animal's ear. . What's even more peculiar is that this ear can also hear ghost whispers, so the villagers living nearby call him Zhang Gui'er. Whenever the bridegroom kisses the bride to death when the moon is dark, the wind is clear, and the dew is cold, there will be ghost noises everywhere in the woods and fields. At this time, Zhang Gui'er will hold his breath and tiptoe to follow the sound, looking for a hiding place to raise his head. The left ear hid there and listened intently. Occasionally, passers-by saw him and yelled at him: "Zhang Gui'er, are you causing trouble again?" He didn't respond when he heard it. He only waved his hands to make people stop talking, for fear that the ghost would hear him.

However, although his ears can hear ghost speech, his eyes cannot see ghost shapes. Sometimes ghosts find him and sprinkle mud on him to play tricks, but he turns a blind eye to this and is calm and composed. A well-intentioned person once curiously asked him: "Since you can hear ghosts, do you know what kinds of ghosts there are?" He replied: "Of course I know. Ghosts who have died long ago have a long voice, while ghosts who have recently died have a short voice. The ghost's voice is high and the female ghost's voice is low; the rich ghost's voice is loud and spreads far, the poor ghost's voice is small and close; the elegant ghost's voice is clear and clear, and the vulgar ghost's voice is muddy. I can tell these things at a glance. Every year during the Cold Food Festival, King Yama lets ghosts take a ten-day holiday, and all the ghosts wander in groups of six or seven among the graves and weeds. This is when the ghost noises are loudest." After hearing this, everyone was doubtful.

One year, the Cold Food Festival came again. That night, Zhang Gui'er went to the wild alone as usual, and happened to hear several ghosts gathering together and talking. I only heard one of the ghosts say: "I passed by Zhangliu Village last night and saw a man with money rising into the sky. When I rushed over to take a look, I saw a family burning thousands of pieces of paper money in an iron pot, but his family's Ghosts are very cowardly and useless. We can take the money away from them when they are not prepared, so that we can enjoy it for half a lifetime." After a while, another ghost said: "Yesterday, I passed the village in front of me and saw the people in the village. A wealthy family had just married their daughter-in-law, and her natal family's dowry was very generous. The boxes containing belongings in the room were lined up like a wall. There was also a dressing table in front of the window with several pieces of dazzling golden jewelry on it. It was a pity that It’s useless for us to bring it.”

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Zhang Gui'er couldn't help but feel moved after hearing this. After the ghosts dispersed, he hurriedly followed the instructions and came outside the rich man's house in Qiancun. It was late at night and everyone in the rich man's family was already asleep. Zhang Gui'er quietly climbed over from the back wall into the courtyard, and immediately saw the big red word "Happy" on a window. He knew that this must be the bride's bridal chamber, so he cautiously walked to the window and peeked inside. , I saw a dressing table behind the window. Just as the ghost said, the groom kissed the bride to death . There were seven or eight kinds of gilt jewelry on it. Among them, there was a phoenix hairpin inlaid with a pearl the size of a soybean, which was the most precious.

At this time, the newlyweds had not gone to bed to rest. The bride was leaning on the bed and playing with her belt, while the groom kept talking to her in her ear. After a while, the groom took off the bride's clothes. The bride was just shy and refused. Zhang Gui'er couldn't bear to watch outside, so he started to imitate ghost calls. The bride was very frightened when she heard it, and quickly took off her clothes and shrank into the bed. The groom also took off his clothes and got in. After a while, he saw the bed curtain. Shake it, make obscene noises and whispers without realizing it. Zhang Gui'er was overjoyed when he saw it. He hurriedly stretched his hand through the window and unknowingly stole all the jewelry and put it into his arms. Then he climbed over the wall and returned home.

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He got a large sum of money for nothing, and he never forgot the kindness of ghosts, so he went to the market early the next morning and bought a pot of turbid wine and two slings of paper money, plus a pig leg and a cooked chicken. I went to the place where I overheard the ghost whispers last night to offer thanks. At night, he went here again, but this time he heard a ghost complaining: "That man was too stingy last night. He got so much money, but he only used these few things to thank us. It seems that we can no longer be casual in the future." Speak up to avoid being punished by the underworld in the future." Then all the ghosts fell silent and did not say a word. Zhang Gui'er was very melancholy, so he went to other places to inquire, but the result was silence and nothing. He knew in his heart that the ghosts nearby were beginning to be afraid of him.

On the first day of the new year the next day, he brought dry food and went to another field outside the village, where he lurked among the grass and waited quietly. After a long time, I suddenly heard a female ghost sighing and then crying. Zhang Gui'er was wondering in his heart, and then he heard the voice of an old woman saying: "My wife is in her youth, and she is a natural match to be with her boss. She should have fun in time, why are she crying here?" The female ghost replied: " Grandma doesn’t know something. He only likes to drink. He never goes out for a day. Every time he comes back, he is drunk. He only cares about himself and sleeps soundly and ignores the needs of others. Do you think I can live without suffering with such a husband? "

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The old woman chuckled and said: "Madam, don't be anxious about this. I have a plan here to relieve my worries. I have a nephew named Huang Liu. He is young and handsome and has a lot of talent. Recently, he has been working as a secretary in the commune office. The money is very rich, but his conditions for choosing a mate are very harsh, so he is still single at the age of 20. If the lady is interested, I will call him here tomorrow. From now on, the lady will sleep with the drunk man for the first half of the night, and sleep with Huang Liu for the second half of the night. , it can be said that it is flawless and has no flaws. But don’t forget me after the thing is done." After the old woman said this, the woman did not say anything, as if she had acquiesced. The two exchanged a few more common words, and the old woman took her leave.

Zhang Gui'er lay down in the grass and listened to the words of the two ghosts. He felt quite funny in his heart. After listening for a while, there was no more ghost sound. A wave of tiredness came over him and he fell into a deep sleep. When the sky became brighter the next morning, he stood up and took a look and found a woman's coffin in the Longjian, which was covered with grass. Then he suddenly realized that it was a female ghost who hurt the spring last night. Then he came to the Shegong Temple and found an ancient tomb next to the temple, which was in a state of dilapidation. He pushed aside the weeds on the tomb and saw that there was only a skull in a hole in the tomb. Zhang Gui'er smiled when he saw it and said, "You are Huang Liu, right? Please let me water you with joy, because tonight you are going to have a fierce battle with your lover, so don't shrink back." After saying that, he took off his pants and took a shower. He peed on the skull, then pulled up his pants and went home to rest.

At night, he went to the place where he lurked last night to listen again. After a while, he heard the old woman saying to the woman: "Yesterday Huang Liu was sleeping, and suddenly a villain poured boiling water on his face. His mouth and nose were swollen. Tonight He can't come. This evil person is too cruel and should be punished." Upon hearing this, Zhang Gui'er was furious, jumped up and shouted: "What do you want, Gui slave? How can I, Zhang Gui'er, be afraid of you? ?" After he finished shouting, there was silence all around, and no ghost sounds were heard for a long time. Gradually Zhang Gui'er also felt very tired, so he lay down and fell asleep soundly. He didn't wake up until the moon set.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he opened his eyes, he felt his left ear was extremely itchy, so he broke off a grass root and put it into his ear to scratch it. At this moment, a strong wind suddenly blew, blowing down the branches above his head, just in time to hit the grass root. It hit more than an inch deep, and Zhang Gui'er instantly felt a sharp pain in his ear. He yelled and quickly pulled out the grass root, only to see that it was covered with blood. He endured the severe pain and went home to seek medical treatment. It took half a month for the injury to heal. But from then on, his ear became deaf and he could no longer hear ghost whispers.

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