Tie Paper Liu

The craft of paper-making Liu is the only one in the land with a radius of dozens of miles, and there is no other semicolon. The paper figurines and paper horses he made are lifelike and breathtaking.

In recent years, Zha Zhiliu's purse has become more and more bulging day by day. This is not because more people died, but because of a wind of comparison.

In the past, when someone died in a family, only those with good conditions would find Zhazhi Liu to make paper figurines and horses. The money he earned from his crafts throughout the year was not enough for him to spend alone.

But now, if someone dies in someone's family, it's not just a paper man and a paper horse that are burned. You have to keep up with the trend, don’t the living use mobile phones and computers now, and the dead also have to follow the trend, you have to burn a mobile phone and a computer for him; don’t the rich people want to live in villas now, and ordinary people live I’m sorry, I’m going to die and make a villa and burn it down to the underworld to live in a beautiful place…; it’s not enough to have a house, you have to have a car, isn’t it, what do you mean by burning a paper car, Mercedes-Benz and BMW can’t help you .

That’s all for mobile phones and computers. Paper houses and paper carts are not small items. Can the paper bag not be bulging?

But Zhazhi Liu is not satisfied with the status quo. No, he has a way to make money again. If you ask what it is, it is not a glorious thing.

To put it bluntly, now he has thought of a new recipe, which is to give someone a miss. If you say Miss Zha, Miss Zha, he is not the first one. The problem is that he launched a customized business for customers ingeniously.

Ghost refers to the coffin_What do horse ghosts refer to_Which ghosts do they refer to

What is the custom obligation! Why! This is an immoral thing.

Zhazhi Liu put up an advertisement in his store, saying that as long as you only provide one photo, he will give you a paper-made figurine in the image of the person in the photo.

There is nothing to say about Liu's paper-making skills. Someone took a picture card and made it for him, and the paper figurines really looked like that.

But later, some people actually brought photos of big living people. Liu Mingming, who tied the paper, knew it, so he still took the photos.

You said that if a living person is tied up into a paper man and burned to the dead, it is not immoral or anything.

Neighbors in the neighborhood said that Zhazhiliu disrespected people and would suffer retribution. But Zhazhi Liu is blinded by money, he doesn't care whether he is wicked or not, retribution or not, as long as you pay enough money, he will work according to your requirements.

That night, Zhazhi Liu had another business visit.

Originally, Zhazhi Liu had already closed the store, and was serving a glass of wine, ready to have a drink and sleep soundly. This very simple plan was disrupted by a "bang, bang" knock on the door.

Zha Zhiliu opened the door, and saw a vague figure standing at the door in the night. The strange thing was that the man was wearing a big mask, with only a pair of eyes exposed, so he couldn't tell what he looked like.

The man didn't speak, but just handed Zha Zhiliu an envelope.

For some reason, Zhazhi Liu felt that the man's exposed eyes were staring at him firmly, and couldn't help feeling a little nervous. He didn't want to accept the business at first, but seeing the thickness of the envelope in the man's hand, he still accepted it silently.

"When will the delivery be delivered?" Zha Zhiliu opened the envelope and asked after confirming that there was indeed a stack of RMB and a photo inside.

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There is no one in sight! Zhazhi Liu looked around, but he didn't see his back. He felt suddenly cold.

Although the guests were a little strange, the RMB in the envelope was not strange at all. Zhazhi Liu closed the door and went back to the house, and counted the stack of banknotes, which turned out to be one thousand yuan. Zhazhi Liu happily picked up the wine glass, and drank the shochu in the glass in one gulp.

After drinking a glass of shochu, Zhazhi Liu felt warm all over his body. He slowly pulled out the photos in the envelope…

Zhazhi Liu looked at the photo in his hand and was stunned!

His hand holding the photo began to tremble, and he felt a chill rush from the soles of his feet to his forehead.

The person in the photo turned out to be—Zhizhi Liu, someone paid a high price for him to tie himself!

Which ghosts, ghosts, sprites, ghosts, ghosts, ghosts, ghosts, ghosts, ghosts, coffins, ghosts, ghosts, ghosts, ghosts, ghosts

Although the man only left money and photos, he didn't say the date of pickup or anything. But Zhazhi Liu could guess in his heart that this business was all for himself, and he probably had to do it if he wanted to, or if he didn't want to.

The next day, Zhazhi Liu closed his business for a day and made a paper figurine at home with his door closed.

To tie this paper figurine, Liu Zhazhi took out his housekeeping skills, and the work must be done as delicately as possible. To describe it this way, if you put this paper man and Zhazhi Liu side by side, if you look at it from twenty steps away, you will feel that there are two Zzhi Lius.

After the paper figurine was finished, Zha Zhiliu walked around it again and again, and the more he looked at it, the more he felt that the paper figurine was a bit popular.

Why are paper figurines so popular? Zhazhi Liu felt amused at his absurd idea, and then shook his head.

Zhazhi Liu fetched a basin of water and prepared to wash his face. He just buried his head and was stunned again.

The water in the basin reflected Zha Zhiliu's face, which turned out to be much older. Zhazhi Liu was startled, no wonder he felt that the paper figurine was popular, could it have absorbed his energy?

Zha Zhiliu's heart began to panic, now he wished that the mysterious guest would quickly come and take the paper doll away, as if the paper doll would absorb more of his energy if he stayed at home for one more day.

One day, two days… One week, two weeks, a whole month passed . What did the horse ghost refer to ? The mysterious guest never came to pick up the paper doll. Covered with a thin layer of dust.

Zhazhi Liu didn't dare to dismantle the paper figurine, let alone burn it. On weekdays, he didn't even dare to get close to the paper doll, but the customers who came to the store were often amazed by the paper doll, and the paper doll became an advertising model for Zha Liu invisibly.

One day after the beginning of summer that year, Zhazhi Liu stepped on a rusty nail with his left foot while he was doing his work, and immediately got a small blood hole. He couldn't stand stably and fell to the ground.

That night, Zha Zhiliu, who was lying on the bed, started to have a fever and talk nonsense. He only said one sentence that was incomprehensible: "Fate! This is all fate! I arranged my own fate!"

Zhazhi Liu finally didn't see the sun the next day, and he didn't tell anyone until his death. In order to make the paper figurine he made look less like himself, he quietly put cinnabar on the left side of the paper figurine after the paper figurine was finished. There is a red mole on the sole of the foot.

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