Scary Stories: Teacher's Artwork Read Online

I still remember Mr. Lin's fanatical expression when he first stepped into the classroom, as well as this magical sentence.

If we are all Mr. Lin's works of art, did he succeed or fail in the end?

But what is certain is that he must have succeeded in the beginning.

At least until Ann died.

Our class is a well-known problem class, and the class is full of problem teenagers. No one dares to control the famous, and no one can control the famous. Why? We often wonder why those people think they are qualified to decide who should be given up?

We are all used to indifferent eyes and mocking expressions. We are a problem class, full of problems. Fighting, smoking, skipping classes, even stealing. We have been weak against the world in the most pathetic ways.

At that time, Ann was our leader. We never cared who was abandoned, but worried about being abandoned by Ann. If there was ever an angel in a class like ours, it must be Ann.

He is a very beautiful boy. People will always meet some things that do not belong to this world in their whole life. Ann is an angel, yet with people like us.

He often sits alone on the balcony, and then everyone follows up quietly. When the sunlight crosses the simple playground and shines on Anhe and us, everyone will unconsciously lean upward, like a pure person.

Ann is the quietest at this moment, her eyes always staring at a faraway place.

We all believe that what he sees in his eyes is something we never see.

Mr. Lin was very famous before he became our class teacher, and he has solved many problem classes like ours.

So, when his footsteps sounded at the door of the classroom, everyone held their breath. But what appeared in front of us was a shriveled and thin old man.

His eyes are as empty as ours.

Teacher Lin staggered onto the podium, looking a little strenuous, just like all old people who are oppressed by life. Some people burst into laughter. He stood at the desk and looked at us.

"You…" His small voice elicited another burst of laughter.


Are you alone?

Are you alone?

The noisy classroom suddenly freezes into silence. These few words were like pebbles knocking on everyone's heart that had been silent for too long.

It's not like we've never been without someone caring, whether it's true or not.

are you hungry? are you thirsty Are you tired? do you want to cry

In this life, no one has ever asked such a sentence:

Are you alone?

Teacher Lin looked at us with satisfaction, and suddenly there was a fanaticism and persistence in his eyes that didn't match his image at all.

He said: "Every student is a work of art for the teacher. I want you to be my most satisfying work."

At this moment, it seemed that something that had been hidden for a long time quietly began to germinate in everyone's heart, and the mood became a little excited.

Is it because I heard such strange words for the first time, or is it because someone seems to have caught something that I have been wanting to catch but I don't know what it is?

Our eyes all fell on Ann at the same time. Ann still sat there very quietly, he didn't need to be reformed, he was Ann.

At this time, only I noticed Mr. Lin's eyes. He still looked at Ann. His eyes were elusive, but I knew it must be some kind of longing.

Thinking about it now, if Mr. Lin hadn't seen An at that time, maybe we have all been transformed. But he saw Ann, from then on, only Ann was in his eyes.

In the beginning, Mr. Lin would hide it. He promoted many people. The handsome ones became entertainment committee members, the fast runners became sports committee members, and those who liked to write became study committee members. But this series of actions completely lacked the feeling he gave us on the first day. It was just hypocrisy and affectation. Everyone could see that he seemed dissatisfied, he seemed dissatisfied with everyone, and the entertainment committee was beautiful But he can't sing or dance, the sports committee member is the last few, and the study committee member writes well, but he is only good at writing.

Only when he looked at Ann, there was some special light in his eyes. He is not a teacher, he is just an artist. A teacher must be fair, but an artist can not use poor materials.

He wants the best one.

We don't care about Mr. Lin's indifference to us, because we have known it for a long time. Isn't his impatient eyes the same as many people before? However, if such a capable person can do something for Ann, it may be something worth celebrating.

We all overlooked a problem at the time, that is, Ann is alone , and Ann is Ann, and he is not our Ann, nor anyone else's Ann. No one is qualified to manipulate his fate.

When Teacher Lin wanted to give him special counseling and promised to guarantee him a very bright future, An was quiet as usual, stood up politely, shook her head, and left Teacher Xiaolin's office.

He returned to the rooftop.

In the end in your eyes, see what?

The day An died was the coldest day this summer.

He floated down from the roof lightly.

No one knows why he fell from the roof. We all turned our suspicious eyes on Mr. Lin, but unfortunately, there is no evidence to prove that it was he who killed An. He seems to have aged a lot in one night, so old that when you see him, you feel that he is dying.

Many rumors spread in the campus. Some people said that before An died, he had a fierce quarrel with Teacher Lin. Some said that An was beaten to death before falling to his death. Some people said that they saw An again.

However, what is certain is that everyone turned their angry eyes on Mr. Lin. He doesn't care, he's more hostile to us.

After you have loved angels, will you love mortals again?

His strong contempt and dissatisfaction with us was written on his face. No one was to his liking, too stupid, too ugly, too bad.

Only Ann in this world is the material to become his greatest work of art. He is very distressed, where can he find such a person again?

The hostility between us and Teacher Lin finally ended at the end of this semester, because he did not change us, and because of Ann's death, he had to leave us.

The last time he stepped onto the podium, he was still so weak, he didn't say a word, he just bowed deeply. In the eyes, there is no fanaticism anymore, just despair. With a pitiful voice, he invited everyone to sit on the rooftop at night. It can be regarded as the last words to accompany An.

I drank a lot of wine that night and walked on the fallen steps of Ann. After a long time, I slowly walked up to the rooftop.

The rooftop is very quiet, as if no one came tonight. Maybe everyone will ignore that poor and ridiculous old man.

I was just wondering, what was Ann thinking the last time he walked up the steps? What did he see?

I staggered towards the road that Ann had walked. Something seemed wrong on the roof, but there was no sound at all.

The scene in front of him was suddenly blurred, as if he was suddenly in another place. Is this the last thing Ann saw?

I saw the whole class sitting neatly on the ground, and Teacher Lin was gesturing carefully to a classmate.


Teacher Lin turned her head back and put her shriveled fingers close to her lips.

"Don't break my work."

With a sudden start, I found myself still in the middle of the stairs,

The door to the rooftop is right in front of me.

still quiet

There is a weird salty smell in the air…

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