Gossip And Gossip: Lotus Fairy

Xiumao Mountain is located in northern China. The mountain is not high, but the ancient trees are dense and green. Birds and animals gather there, and the scenery is like spring all year round.

There is a green pool at the foot of the mountain. The water in the pool is crystal clear. From time to time, birds and beasts come here to drink and play. I don’t know which bird or beast brought a lotus seed to the green pool. After being moistened by the water, the lotus seed actually sprouted and did not come out. It will grow into a green lotus in one month. Year after year, month after month, that green lotus plant actually covers the entire green pond, forming a lotus pond with fields of lotus leaves.

Yun Haofan's family lived at the foot of Xiumao Mountain. He had no father or mother since he was a child, but his brother and sister-in -law raised him single-handedly.

He is eighteen years old, handsome in appearance and honest in character, but he has not been able to marry because of his poor family.

At dusk that day, the sky suddenly changed. In an instant, the clear sky was covered with dark clouds, and heavy rain poured down. Yun Haofan led the cattle and drove straight home. When passing by the lotus pond, he heard a crisp laughter.

He took a look at the cow and saw that the lotus pond was filled with a layer of mist. In the mist, a woman in a green skirt was slowly paddling a small boat with a paper umbrella.

The woman's face with clear water and hibiscus, reflected in the green pond, was as beautiful as a painting.

Yun Haofan lost his mind. He had never seen such a beautiful girl in his whole life.

The woman touched the lotus beside her with her slender hands, broke off a green lotus branch, rowed the boat closer, handed the green lotus in her hand to Yun Haofan with a sweet smile, and then drove the boat away with a sweet smile.

The water mist is thick, and as the woman disappears, the picture gradually becomes clear.

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Yun Haofan woke up suddenly and saw that he was lying beside the lotus pond and fell asleep. Only then did he realize that everything just happened was just a dream, and he felt very disappointed.

Turning around, he saw a branch of green lotus in his arms. He couldn't help but smile happily, picked up the green lotus and drove the cattle back home.

Yun Haofan placed Bilian in a vase beside the bed. Before falling asleep, he sighed at Bilian and said, "Is it really just a dream? I really want to see that beautiful girl again!"

Yun Haofan fell into a trance with regret.

A flash of green light flashed, and the green lotus in the vase bloomed quietly. The lotus fragrance floated in the room, and I saw the woman in green clothes stepping out of the green lotus with a smile.

The woman came to Yun Haofan's bedside and said to Yun Haofan: "Bi Lian had no intention of disturbing the young master! But because only the young master can help me! Bi Lian was the daughter of Wan Zeyu, the prefect of Suzhou. She was framed by a gangster because she went out to play. To keep his innocence, he threw himself into the lotus pond.

After his death, his soul was reluctant to go to the underworld and be reincarnated for a long time because he was worried about his living parents, so he attached it to a green lotus, hoping to meet the destined person.

Not wanting to meet the young master today, Bilian showed up to meet the young master. I also hope that the young master will remember Bilian with filial piety, fulfill Bilian’s last wish, send a message to my living parents, and take my ashes home! If it happens, Bilian will be extremely grateful to the young master!”

Yun Haofan suddenly woke up and saw that the green lotus in the vase had disappeared, so he quickly got up to look for it.

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Recalling the woman named Bilian in the dream, Yun Haofan seemed to understand that the woman named Bilian was the one who transformed the flower into a flower. The tearful look of the woman named Bilian in the dream made him very sad. Feeling distressed.

Yun Haofan felt pity, ran to the lotus pond in one breath, and shouted loudly: "Since Miss Bilian has been wronged, please show up and tell her in detail!"

In the lotus leaf field, lotus flowers are blooming, and the lotus fragrance is floating all over the pond. A few wisps of breeze are blowing, and the blossoming lotus flowers are quietly blooming. Then there is the faint sound of pond water, and I see a woman in green clothes, dancing in her skirt, walking Water mist comes from the lotus bushes.

This woman is Wan Bilian.

"Bilian has met the young master!" Wan Bilian leaned over slightly and said.

"Girl, please get up!" Yun Haofan helped her up, their fingers touched, and a cold air made him shiver, Yun Haofan's body froze.

Wan Bilian thought she had frightened him, and quickly said: "Don't be afraid, young master! I am just a ghost now, because my body is buried in this lotus pond. Even if my soul runs thousands of miles, it can't escape from this lotus pond, so at night, I He's back again! Only when you find my physical body can you really take me away!"

Yun Haofan said: "I will ask someone to help me tomorrow!"

"Thank you, sir! It's just that this lotus pond is a thousand years old, and the lotus flowers are undefeated in all seasons. They have been practicing for a long time. It is not easy for them to practice. I hope that you will not destroy their place of cultivation!" Wan Bilian said.

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"Don't worry, girl! I will be careful next time!" Yun Haofan replied.

Wan Bilian just felt relieved and said goodbye to Yun Haofan and returned to her lotus.

Early the next morning, Yun Haofan asked the villagers for help. Without damaging the lotus leaves, he searched around the lotus pond. The hard work paid off and he finally found Wan Bilian's body.

Because Wan Bilian's body was stained with the aura of the lotus pond, it was very well preserved with no signs of decay. It looked like a lotus fairy sleeping in the lotus pond. Only Yun Haofan knew that Wan Bilian had been dead for a long time.

According to Wan Bilian's instructions, Yun Haofan cremated Wan Bilian's body and then brought her ashes to Suzhou.

Wan Bilian's soul was attached to a green lotus, so Yun Haofan naturally had to take that green lotus with him.

During the day, he covered the green lotus with black cloth, and only untied it at night.

After a lot of trouble, Wan Bilian finally entered Wan Mansion. Seeing that the once bustling Wan Mansion was now deserted, Wan Bilian couldn't help but feel a sore nose and burst into tears. She was now a ghost and could not show up to see her parents, so Yun Haofan took the flower with her. Bi Lian came to see Wan Zeyu and his wife.

"Master Wan, I heard that Miss Wan has been missing for many years, and her life and death are still unknown. I got a green lotus by chance. That green lotus can understand human speech. I wonder if Master Wan can have a conversation with this green lotus, and maybe he can find out the whereabouts of Miss Wan!" Yun Haofan said.

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At the mention of Bilian, Wan Zeyu and his wife's expressions changed in shock.

Thinking of the time when Wan Bilian was born, the room was filled with the fragrance of lotus, and a ball of green lotus surrounded Wan Bilian. The Wan family thought their daughter was the reincarnation of the lotus fairy, so they named her Bilian. Because Wan Bilian loved lotus flowers, they named her Bilian. A pond of lotus flowers was planted next to the waterside pavilion where she lived.

As Wan Bilian grew up, the lotus in that pond grew extremely well, with a particularly long flowering period. It was almost unbeatable in all seasons, and had a great potential to defy the heavens.

Originally, the strange things in the mansion were not spread to the outside world, but that day a crazy monk came and said that Wan Mansion was full of demons, and that the lotus in the pond ruined the feng shui of Wan Mansion. He also said that if Wan Zeyu didn't deal with it, Wu Sha would not be safe soon, and not only that, there were evil phoenixes and evil dragons. Baidu says that Wan Mansion will also attract the killer.

Wan Zeyu believed the crazy monk and asked for a solution, but the monk said that he could solve the problem by sending his daughter Wan Bilian out of the mansion.

Wan Zeyu believed it and wanted to send Wan Bilian to live in her hometown in Shanxi for a while. He didn't want Wan Bilian to disappear on the way back to Shanxi.

Wan Zeyu made many inquiries but failed to find Wan Bilian's whereabouts. Thinking about it, it is not easy for them to have a daughter in their old age. They don't think about food and food all day long, and they can't sleep at night.

After Wan Bilian left, the lotus flowers in the mansion also withered. Wan Zeyu was frustrated in officialdom and was demoted one after another. He had no choice but to resign at home.

The two regretted it since losing Wan Bilian.

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Mr. and Mrs. Wan said and wiped away tears.

When Wan Bilian heard about it, she couldn't stand among the lotus flowers. She knew early in the morning that her parents were bewitched by a demon and harmed her. Thinking about it this way, the crazy monk was transformed into the toad spirit, her old enemy in her previous life.

Wan Bilian does not hate her parents. Wan Zeyu was her benefactor in her previous life. Her real body was a Bilian plant in Yaochi. She was framed by a toad spirit and was demoted to the mortal world by Emperor Huamu. Just when she was going through the last catastrophe, a ball of sky fire surrounded her. Wan Zeyu from her previous life happened to bump into her at that time and rescued her from the sky fire.

Wan Bilian wanted to repay her kindness, but she never had the chance. She finally perfected her practice in this life. Seeing that Wan Zeyu and his wife had nothing to do when they grew old, she asked Guanyin Bodhisattva for enlightenment and reincarnation as a human being.

Now, due to a misunderstanding, her earthly fate has been fulfilled, but she still does not forget Wan Zeyu's life-saving grace. She was afraid that the toad spirit would frame her again, so she had no choice but to vomit out her seven-hearted lotus seeds and give them to Wan Zeyu.

"This is my inner elixir. If Naha Toad Spirit comes again, I will use seven-hearted lotus seeds to deal with him!" After saying this, a green seven-hearted lotus seed came into Wan Zeyu's hands.

Naturally, Wan Zeyu couldn't bear it. He believed the evil talk and harmed Wan Bilian. Now that he knew how important the seven-hearted lotus seeds were to Wan Bilian, he was even more reluctant to accept them. Yun Haofan had no choice but to accept the seven-hearted lotus seeds on his behalf.

Sure enough, within a few days, the crazy monk came again. Yun Haofan took out the seven-hearted lotus seeds, and a green light flashed, and seven green sharp knives stabbed at the crazy monk. Knowing that his identity had been exposed, the crazy monk showed up. The real body is a toad with a thick mouth.

After a hard fight, the toad spirit was finally subdued.

Yun Haofan wanted to use it to make wine, but Emperor Hua Mu snatched it away and said: "Bi Lianfan is too heavy-hearted, so this calamity is considered God's will! The emperor thought that she had accomplished the task of exterminating demons, so he allowed her to stay in the human world." Some time!"

Emperor Hua Mu flicked his red sleeves, and the seven-hearted lotus seeds quickly condensed into a green lotus platform in the air. The lotus platform shone with green light, and a woman in green clothes walked out of it.

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