Something Ghostly Happened At Home

Xiao Mu received such an invitation card, which read: "In order to witness the beautiful and pure love on campus, we specially invite every couple on campus. If you can show your love to your lover during the whole process of us launching the game, If you remain consistent and never give up, you will receive a bonus of 10,000 yuan, otherwise both of you will be severely punished."

Xiao Mu only saw a bonus of 10,000 yuan. This amount of money was enough to make Xiao Mu's blood boil. Who doesn't love money? Isn't it just a show of affection? He was sure of victory.

The next afternoon, Xiao Mu found his girlfriend Qin Ai'ai. Qin Ai'ai was a standard beauty. In order to pursue her, Xiao Mu gave up the love of his childhood sweetheart.

He did not show the invitation to Qin Aiai, but simply said that he would participate in a game, and the winner would get an unexpected prize. As for the bonus and punishment, he ignored it.

Qin Aiai is a fun-loving person. As long as she can play, she is interested, so she agreed at that time.

Xiao Mu was very happy. He replied to the address on the invitation letter, and not long after, the organizer sent the game address and game list. The game address was a haunted house on the outskirts of the city. Xiaomu had been there before, and there was nothing scary about it. The list of participants only included two teams: him, Qin Aiai, and Zhou Yu and Yan Jia. When he saw Yan Jia's name, he was stunned. Isn't this her childhood sweetheart? ? Why did she participate? What happened between her and Zhou Yu? Falling in love so quickly? He shook his head in confusion – not convinced.

However, Xiao Mu didn't like seeing Yan Jia.

He picked up his cell phone and called Yan Jia: "Hey, Yan Jia, can you not participate in that game of witnessing love? Don't you feel embarrassed when we meet?"

Yan Jia was a little sulky: "I don't feel embarrassed. If you feel embarrassed, you don't have to go!" After that, she hung up the phone.

Xiao Mu muttered dissatisfiedly, feeling a little disappointed in his heart. Yan Jia had always obeyed his words in the past and had never been so cold. It seemed that women were really fickle animals.

The date agreed for the game arrived soon. Xiao Mu was a little excited and hurriedly asked for leave. He ran to the girls' dormitory to find Qin Aiai and happened to meet Yan Jia. Neither of them spoke, they just passed each other like strangers.

Xiao Mu called Qin Aiai downstairs in the girls' dormitory. After waiting for more than ten minutes, she walked down slowly. The two of them walked out of the school gate. Xiao Mu saw Yan Jia standing under the bus stop. It looked like While waiting for the taxi, he sneered, reached out to hail a taxi, and sat in with Qin Aiai in his arms.

"Let's go to a haunted house on the outskirts of town."

"Huh? How do you get to that place? Didn't you tell me that it was closed a few days ago?" The taxi driver with a crew cut couldn't help but say something while starting the car.

"Really? Why was it banned?" Xiao Mu was a little confused because he had been there with Yan Jia not long ago. He kissed Yan Jia in the haunted house. The little girl collapsed in his arms and was so intoxicated. If someone hadn't bumped into her suddenly, He was afraid that he wanted her then, but now he thought about it, and if it really happened, he wouldn't be able to get rid of her in the future.

"I heard this from a customer. I was driving past a haunted house, and a fat man reached out to hail the car. I slowed down and before I stopped, the fat man ran over, opened the car door, and sat down on the front seat. , trembling all over. His face was a little gray, and his eyes were a little wandering. He kept looking at the haunted house outside the car window, urging me to drive quickly…as if he had seen a ghost. I asked him what was wrong? He said it was really unlucky. He just entered the haunted house and saw a ghost. I laughed at him for being timid. Are you afraid of seeing ghosts when you go to a haunted house? He said, don’t you know that the haunted house is closed? Because a girl was hanged a few days ago, and he was curious and walked secretly at night without anyone watching. When he went in, the lights inside were very dim. He vaguely saw a girl hanging at the door. He thought it was fake, so he walked over and touched it. Unexpectedly, the girl moved and looked at him with wide eyes. He was so scared that he ran away in a hurry. ." Seeing Xiao Mu, the taxi driver was a little unconvinced and explained in detail.

Xiao Mu pursed his lips and smiled, not believing it at all.

Qin Aiai also laughed and said: "If the haunted house is not designed to look like the real thing, can it be scary? I think this fat man is timid."

The taxi driver smiled as if he was in pain , opened his mouth and said nothing.

When they arrived at the haunted house, the taxi driver dropped them and drove away quickly. Xiao Mu took Qin Aiai's hand and walked towards the haunted house. As expected, the door of the haunted house was sealed, and the room where the tickets were purchased was also locked.

Xiao Mu frowned, wondering why the organizers chose such a place? To make it more difficult? right! It must be, ten thousand yuan is not that easy to earn.

Xiao Mu followed the example in the TV series and found a wire to poke the lock's butt. After fiddling with it for a long time, he heard a click and the door lock opened. He almost screamed with joy, took Qin Aiai's hand and left. Go in, and don't forget to close the door tightly, so that it will be difficult for subsequent players to get in, and they will have a better chance of getting bonuses. After the door was closed, the haunted house suddenly became invisible.

Then a beam of light hit them from behind, and they could see their own shadows opening and closing in front of them due to the movement of the light. Suddenly Xiao Mu saw Qin Aiai's shadow holding a knife, pointing directly at his neck.

He screamed in fright, turned around and kicked Qin Aiai far away. When he saw that there was no knife in her hand, this was just the beginning of the game. He no longer believed her, and his heart skipped a beat. Shocked, thinking of the punishment, I couldn't help but take a deep breath. Then he saw Qin Aiai squatting there holding her head and crying sadly. He walked over guiltily and wanted to pick her up. Qin Aiai, who was squatting on the ground, slowly raised her head. There was not a drop in her eyes. , and a weird smile appeared on the corner of her mouth, she suddenly took out a knife from her arms and stabbed Xiao Mu, "Ah!" Xiao Mu screamed. He punched Qin Ai'ai in the face. When he looked up again, he saw Qin Ai'ai holding a tissue in her hand and being knocked unconscious by him.

Suddenly a sneer came from behind: "The game has just started, and you don't trust your girlfriend?"

"Yan, Yan Jia?" Xiao Mu suppressed the tremor in his voice.

"Yes! You forgot that my name is also on the list!" Yan Jia had a gray face and smiled proudly, "Now that you have no chance, just wait and accept the punishment."

"How do you know we have no chance?" Xiao Mu asked angrily.

"That's because I am the organizer of this game, haha…" Yan Jia suddenly giggled as if it hurt her to death , and her laughter was sharp and harsh, like a ghost's scream.

"You…" Xiao Mu forced himself to talk as calmly as possible: "Yan Jia, you are going too far. Love is just something you and I agree on. I don't love you anymore. Is it necessary to stalk me?"

"Do you think I'm a stalker? I just want to let you know how many lies there are in your love, and how many are not worthy of distrust." Yan Jia smiled slightly, but there was a twinkle in his eyes. Chill.

Cold sweat broke out on Xiao Mu's forehead, and he took a breath and said: "Even if you prove that I am full of lies and not trustworthy at all, so what? What can this change? I still don't love you if I don't love you. !”

Yan Jia didn't watch Yan Jia move, but suddenly seemed to float in front of Xiao Mu. There was no expression on his gray-white face: "When a person dies, there is no more love in his heart, only hatred, full of hatred."

Xiao Mu finally believed the taxi driver's words. A girl was hanged in the haunted house. This girl should be Yan Jia. He was desperate: "I didn't expect you to be so stupid. Is it worth it to destroy yourself for the love you can't get?"

Yan Jia sneered: "I will take revenge just because it's not worth it. Why do I love you so much and pay so much for you, but you leave me? Have you forgotten this place and that you have kissed me here?" Me, do you want me? That day you knew how happy I was, as if I was flying. Who knew you would break up with me the next day, saying that you fell in love with someone else. Don’t you think you are too cruel? Since If you don't love me, don't give me hope. If you give me hope, don't let it burst like a bubble. It's like falling off a cliff, do you understand?"

Xiao Mu's expression became extremely complicated, he was in extreme pain, and he didn't know what to say to heal the scars in Yan Jia's heart.

Just at this moment, Qin Aiai woke up. She opened her eyes and screamed loudly. When she was about to faint again, Yan Jia said coldly: "Only one of you can get out alive. This is unfair to you." The punishment of trust, here is a knife, kill the other party, and you can go away alive."

Xiao Mu's movements slowed down, and the knife was snatched away by Qin Aiai. She looked at Xiao Mu with the knife, and Xiao Mu shook his head, feeling extremely scared.

"You only have one minute to think about it, make a decision quickly!" Yan Jia said coldly.

"Love, love, don't want it!" Xiao Mu cried sadly.

But Qin Aiai no longer cares about that. She has woken up a long time ago and knows that Yan Jia is not a human being and that the target of revenge is not herself. She can protect herself by killing him. She will not be stupid enough to trust him again. Love.

Qin Aiai raised the knife and stabbed Xiao Mu without any hesitation. Xiao Mu closed his eyes in resignation, and a gust of wind came. He slowly opened his eyes and saw Yan Jia standing in front of him, with the knife mercilessly piercing her body. She smiled in great pain and said: "I really Silly, I still can't bear to let you die in the end." As she spoke, her body turned into countless fragments and disappeared in an instant.

Xiao Mu couldn't help but shed tears. It turns out that whether you love or not love, it hurts.


The story explores themes of love, trust and betrayal. Xiao Mu's greed and rashness plunged him into a dangerous game, while Qin Ai'ai's reality and self-preservation made him face a moral choice. Yan Jia's role is more complicated. Her love turns into hatred, and she finally chooses to sacrifice at a critical moment, showing the multi-faceted and profound nature of love.

The haunted house and supernatural elements in the story add to the atmosphere of suspense and horror, and also symbolize the inner fear and conflict of the characters. Yan Jia's ghost image and her act of revenge make people think about the true meaning of love and the complexity of human nature.

Overall, this is a thought-provoking story that not only provides an exciting plot, but also explores profound themes. Through the experiences of Xiao Mu, Qin Aiai and Yan Jia, readers can reflect on their own attitudes and choices in love and life.

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