Redemption From Nuclear Pollution: The Life And Death Of Wen Ying And His Son

"Wen Ying, your great revenge has been avenged, your injustice has been settled, and they have been tortured in the living hell." Wen Ying, the underworld is overloaded, so after an evil ghost like you was hooked into the underworld, the punishment has not yet fallen on you in twenty years. on your body, and they should have been punished after you. I closed my eyes and understood what Minister Li meant. Maybe we can save the apocalypse, or maybe our souls will be driven away because of this. … Continue readingRedemption From Nuclear Pollution: The Life And Death Of Wen Ying And His Son

Snake Jealous

When I was very young, I heard from my mother that snakes are very sensitive animals. Its perception ability is very strong, and it is easy to find out people’s inner thoughts, so as to make judgments on people’s good and evil. My father’s death was related to snakes. The mother found two tooth marks on his calf, which were identified by the doctor as the tooth marks of a snake. As a result, snakes became a taboo for the Ruan family. I have lived in solitude since childhood, accompanied only by a wooden horse engraved by my father during his lifetime. Everyone said that I have the character and heart of a snake, indifferent, sensitive, and jealous. When she left, her mother said with red eyes, Ruan Ling’er, I hate you. … Continue readingSnake Jealous