The God Of Death Tosen Wants The Ruins Of The School

In fact, I feel weird every time I go back to school. Although our school has a total of 68 classes, the Department of Business Foreign Languages ​​is different. It is isolated from other departments and is alone in another place.

And you also know that because it is a liberal arts major, there are a lot of girls. We girls don’t usually like to go out to play. Even if class is over in the middle, we don’t often leave the classroom, so you usually go to the corridor and even go out to play. There was no shadow to be seen, it was very quiet, as if you were the only one in this teaching building.

According to the confirmation of the older generation of teachers, our school used to be a mass grave, and our commercial building is the main cemetery. Otherwise, how do you think the school can find such a big place to build a school and the rent is so cheap?

Before the school, there were only Shangwai students in the Shangwai Building. But then I didn’t know what strange thing happened. I found an expert to come and look at it, so they demolished the cooking building, and then the cooking students were in the same building with us. Classes were held, and then a student canteen was built on the bottom floor of the shopping mall, hoping to make it more popular.

After speaking, the teacher pointed to the land behind the Shangwai Building that was covered with weeds and where you can still see some glass bricks. That was the former cooking building.

As you know, I am very curious by nature, so after finishing lunch, I sneaked there. I have to mention that the current piece of wasteland is very beautiful, with many wild flowers and grasses growing there.

Growing up in the city, I certainly had never seen such beautiful scenery, so of course I wanted to have a look. When others were not paying attention, I got into the warning line.

Gee, this place really feels like a paradise. Just after entering the grass, a few butterflies flew out from time to time. The wings of those butterflies have the texture of two eyes. Their wings flicker, just like the blink of human eyes. Blink, but unfortunately I didn’t take it seriously at the time.

Getting closer, I saw some long strips and some circles of paper on the ground. Although they looked a little old and yellow, I could still imagine their original shapes.

When I got closer, I seemed to see a pattern made of small stones in front of me, with a monument standing in the middle. The small stones looked a little messy and varied in size, but they were neatly placed. Together, it's like a formation.

Ring, ring, ring! Ring, ring, ring! It startled me, and my phone suddenly rang. Looking at the caller ID, it turned out to be my classmate. She asked me fiercely on the other end of the phone why I hadn't come to the club for the meeting.

Only then did I remember, yes, I was going to a club meeting today, and then I reluctantly glanced at the formation made of stones, and left helplessly.

&mdash&mdashI didn’t know that it was my classmates who pulled me back from the hands of death unintentionally.

After self-study in the evening, I sneaked there again. It was already dark there, so I relied on some moonlight to find the path I took this morning. There was nothing I could do, I was so curious!

I saw someone actually lighting a few candles in front of the stone monument this morning. There was a man dressed in white and wearing a white hat . Some paper spilled onto the sky.

Another person was kneeling in front of the stele, beating the wooden fish god of death Dongxian Yao with one hand, holding a chain of wooden beads in the other hand, and muttering something unknown.

As an intellectual in the new era, of course I am not afraid of any monsters. What I believe in is science. But when a cool breeze blew by, even though it was summer, I felt a strange and indescribable feeling.

&mdash&mdashIt's like being stared at from behind.

I don’t know if it was because I was scared or something, but I took out my phone and looked at it, and found that there was no signal at all. It was strange. My classmates just called me today. How could there be no signal here?

I closed my phone and looked in the direction of the group of Taoist priests, and found that they had stopped moving. The two of them stood there with alert looks on their faces, looking in my direction, holding a mahogany sword in their hands.

I secretly screamed that something was wrong and ran away, but for some reason there was an extra person, a long-haired woman in white clothes. She followed me closely. Because of the moonlight, I couldn't see clearly. her face.

But no matter how I ran, I just couldn't get out of this field. I don't know how long I had been running. I stepped on a soft dirt road, and then I only heard a thud, and then my body kept going. Sinking, sinking continuously, the last thought in my mind at that time was – relief.

I didn't struggle and kept sinking obediently. It wasn't until I saw the woman in white walking away on the water that I held my last breath and rowed up from the water desperately.

Nonsense, who wants to die!

A pair of warm hands pulled me out of the water, and then I saw the two guys who had just done something in front of the monument. One of them smiled and said: "Kid, you are so awesome." I deceived the devil, but I think you should not remember this!"

Then he hit the back of my head hard with the back of his hand…

Early the next morning, I found myself sleeping on the bed in my dormitory. I touched the swollen and sore back of my head. I was wondering what happened yesterday and why the back of my head hurt so much.

The president who asked me to go back to the club for a meeting last time came over, gave me a look of contempt and said, "When you went back to bed after going to the toilet in the middle of the night last night, you bumped into the bed board." &rdquo

Really? Really? I touched the injured back of my head and said with a sly smile. I don’t know why I feel like I have forgotten something very important.

Forget it, just stay alive.

After lunch, I wandered around and for some reason I ended up at the ruins of the cooking building. For some reason I felt that the flowers and plants were no longer beautiful, and the butterflies were also very weird, so I stopped.

A female voice murmured from behind me: "Why, you think dying once is not enough?"

I turned around and saw the president behind me, and asked doubtfully: "What did you just say?"

"I'm asking you to go to a meeting with me. Don't die in a meeting without knowing where you are!"

I have never been to this ruins since.

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