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Here’s a weird thing I’ve encountered in the past…

At that time, my family still lived in a so-called haunted house, and strange things always happened there, and I always dreamed of many strange dreams. One of them remains fresh in my mind, because that dream was really It was so weird, so unbelievable, and a little scary. If my mother hadn't woken me up hard, I felt like my soul would have followed her.

I went to bed very early that day. I don’t know why, being a night owl, I couldn’t open my eyes, so I fell on the bed and fell asleep. Not long after I fell asleep, I suddenly felt very cold, with bursts of cold wind. I was still thinking, wasn't I sleeping? Why is it so cold at home? I opened my eyes and saw two tall and strange figures. I was shocked. I looked at their huge bodies and they looked inhuman. They looked a bit like the bull-headed and horse-faced characters in the TV series, but they didn't look like them. Just like in the TV series, they are tall and tall, like humans but not like humans.

I said to them with some trepidation: "Am I dead? Do you want to take away my soul?"

The one who looked like a horse and a man said to me: "Don't be afraid, we don't want your soul. Let you come with us and see how we collect the soul."

I looked at them with dilated pupils, "Uh! What do you mean? Let me collect souls with you? Oh my God?" Why do I feel like I have become the God of Death? How about collecting souls?I nodded to them feeling a little confused.

Then I listened to their illusory voices saying to me: "Come with us——"

Suddenly I felt that my body had lost its center of gravity and felt light and airy. Just like that, I watched myself floating in the air, and I watched my own soul float out of my body. All this was so surprising. Then my body floated out like that. I watched me float out of my home. The two people in front of me were much taller than me. My height was only their waist. There, they were floating in front of me and I was behind them. Suddenly I felt very powerful!

My body was floating in the air, looking at the city where I lived, with buildings, people and vehicles coming and going. I was floating like that. I feel like my body is as light as paper.

Suddenly the bull's head and horse's face floated away quickly, and on the highway, I saw a car accident there. A van was beyond recognition, with a middle-aged man sandwiched inside.

I saw the bull-headed horse floating close to that person with a face, and then only saw the middle-aged man who was involved in the car accident drifting with us. I asked a little confused: "Why do you want to collect his soul? He was just in a car accident."

It was Ma Mian who answered me again, his voice always so hollow: "He is already dead! We will not collect souls randomly."

The so-called dead person floating with me had a confused look on his face. He had no idea that he was already dead and just drifted with us. Just like this, I followed the bull-headed horse face around the city where I lived. Our team became huge. I was thinking about God, why so many people died in one day. Some died of illness and some died of accidents. , both men and women, old and young.

I was always behind the bull-headed and horse-faced people, and in front of the dead people. Their expressions were all the same, dazed and confused, and they drifted along with us.

I was confused in my mind! Am I dead too? But why would you float with them if you didn't die? I asked uncertainly: "Uh! Two gods! How long will I stay with you? Am I going to die too?"

It was the horse-faced brother again who looked back at the insignificant me and said, "You are not dead! Let you come and collect your soul with us."

"Ah! I'm not a bull-headed horse face, so why should I collect my soul?" I felt a little depressed. I really wanted to go home, even though being a human is troublesome and some things are annoying! But I still don’t want to die and leave my dear parents! I still have a lot of things to do! I am so worried! When there is no choice. I felt a friendly voice calling me.

"Leilei! Leilei!" Suddenly I felt that my body was no longer in the air, and someone was shaking my body. I opened my eyes and sat up suddenly.

The person calling me is my mother! The person shaking my body is also my mother. I opened my mouth and said, "Oh my God, I'm not dead yet."

My mother was a little confused and said: "Are you asleep? You were having a nightmare just now, and I heard you screaming! Why did I call you! You didn't even wake up."

I excitedly said to my mother: "My soul is gone with the Minotaur and Horse Face! If you hadn't called me like that! Maybe I would really be dead."

"Are you stupid again because you slept too much?"

I know my mother is often defeated by my inexplicable words, but! Oops, what should I tell her. Come on, don’t tell me. If I tell you, no one will believe me and think I’m crazy.

I just had a dream that was so real, so true . Death is coming , and a beautiful life is still waiting for me! In the evening, the family was having dinner and watching the news from our place on TV. When I saw a piece of news being broadcast, I was shocked! Really stunned! When there was a car accident on a certain expressway that was broadcast on the news, oh, God, wasn't he the first person to take away his soul? The car accident was actually broadcast on the news.

So this dream really scared me! I can still feel that erratic feeling now——

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