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1. Golden Swallowtail

In my eyes, butterflies are spiritual and ethereal.

In the sandalwood box my mother left me, there was also a butterfly, a golden swallowtail butterfly that was about to dance. The golden wings, as thin as cicada's wings, are decorated with beautiful jade gems, exquisite and ingenious, so noble that it is dazzling.

This is the family heirloom of the Long family, and it is also one of the symbols of the Long family's supreme theocracy.

The Long family, the imperial priests of all ages. The descendant of the Long family possesses the highest spiritual power in the world. Praying for rain, praying for blessings, praying to God, even reversing one's fortune…everything is possible.

I, Long Xuanxue, the 19th generation descendant of the Long family.

Today, the Long family is no longer an imperial priest. As a descendant, I also live among the people.

I don't know why, but since I was sensible, I have lived here, an inconspicuous remote town. However, the inexhaustible wealth of the Long family is enough for me to live several lifetimes without worry.

My only relatives are my aunt, my mother's twin sister. In other words, there are only two people in the great Long family, my aunt and me.

Ever since I was a child, I, who was as smart as ice and snow, had countless questions: Where are my parents? Why is the Long family the priest's family? Why do I only have my aunt with me…

My aunt bent over slightly, combing my long hair lightly, very gentle:

"Xue'er, after you were born, your parents left and went to a holy place far away and never came back… Like your mother, you are a descendant of the Dragon Clan with sacred blood. And your mother made a mistake and thought she would stay If you are among the people, you can get rid of the fate of the dragon clan… But I don't know, the number of days is fixed, and the fate cannot be changed…"

At this time, I always looked at my aunt without confusion, and blinked her beautiful little eyes. My aunt put on the hair accessories for me, and smiled without saying a word. As an immature person, I could see that my aunt's smile contained incomparable affection, but more of it was helplessness. I won't ask any more…

2. Go up to the tall building alone, looking at the end of the world

That year, I just reached the age of Ji.

I leaned on the small pavilion in the garden, facing the pond full of Sulian, the light fragrance of flowers wafted in all directions, and my pair of clear and flawless blue eyes revealed the indifference of the world.

It is undeniable that the people of the Long family in the past dynasties are all born with peerless beauties. The charming mother, the elegant and beautiful aunt, and the charming me are undoubtedly the best examples.

War outside the city, drought inside the city. In recent years, there have been repeated wars and chaos, and the rain has not fallen for several months, and the people have been complaining.

There was a lot of noise outside the gate, and a crowd of people kneeled in darkness:

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"Saint, please pray for rain, otherwise my family will only be able to eat dried wheat…"

"Saint, please pray for rain for us…"

"Saint, save us…"

It's not that I don't have any compassion, but that the country is exhausted, and it's not my own strength that can save it. I turned around coldly and walked into the inner garden. The face of the country and the city is as cold as ice.

The sun is hot outside the house, and the house is refreshing and icy. It's not the ingenious structure of the house, but wherever I go, the temperature instantly softens, becomes cool and comfortable.

Each generation of the Long family has unique attributes and spiritual power. Obviously my blue eyes belong to water. The waters of the world obey me, including snow, ice, frost, and hail. On the day I was born, there was heavy snowfall for hundreds of miles around, like silver powder and jade shavings, flying all over the sky. My name is Long Xuanxue. I once heard from my aunt that my mother's red eyes belong to fire, and she is a charming beauty who is as gorgeous as fire.

Perhaps, water and fire cannot tolerate each other, and each other is mutually reinforcing and restraining each other, which made my mother leave me… I put my hands on my head, my eyes were indifferent, and I fell into deep painful thoughts…

Possessing the highest spiritual power in the world, is it a blessing or a curse? I can't control my own destiny, my destiny is as blurred as the moon in the water in the mirror.

3. Heaven and earth are merciless, but human beings are merciless

My aunt is a vegetarian who recites scriptures, and she is a kind and gentle woman like a dodder flower. My aunt couldn't bear to see the people in the small town suffer anymore, so when she washed me up in the morning, she softly said:

"Xue'er, just ask for rain for the people, and you have the heart to turn a blind eye?"

"Auntie, I can't help much. The country is exhausted, and natural and man-made disasters are inevitable."

"Xue'er, but my aunt really can't bear it…"

I lightly closed my blue eyes, thought for a while, and said:

"Okay, tomorrow at noon. Auntie, please prepare."

I don't want to see my aunt look disappointed, after all, my aunt is my only family member and the only one who loves me.

At noon the next day, I stood on the altar in a spotless veil. Zhu Lip recited the mantra silently, and the sky was filled with wind and clouds. Then I waved my sleeves, and as the sleeves fluttered, countless icy drops of water appeared around me, and the gauze was flowing like clouds. Water droplets dance all over the sky, and sometimes they are as quiet as a constant stone. I danced an incomparably beautiful divine dance, with long hair reaching to the ground, and I danced accordingly.

The originally cloudless clear sky darkened in an instant, and the clouds gathered here from all directions, and moved in the sky with my dancing posture.

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The thunder shook the sky, and a long and bright lightning bolt pierced the sky. The rain is pouring down, pouring down, flying down…

The people danced and danced.

I slowly stepped down from the altar, boarded the gorgeous sedan chair, and got up the sedan chair to go home after giving an order. Listening to the sound of the pattering rain, a little uneasiness flashed in my heart, I frowned my pretty brows, and remained silent all the way, with only a calm cloud on my face.

back home. My aunt bathed and dressed me so I could go to bed and rest. I was immersed in the big wooden barrel, and my aunt was busy adding spices and flower petals to the barrel. I looked up at my aunt and said:

"Auntie, I'm a little…"

"Are you uncomfortable? Did you catch a cold?"

"No, I seem to have a premonition."

"Xue'er, if you want to come, you will come in the end. You shed the blood of the dragon family, so you are destined to be unable to escape the fate of the dragon family…"

"The fate of the dragon family?" The blue eyes were full of doubts, but I didn't ask, I knew the answer would be solved soon.

4. Doom

In the palace hall, the ministers played one after another:

"Your Majesty, the frontier battles have been repeatedly missed, and the capital is in danger."

"Your Majesty, the drought is severe across the country, and countless fertile fields have been turned into wasteland."

"His Majesty……"

"Your family, please be quiet, this king has his own countermeasures!" Wang was a little impatient.

"Your Majesty, do you still remember the dragon clan that the previous king said?" The national teacher who had been silent all this time finally spoke.

"Remember, the imperial priests of the past. But for some reason, the previous king has let them return to the people."

"Then, Your Majesty, do you still remember the artifact Dragon Tooth Staff?"

"According to legend, the Dragon Tooth Staff can call wind and rain, and even turn the world around. But didn't the Dragon Tooth Staff be lost among the people along with the Long Family?"

"No, Your Majesty, I have found out the whereabouts of the Long family through open and unannounced visits. If the Long family is here, the country may be saved."

"Okay, this king ordered that the Long family be sealed back as the royal priest, and please return to the palace immediately…" No matter what the method is, there is only one try.

To show his sincerity, Wang sent the prince to personally go to Long's house to invite him.

The good times of the small town don't last long, ever since Xuanxue begged for rain, there hasn't been a drop of water for more than a month and a half. The common people are struggling on the line of life and death, suffering unspeakably.

"Saint, save us…"


Outside the door, another large group of poor people knelt down. This time, even officials from the small town came to ask.

The people sent by the king arrived in the small town, and with great difficulty, surrounded by guards, the prince and others finally squeezed in front of the gate of the Long family.

The prince knocked on the door, and the aunt opened the door for him, looked at the prince, and said:

"Honorable prince, please come in."

The prince and others were amazed. Before they opened their mouths, the beautiful woman in front of them knew who was coming. Could it be that she is… When the prince was about to speak, the aunt invited in and said:

"The person you are looking for is inside."

Everyone admired him even more.

It turned out that my aunt never told me that she has strong predictive and mind-reading abilities.

I stood in the hall, waiting for them. The long skirt fluttered slightly, and the surroundings were filled with glistening water vapor. People can vaguely see that the water-blue crystal pupils are bright and clear. The white and tender skin is like snow, clear and natural.

When the prince and others saw me, they held their breath for a moment, stared blankly, and forgot the proper etiquette.

I raised my head and looked at the prince. The calm heart lake is like being swept by seabirds, with ripples, which is difficult to calm down.

The prince was dressed in white, handsome and elegant. Every move is so free and unrestrained. The deep eyes, with endless affection, seem to have accumulated thousands of years of love. My frozen heart seemed to melt silently.

Soon, the prince regained his composure, "I was rude just now, and the saint laughed. I don't know what to call the saint?"

"Long Xuanxue, the crown prince can just call me Xuanxue." Even though my heart was churning, Jueyan's face was still as calm as a mirror.

"Miss Xuanxue knows things well, so she must know the purpose of our visit." The prince said politely.

"The country's energy is exhausted, the prince doesn't need to invite me back to the palace." I turned around, turned my back on everyone, closed my eyes and thought.

"No, with the divine power of the Long family, it is possible to save our country."

"I don't have that much ability, Prince, please come back." I sat down slowly, my skirt fluttering wantonly, even though there was no wind in the room.

Still smiling, the prince took a white silk scarf and ordered the guards to pass it to me, then said:

"Miss Xuanxue, this is left to you by your mother, please have a look."

I was slightly startled, and took the white silk scarf. There were several lines of beautiful handwriting on it. I unfolded it and saw,

"Xue'er, my daughter, forgive my mother's mistake for letting you live among the people and suffer. The mission of our Dragon Clan is to assist the monarch with divine power. If the monarch has a life, he will return to the palace to assist him. Mother: Long Xuanyan"

I looked up at my aunt, who nodded silently, tears flashing from the corner of her eyes. However, it quickly disappeared without leaving a trace.

5. Legend of the Dragon Clan

At night, the cold moon is faint, the clouds are light and the stars are sparse.

In the room, the candlelight was flickering, light and gentle. The carved and hollow copper incense burner exudes a delicate fragrance.

My aunt and I sat at the table drinking tea, and the two of us stared at each other in silence for a long time. The aunt spoke first:

"Xue'er, aunt will tell you a story."


"A long time ago, according to legend, there was a playful little princess in the Dragon Palace of the East China Sea. She secretly transformed into a human form and slipped into the world to play. Because she didn't understand the world, she was bullied by bad people. The king who happened to pass by here rescued her. The king liked this beautiful and refined little dragon very much. Girl, the little dragon girl is also deeply infatuated with the young and handsome Wang. When the old dragon king found out, he was furious, and quickly sent someone to capture the little dragon girl and betroth her to the Dragon Prince of the South China Sea. That day, he escaped to find the king. The old dragon king dragged water and went to the palace to ask for someone. Millions of hectares of fertile land were flooded along the way, and countless people and animals were killed or injured."

The aunt bowed her head, took a sip of tea, and continued:

"After all, the Dragon King loves his little daughter. He ordered the king to treat the little dragon girl well and leave an ancient dragon tooth as a dowry. He also said that the ancient dragon tooth has supernatural power and should be used well. But if you betray the dragon clan, you have to pay a cruel price… "

"What price?"

"The ancient dragon tooth must use blood sacrifices to summon its divine power. Every major ceremony requires nine drops of spiritual blood from a virgin girl from the dragon clan who has just completed the moon. The descendants of the next generation…"

I lowered my head speechlessly, and the long black eyelashes covered the pain in my eyes. The invisible wound in the bottom of my heart, the blood flowing from it, turned into crystal tears in my eyes, betrayed my stubbornness…

Why is the fate of the descendants of the dragon clan like this?

Is it God's joke?

Or does God like to play tricks on the world?

In the early morning of the next day, my aunt took me to the forbidden place of the Long family—the stone chamber.

Arriving at the gate of the stone chamber, my aunt chanted a cumbersome incantation, and a square was recessed in the door, and my aunt pushed the sandalwood box together with the golden phoenix butterfly inside.

The heavy bluestone door opened slowly, and the Dragon King was enshrined in the stone hall. On both sides of the dark and strange hall, there are six doors, carved with "gold", "wood", "water", "soil", "fire" and "brightness" respectively. I was puzzled and asked:

"Auntie, why is there a word 'Ming'?"

"Ming means the sun and the moon, representing the gods in charge of the sun and the moon. The successor who can open this door is the person with the highest spiritual power of the dragon clan!"

Under my aunt's gesture, I pressed my hand on the handprint of the "Water" gate. The door moved open, and there was a long corridor in front of me, filled with a cold and gloomy atmosphere. After passing the long corridor, there is a big room. Numerous gods and Buddhas are exquisitely carved on the wall, and a glazed box is supported by two stone turtles in the center of the room, and the Dragon Tooth Staff in the box can be vaguely seen.

I stepped forward, gently opened the glazed box, unintentionally raised my head, and saw the two stone turtles staring at me with sharp eyes. Those two were not ordinary stone tortoises, but dragon-headed tortoises with horns—Xuanwu.

I let out a cold breath and took out the Dragon Tooth Staff. A dragon is embossed on the staff, winding up along the staff, with gemstones as eyes and jade as scales. The upper end of the staff is the dragon head, which roars like a mighty dragon, revealing trembling dragon teeth, as if it wants to swallow the sky and swallow the sun. What's even more amazing is that those dragon eyes that were originally fiery red gradually turned into water blue…

This is the ancient artifact of Megatron–Dragon Tooth Staff.

Before leaving the small town, I once again prayed for rain for the people of the small town. Just as a parting gift for Xiaocheng…

Under the cheers of the people and the fury of the rain, I boarded the carriage, left my homeland, and left my peaceful and peaceful life…

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