Short Ghost Story

★ thunder

Ah~~~~~~~~~~~~ Along with a hoarse scream, the voices in the delivery room suddenly became silent. Weng Yongkang, who was anxiously running around outside the room, rushed to the door: "How is it? Has the child landed?"

When the door opened, Po Li Wen came out holding a small baby in her arms and whispered: "It's a boy…"

"Thank God, the Weng family has a baby!" Weng Yongkang was surprised and happy. Just as he was about to take the baby and take a closer look, Li Wenpo sighed: "…it's a pity that it's a stillbirth…"

Hearing such bad news, Weng Yongkang felt dizzy and almost fell to the ground. He reluctantly leaned on the door frame, opened his mouth and was about to say something, when a mouthful of blood spurted out.

"Dad!" Fortunately, his daughter Hongying stood beside him and supported him: "We can take a long-term approach to this matter. The future is long, so don't get too anxious."

"Well, I am destined to have no children after all…" Changes occurred one after another, and Weng Yongkang seemed to have aged more than ten years suddenly: "You go to the accounting room to pay Li Wenpo ten taels of silver, and I will go in to see your aunt. "

"Ah! Thank you, Mr. Weng. Thank you, Mr. Weng. You are so kind-hearted. I will definitely give birth to a big fat boy next year!" Because she received a stillbirth, Li Wenpo, who originally thought she would only receive a few strings of green money at most, was overjoyed and followed her. Weng Yongkang thanked him repeatedly behind him, and unexpectedly saw two cold eyes slanting towards him. Only then did Li Wenpo stop talking as if she remembered something. Seeing that Weng Yongkang had entered the room, Li Wenpo raised her hand and slapped herself gently twice: "Hey… I told you to talk nonsense… Miss, you can never give birth to another child, right?"

Kwon Ri-se's burial_Park Hae-jin Kwon Ri-se_Kwon Ri-se's ghost voice

"Humph——" Weng Hongying smiled coldly, stretched out her hands and made a pinching gesture: "It doesn't matter even if you give birth to a child, then you can——"

Seeing that Weng Hongying's originally beautiful eyebrows now looked indescribably ferocious, Li Wenpo couldn't help but shuddered and lowered her head, not daring to say anything more.

Indeed, the baby that unfortunately died just after landing was not a stillbirth, but Weng Hongying bribed Li Wenpo to strangle him to death the moment he was born. At that time, the mother was still in labor pains and had not yet woken up. No one could have imagined that this seemingly kind-hearted old woman would be so cruel. If Weng Yongkang had opened the swaddling clothes and looked carefully just now, he would have found a faint purple mark on the baby's neck.

Maybe she could see Li Wenpo's uneasiness, Weng Hongying said calmly: "Whatever you are afraid of, I have done it. The money I will reward you will be enough for you to have a good life in the next life, and you will no longer have to do the dirty work of delivering babies. Isn’t it worth it…" Seeing that Li Wenpo nodded repeatedly, Weng Hongying raised her voice: "Dad, what should I do with this dead child?"

The faint cry of the woman in the delivery room stopped, and it took a long time before I heard Weng Yongkang's feeble reply: "You can bury him properly in the tomb in the back garden. After all, he is also a member of our family."

"Yes, my daughter will go now -" she tried to keep her voice as low and sad as possible, and Weng Hongying couldn't help but have a proud smile on her face – if she hadn't made a prompt decision, after learning that her father's newly married Mrs. After she became pregnant, she immediately started making arrangements, so how could she have such a clean and tidy end now?

Park Hae-jin Kwon Ri-se's_Kwon Ri-se's ghost_Kwon Ri-se's ghost voice

"Go dig a hole in the back garden and bury him!" After giving instructions to Li Wenpo, Weng Hongying returned to her room in a dazed manner.

Wow – wow – wow –

A baby's cry came from far away. Although it was only for a short moment, it was still as harsh as thunder in the quiet night, and it suddenly woke Weng Hongying from her sleep.

"Damn it!" It took Weng Hongying a long time to calm down her pounding heart while stroking her heart. Although I clearly heard the baby's cry just now, on the low couch outside the tent, the little maid on night duty was sleeping very soundly, and it didn't seem like there had been any strange noises.

Could it be "that"? Weng Hongying shook her head subconsciously. How could such a weak thing come back alive after being buried in the soil for a long time? What's more, the back garden is more than ten yards away from here, so even if there is any noise, it should never reach my ears.

"It's all that damn ghost's fault. I had to hide away to avoid any suspicion, otherwise I wouldn't be left here alone scared half to death!" Thinking of her husband Xu Yong, who had been away from home for a long time, Weng Hongying became very angry – after his wife After making the final decision, Xu Yong excused himself to go out to collect debts and stayed away.

Kwon Ri-se's burial_Park Hae-jin Kwon Ri-se_Kwon Ri-se's ghost voice

After waiting quietly in the tent for a long time, and not hearing any more ghost sounds , Weng Hongying lay down again – it seemed that she was still suspicious of a ghost, right? Even if she had to choose again, she would still do it without hesitation! Although nominally, this baby was her brother, Weng Hongying had an unspeakable hatred for him from the day she knew he existed. As the only daughter of the Weng family, she will inherit all of the Wan Guan family property a hundred years from her father's death. Weng Hongying has always been absolutely sure of this. But who would have thought that when the old man was nearly sixty, he would want to marry another concubine, and she would soon become pregnant. At the thought of losing half or even more of her family property for no reason (if the old man gave birth to a son, there was no guarantee that the entire property would be given to him), Weng Hongying became restless. After many secret discussions with her husband, she finally decided bribe Wen Po and take action at the moment the baby is born to avoid future troubles.

This is probably his first time killing someone, so he is inevitably a little nervous, right? With such thoughts, Weng Hongying slowly fell into sleep. But soon, a burst of rapid crying woke her up again – as if to tease Weng Hongying, as long as Weng Hongying sat up, no matter how long she waited, there was no sound. But when she lay down and closed her eyes for a moment, the sound of the baby's cry came out. It would pierce through the ear like a sharp arrow, disturbing Weng Hongying and unable to sleep peacefully almost all night. So much so that the maid who served her in the morning had a look of surprise on her face. No need to ask why, Weng Hongying also saw her two big black eyes and her extremely tired look in the mirror.

After breakfast, Weng Hongying couldn't wait to run to the back garden alone, but someone was there earlier than her – Li Wenpo was already there bending over to dig up the soil. When she saw Weng Hongying, Li Wenpo said with a bitter face: "It's really Damn it, I heard a child crying all night last night, and I don’t know what’s going on, so… come here and have a look…"

"Damn you! You can't even do such a small thing!" Weng Hongying didn't care to scold her any more. She took a few steps closer and stretched her head to look at the hole dug by Li Wenpo.

A corner of the baby's body has been exposed in the pit. It seems that the cloth strips tied to it were still in good condition when it was buried, without any signs of struggling. Weng Hongying and Li Wenpo looked at each other and breathed a sigh of relief. Obviously, after being buried in the soil all night, the baby was dead. It seemed that the crying the two people heard last night was nothing more than an illusion.

"I told you to do mischief again!" A big stone finally fell to the ground in Weng Hongying's heart, and she couldn't help but trample on the swaddling clothes a few times: "You won't let people live in peace even if they die!"

Sae’s burial_Kwon Ri-se’s ghostly voice_Park Hae-jin Kwon Ri-se

Seeing Weng Hongying's crazy behavior, Li Wenpo couldn't help but was speechless. When she heard someone's voice coming from far away, she quickly pulled Weng Hongying's sleeve: "Miss, pack up and leave quickly. If someone sees you… "

A loud noise interrupted the second half of Li Wenpo's words, and she would never have the chance to say it again. Of course, Weng Hongying would never have the chance to ask her about the same ghostly voice of Quan Lishi – a huge thunder without any bias. He hit them on the head, turning them into a black mess.

The family members who heard the noise in the back garden rushed over one after another. The terrifying scene caused several timid maids to faint without even screaming. After receiving the news, Weng Yongkang stumbled over and threw himself next to his daughter's body. His lips trembled and he did not say a word for a long time. The servants gathered around and no one dared to say anything. They all felt that the master had just lost a son, and now his only daughter had died in vain. This experience was indeed too tragic.

What broke the dead silence at the scene was a clear cry of a baby. Weng Yongkang turned his head blankly and looked in the direction of the sound. Suddenly his face changed drastically. He jumped down from the pit and started digging desperately: "Quick…come and help…"

With the help of his family members, Weng Yongkang quickly dug out the swaddling clothes and untied the cloth strips. The baby's tiny hands and feet were kicking and waving desperately, and his croaking sounds seemed to contain incomparable sadness and joy. Reluctance is also a reminder of his vitality.

"God…" Weng Yongkang held the baby and stared at it for a long time, and finally pressed his tearful face to the baby: "…Why did you give me a son, but took away my daughter…"

A charred black thing on the ground suddenly squirmed and made a continuous sound: "…it's not God's fault…it's…it's the young lady herself…"

People with sharp eyes have already seen that the non-human-shaped object is Li Wenpo. At this moment, she is trying to stretch out a hand, grabbing the hem of Weng Yongkang's robe in the pit, and continues to say how Weng Hongying is. Jealousy that this half-brother will be separated

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