The Bad Guy Must Die, The Doctor Twins Bite

"Congratulations, the B-ultrasound test showed that they are twins," the nurse said with a smile while looking at the test report. "Is this your first check-up in three months?"

"Well, it's the first time. Thank you, nurse. It's so nice. Haha, wife, come on, give me a kiss." Hao hugged Qian tightly and pressed his lips deeply on her face.

"No, it's outside." Qian's face was filled with happiness and she gently pushed Hao. "Haha, then I'll reward you when I go home, hehe."

After excitedly reporting the happy event to his relatives and friends, and making the phone call, Hao gently hugged Qian and said softly: "I want to give them the best, go to the most expensive school, have the best teachers, and learn various musical instruments." , Haha, they must be geniuses." "You have learned so much, aren't you tired?" Qianjiao said angrily. "How could it be possible? Husband, I don't want them to lose at the starting line, haha."

Four months later, in the B-ultrasound room, Xiaoqian asked curiously: "Husband, do you want it to be a boy or a girl?" "Anyway, boys must be as handsome as me, and girls must be as beautiful as you," Hao Ye replied happily. . "It's not good to look like you, bad guy." Qian smiled mischievously and poked Hao on the head with her delicate jade finger.

The doctor's untimely voice rang out: "Sorry to excuse you, I have news for you." "Uh, nurse, are there any bad signs?" Looking at the doctor's stern expression, Hao couldn't help feeling panicked. "Well, it doesn't really matter. It's just that one of the twins died naturally. It's natural selection. Babies in the embryonic stage are the most likely to die. You don't have to worry about it. The probability of this happening is very high. The other fetus is everything. It's normal. I'll be born in another three months." Hao looked at Qian who was a little dull and couldn't help but said softly, "It's okay, there is another one, cheer up for him." Looking at the concern Hao, Qian couldn't help but feel warm in her heart: "Yeah." Hao supported Qian and slowly left the hospital. Watching their departing figures, the doctor took out the B-ultrasound chart and looked at it again. He scratched his head and muttered, "Strange, how come the dead baby's head has a bumpy gear shape?"

In the delivery room three months later. "Ah, it hurts." Xiaoqian was sweating profusely and cried out in pain. "It will pass after a while, be strong." The nurse held Qian's hand and comforted her. "It hurts" Xiaoqian seemed to have no strength to say one more word. "Push hard, it's about to come out." The doctor said calmly, "Keep pushing." "Doctor, the mother has excessive bleeding and is complicated by twin-twin transfusion syndrome. The dead paper-like fetus is forced to become hyperemic, and the living baby has less blood supply." The bad guy who passed the monitor must kill the doctor , the nurse shouted hurriedly. "There is no other way. We can only perform a caesarean section. Get ready." The doctor wiped the sweat from his forehead and said.

"Well, it's finally out." The doctor gently lifted the baby out and handed it to the nurse. Then he took out the blood-washed paper tire, placed it on a plate and observed it carefully. The B-ultrasound showed the horrifying unevenness of the head and the mutilated brain. The nurse gently patted the baby's back with her palms, and looked tenderly at the baby in her arms, whose entire body was tight as if it was dried due to premature birth and reduced blood. The two closed eyes were especially like light bulbs. They were so big that one could even see the black pupils through the thin eyelids. Suddenly, the baby's pupils turned up, revealing the entire whites of the eyes, and the eyelids slowly opened. "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" In an instant, the baby's cry echoed throughout the room. The doctor looked at the baby's open mouth and then at the head of the paper-like fetus. He couldn't help but feel cold and murmured: "Competition?"

5 years later. . . . . .

"Xiaolong, come over for dinner." "Oh, I understand, mom." Xiaolong, Qian's child, was playing leisurely in the sand when he heard his mother's call and hurried back. "Wow, there is braised pork, it's really good." "Hahaha, if you like it, eat more." "Well, mom's cooking is the best." With that said, Xiaolong hurriedly picked up a piece of meat and put it in his mouth. The villain must die, the doctor , chewed something and said softly, "I'm not as good as my sister, Gaga, you damn girl. She's obviously dead, but you still compete with me for nourishment, causing me to be born so early." After saying that, he rolled his black eyes. , revealing the whites of his eyes.

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