Green Bag Shroud Part 3: Remnant Eyes

Hearing the words, the chief took the opportunity to take over the conversation and asked: "Master Chu, is this the news you are waiting for? Who wants to come back?"

Master Chu smiled faintly: "Maoshan Greenfly."

The chief was puzzled: "What is that?"

"'Maoshan greenfly' is a kind of tracking fly specially bred in Maoshan technique. It is green all over and can find the target through the faint smell. It is comparable to the sense of smell of the 'pig's strong'," Wei Daochang explained, "Chu Master was very resourceful, he had already prepared a backhand the night before, and Ming Pindao managed to find a hair on the body of Master Qu. As expected, Qu Qu and Ye Lao left us in the middle of the night and went into the valley alone. After the snow stopped in the evening, Pindao released the 'Maoshan Greenfly' to follow that hair, and it will return by dawn at the latest."

After hearing this, the chief praised him greatly. Master Chu really expected the enemy to win thousands of miles first.

"It was Zhu Hansheng who was right in front of him, but he couldn't convince him to transplant his testicles." He said with a sigh.

"Don't worry, chief. We will make plans after we enter the Blue Moon Valley. As long as we can find out Zhu Hansheng's weakness, we will be able to coerce him." Master Chu comforted him.

"That's right, the weak point is Lan'er. As long as he catches his wife, Zhu Hansheng has to be obedient." The chief nodded, feeling relieved.

"Master Wei, there is no news of the male fly after so long. You release the female fly to look for it." Master Chu frowned, logically he should have returned long ago.

"Yes." Daoist Wei took out a small wooden box from his bosom, and opened the box lid. Inside lay a faint green fly, the size of a cricket, but he stretched his waist, raised his head, and stared at a pair of compound eyes. Looking at the Taoist priest.

"Go, look for your husband." Daoist Wei said softly with his mouth close.

Hearing this, the female fly shook her wings and soared into the air, "buzzing" towards Meili Snow Mountain.

Taoist Master Xufeng and Zen Master Gukong looked at each other, and shook his head with a wry smile. Although he had the title of "Five Elements Tracker" in the Jianghu, he still couldn't keep up with a mung bean fly.

After entering the tent, everyone boiled water and drank some hot tea, chatting and waiting for the return of "Maoshan greenfly".

"Are these two kids really that powerful?" Master Chu asked suspiciously.

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The chief narrated the origins of Guiying and Mo Mo, and was full of emotion: "That girl is a head descendant, not only spit out poisonous phlegm like his father Yang Gong, but also has a pet blood flea that is very powerful. Hiding in her mouth is hard to guard against. The ghost baby is named Shen Caihua, who is the adopted son of Zhu Hansheng. Go. This kid seems to be suffering from paranoia, and he likes to cut up other people's lower body, and I am not the only one who suffered from this murder."

"Hee hee hee" Xue Daochan was overjoyed when he heard the words, and said with a smile, "What a fun kid, I like it."

The chief's face was displeased, but he didn't like to get angry.

It was dawn, and there was a slight "buzzing" sound in the distance. The Taoist chief said happily, "It's the greenfly that has returned."

Everyone greeted them out of the tent, the sky had cleared, and a small black spot flew closer and closer in the morning light. Daoist Wei stretched out his palm, and saw the female fly holding the dead body of the male fly and landed in the palm.

Master Chu was taken aback, and looked anxiously, the corpse of the male fly had already been frozen hard, the green sac corpse garment continuation Guihu txt , upon closer inspection, there was a pinhole as thin as a cow's hair on the top of the corpse's head.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, it turned out that the male fly was stabbed to death.

"Big blood flea!" Mao Er exclaimed, the wound was exactly the same as the dead Gu eel.

"Maybe it's the 'blood curse needle' of the old Lama Tashi." Gukong analyzed.

Daoist Wei caressed the dead body of the male fly sadly. A Maoshan greenfly he raised was accidentally killed by the old nun, and it took several years to re-bred the pair.

"That hair is gone." Master Chu murmured.

In the main hall of Tabalin Temple, the ancestor's chest and hands were numb and itchy, which was caused by the poisonous mucus of the gu eel. Nika still had half a bottle of antidote for the ape wood and the little macaque, so all painted her.

By candlelight, Shen Caihua told Han Sheng a strange incident that happened on the way.

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In the snowy field in the early morning, Guiying held Momo's hand and trudged with difficulty, seeing the faint lights of Tabalin Temple beside the dark pine forest from afar.

At this moment, there was a very small "buzzing" sound in the air behind him. Shen Caihua turned his head and saw a faint green insect flying in the night sky reflected by the white snow.

"What's that?" Mo Mo asked in surprise.

"I don't know, in such a cold day, the flying insects should freeze to death." Shen Caihua said.

At this moment, a figure suddenly jumped out of the snow, leaped up to two feet high, and stretched out his hand to grab it, but the green flying insect avoided it very deftly, and the man jumped into the air and landed on the ground, groaning. The upper body is very familiar.

"It's the naked old man just now." Shen Caihua recognized it.

"Lama Tashi of Muli Temple." Momo corrected.

"Quick! Stop it!" the old Lama Tashi shouted urgently towards them.

The two children looked at each other, not understanding why the old lama was interested in a small bug.

"It's a spy spying on the Blue Moon Valley!" The old lama was a little hoarse.

When Shen Caihua heard this, he paid attention to it, and stopped it anyway, so he opened his mouth and muttered: "Beasts, otters, macaques, badgers, and badgers…" This is the sixteenth of Zhu You's magical skill. The spell of "human face and animal heart" captures the hearts of animals through muttering witchcraft. It originated from the ventriloquist of ancient ancestors to communicate with beasts.

The sound of the witch spell penetrated the night and spread to the surrounding area. The green flying insect was startled and then slowed down, and began to circle around the top of Shen Caihua's head. Although this spell is not as good for insects as for mammals The effect is good, but it also forms a kind of prohibition.

"It turned out to be a disgusting mung bean fly." Mo Mo raised his head and snorted contemptuously.

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At this moment, the old Lama Tashi chased after him in a hurry, and he was very surprised to see the "Maoshan Greenfly" circled around the boy who was chanting the curse.

"Old Lama, do you think this fly is a spy?" Mo Mo asked.

"That's right, I've been in Northwest Yunnan for more than a hundred years, and I've never seen this kind of weird giant fly, especially in the cold winter, it's against common sense, so this thing must be the Gu insect brought by the group of peeping at the alien species in the Blue Moon Valley. "The old Lama Tashi replied.

Shen Caihua thought what the old monk said seemed reasonable, at least he had never seen such a big mung bean fly, like a grasshopper.

"Kill it." The old Lama Tashi ordered when he saw that the little boy could control the flies with a spell.

"Flies are the most disgusting insects." Mo Mo said contemptuously, then opened his mouth, and a red light shot out.

The Maoshan greenfly was horrified when it saw this, and broke through the prohibition of the witchcraft, flapped its wings and ran away, but it was too late, the big blood flea had already pierced its forehead with a needle from the front of its body, and then returned to Momo's mouth.

The male fly convulsed twice, and its body fell from mid-air onto the white snow.

The old Lama Tashi picked up the Maoshan greenfly and found a black hair tied around its waist, so he untied it lightly, sniffed it under his nose, and said, "This is human hair. The mung bean fly is indeed a spy. If you want to find the passage of Blue Moon Valley based on the smell of your hair, this group of aliens will do everything they can." After saying that, he left the dead body of the fly and fell into deep thought.

The strange witch spell in the little boy's mouth can restrain flying insects, which is simply unimaginable, but the girl is even more mysterious, a red Gu insect flies out of her mouth, which is more flexible than her "blood curse needle". I don't know what kind of earth-shattering masters are hidden in this Blue Moon Valley?

"Old Lama Tashi, what on earth do you do?" Shen Caihua was puzzled.

The old Lama Tashi came back to his senses and said solemnly: "I am the guardian."


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"Prevent all delusional people and aliens from entering the valley."

Shen Caihua and Mo Mo looked at each other, it had nothing to do with them to guard or not, so it was important to hurry after Han Sheng's father.

"You two little dolls are so capable at such a young age. Seeing that the valley is a place where dragons and tigers are hidden, the martial arts attainments of the high-ranking hermit must be much stronger than that of the old monk. Since the Zhang Zhung Kingdom for thousands of years, the Bon religion has been guarding This mysterious void, alas, now I know that even the little dolls in the valley are possessed of peerless and profound witchcraft, Tashi sighed to himself, my child, the light in front is the Tabalin Temple, you go by yourself, it is inconvenient for the old monk to show up .” The tone of the old Lama Tashi was full of desolation.

After listening to Shen Caihua's narration, Han Sheng was very surprised. It turns out that there have been guardians of the Bon religion outside the Blue Moon Valley since ancient times.

"Han Sheng, it is said that there is indeed a strange insect in Maoshan art called 'Maoshan Greenfly', which uses its scent to find its prey. It seems that Master Chu has left behind. This man really has deep plans." Jia Shi Ming sighed.

"What countermeasures does Daoist Jia have?" Han Sheng asked.

"Only after they leave completely, can we return to the valley." Jia Shiming mused.

"Alright." Han Sheng nodded.

At this moment, the ghost baby Shen Caihua and Mo Mo had already run to the corner of the main hall, hugging the golden-headed turtle, the big civet and the ghost bat intimately, and they were all very excited.

"Little master, I finally see you." Secretary Xing and Song Laoguai are both scumbags, descendants of Mr. Guo, and they naturally respect the heirs of Guo Pu's "Zhu You Shen Gong" as their masters.

"There's a green sack shroud sequel Guihu txt , and a helicopter is coming." Dudu, who was squatting on the beam of the house, suddenly opened his voice and shouted.

Sure enough, a huge roar came from far and near outside the Tabalin Temple, and everyone walked out of the hall and looked up into the air.

In the hazy morning light, the Black Hawk helicopter circled overhead and slowly landed on the open space outside the temple.

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Master Chu came in front of Han Sheng, and said calmly: "People in the Jianghu keep their word, we are going back to the capital, I heard that Mr. Zhu wants to go to the mainland to collect medicine to heal Miss Erya, would you like to take the plane along the way, Mr. Chu Sincerely send you a ride."

"Are you all going together?" Han Sheng asked.


Han Sheng nodded. Being able to take the plane can save a lot of time, but the most important thing is to monitor these people so that Jia Daochang and the others can enter the valley smoothly.

"Okay, I'll take your helicopter." Han Sheng agreed.

"I don't know where Mr. Zhu is going to collect medicine?" Master Chu asked further.

"Go to the capital." Han Sheng replied, he was going to ask the Hakka mother for history first, and then went to Xiangxi.

"Please." Master Chu said politely and left first.

Han Sheng turned around and discussed with Jia Shiming: "Master Jia, Youliang and I are going to gather medicine. You wait until the plane is far away before entering the Blue Moon Valley."

Jia Shiming told him to be more careful, the opponents were all insidious and cunning, so he had to guard against them.

"Father Han Sheng, Mo Mo and I are going too." Shen Caihua and Mo Mo said resolutely holding hands.

"Talent, don't mess around, Han Sheng's father is on business." Jia Shiming reprimanded him in a low voice.

"Let them go together," Han Sheng said, "Six years ago, Youliang was a child, and now he has grown into a young man, but Cai Cai and Momo have not changed at all. Today's China is developing rapidly, and they are also We can't just stay in the Blue Moon Valley in ignorance all our lives, we should let them see the outside world."

The huge rotors of the helicopter rolled up snowflakes and soared up, and the roar was deafening. Shen Caihua and Mo Mo sat beside Han Sheng and You Liang with Dudu, looking out curiously through the porthole.

Tabalin Monastery gradually receded, and finally disappeared in the misty mist.

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