Rainy Night Man And Demon(13)


Brother Tong asked: "Do you know what this is?"

Shao Bin shrugged: "It's not really a cover-up. At most, it's just a case of not reporting what you knew. There shouldn't be any punishment in the current criminal law for not reporting what you knew!"

Brother Tong nodded slightly: "Okay, we will seriously consider your conditions."

Shao Bin reminded: "Please consider it as soon as possible. If you wait until tomorrow night, even if I tell you who he is, I may not be able to save the third woman."

After leaving the living room, Zhang Peng asked Brother Tong how he was doing. Brother Tong shook his head and said, "He wants to negotiate terms with the police. If he is released from prison temporarily, he will tell us the identity of the murderer."

Zhang Peng cursed: "This bastard dared to negotiate terms with the police because he was too brave. I turned around and taught him a lesson, and he just said it."

Brother Tong shook his head and said: "Since he chose to negotiate terms with the police, it means that he is mentally prepared. Beating and scolding will not only have no effect, but will make him more resistant."

I asked: "What should I do?"

Brother Tong said: "Actually, Shao Bin must have done this out of helplessness. Obedience and filial piety come first. Even if he is a notorious prisoner, he is not bad in his heart. He has my mother in mind, and he has a conscience. However, what he said helped us find the direction. The murderer's modus operandi imitated that of Shao Bin, but was innovative and looked more like a successor."

I looked at him and listened to him continue: "Shao Bin has been sentenced to fifteen years. There will not be many people who come into contact with him. Apart from visitors, they are basically people inside the high wall, inmates, prison guards and some other jobs. personnel, since he can confirm the identity of the murderer, it shows that they have a close relationship."

Zhang Peng asked: "Do you suspect that the murderer may be a prison guard?"

Brother Tong sighed: "At this stage, we cannot let go of any suspects."

Next, we checked one by one the visitors who had visited Shao Bin in the past year. There were very few visitors, except Shao Bin’s mother. Shao Bin lived alone in the prison and had few inmate friends. As for the prison guards and Other staff members can basically be ruled out of suspicion.

It was as if I had just found a road, only to find it was a dead end after walking a few steps.

In the blink of an eye, the next day came, with a cold wind blowing against our face, heavy clouds, and a storm coming, but our investigation still made no progress. Brother Tong took advantage of Shao Bin's breakfast break to check his room. In addition to some snacks, Nothing was found, so we pinned our last hope on Shao Bin's mother.

After several inquiries, I finally found Shao Bin’s house. It turned out that after Shao Bin’s accident, Mrs. Shao moved out alone, and her relatives and friends also lost contact with her. After knowing that we were the police, she asked: “Did something happen to Shao Bin? "

Brother Tong shook his head and said, "Don't worry, Shao Bin will be rehabilitated in prison and strive to be released as soon as possible to reunite with you."

Mrs. Shao sighed and said, "I'm afraid I won't be able to wait any longer."

Judging from her condition, it was true that she had been suffering from illness for a long time and was already dying. Unfortunately, there was no one to take care of her in bed.

That morning, I came here to look for clues, but instead worked as a volunteer for Mrs. Shao for half a day, helping her clean the room and chatting with her. It was already noon when I left, and I couldn't help complaining: "This is so urgent. You'd better help me." Promote social civilization and chat with the lonely old lady here."

Brother Tong said nothing.

I asked again: "Since Shao Bin is so filial, why don't we tell her that Shao Bin made conditions for us, maybe she can help me find out the real murderer from Shao Bin?"

Brother Tong rejected my proposal: "The old lady's physical condition is so bad that she cannot bear any blow. If she knew that her son was negotiating terms with the police for her, her emotions would definitely fluctuate greatly. Not only would she not be able to save anyone, but It will cost her her life."


Twenty-four hours after the incident, there is still no progress in the case. Due to the egregious nature of the case, the branch director requested a deadline to solve the case. At this moment, the only thing we can do is to filter Liu Meiwei’s circle of friends and expand the screening scope to her WeChat, QQ and Social software such as Weibo has made little progress.

While browsing Liu Meiwei’s WeChat Moments, I said, “Have you ever thought about why the murderer treated Liu Meiwei like that?”

Dalong said without hesitation: "Because he is a pervert!"

Brother Tong and Chen Gang looked at me, and I pointed to Liu Meiwei’s selfie and said, “Have you noticed that her hands are beautiful, slender and fair.”

Dalong immediately looked at me strangely.

Brother Tong found it interesting: "Tell me about it."

I continued: "In addition to his hands, Liu Meiwei also has a great figure. Look at this picture, he has plump breasts and a clear career line, and this picture highlights his round buttocks and slender thighs!"

The disgust in Dalong's eyes became even stronger: "You are really not an ordinary pervert!"

I expressed my disdain: "What man would think after seeing this kind of photo, and Liu Meiwei was cut off exactly these parts, her hands, breasts, buttocks and thighs. This shows that the murderer is probably too obsessed with these parts of the victim. "

Brother Tong looked confused: "Excessive obsession?"

From his expression, I knew he was seriously behind the times.

Dalong added: "You are talking about the fascination with special parts of the human body, such as hand fetish, breast fetish, butt fetish, leg fetish and foot fetish."

I nodded, and Brother Tong asked: "Liu Meiwei's tongue is gone too. Isn't the murderer also obsessed with tongues?"

I replied: "It's very possible that there is also tongue fetish in this world. When it comes to tongue fetish, we have to talk about SM. The so-called tongue fetish is to clamp one's tongue between the heroine's feet and the soles, and accept the heroine's love. trampling, and getting sexual satisfaction from this trampling.”

Dalong stuck out his tongue: "It's so perverted to put your tongue between your feet and the soles of your shoes!"

I explained: "In addition to the reproductive organs, the tongue, hands, breasts, thighs and feet are all human erogenous zones. In the eyes of some people, these places can obtain greater sexual satisfaction than the reproductive organs, as I just said Tongue fetish is acceptable as long as it is not overly infatuated and does not reach the point where you are not happy only with the tongue, only the hands, or only the breasts. Of course, different people have different reactions to this special sexual fetish. We can’t just despise it, or maybe each of us has a potential similar hobby, but it’s just not discovered or stimulated.”

Chen Gang asked: "The ears are also people's erogenous areas. They should also have ear fetishes. Why didn't the murderer cut off Liu Meiwei's ears?"

I thought for a while and said, "Maybe this was intentional by the murderer. He knew that Liu Meiwei would be rescued and left a pair of ears for her so that she could hear the voices of her relatives and the police. The despair and fear would be worse than cutting off her ears." Be cruel!"

Brother Tong agreed, but he also raised his own question: "If it is reasonable to say that a person is obsessed with both tongue and hands, can he be obsessed with so many parts at the same time, such as tongue, hands, breasts, etc. Do you still have a fetish for legs?”

The three of us looked at each other, and Brother Tong said: "The fact that the murderer cut off so many body parts of the victim must be related to his obsession with deformities, and he himself is definitely not a deformity obsessed person."

Dalong asked: "Then why did you cut off Liu Meiwei's body part?"

"Perhaps he gave them to people who needed them," Tonge said.

Although this speculation has brought us new detection conjectures, we are still at a loss to investigate the murderer.

At this time, Liu Meiwei finally woke up.

Brother Tong and I went to the hospital to see her. Liu Meiwei's parents and husband Xu Jie were both there. Her arms and body were temporarily fixed, and the white quilt outlined the outline of her upper body.

Although she couldn't see it, she was already aware of her miserable situation. At this moment, she was probably worse off than dead!

When Liu Meiwei knew that we were the police, she opened her mouth and seemed to want to tell us the truth, why she was tortured, who the murderer was, etc., but she could not say a word, and all her words were replaced by "babble" Well, if it were me and the police were around, but I couldn't tell the truth, I would probably cry anxiously. But at this moment, Liu Meiwei's right was also deprived of her. Her eyes were burned out, and her eyeballs were… Her eyelids were gone and she could no longer cry.


On the afternoon of the fourth day after the Liu Meiwei incident, we received a call. Liu Meiwei suddenly fell into coma and was sent to the operating room again. After emergency rescue, she finally failed to hold on and tragically ended her 32-year-old life.

I suddenly thought of a sad word – death without a whole body.

At this time, the case was still unresolved.

What made us even more nervous was that it rained again that night. The branch issued an early warning through the general bureau. All police departments in the city were put on alert. The number of patrol officers tripled, and public places such as parks and squares became key inspection areas. Brother Tong had a premonition that the murderer would strike again, and this cold rainy night was his best chance.

It's just that in the vast city of Dongmin, with a population of hundreds of thousands, who will he choose as his prey?

Although we know that strengthening patrols will have little effect, we still have to do it, and Tong Ge’s guess finally came true. At 3:30 in the morning, Chen Gang, who was on duty in the duty room, received a call from the command center and found a half-dressed woman again at the door of Sequoia Apartments. .

When we arrived at the scene, the half-parted woman was taken to the hospital, and the "scene" had been washed away by the pouring rain.

In the same situation as Liu Meiwei, this time the victim Yan Liying was also burned with sulfuric acid and her eyes were blinded. Her two eye sockets were terrible, her tongue was cut, her hands were cut, and her lower body was missing.

After verification, it was found that Yan Liying's husband worked overtime at the company that night until the police found him. He was still sorting out reports. Many colleagues can testify. Yan Liying's colleague said that she left after her last class that afternoon. The time was 3:40 pm. According to the call record, the last person who spoke to Yan Liying was her colleague Xiao Liu. She was feeling unwell and wanted Yan Liying to teach her class tomorrow. Yan Liying agreed without any inappropriate tone. .

In terms of status, she is a senior teacher at Yihe Private Middle School. This is similar to Liu Meiwei, an administrator, and she is also a non-high-risk person.

After seeing Yan Liying's personal photos, we are even more certain that the murderer's target is definitely her slender hands, firm and proud breasts, perfectly curved hips, and graceful white legs.

When we next screen and investigate Yan Liying's interpersonal relationships, we can basically confirm that she is a calm and gentle person with outstanding teaching achievements.

Colleague A said: "Xiao Yan is very stable, his teaching methods are unique, and everyone has a good relationship."

Colleague B said: "Yan Liying and I work in the same office. Although she doesn't talk much, she leaves a good impression on everyone and her teaching results are very good."

Student A said: "Teacher Yan cares about us very much and will talk to us after every exam."

Student B said: "Teacher Yan is very kind. Even if we don't do well in the exam, he doesn't blame us. Everyone likes him very much."

Being named the city's best teacher for three consecutive years is enough to prove that what colleagues and students say is true.

And her family and friends also confirmed that Yan Liying in life is also perfect.

Yan Liying's husband Ma Bin said: "We have been married for five years and have never had a quarrel. She has done so much for me, my family, and this home."

Yan Liying's parents said: "Xiaoying has been obedient and filial since she was a child. She has never let us worry. She is more sensible than her peers. Why does God treat her like this…"

Yan Liying's best friend said: "Yingzi is not scheming , she is simple and dedicated. She likes reading and writing emotional essays the most."


The last person we asked was Zhao Yuchang, the principal of Yihe Private Middle School.

He was also very sad to hear about Yan Liying: "Yan Liying entered our middle school three years ago. Her overall quality is very high, and she is one of the outstanding ones. Facts have proved that Yan Liying's work performance is outstanding, and she has been evaluated for three consecutive years. For good teachers.”

After the inquiry, two parents of students came to inquire. Brother Tong asked the principal to stop and said that he would come to ask if he had any questions.

On the way back, Brother Tong said, "Did you notice that the principal seemed very nervous when he was being questioned by us, especially when it came to Yan Liying? He was stumbling and not at all like a principal."

I explained: "Most people will be nervous when they see someone wearing a police uniform. What's more, if something like this happens to a school teacher, he will definitely be even more nervous."

Brother Tong nodded and said: "This explanation makes sense, but when Zhao Yuchang spoke, he deliberately used 'Yan Liying' instead of 'Xiao Yan', as if he was deliberately keeping a distance, but I learned from other teachers that he was not interested in Yan Liying He is very respected, and he is always called 'Xiao Yan'."

I replied: "Maybe I thought that these words should be written in the transcript, so I used the full name instead of other titles."

Brother Tong smiled and said, "But when we left, the visiting student parents, Zhao Yuchang's eyes repeatedly glanced at the woman's buttocks, and there were hooks in his eyes. The woman was wearing hip-hugging pants."

I asked back: "Do you suspect that Zhao Yuchang is a butt fetishist?"

Brother Tong said: "It's possible. After you reminded me that day, I checked the information. Generally speaking, people with butt fetishes will have sexual impulses when they meet someone wearing tight pants or hip-covering pants. It's okay to rush up and touch them. The most common thought is that even if Zhao Yuchang deliberately concealed it, his body's instinct still betrayed him."

I asked: "Do you suspect that Zhao Yuchang is the murderer of Yan Liying?"

Brother Tong shook his head and said: "He should not be a murderer. Even if he is a butt fetishist, there is no need to kill his subordinates. But I feel that the relationship between him and Yan Liying is not as simple as a superior and a subordinate."

I was puzzled: "Lover or a simple physical relationship?"

Brother Tong said nothing.

I continued: "But there is no basis. Everyone thinks that Yan Liying is very decent. Even if Zhao Yuchang wants to do something, Yan Liying can unilaterally refuse."

Brother Tong lit a cigarette: "The murderer definitely did not randomly choose two non-high-risk persons. They must have had a secret intersection before. Perhaps that was the key to the murderer choosing them."


Brother Tong asked Chen Gang to secretly investigate Zhao Yuchang and found that this kind-hearted principal was not as kind and innocent as we saw.

Seven years ago, when Zhao Yuchang was still the vice principal of another private middle school, a female teacher who claimed to be his subordinate went to the police station to report the crime, saying that Zhao Yuchang often slapped and grabbed her buttocks, and once discovered that Zhao Yuchang secretly penetrated her He entered the teacher's dressing room and masturbated with her tight-fitting pants. There were still residual semen spots on them. At that time, the police from the police station approached Zhao Yuchang. Zhao Yuchang denied it and said that the teacher had framed her because of a personal grudge. Later, the female teacher suddenly said It was all a misunderstanding, and Zhao Yuchang used his personal connections to make the matter go away.

I snorted coldly: "It seems that this old guy is not simple."

Brother Tong said sincerely: "People should not be judged by their appearance, and sea water should not be measured. Do not judge people by their appearance."

Brother Tong guessed right. There was indeed something wrong with that Zhao Yuchang. Shortly after we left, he hurriedly drove away and went to an apartment.

Ten minutes later, Zhao Yuchang went downstairs with a cardboard box in his arms. He put the box in the trunk and drove away. I looked at Brother Tong: "It seems that there is indeed something!"

We always kept a safe distance from Zhao Yuchang until he drove the car out of the city and entered the winding mountain road. When he reached a remote section, he parked the car on the side of the road, got out of the car and opened the trunk.

Brother Tong suddenly shouted: "Oh no, he wants to throw away that box!"

I stepped on the accelerator and rushed directly behind Zhao Yuchang's car. Zhao Yuchang also realized that something was wrong, so he grabbed the box and ran towards the guardrail. I wanted to show off my 100-meter sprint speed in the police academy at this critical moment, but I didn't want to The first foot stumbled before he could take off, and he fell to the ground. However, Brother Tong jumped forward and knocked Zhao Yuchang down.

I immediately got up and grabbed the box.

The contents of this box were beyond everyone's expectation. When I opened it, I almost peed out of fear – two butts!

There's another card in the box – yours!

We immediately took Zhao Yuchang back to the branch. At first, Zhao Yuchang didn't say anything until we were sure that the two buttocks were Yan Liying's!

This is indeed a major discovery that advances the case!

When Brother Tong took the gruesome photos of Yan Liying's murder in front of Zhao Yuchang, he collapsed instantly: "Comrade police, I am not a murderer, I am indeed not a murderer…"

Brother Tong scolded: "Then why do you have Yan Liying's butt?"

Zhao Yuchang was obviously frightened. He explained: "I don't know either. I just liked it in the circle of friends, and then I received this thing that night."

Brother Tong looked confused: "What circle of friends?"

Then under our supervision, Zhao Yuchang opened another mobile phone, logged into WeChat, and entered a space photo album called "Hello Kitty". We saw two recent friend circles, one of which was – likers, everyone has share.

Below is a set of high-definition pictures, all of which are close-ups of parts of the body, such as tongues, breasts, hands, buttocks, thighs and feet.

The other one is – you have received all the gifts, I hope you like them.

Zhao Yuchang stuttered and said: "This Hello Kitty is Yan Liying!"

This surprised everyone. They really couldn’t imagine that Yan Liying, who was dignified and generous in everyone’s eyes, could actually take such crazy photos!


Wang Shouchen suddenly realized the seriousness of the situation.

He didn't expect that on a rainy night three days later, someone would post the same message as Lin Nina on Moments, and she also knew that woman – Hello Kitty!

For a while, he suddenly became tired of Lin Nina. He found a new target, this person was Hello Kitty, and her career made him full of fantasy.

The female teacher, holding a pointer, gently slapped his body, while he crawled at her feet with enjoyment, licking her feet and shoes.

But after a few times, he returned to Lin Nina's arms.

After Hello Kitty was posted on WeChat Moments, many people liked it and commented with words such as "I want to eat it", "It's so tempting", "I miss you" and so on.

Wang Shouchen didn't like it, but he knew that anyone who liked it would get a gift.

After a sleepless rainy night, he once again saw the news about half of women. He suddenly realized that the pair of human feet in the refrigerator in the study was no longer full of temptation, but had become a time bomb.

At this moment, the fear in his heart reached its peak. He wanted to get home and get rid of the pair of human feet immediately.

Wang Shouchen rushed home, but his wife and daughter were not at home. He hurried upstairs. After taking out the pair of human feet, he suddenly seemed to have thought of something and ran back again. There was another box in the study cabinet. The things in the box must also be Dispose of it.

As a result, as soon as he picked up the box, he heard screams coming from downstairs.

He stumbled out and his daughter didn't know what appeared. She opened the box on the table in the living room.

The daughter's screams continued: "Human feet, human feet…"

He ran down to comfort his daughter, but her daughter was obviously frightened and couldn't hear anything. He clamped her head with his hands: "Listen to daddy, listen to daddy…"

The daughter suddenly broke away and ran out, screaming.

Wang Shouchen was also confused. If his daughter leaked this information, even if he finally clarified that the matter had nothing to do with him, he would be labeled as a foot fetishist and pervert. In that way, his life, his company, his Everything, his world was completely destroyed.

No, he can't let his daughter run out!

He picked up the ashtray on the coffee table and aimed it at the back of his daughter's head. She fell to the ground, but continued to crawl out. He continued to hit her hard until she completely lost her movement.

At this time, the phone rang. It was my wife.

He calmed his breathing and pressed the answer button. His wife asked him on the other end of the phone if he wanted to go home for lunch. She also said that her daughter was not feeling well today and did not go to school. She wanted to buy two trout and cook a trout. Soup.

He said he had an entertainment event at noon and would not go back, then hung up the phone.

Looking at his daughter who had passed out, Wang Shouchen suddenly felt more desperate than ever before, but time waited for no one, his wife was coming back, and he had to make a decision immediately.

Save the daughter, expose the secret, kill the daughter, it's all over.

In the end, he chose the latter.

He felt that he was completely crazy. He put his daughter in the trunk and drove out of the villa area. At that moment, he suddenly felt that he had turned into a beast!


When Zhao Yuchang said that Hello Kitty was Yan Liying, I felt that a corner of a hidden world had been torn open.

Then, we found a large number of SM training supplies in the apartment where Zhao Yuchang hid Yan Liying's buttocks, including whips, cotton ropes, handcuffs, leg cuffs, blindfolds, whips, collars, etc., things that we couldn't even name. Everything you need.

In addition, the police also found a large number of self-portrait videos. In the videos, Yan Liying is wearing pantyhose or black leather clothes, wearing an eye mask, holding a whip, holding a dog leash in one hand, and the other end of the dog leash. The collar was placed around Zhao Yuchang's neck, and a whip was held in one hand, and he was beating Zhao Yuchang wildly, who was kneeling on the ground like a dog.

She was whipping and talking obscenely, which was in sharp contrast with her appearance on the podium. Zhao Yuchang enjoyed it extremely. After training, she gave him a reward, and the reward was her plump and sexy buttocks.

Under a large amount of evidence, Zhao Yuchang had to admit that he was obsessed with SM and was a loyal dog slave, and the person who trained her was Yan Liying, who was a role model. She was his mistress. As for why he chose Yan Liying, the main reason was that she The buttocks are so tempting, especially when wrapped in sexy stockings, he can't resist. He is a butt fetishist.

It was also because of this that he harassed other female teachers or subordinates more than once back then.

Although the facts are in front of me, I still can't believe how they lost their identities as teachers and principals and chased each other crazily for fun.

Brother Tong asked: "How did you know each other's hidden habits?"

Zhao Yuchang said: "It's on the website of Yu Hai Qing Shen."

Brother Tong asked: "What website is there?"

Zhao Yuchang explained: "To put it bluntly, it is a self-service escort website. The homepage of the website will have a lot of information about escort girls, of all ages and professions, and there are also many married wives, because I am obsessed with married women. So I was choosing a partner among the wives who provided services. As a result, I saw Yan Liying’s photo. Her name on the website was Hello Kitty. In addition to providing regular sexual services, she also provided various training services, so I contacted her. I met her at the apartment I rented."

Brother Tong asked: "Wasn't Yan Liying embarrassed when she found out that the guest was you?"

Zhao Yuchang nodded and said: "It was a bit embarrassing, but then we both got into the mood. I didn't expect her to be so coquettish and wild. Since then, I have often sought her services. During the day, we are superiors and subordinates, and at night, we are dogs." Slave and mistress, I am obsessed with her body and training, I dream of owning her fat ass!"

In Zhao Yuchang's confession, we can feel the faint excitement revealed in his words.

Subsequently, under Zhao Yuchang's demonstration, we successfully entered the escort website called "The Deepest Love in the Sea". However, the website is invitation-only and you must enter an invitation code to log in and browse. All user information is true and valid.

Then, we saw a lot of information about call girls and training girls. On the second page of the wives group, we found a photo of Liu Meiwei, who turned out to be a training girl on this website.

Her user name is Lin Nina.

Unlike Yan Liying, Liu Meiwei is a foot slave training teacher, and the users she has served have received five-star reviews, and many users have posted photos and videos.

I looked at Brother Tong, and apparently Brother Tong also thought that this was the hidden connection between Liu Meiwei and Yan Liying. The murderer was probably a user of this site. He had heard about finding and identifying prey here.


According to Zhao Yuchang, Yan Liying is not his only client, but her service is the most considerate and the best value. He provides the location and equipment every time.

In addition, he also followed Yan Liying's circle of friends, where Yan Liying posted her mood every day and occasionally posted some revealing "welfare photos."

That night, Zhao Yuchang opened the dead brother rune in WeChat Moments as usual. When he saw the Moments posted by Yan Liying that said "Everyone who likes has a share", he immediately liked it. He didn't expect that an hour later, the doorbell of his house rang. There was a cardboard box in front of the door with "Your Share" written on it. When he opened it, he found that it was a two-part butt. He recognized the butt with a sign on it. The rose tattoo was a secret that only Yan Liying's husband or best friend knew. The next morning, he saw the news in the morning newspaper.

Brother Tong asked: "Why didn't you call the police in time?"

Zhao Yuchang explained; "I also thought about calling the police, but I thought that if I called the police, I would have to tell everything. I still hesitated. I have a family and an identity. Once the matter was exposed, I would be completely destroyed."

This can also explain why he was so nervous when he was questioned by us yesterday. He had planned to get rid of the butt quietly, but he didn't expect us to find him so quickly. In desperation, he thought of throwing away the butt, but we Catch him right.

In this case, those two friend circles were probably sent by the murderer. After receiving likes from followers, he sent the parts they were interested in one by one, and he guessed those who received body tissues. They would call the police, but they would not make any noise. Instead, they would keep silent to each other and hide this secret.

As the truth gradually becomes clear, the crisis has not really been resolved.

We inquired through the Internet Supervision Team and found that the website's server is located overseas. It is very difficult to contact or ban it. Without obtaining user information, we cannot delineate the scope of the murderer. All we can do is contact the call girls and trainers on the website one by one. However, the crisis ensued. According to the weather forecast, there will be moderate to heavy rain tomorrow afternoon to evening. At that moment, I was suddenly full of fear of rainy nights.

According to the murderer's habits, he is likely to continue committing crimes. Although we know his hunting rules, because the target range is too large, it is impossible to contact every potential victim one by one.

It feels like a fly trapped in a glass bottle, clearly seeing the light, but unable to break through the shackles of this layer of transparency.

Now, all we can do is to try our best to find every liker. What surprised us is that during the subsequent identity verification, most of the likers were high-end people, company managers, attending physicians, bank managers, and even public officials. The personnel, after our questioning, admitted their hidden identities, dog slaves, horse slaves, and foot slaves. They were trampled, kneeled down, slapped, ridden, and verbally humiliated under the guidance of the mistress and queen. They found the truth from it. of myself.

What shocked me the most was that one of the people who liked it was someone we knew – Wang Shouchen, the vice president of a real estate company. However, he denied that he had received Liu Meiwei's body parts. What surprised us was that their daughter was in Disappeared three days ago.


Although the case has made breakthrough progress, the murderer is still hiding in the night, waiting for opportunities.

No one knows when it will rain tomorrow, no one knows which beautiful woman the murderer will choose to attack, and no one knows what kind of tragedy will happen on the rainy night tomorrow.

Just when we could only sit and wait for death, the Criminal Police Brigade suddenly received a call from the No. 4 Prison in Dongmin City. The caller was Zhang Peng, the acting squad leader.

He said: "The murderer Shao Bin, who is serving his sentence in the Fourth Prison, said he knew the murderer of the two mutilation cases!"

This is tantamount to giving us a light in the darkness.

But confusion ensued. How could a felon within the high wall know who the murderer of two mutilation cases was?

No matter what, we have to meet this Shao Bin whom we have never met before.

Zhang Peng and Tong Ge were classmates at the police academy. According to his introduction, last night, he organized prisoners to watch TV programs. When he saw the news about Liu Meiwei and Yan Liying, Shao Bin suddenly raised his hand and said: "Report, I know the murderer." who is it."

This caused a sensation among the prisoners. How could he know who the murderer was?

When Zhang Peng asked, he said: "I will only talk to the police in charge of this case."

For safety reasons, Zhang Peng still reported it to his superiors, and then contacted us who filed the case to investigate the case. Regardless of whether what Shao Bin said was true or not, we had to give it a try.

Before meeting with Shao Bin, we obtained his detailed information——

Shao Bin, male, born on March 17, 1969, was imprisoned in 2004 for intentional injury. Investigation revealed that in the three years from 2002 to 2004, Shao Bin attacked and mutilated many women, poured sulfuric acid into their eyes and ears, and suffered burns. Breasts, genitals, buttocks and thighs, etc., causing the other party to be highly disabled. Due to his continuous crime and brutal methods, he was eventually sentenced to fifteen years in prison.

We met Shao Bin in the interview room. It was hard to imagine that such a slim, fair, and gentle man could be the murderer of multiple women in a row.

It's not that I was complimenting the prisoner, but the moment I sat down, I felt an intimidating aura coming from Shao Bin. He smiled, which made me look a little flustered and confused.

Brother Tong asked straight to the point: "You said you know who the murderer was who killed Liu Meiwei and Yan Liying?"

Shao Bin nodded slightly.

Brother Tong continued to ask: "As far as I know, you can watch TV every night. If you know who the murderer is, you should contact us as soon as the news about Liu Meiwei or Yan Liying is broadcast."

Shao Bin explained: "When Liu Meiwei was killed, I was not sure that the murderer was him. It was not until Yan Liying also had an accident that I was completely sure. The reason why I chose to inform you today is because I saw the weather forecast, which said there would be moderate to heavy rain tomorrow. He will definitely commit another crime, so if I inform you at this time, you will be more likely to agree to my conditions."

I glanced at Brother Tong, and then at Shao Bin, who was calm and composed. Does this guy know that he is a prisoner? How can any prisoner negotiate terms with the police?

Brother Tong returned the smile: "Tell me about your conditions."

Shao Bin said: "Two months ago, I called home and learned that my mother was diagnosed with advanced bone cancer and no one was taking care of her. I wanted to be by her side in her last days and do my best for many years. It is my unfulfilled filial duty, but I know that I am a serious criminal and it is impossible to get out, so I put forward this condition, let me out, and I will reveal the identity of the murderer!"

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