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Chapter One

The night was dark that day, and even her favorite bugs had no sound. She was cursed and could not move her body. She was helpless, her eyes were full of pleading, but it was too late. A demonic figure The figure rushed towards her…

On Lincui Road, Wei Yuyan hurried to school. She seemed to feel that something was following her along the way. She heard a legend from her friends: There are two sun fires on a person's shoulders. As long as she doesn't look back, the sun fire will not go out and ghosts will not be able to approach her. She speeds up. Footsteps, turning at the end of the T-junction of Lincui Road, I seemed to see the shadow under my feet with my peripheral vision. It seemed that it was not my own, but that of a person. There was something like a pair of pliers in my hand… and five more She arrived home in just a few minutes, and she was immediately safe. Then, she rushed towards her residence at a flying pace.

When she got home, she slammed the door tightly. Suddenly, her teeth suffered inexplicable pain.

The next morning, Wei Yuyan was about to go to the school infirmary to have her teeth checked when she was suddenly startled by the screams of her colleagues.

This screaming sound is enough to break the eardrums of others.

"Look at this news. This is the ** Evening News I just bought. A young female student was raped and killed. The death was horrific. The body was cut into eight pieces, and even the teeth in her mouth were opened. According to police investigation, it is Chu Xiaoting, a student of XX Medical College, and there are also photos of her during her lifetime. Isn’t this medical school on Lincui Road not far from our school?”

Wei Yuyan and several other teachers came together and rushed to the newspaper. Wei Yuyan saw the picture of a very pretty girl with two faint dimples on her mouth. When she wrote about the case in the newspaper The discovery site was Lin Cui Road. Recalling her experience yesterday, she couldn't help but feel chills… She wanted to move to the classroom dormitory to live with her colleagues, but the school's teachers' dormitory was too tight.

The next morning, Wei Yuyan had just finished teaching when she suddenly felt sore that was unbearable. She picked up her bag and walked to Lincui Road, because that street was very prosperous and there must be a dental clinic.

She covered her cheeks with her hands and soon arrived at Lin Cui Road. She saw a T-junction with the name Jialejie Dental Clinic written on it. She was very excited and rushed forward quickly.

"Is anyone there? I'm going to the dentist." The pain seems to be worse now than before.

Yuyan knocked on the door for a long time, but it seemed that no one was there. When she was about to decide to leave, suddenly a man in his thirties opened the door and said, "Do you want to see a dentist?" This man was tall and handsome. He has a handsome and extraordinary temperament. When Yu Yan saw him for the first time, she had an indescribable feeling.

"Do you want to see a dentist? Come in with me."

After Yu Yan walked in, she found that the temperature in this clinic was indeed much lower than outside, and it seemed that the sun couldn't get in.

"My tooth hurts. It feels like something is growing on my gum."

"Well, I'm a dentist in this clinic. My name is Bai Chen. You do it on my workbench and I'll show it to you."

Bai Chen put something like pliers into her mouth, "It seems like a new tooth has grown out. I'll just pull it out for you."

This plier-like thing exudes a cool gas. During the tooth extraction process, in addition to the hissing sound made by the instrument, Wei Yuyan seemed to vaguely hear someone speaking to her vaguely in the back room, but she could not hear clearly what the other person was saying.

The strange voice stopped as the instrument was taken out of her mouth. Wei Yuyan saw a very sharp black tooth pulled out, "Oh my God! How could she grow so big in just a few days?" A tooth that looks like a devil, it doesn’t seem to be my own tooth.”

Wei Yuyan was suddenly shrouded in fear. She seemed to be not so simple about this clinic, and she avoided Bai Chen's gaze. I want to leave this hellish place quickly.

Chapter two

Wei Yuyan ran back to her residence in one breath. She was sure that she rushed home in a 100-meter sprint. After arriving home, she realized that her palms were sweaty. Suddenly Wei Yuyan found that her mobile phone was missing. It was broken. She must have forgotten it in the clinic. Hey, there's nothing I can do about it. Fortunately, I have to go pick it up tomorrow, Saturday.

On Saturday, Yuyan chose noon because the sun was at its strongest at this time, and she planned to take her phone and leave. The further away from that Lin Cui Road, the better.

"Dong dong, is there anyone there? I'm here to get something."

"Do you have a problem with me?" Bai Chen stuck his head out.

"I came to have my teeth extracted yesterday, and I seem to have forgotten my cell phone," Wei Yuyan said anxiously.

"I kept it in my back room for you. Come with me to get it." Bai Chen motioned for her to come in.

Wei Yuyan entered the clinic again. She suddenly felt something strange. It was obviously a sunny day at noon, but why was the room so cold and cold? The entire clinic seemed to be blocked by sunlight. There was no shadow on any furniture, including her. There is no shadow under my feet…

She didn't dare to go in with Dr. Bai Chen to get her mobile phone, so she stood at the door and waited. Just when Wei Yuyan took her mobile phone and was about to leave, a thunderstorm started falling outside, and she was stopped in the clinic by the sudden heavy rain…

"Why don't we just chat outside in the living room? The rain will naturally stop when it should stop…" Bai Chen sent out a touching invitation.

She had no choice but to be stopped in the clinic by the heavy rain. She spent the entire afternoon talking with Dr. Bai Chen until the damn rain stopped.

It seemed to be getting dark very quickly. Bai Chen sent Wei Yuyan to Lincui intersection. Just as she was about to say goodbye, Yuyan suddenly felt another cool breeze blowing from her back, as if it had penetrated into her eyes.

"Ah" Wei Yuyan screamed.

"What's wrong with you?" Bai Chen asked.

"A gust of cold wind just blew my contact lens off. This thin piece is hard to find. I hurriedly went to get my eyes fitted." Wei Yuyan was a little anxious.

Bai Chen also felt the cold wind just now, and seemed to realize something…

Suddenly Bai Chen's cell phone rang. "Doctor Bai! My fat girl has a toothache again. Are you in the clinic? Check her out."

"I have an appointment with someone outside. Come to me tomorrow and I will help you take a look." Bai Chen wanted to refuse the call.

"Toothache is not a disease. It hurts to death. Can you help my fat girl take a look?"

"You'd better go back first. I'll find a place to get glasses on this road! I'm leaving." Wei Yuyan said goodbye to Bai Chen.

"I'll give you the umbrella, please be careful!" Bai Chen warned.

Wei Yuyan was looking for an optical shop on Lincui Road. She was chilled by the sudden cool wind. She wrapped her scarf around her head and walked quickly. The entire Lincui Road was now deserted. In addition, Wei Yuyan had lost her contact lens. One, everything she saw was blurry, even the shadow under her feet…

Wei Yuyan could barely see the lights on in an optical shop. The optical shop was a one-story building that looked dilapidated and the lights inside were very weak. She walked forward. Knocked on the door.

"Is there anyone? I need glasses," Wei Yuyan asked anxiously.

A burst of black mist blew past her… The door slowly opened by itself.

Yu Yan was frightened and took a few steps back. Suddenly, a pretty girl walked out of the door with two dimples on her face. "Miss, do you want glasses? Come in with me."

Seeing such a beautiful girl, Yu Yan felt very friendly and followed her in.

"Miss, you and I will go to the second floor to choose the model of contact lenses, and then go to the first floor for an optometry test." The sweet voice of the glasses lady reassured Wei Yuyan.

When they arrived at the elevator door, the reflection of the elevator door reflected the strange smile of this young lady… Suddenly the young lady winked and leaned against Wei Yuyan's ear as if she wanted to tell her some secret.

Yu Yan suddenly thought, when she came in she saw that this was a one-story building, how could it have a second floor? She stared again at the young lady's face. Yu Yan only had glasses and contact lenses, so she couldn't see clearly. She tried hard to shrink her pupils, "Ah, my God!" Yu Yan was shocked. This tall and beautiful lady with two dimples was not the one who was raped in the Beijing Evening News. The girl he killed? Could it be that the girl in front of me is her ghost?

Thinking of this, Wei Yuyan pushed the young lady away and ran away like crazy. Suddenly she was caught by a withered hand. Yuyan yelled and came back to take a closer look. Oh my gosh! It's that sweet-looking girl, but she no longer has a sweet face. Gradually, her skin is turning into a mummy, and the dimples on her face are gradually disappearing. Gradually, she is turning into minced meat, with big dripping holes. There was blood… and a few words faintly came out of his mouth: Danger!

She threw the umbrella at the female ghost as hard as she could. The female ghost screamed and took a few steps back. Then she ran towards the door with all her strength and was about to go out. At this moment, the female ghost pounced on her again. , a gust of wind blew by, the door that had just been pushed closed automatically, and the female ghost was approaching step by step.

"Ah! Help!" Wei Yuyan screamed desperately.

third chapter

At this moment, the door was suddenly kicked open by a man. He threw a piece of talisman paper at the female ghost, and saw the female ghost scream as the talisman paper burned. The man took out a knife, pricked his palm, and threw the bloody knife at the female ghost. The knife turned blood red and hit the female ghost like a ball of fire. I saw the female ghost's heart-rending scream, and finally turned into ashes.

Wei Yuyan was so frightened that she was shaking all over. The man turned around while covering his injured hand. Yuyan saw that it was none other than Bai Chen.

"Bai Chen, is it you? I thought I was going to die," Wei Yuyan cried.

"Don't be afraid, I used a blood curse. This female ghost will not be reincarnated," Bai Chen comforted her.

"What's going on? How do you know how to exorcise demons?"

"I'll take you back first and tell you slowly."

Bai Chen sent Wei Yuyan to her residence. Yuyan brought gauze to bandage Bai Chen, "What's going on? Bai Chen, how can you get rid of demons?"

"Maybe I should have told you earlier. I am a dentist by profession, but the ability passed down to me by our ancestors is that each generation has a third eye, which is the yin and yang eye. It can see the soul that ordinary people cannot see. When you are the first When I went to the dentist once, I saw that you had a ghost tooth, and I knew that you were haunted by a ghost. I have been looking for a chance to tell you. Just now I felt like something was following you quietly, and I pushed that If you want to see a dentist, let him take painkillers first, so I came back to see you." Bai Chen told his life experience.

"Bai Chen, please stay with me tonight, I don't dare to sleep alone!" Wei Yuyan's voice began to tremble.

"Yu Yan promised me one thing, don't let others know that I can exorcise demons, otherwise the tree will attract the wind."

Yu Yan and Bai Chen hugged each other for a night that seemed very long.

Their love story began the day they met the evil ghost… In the past few months, Bai Chen often came to pick Wei Yuyan up from get off work, even though it was only ten minutes away from her residence.

Two months later, another piece of news appeared in the ** Evening News. The body of a young girl was found on Lin Cui Road. After investigation, it was Mo Linlin, a student of Yuying Middle School. The body was cut into pieces. The police did not find the murderer. This Wei Yuyan no longer dared to live alone, because this Mau Linlin was her student, and she was renting a house near the school before the accident happened. Ever since she broke her leg while climbing a mountain, and took a few days off, she could no longer She was nowhere to be seen… Under Bai Chen's persuasion, Wei Yuyan finally decided to move to Bai Chen's clinic, at least Bai Chen could protect her safety.

After moving to the clinic, Wei Yuyan only lived in Bai Chen's bedroom, which was only ten square meters. Ever since she moved in, there seemed to be someone always talking to her. The voice came from the closed door. She could hear it vaguely from the first time she came to the clinic for a dental appointment, but she did hear it again. Unclear. She was curious. The door next to Bai Chen's bedroom was still closed. It had been closed since she first came. Why?

The person outside the door remembered the sound of footsteps. Bai Chen was back, and there seemed to be a neighbor's voice behind him.

"Doctor Bai, please check my fat girl's teeth. This child keeps complaining that her tooth hurts at night!" A fat middle-aged woman walked in with a little girl of five or six years old in her arms. The little girl's chubby face was hidden in her mother's arms, and she started crying as soon as she saw Bai Chen. She just refused to cooperate with the treatment, and in the end, her mother forcibly pressed her down on Bai Chen's workbench for treatment.

"It's okay. It's just a little troublesome to see a child's teeth. Don't let her eat sweets when we get home," Bai Chen comforted.

"Thank you, Doctor Bai." This obese middle-aged woman carried Fat Ya home.

At night, while Wei Yuyan was lying on the bed, she suddenly felt that the whole clinic was mysterious. What was the secret in that closed room? What on earth was that vague voice trying to say to her? She tossed and turned on the bed…

The next day, while Bai Chen was out shopping, she quietly came to the closed door and listened carefully. Yes, it was coming from here. It seemed that someone was calling her vaguely, but she heard it again. Unclear…

She turned the doorknob with her hand and held her breath. She pushed open the closed door little by little. The door opened with a bang, but there was another door inside. There is actually a talisman posted on it. This talisman seems to be very special. It smells of blood and has some strange symbols on it, but Wei Yuyan doesn't know what the symbols on it mean?

She thought to herself: The more Bai Chen kept her away from the room, the more curious she became, and finally she tore off the talisman with her hands.

It was at that moment that Wei Yuyan finally heard the voice coming from inside: "Save me! Let me out." It was a man's voice.

Wei Yuyan was shocked. Could it be that someone was locked in by Bai Chen? No matter what, let’s open this door first.

She pushed open the heavy door, and a puff of black smoke came out from the crack in the door.

"Haha… I'm finally free, I'm out." This seemed to be a voice that had been suppressed for a long time. Seems like it came from hell.

Suddenly, a big hand pushed Wei Yuyan away hard, and she hit the wall, making her dizzy.

It was Bai Chen. He scolded Wei Yuyan loudly, "Who asked you to open this talisman?" The muscles on Bai Chen's face were twitching, and his eyes became extremely fierce. He took out a talisman and pointed it at the The black smoke was thrown away, and the black smoke that was about to come out of the room screamed, and was forced to shrink back by the talisman. Then Bai Chen closed his hands, and the two doors that were tightly closed in the room were tightly closed. On.

"This beast! He actually wants to run away! Don't even think about it!" Bai Chen's fierce eyes made Wei Yuyan feel scared.

Bai Chen helped Wei Yuyan to the sofa and began to tell her life experience and experiences…

Bai Chen has a twin brother, Bai Zhou, who used to live in the Northeast. They were brought up by their mother. Like them, her mother also has yin and yang eyes and can see people's souls. Later, Bai Chen was admitted to medical school and had a stable life. However, his younger brother was very unsatisfactory during the day and often committed evil deeds. When he was 25 years old, he took advantage of his yin and yang eyes to rape and murder a female student in the town. He was later arrested by the police and sentenced to death. My mother was so heartbroken that she died of cerebral hemorrhage. Bai Chen couldn't bear to see his brother leave like this, so he used the soul collecting method passed down from his mother's ancestors to bring back his brother Bai Zhou's soul. But after Bai Zhou became a ghost, his bad habits did not change. Bai Chen's female nurse was raped and killed by his brother Bai Zhou… Bai Chen was afraid that Bai Zhou would do evil, so he cursed him and locked him in that room. I don’t want Wei Yuyan to open that door…

After Wei Yuyan heard this story, she realized that she had gotten into big trouble. "I won't tell anyone, and I won't touch that door again."

"I'm going to attend a meeting tomorrow and will be back in two days. I'll be with you when I get back." Bai Chen comforted her.

The next morning, when Wei Yuyan sent Bai Chen out, she met the fat middle-aged woman from her neighbor holding the fat girl at the door. The fat girl cried loudly when she saw Bai Chen, while her mother was coaxing her. Say hello to Bai Chen.

Wei Yuyan returned to the clinic. During the school holidays these days, she was alone at home, and she couldn't help but feel uncomfortable when she thought of a locked soul in the room. She didn't want to stay in the room, and wanted to go out for a walk. When she was about to open the door, she suddenly heard Fat Ya She cried, "Fat Ya, Dr. Bai will be back in two days, and mom will take you to see your teeth again. Don't be afraid." This was the voice of Fat Ya's mother.

Chapter Four

"Mom, I'm not afraid of filling my teeth. I saw an aunt with a face covered in blood and a limp walking behind the uncle who was looking at my teeth. The aunt had no meat on her legs and arms."

Wei Yuyan was horrified when she heard that "the aunt with blood on her face and walking with a limp" could be the ghost of my student Mo Linlin who had an accident two days ago. She was injured while climbing a mountain. Wei Yuyan wanted to open the door to ask, but she found that the door to the room could not be opened as if it was under a spell. What should she do? Will Mo Linlin's evil spirit be targeting Bai Chen?

Wei Yuyan ran back to the house, picked up her cell phone and wanted to call Bai Chen to confirm his safety. Suddenly, a line of bloody words appeared on her cell phone, "Do as I say, otherwise you will die in this room."

Wei Yuyan threw her cell phone aside in fright. She picked up the landline phone again and called Bai Chen, but there was no sound at all. It was as if the small clinic had lost contact with the outside world for a moment…

She stood in the middle of the room, her brain stopped thinking, she didn't know what to do, she could only wait for Bai Chen to save him, suddenly, a voice from hell spoke to her, "Do as I say, otherwise you Will die in this room."

"Who are you?" Wei Yuyan asked in a trembling voice.

"If you want to live, do as I say." This sounds like the voice of a demon king.

"What do you want? Bai Chen will come to save me."

"If you want to survive, do as I say and use strong alcohol to draw a yin and yang in the center of the room…"

"I won't listen to you. You want to harm others again," Wei Yuyan retorted.

"Do as I say and draw a yin and yang in the center of the room with strong liquor or you will die now"

As soon as she finished speaking, Wei Yuyan suddenly felt her heart hurt like a knife, "Ah! What do you want?"

"Do as I say or you will die now…"

Wei Yuyan had no choice but to follow the demon's words, otherwise her chest would hurt to death. She tried to slow down the drawing of the yin and yang poles because she could only delay time and wait for Bai Chen to save her.

"Then you find a silver knife under the sofa and stand in the middle of the Yin and Yang poles…"

Wei Yuyan lifted the cushions of the sofa, and sure enough there was a silver knife. She stood in the center of the yin and yang pole she had drawn.

"Use your own blood to open the talisman on the door of this room…"

"You're trying to hurt someone again! I have to wait for Bai Chen to come back and he will save me." Wei Yuyan said timidly.

"No time! Hurry! Use your blood to open this talisman!" a devilish voice howled.

Sudden. This ghost seemed to have cast a spell on Wei Yuyan. Her chest began to hurt. If she didn't follow his words, she would die from the pain.

"Bai Chen! Come and save me!" Wei Yuyan screamed heartbreakingly, calling the Yin Yang Ghost Doctor intact . Vaguely, she seemed to hear Bai Chen's footsteps…

Finally, the pain was unbearable, and according to the day ghost's words, she used her own blood to open the talisman on the door. A silver knife pierced Wei Yuyan's palm, and the blood spattered on the talisman on the closed door. …

"Haha… I'm finally out." A stream of black smoke gradually turned into a human form and emerged from the closed door. Wei Yuyan could see clearly that this black smoke turned into human form after being stained with her own blood. The ghost took on a human form and looked the same as Bai Chen. Sure enough, as Bai Chen said, this ghost was his twin brother Bai Zhou.

Suddenly, the door of the room was kicked open by Bai Chen, who was seen holding a peach wood sword and rushing toward the ghost like a demon.

"You actually used Wei Yuyan's blood to break my talisman. Well, I'll make sure you're never reincarnated today!" After that, Bai Chen slashed at the ghost.

The ghost turned into a puff of black smoke to avoid Bai Chen's slashing, and then picked up the liquor Wei Yuyan had just used to draw the yin and yang and threw it at Bai Chen.

Bai Chen screamed "Ah" and took a few steps back. The peach wood sword was also beaten into several pieces by the strong alcohol. "You despicable villain, you actually broke my spell!" Bai Chen cursed.

"Today is the day you die!" After saying that, the ghost rushed towards Bai Chen… Bai Chen failed to dodge and was kicked by him injuring one of his legs. Immediately, the ghost showed no mercy to Bai Chen and scratched one of Bai Chen's arms.

"Bai Chen, be careful." Wei Yuyan looked at him worriedly.

Next, something happened that Wei Yuyan never dreamed of. Bai Chen suddenly rushed towards Wei Yuyan, snatched her silver knife, put it on Wei Yuyan's neck, and used her as a hostage, screaming at the ghost. To: "Don't come over! Otherwise I will kill this girl!"

chapter Five

Wei Yuyan was shocked. It was Bai Chen. Bai Chen, whom she loved so much, was using herself as a hostage. "Bai Chen, let me go, what are you going to do?"

The ghost who looked the same as Bai Chen shouted loudly, "Bai Zhou, you have already killed two girls, isn't that enough!"

At this time, Wei Yuyan was too frightened and was being treated as a hostage. Her whole body was shaking and her brain no longer had the ability to judge. What? Was it Bai Chen who killed those two girls? Isn’t it the locked day? So what is this ghost going to do?

At this time, the ghost who looked like Bai Chen spoke: "Wei Yuyan, I am Bai Chen! I am the owner of this room. The person who is holding you hostage now is my twin brother Bai Zhou. He gave me He put a curse on me, took over my body, and locked my soul in that room. He killed the two girls one after another. You were his third target to be killed. If I hadn’t used you to break this Curse, you might be killed by him now…"

"You're talking nonsense, I am the owner of this room," Bai Chen retorted.

"Do you really like the girl in front of you? Why are you using Wei Yuyan as a hostage now? You have already used my body to kill two girls. Bai Zhou, I will not let you go today."

"Haha…" Bai Chen's voice suddenly became very scary, "So what, come here, I will kill her." Bai Chen put a silver knife firmly on Wei Yuyan's neck, sharp The blade cut a bloody mark on Wei Yuyan's neck.

"Let me go, Bai Chen, why are you doing this?" Wei Yuyan struggled, and she chopped Bai Chen's feet hard with her feet. Bai Chen shrank back as she chopped him.

"Come here quickly and stand on the anode you just painted with spirits!" The ghost tried to pull Wei Yuyan to the anode. While Bai Chen was shrinking, he took another cup and threw it at his head. Bai Chen's head was chopped off and bleeding. Wei Yuyan also took the opportunity to run to the anode she had painted. It turns out that the purpose of drawing the yin and yang pole just now when she was forced by the ghost was to protect herself.

Standing on the anode, Wei Yuyan suddenly felt that she was enveloped by a halo, and it seemed that Bai Chen could not approach her.

Next, something unexpected happened that shocked everyone in the room. Suddenly a figure appeared from behind Bai Chen. Her face was covered in blood, her arms and legs were almost bones, and she limped toward the fake Bai Chen. Come, "Give me back my life, I will die with you…" Wei Yuyan saw this face clearly. This was her female student Mo Linlin who disappeared a few days ago. It turned out that Mo Linlin was also killed by someone else.

This ghost of Maureen Lin strangled Bai Chen tightly, making him unable to move. When Jia Baichen was about to suffocate, he suddenly turned into a black smoke and tried to leave this body and escape. (He himself was paying for his brother. ghost). The ghost of Maureen Lin also turned into a black smoke and wrapped around him like a python, "Don't even think about escaping! I will die with you!"

I saw the ghost who looked the same as Bai Chen picked up the silver knife, borrowed the blood that Wei Yuyan had just shed, the Yin Yang Ghost Doctor intact , recited a curse, and then the silver knife flew towards me like a ball of fire. The black smoke was like a python, and then the eardrum-piercing screams were heard. Two bright lights flashed. Suddenly, the ghosts of Bai Chen and Mo Linlin were all gone…

Wei Yuyan was so frightened by what she saw that she didn't dare to move. Zhen Baichen's soul came over and said, "Ms. Wei, did I scare you today? Don't believe other people's words in the future! Don't be fooled by illusions!" , the real Bai Chen turned into a puff of white smoke and got into the body…

When Wei Yuyan woke up, she was lying on the hospital bed. The nurse said that a man had brought her here and told her that she had to rest quietly for a month because of excessive blood loss.

This morning, Wei Yuyan's teeth suddenly hurt. She had no choice but to go to the dentist with her injured body. When she was lying on the workbench, she found that the doctor who saw her teeth was Bai Chen. He He walked over with a weird smile while holding the instrument, "I remember I told you, don't believe other people's words easily, don't be fooled by illusions."

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