Jiu County Official Trial Case

In the past , there was a rich man named Zhao Peipei in Zhaojia Village in the countryside of Dingzhou. One day, Zhao Peipi posted a notice asking for a teacher to teach his son how to read. The remuneration is to take care of food and housing, and a monthly salary of one tael. But you have to wait until the end of the year for one settlement. Moreover, the gentleman will be asked to test a word when checking out. If the gentleman does not recognize the word, it means that he has no real talent and has misled his disciples, and the money will be deducted.

It's been several days since the notice was posted and no one has applied. Everyone is afraid of being fooled. But there was a Wang Xiucai who was passing by the village and was not afraid of being fooled. He thought to himself that he had read a lot about the book ghost skinning incident . Should he still be afraid of a rich man taking the exam? So he went to Zhao Bopi's house and became a teacher.

At the end of the year, when Wang Xiucai approached Zhao Bopi to settle the bill, Zhao Bopi wrote a word for him to recognize. This character is the word "meat" under the character "knife". Wang Xiucai looked at it and said: "This word is not in the dictionary!" Zhao Peipi said: "Who tested you on the word in the dictionary? The word I tested you on was not even included in the Kangxi Dictionary." Wang Xiucai asked Zhao What does peeling mean? Zhao Peipi said it was the word "cut" used by the ancients. Wang Xiucai asked how it could be cut characters? Zhao Peipi said that if the knife is placed on the meat, if it is not cutting, what is it? Only then did Wang Xiucai realize that he had been deceived. He said that Zhao Peipi was deliberately playing tricks on him, so he insisted on asking for money. But Zhao Peipi changed his face and said that he had an appointment in advance, but refused to give it.

In anger, Wang Xiucai went to the county government office to sue Zhao Peipei.

The county magistrate is a good magistrate, but he has a problem, that is, he likes to drink. Once, when a prisoner was being tried, the prisoner refused to plead guilty. The county magistrate was annoyed and ordered the yamen officer: "Here, give me a spanking…" The yamen officer knew that it was a spanking, so he asked him how much. At this time, the county magistrate had not yet sobered up, so he stretched out two fingers and said: "Hit, hit, hit… hit two pounds!" As soon as the joke spread, he was called the "wine magistrate".

Coincidentally, when Wang Xiucai came to complain, the county magistrate was still drunk. He couldn't see clearly the words floating around on the paper, so he asked the master to read it to him. After hearing the complaint, the Jiu County magistrate immediately sent someone to call Zhao Peipi.

As soon as Zhao Peipi arrived, the Jiu County Magistrate opened his drunken eyes and said, "I heard that you passed all Wang Xiucai's exams. You are so good… you have such profound knowledge!"

When the rich man saw Wang Xiucai standing nearby, he felt furious. Just when he was thinking about how to deal with it, the Jiu County magistrate said: "I asked you to come, come… I also have a word I don't recognize here. Look, What, what, what, what, what word?" After saying that, he wrote a word crookedly. Zhao Peipi took the paper and saw that it was the word "fart" under the word "bamboo", so he said he didn't recognize it. The county magistrate Buyijiu's face sank when he heard this: "You are so knowledgeable and well-educated, but you don't recognize me? You clearly look down on me. Come on! Let's beat you first…" He just said Holding out two fingers, the government officials couldn't help but laugh. When the Jiu County Magistrate heard the laughter, he was stunned. After looking at the two stretched out fingers, he immediately stretched out another finger and said, "Why are you laughing? Give me a spanking, spank, spank, spank me thirty times." !”

No drinking this time? When the officials were happy, they pushed the rich man to the ground and took off his trousers. After beating him a few times, Zhao Peipei's fat buttocks turned purple. The pain made him call his mother and shout, "Master! I I really don’t recognize this word…" The Jiu County magistrate said: "Well, I, I, I, let me tell you, this character has not even been included in the "Kangxi Dictionary". It is a dadai used by the ancients. The word "beat" is "beat". You think, if you put the bamboo board on your buttocks and don't spank, then what are you going to do? How about it? After the spanking is over, you should…should plead guilty. Alright?"

"Master! Don't hit me, don't beat me…I plead guilty, plead guilty…" Then he told me how to "create characters" and how to rely on Wang Xiucai's money.

"Okay," County Magistrate Jiu said, "As long as you admit your guilt, I will exempt you from the rest of the crime. But, but, you won't be exempted from the beating but you will not be exempted from the punishment. In order to give you a long life Take notes, remember, I will punish you…"

As a result, in addition to paying off the money Wang Xiucai had missed, Zhao Paipi was fined another 10 taels of silver.

As soon as Zhao Paipi left, the Jiu County magistrate smiled and said: "This rich man thought that he was the only one who could make characters, but he didn't know that… my method of making characters was more ruthless than him… "A few drunken words made the government officials laugh…

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