Northeastern Trivia: Gossip On Campus

My good friend Baozi and I were expelled from the university. Just because I was expelled, I can tell you about some strange things in our school without any scruples.

It's strange to say that there are a lot of strange things happening in our school, such as the little red sitting on the lamp, the Eight Diagrams, the yindial, the running ghost, the supernatural statue, the singing man, etc. If I really told them all, I wouldn't be able to finish them in a month. Today I will tell you specifically about the Bagua chart in our school.

On the first day we reported to school, we were severely warned by the teacher and not allowed to sit on the flower bed in front of the cafeteria. And we were not allowed to pick the flowers inside.

The teacher’s words were baffling to us. It was so clear. How could we freshmen think about picking flowers? So we didn’t take it to heart.

The first days of school are the hardest. Because freshmen have to undergo military training, it is very painful for us. Every morning after training, we are as tired as dead dogs, but we still have to go to the cafeteria to eat. If we don't eat, we won't have the energy to participate in the afternoon training.

On this day, someone was to be sent to clean the venue for the evening activities. The instructor couldn't bear to see me so fat, so he sent me to follow those people to clean up. He also secretly said in my ear: "You have a good rest and let them do it." That’s it.”

While feeling grateful for the instructor's concern, I quickly caught up with the seniors. We came together to the small auditorium on the top floor of the school cafeteria and started cleaning. Although the instructor asked me to take a break, seeing the seniors working, I felt embarrassed to be idle, so I helped them sweep the floor and clean the windows. Anyway, these tasks are much easier than military training.

I was cleaning the windows upstairs and looked downstairs. Looking at the brothers and sisters at the same level standing in military posture and walking in the scorching sun, I couldn't help but feel happy. If it weren't for the instructor's care, then I would be suffering in a certain team now.

The story of the little red ghost_The story of the little red ghost_The story of the little red ghost_The story of the little red ghost_The story of the little red ghost_The story of the little red ghost_The story of the little red ghost_The story of the little red ghost_The story of the little red ghost_The story of the little red ghost Story Xiaohong

I started to scan these teams, trying to see where my square team was. But as I looked at it, I noticed something was wrong. Taking a closer look, it turned out that the problem was in the flower bed downstairs.

There is a large open space in front of the canteen, but for some reason, this open space was not built into a square, but instead a super large flower bed was built. We freshmen often complain about this flower bed. Every time we go to the cafeteria, we have to walk around in a big circle. If this flower bed is removed, then we can walk directly to the cafeteria, which will be much more convenient.

I used to pass by the flower bed, but the flower bed was too big and I didn’t notice anything. This time when I looked down from the top of the building, I was shocked to find that the flower bed was actually a Bagua pattern. The flowers and plants inside are arranged exactly in the shape of yin and yang fish. The stone benches outside the flower bed are arranged in the Bagua of Qiankangen Zhenkunlikunduitian.

I thought I had made a major discovery, so I shouted: "Senior! Come on, I found something good!"

"Are you looking at a pretty girl? You can't see clearly from such a height!" Several senior students ran over curiously and gathered around the window sill.

"Look! Does that flower bed look like a Bagua picture?" I said showing off.

"You idiot! That's just gossip! The whole school knows about it!" a senior said, patting me.

I scratched my head in embarrassment. I originally thought I had discovered something new, but it turned out that the old students had known about it for a long time, and we were the only freshmen who didn’t know why. Then I asked these seniors why there were gossip patterns in the school.

The story of the little red ghost_The story of the little red ghost_The story of the ghost in the army Xiaohong

"Are you not from this city? Then you must not know. Our school was newly developed a few years ago. It used to be a cemetery. After the school was built, it was always haunted. Please ask an expert to find out. Listen. It was said that there used to be a large square in front of the cafeteria. The masters said that the yin energy here was too strong, so they built a flower bed with a Bagua pattern to suppress those unclean things." A senior explained to me briefly.

"Is our school still haunted?" After all, I experienced this kind of supernatural event in high school, and now I'm a few years older, so I don't feel very scared, but very excited.

"Don't think blindly, Xiaohong . Our school is really haunted. Why do so many people die every year?" A senior student clearly saw what I was thinking and warned me.

"Ah, I'm just thinking about it. I don't dare to dig up the flower bed." I said quickly.

"It's not planing, but you can't touch a brick, you can't even sit down. Last year, there was a student who sat on the flower bed during the military training break. After that, he saw ghosts every day, and finally hanged himself in the dormitory." The senior was very serious. tell me.

When I returned to the dormitory in the evening, I told Baozi the rumors I heard today. After hearing this, Baozi was very excited. Not only did he not listen to my advice, but he felt that it was just the seniors who were lying to us.

When I got up to go to the bathroom at night, I found that there was no one on Baozi's bed. I hurried to the toilet, only to find that he wasn't there either. So I quickly woke up the other classmates in the dormitory. Everyone found out that Baozi was missing and went to look for him together.

This search alerted the aunt in the dormitory, who called the security room and asked the night guard to help search. Finally, we found Baozi by the flower bed in front of the cafeteria. This bastard was lying on the low concrete wall of the flower bed, soundly asleep.

The story of the ghost in the army Xiaohong_The story of the little red ghost_The story of the little red ghost

In response to our inquiry, Baozi said that he didn't know what was going on, but he just found that he was already here when he woke up. On the way back to the dormitory, I asked Baozi secretly: "Is your kid really the flower bed where you were possessed by evil spirits?"

"What do you think? Hehe." Baozi smiled and said to me with a mysterious face.

As expected, this kid went to the flower bed by himself. It must be that the second disease has recurred. I couldn't tell the truth, so I could only follow everyone back to the dormitory. After a false alarm, everyone fell asleep one after another.

I was drifting off to sleep when I heard a thumping sound. One after another, the sound was very low, not particularly loud, but in the silent summer night, it was heard so clearly.

So I rubbed my eyes and sat up. But I found that the other two students on the lower bunk in the dormitory had woken up before me. They were looking in the direction of Baozi's bed with horrified faces.

I followed their gazes and saw Baozi grabbing the iron railing of the bed and banging his head against the wall next to him again and again. The movement seemed slow and unremarkable, but even if it didn't hit the wall, it would be accompanied by a low "dong" sound.

"Baozi! What are you doing!" I shouted.

Baozi just looked back at me, smiled strangely, but did not speak, but turned his head and hit the wall again. At this time, I also panicked. This kid must have been possessed. Because when I was in the countryside, I often saw people who were possessed by evil spirits and couldn't control their words and deeds, just like Baozi now.

The story of the ghost in the army Xiaohong_The story of the little red ghost_The story of the little red ghost

I quickly pulled the amulet off my neck and jumped directly from my bed to Baozi's bed opposite me. Because we slept head-to-head, there was only a thin layer of mosquito net hanging in between.

I pressed the amulet directly on Baozi's chest. Immediately afterwards, Baozi trembled all over, foamed at the mouth and passed out. After Baozi passed out, I vaguely saw a stream of black air coming out of Baozi's head, and then drifting away through our open window to enjoy the cool air.

Looking down at the unconscious Baozi, I kept pinching him, and other students came over to help. After a while, the teacher and the doctor on duty from the school hospital came. After the doctor's examination, he said there was nothing serious. No problem, I was just frightened and fainted, just take a good rest and you'll be fine.

Early the next morning, I called my second aunt and told her about Baozi being possessed by an evil spirit. I also told my second aunt that the amulet she gave me was effective. I wanted to ask my second aunt what I should do to save Baozi. .

My second aunt asked me if I could still find the spot where Baozi was lying on the flower bed. I'm pretty sure I can find it. Then the second aunt told me: "Go there tonight, take apart the amulet I gave you, there is a charm inside, burn the charm into ashes, and then use the ashes to draw a Bagua on the place where Baozi lay. We can control that evil spirit."

After hanging up the phone, I felt that Baozi was saved, because I firmly believed in my second aunt. That night, all the freshmen went to the party in the cafeteria. Some of them didn't go and went back to their dormitories to rest. I sneaked past the patrolling security guards and came to the place where I found the treasure last time.

I opened the amulet that my second aunt gave me, and there was indeed a charm drawn on yellow paper inside. I took out my lighter and burned the yellow paper, gathered up the remaining paper ashes, and began to draw on the flower bed.

But as soon as I started, a hand suddenly stretched out from the soil in the flower bed and grabbed my wrist tightly, scaring me so much that I lost most of my soul.

The story of the little red ghost_The story of the little red ghost_The story of the little red ghost_The story of the little red ghost_The story of the little red ghost_The story of the little red ghost_The story of the little red ghost_The story of the little red ghost_The story of the little red ghost_The story of the little red ghost Story Xiaohong

And that hand just grabbed my wrist tightly and didn't pull. Looking at the rotten hand, I felt nauseated and nauseated. I mustered up the courage to twist up some paper ash with my other hand. I kept rubbing my thumb and index finger to let the paper ash powder fall on that hand. The rotten hand retracted as if it was electrocuted.

So I quickly drew the Bagua on the flower bed where Baozi lay, just as I finished dotting two small dots. Another rotten hand reached out from the flower bed and tried to grab me. Because I had been caught once before, I kept a vigilant eye on the flower bed, lest I be caught again.

So when I stretched out my hand this time, I stepped back directly. Although I lost my footing and fell, I dodged the attack from that hand. That hand didn't catch me, and slapped it on the low concrete altar of the flower bed, just on the Bagua I had just drawn.

A golden light suddenly appeared from the Bagua diagram, as if there was a suction force. The rotten hand wanted to withdraw and hide in the soil, but no matter how hard he struggled, he could not move away from the Bagua.

Slowly, black smoke emitted from that hand, and finally disappeared completely. At this time, I was stunned by the sight in front of me. I am also glad that I survived the disaster.

At this time, the security guards on night patrol discovered me and drove me away from the flower bed. On the way back to the dormitory, I reported the entire situation to my second aunt. The second aunt said that with the Bagua suppressed by my paintings, the ghost would no longer dare to look for treasures.

After hearing what my second aunt said, I felt relieved. It's just that neither I, nor Baozi, nor even the people in our dormitory dare to go to the flower bed anymore, or even get closer.

There has never been anything like being possessed by evil spirits or ghosts in our dormitory. But other dormitories are not so lucky. Because a few days later, we heard that a boy from the engineering department committed suicide by banging his head against the wall that night because he was sitting on a flower bed to rest.

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