My Eyes Saw Ghosts At Midnight Read Online

At midnight the next day, he woke up as a ghost and found his body mangled with blood. It’s late at night, and I’m still watching horror videos—that’s my hobby. The vampires on the TV screen are drinking human blood with relish. I felt someone pushing me, and when I woke up, I found it was Aarons. She still had a beautiful face and a beautiful voice, "Have you had a nightmare?" … Continue readingMy Eyes Saw Ghosts At Midnight Read Online

Finale, Chapter 19 Fatty Wakes Up

Fatty woke up for the first time four hours later. Xiaohua had made all the preparations. We were all anxiously waiting for any hints he could give us, but after he woke up, he only lasted ten minutes before falling asleep again. If something happens to the people below because of our hesitation, I will definitely regret it and kill myself. I thought that this damn fat guy would wake up in two hours at most, but what I didn't expect was that by the time the fat guy was fully awake, it was already the evening of the next day.

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Then I left here. After all, I am not a master-level figure. Let alone exorcism, I don’t even have the ability to see ghosts. How can I help her? Whether he is a liar or not. It’s good that I really need the money, and there’s no harm in accumulating more moral virtue anyway. But I don’t know why the other people in the elevator looked at me in surprise, with a little bit of fear on their expressions.

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Family Ghost Stories

The family discussed and discussed, and felt that there was really no other possibility except for illness. There is a saying that the same rice feeds all kinds of people, but those who don’t eat rice are more energetic than those who eat rice. The daughter-in-law seems to be no different from ordinary people except that she doesn’t think about food and drink. It’s still hidden very deeply, why didn’t I hear Shi Shaokong talk about it! After hearing this, the man opened his mouth wide, not knowing how to answer! A few short words raised this mediocre woman to the height of a philosopher. A passage in Qiwulun seems to serve as a footnote to this story: … Continue readingFamily Ghost Stories