Ghosts On July 15th

“When a person dies, he will become a ghost!” This is what grandma said when she was alive. For several years, I always wanted to see her again, to lie quietly in her arms and enjoy the cool breeze from the cattail fan in her hand, and to listen to her never-ending ghost stories again.

Later I heard an old man in the village say that as long as you use a shovel to shovel several pieces of turf on July 15th, sit at the intersection after dark, put one piece of turf on your head, one piece under your buttocks, and one piece of grass. If you spread it in front of yourself, you can see your dead relatives. I thought: “If it is true, then I can see my amiable and respectable grandma again?”

Finally, on July 15th, I shoveled the turf early, and waited helplessly for the sky to darken, so I hurriedly carried my mother who was busy burning paper money, and impatiently came to a crossroad behind the village. At the intersection, sit down according to the method the old man said, and wait for grandma’s arrival.

At first I didn’t feel scared at all, I just looked forward to seeing my long-lost grandmother soon. But after sitting for a long time, there was no movement at all. A gust of wind blew by, and there seemed to be rustling and rustling sounds everywhere. The cold wind poured into my collar, my back seemed to be stuck on a piece of ice, and the hairs all over my body stood up unconsciously. I looked up and saw that there were countless black shadows swaying on the misty hill opposite, some kept nodding at me, some were bending over me, some were waving to me frequently, and It seemed to come straight to me. I was so scared that my scalp went numb, and I could clearly hear my heartbeat. I suppressed the growing fear in my heart, and kept comforting myself: “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, the old grandmother is coming!”

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Here’s a kid who ran out before he even opened the gate of hell. Hurry up and catch him back to claim the reward!” As soon as a strange tone that made my hair stand on end fell, I was caught by a big hand In the air, a cold iron chain was quickly wrapped around his neck. I danced and struggled and shouted loudly: “I’m not a ghost, I’m a human, I just want to see my dead grandma, the ghost eyes of Hades who came here , you can’t take me away, my mother can’t find me going crazy!”

“Hey, hey, hey, hey!” The strange laugh of a night cat sounded again, and a gloomy voice said: “Go back? Where are you going back? Obediently follow us to Hades to be punished! You too Don’t look whose hands you’ve fallen into! Hey, hey, hey, hey!”


I literally turned my head and looked back, oh my god, there are two identical guys I’ve never seen before. Except for a small piece of hide around the waist, they have no other piece of cloth, the ribs on the chest protrude like dry wood sticks, and there are two eyes on the bare head. It has been deeply sunken into two round black holes, and green flames are emitting from time to time, and the two big earrings hanging from the ears are dripping bright red blood. A big iron fork was held in the hand where the bones could be seen. My head suddenly seemed to explode and I yelled: “You are not human! You are Yasha ghosts!”

“Hee, hee, hee, hee, I can’t see that you have some knowledge at such a young age. It’s true that we are Yakshas who specialize in night patrols and captures. You have violated the prohibition of the underworld—leaving the gate of hell without permission. We will hand you over to you!” Send it to Hades!”

I’m confused, since I didn’t die, how could I become a ghost for no apparent reason? At this moment, a yaksha yanked the iron chain around my neck, and I staggered and followed the two yakshas forward.

As I walked forward, there were gradually more people on the road. I couldn’t see their faces clearly, but I could only see black figures. They hurried forward with their heads down, as if they were in a hurry to attend some event. Yasha yanked the iron chain again and roared viciously: “What do you look at, they are all lonely ghosts. Every year, they come out to grab some paper money burned by kind people only tonight when the gate of ghosts is opened. Go, don’t delay us After a while, our two brothers might be able to grab some paper money after we have an errand!”


Amidst the rattling iron chains around my neck, two Yakshas shoved me into a large hall, where the wind was blowing against my face, and the ghostly eyes of Hades were billowing with melancholy clouds. I was shivering all over , and my teeth were not moving Knocking on the ground and making a “knocking” sound, the body naturally shrank into a ball and squatted on the ground involuntarily.

“Ouch! It hurts me to death! I will never do anything harmful in my next life!” A miserable cry startled me.

Looking sideways, I saw two little ghosts pushing a pair of stone mills vigorously. A man was stuffed in the eyes of the mill. His lower body had been ground into a meat paste. The bright red meat paste was dripping down the edge of the mill. Flowing, the man’s upper body was still getting in bit by bit, and he couldn’t stop crying out in pain.

The little ghost roared impatiently: “It’s useless to scream. Who told you to steal people’s money and kill people while you were alive? Do you think that you can escape the criminal law of the mortal world and you’re done? Hey, tell you, I want to torture you It’s ten times, you’re going to endure it!” After the kid finished speaking, he pushed hard together, and the man sucked in the grinding eye bit by bit, and I only heard a burst of “click, click, click” when the bones were crushed and shattered. sound.


“Let me go! In my next life, I will never dare to be a mistress again to destroy other people’s family happiness. Who would have known that I would have to suffer so much in the underworld! Please let me go, I really don’t dare again!” A The woman’s cheesy, hog-killing screams came over.

I looked around and saw a woman tied to a big tree fork, and two old ghosts who were too thin to see any flesh were pulling a big saw on her head. The blood flowed down the woman’s face, and after a while, the blood was mixed with white brains, like spilled milk and chocolate. The woman’s cry became smaller and smaller, and she was sawn in half in a short while, and her colorful intestines flowed all over the floor. I couldn’t help but tightly closed my eyes and vomited disgustingly.

“Where did the little devil come from? Look up!” With a loud shout, two rows of evil spirits holding wooden sticks stood beside me at some point.

I raised my head and saw a ghost with a bull’s head, a horse face, and a human body sitting behind the table in front of me. The two round signs on both sides of the hat on his head were shaking constantly: “Say, why do you do evil things at such a young age?” Come here for trial at the expense of your life?” Li Gui yelled at me from above and picked up the brick-like wooden block on the table and slapped it vigorously on the table. I was so frightened that my liver and gallbladder split and I stood up suddenly and said:


“I’m not a ghost, I’m a human being. I just sat at the crossroads according to what others said, wanting to meet my grandma who had been dead for many years. I didn’t expect to be caught here by the two of them in a daze!” I boldly pointed out. Pointing to the two yakshas who caught me, I said tremblingly.

Hearing what I said, the ghost stretched its head over the table and looked at me seriously. After a long time, it snorted through its nose: “Well, it’s really full of yang energy, quickly bring me the book of life and death, I got it wrong People are not joking!”

After a while, a ghost brought a large and thick account book to Li Gui’s desk. Li Gui ignored me and lowered my head to examine carefully.

“No, I really took the wrong person, isn’t your name Xiaoxiao?” Li Gui asked.



“Did your grandma die five years ago?” Li Gui asked again.


Li Gui closed the book of life and death and said: “I missed you with filial piety and asked you to meet your grandma, but unfortunately she has been reincarnated a long time ago. You must remember from now on not to trespass in the underworld, and you can’t take what you see Tell others everything, can you do it?”

I kept nodding and said, “I can do it, I can do it!”

Li Gui stopped looking at me and waved at me, and I didn’t know anything.

When I woke up, I found myself still sitting blankly at the intersection. Everything just now was like a dream. Until I heard my mother calling me loudly in the distance: “Xiao Xiao, where have you been? Come back quickly, mother has been looking for you for a long time!” I just woke up like a dream and ran home desperately . Although I was beaten by my mother, I never dared to tell anyone about my visit to the underworld.

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