Demon God Chariot Explosive Point Qinling Divine Tree Chapter 40 Escape

This red eye was full of throbbing bloodshot eyes, which looked weird and abnormal. As soon as I looked at it, I suddenly felt a sense of my soul being pulled away. I only felt strong nausea and dizziness, and I immediately turned my face away.

Master Liang seemed to be possessed by an evil spirit, his eyes were fixed on the bloody eye, and he didn't move. I called him twice, but there was no response.

Master Liang said that the dark eyes of "Zhu Jiuyin" lead to hell, so I knew something was wrong, so I quickly scooped up a handful of water and poured it on him.

But I don't know if Zhu Jiuyin suddenly moved forward or what, the water didn't splash on Mr. Liang's body, but on Zhu Jiuyin's head.

Zhu Jiuyin was startled by the water splashed on me. When she closed her eyes, the snake's head shrank back, wanting to attack. I quickly stuck to the back of the copper tree, and the snake's head hit the bronze tree, bending all the branches. At this time, I thought of the backpack I took from "Old Itch", and there might be some weapons in it, so I hurriedly turned the backpack to the front.

He definitely didn't have a gun in his bag, but I remember a few of the detonators they used to blow up the tomb wall, and now I'm unarmed, so it's good to have something powerful as a deterrent.

Zhu Jiuyin coiled around from one side of the bronze tree. While I moved to prevent it from seeing me, I rolled up and climbed up, grabbed the backpack, and dug it in.

The backpack was full of things, I took out all the food and threw it into the water, and finally found out what I thought was the detonator , I couldn’t help but be stupefied when I saw it, I was too sloppy when I saw it just now , That bundle of things turned out to be black candles.

At this time, the snake's head had already poked over, and when it saw me, it suddenly folded its neck again, and made an attacking posture again.

The average attack speed of a snake is only a quarter of a second. Although this one is a bit bigger, it is estimated that it is not much slower. I saw that it would be over if I delayed for another second, so I pulled up my backpack and jumped into the water.

But my falling speed was still too slow, suddenly a black shadow flashed, and the snake's head shot out and bit me in the air, and then the snake rolled up, trying to wrap me into its body.

My hands were fumbling in the bag. At this time, I suddenly touched the flare gun they used. I was in a hurry, and I pulled the trigger subconsciously. A big hole was blasted in the backpack. It wasn't that the signal flare exploded in the snake's mouth, it just felt hot, and then the world spun.

I fell into the water again with a "pop" and surfaced. Looking back, the signal flare in Zhu Jiuyin's mouth was emitting a hot white light, and there was a smell of wax in the air, and I don't know why. Blue smoke began to come out of his whole body.

The fat in the body of this snake is very easy to burn, otherwise the ancients would not have hunted it to make candles, but I did not expect it to be able to burn like this. What is it flowing from its body?

Zhu Jiu was in extreme pain, unable to control us anymore, he kept twisting his body, his huge tail slapped the rock, and there was already a huge crack on the other side, and it continued to beat, a crack spread out several times. There was a small crack, and the entire mountain surface kept cracking, as if the entire cave might collapse.

I don't know if Zhu Jiuyin would die so easily. I continued flipping through the backpack, and when there was nothing useful, I threw the backpack into the water. The crack created by Zhu Jiuyin rushed over.

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There are many caves in the mountain here, and it seems that the mountain behind the crack has been pierced, and the water gushed to nowhere. I took one last look at the ancient bronze tree, and looked around for Master Liang, but he had disappeared. Seeing that the stones on it began to collapse in large chunks due to the gushing water, Zhu Jiuyin even It was dancing wildly, hurriedly leaned back, and was swept into the gap along the water flow.

The gap is very deep, and the inside is pitch black, because it is a collapsed channel, the stones inside are very irregular, and the water flow has created many eddies. I spun around and rubbed here and there, barely feeling that I should be drifting downstream go.

After turning around for about ten minutes, I suddenly felt a free fall, and then I plunged into the water, struggled to get out, and found that the current had brought me to the underground river when I came. The water flow here is much more turbulent than what we saw just now, it should be the same as Master Liang said, there was a heavy rain outside.

Although the water flow here is very fast, there are not as many eddies in the rock crevices, and the water is a little warmer. I was able to control my limbs and began to think about the situation ahead.

This underground river runs from top to bottom, and I don’t know where it leads. If it goes straight into the ground tens of meters deep, I really have nothing to say. For the direction, I guess it should be given to the river that Chong rushed to cross when he arrived.

Of course, the premise is that the journey goes smoothly. I looked ahead nervously, fearing that there would be a fork in the road. At this time, a flash of light flashed from the corner of my eye, and I saw something engraved on the wall of the underground river.

The underground channel here, judging from the scouring of the rocks, should be as old as this mountain, and there should be something on it, which should not be carved in modern times. I saw an opportunity, grabbed a stone pillar hanging from the top, stopped my body, and took a light with the flashlight. I was stunned.

On both sides of the river wall are the same reliefs as we saw in the coffin on the top of the bronze tree. They are continuous paintings, some of which have collapsed, but most of them are still well preserved, with bright and smooth lines and elegant clothes. Each is different, vivid and dynamic.

At a glance, I know that these reliefs depict the process of the ancient ethnic minorities offering sacrifices to the bronze tree. It flows into the bronze tree and flows down along the gully above; there is a picture of them throwing the slave's body into the bronze tree.

A large part of the relief is submerged in the water, and everything at the bottom has been washed away by the water. It seems that there was no water when they carved.

Judging from the reliefs here, this sacrifice to the bronze tree is of a large scale. I kept looking at it, but the more I looked at it, the more strange it became. Some reliefs depict scenes that are different from the sacrifice, which I cannot understand.

Among them is a relief, showing the ancestors of ancient times pouring some liquid into the bronze tree. In the next picture, there is a "Zhu Jiuyin" that is exactly the same as the one I saw just now coming out of the bronze tree. Many ancestors dressed like warriors surround it with bows and spears. It is obviously a hunting scene.

According to my understanding just now, this bronze tree should be a special symbol of theocracy in ancient times. The "Zhu Jiuyin" in the bronze tree was a kind of dragon in ancient times. In some notebook novels, "Zhu Jiuyin" even It was lifted to the same height as Pangu, and people should worship it as a divine beast. How could people here hunt it?

I continued to look down, hoping to see the answer from the back. There are still some ceremonial content in the back. I can see that all the ancestors are wearing masks and their faces are dull. However, in every relief, there is always a person who is particularly burly carved. Looking at this man's clothing and demeanor, I can basically be sure that this man should be their leader, and it should be the original shape of the statue I saw on the cliff in Jiazigou.

The head of that statue was blown up by the bomb. I always felt that something was wrong at that time, but I never saw his head all the way, so this time I can take a closer look.

I grabbed the stalactite pillar on the top, got close to the rock on the ground, wiped off the stains on it, and leaned over to have a look.

The image of the leader in the relief is almost twice the size of the others, like a giant. If according to my previous idea, the carvings here are all in accordance with the official proportions, then this leader may really be so tall.

But what's weird is that on all these reliefs, the leader has a snake's head on his neck, and it doesn't look like he's wearing a mask or something.

Although I have a certain amount of archaeological knowledge, I still don't have a clue about these things that need to be accumulated through a lot of reading. I only know that from the surface meaning of these reliefs, I feel that Master Liang's judgment at that time may have been a little biased. The tree may not simply be used for sacrifice, but for some kind of hunting ceremony. Those sacrificed slaves may be the bait to lure "Zhu Jiuyin" out of the ground.

I don't know how deep the bronze tree goes into the ground. These "Zhu Jiuyin" should live in the extremely deep underground. How to live in that kind of place is not something I can think about. I am just curious. These ancestors made such a big formation What is the purpose of hunting "Zhu Jiuyin"?

The relief did not give me an answer. What I saw was just some celebration scenes in the end. What to do with "Zhu Jiuyin" being hunted up, it was not carved.

I already knew the basic situation. I looked at the water level and saw that it was going to continue to rise, so I had to let go of my hands and continue to float down with the current.

After such a long time, the flashlight has become very dim, and finally faded to no effect at all. I simply turned it off and moved with the flow in the dark.

This period of time was very difficult. I was rushed down some small waterfalls several times. Although it was not fatal, it was inevitable that I would be hit with a black nose and a swollen face. For hours, I didn't know what was around me or where I was going.

I gradually feel hopeless, and I don't know if I have turned or entered a fork just now. If I judged wrongly, then I may be being led into the depths of an endless underground river, and I don't know where this river leads. Go, will it rush to the bottom of the life of "Zhu Jiuyin"?

What kind of place is that? After all, it would be a good idea to see whether there will be some emperor's tomb built in the depths of the underground river.

Just when I was thinking wildly, I suddenly saw a ray of light in front of me, which made my whole body shake, and then I heard the sound of rumbling water. I was overjoyed, knowing that there must be an exit ahead, and I hadn’t seen natural light for more than ten hours. Yes, I threw away the flashlight and swam forward.

My speed was very fast, and within a few minutes, my eyes suddenly flashed, and then there was a white light, and I couldn't see anything. It was the dullness of vision that I hadn't seen the light for a long time. I screamed in my heart, but at that moment, A familiar feeling suddenly came from under me.

Another free fall! Another waterfall!

And judging from the strength of the water rushing out and the sound coming from below, the waterfall must be quite big. I don't know what's below. If the water is too shallow, then my death is really unjust.

There was whistling in my ears, and there was a flash of lightning. Before my eyesight recovered, I had already plunged into the water.

At that moment, I stretched my hand down, and immediately touched a stone. Oops, it's too shallow! I just realized this, and my head hit something, and when my eyes went dark, I didn't know anything.

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