Make A Fool King

If a person can not be moved by joy, anger, sorrow and joy, if he is either hopelessly stupid or unfathomably witty, what kind of King Guang is he who comes from a humble background but has a high seniority?

1. A banquet for fun

During the reign of Emperor Wenzong of Tang Dynasty, King Ying Li Yan held a grand banquet in the Mansion of Prince Ying, the sixteenth house where the royal family lived together. He invited his elder brother Tang Wenzong, who was accompanied by the royal family, to accompany him. Tang Wenzong has been under the control of powerful eunuchs since he succeeded to the throne, and has been depressed. As the fifth younger brother, King Ying held a banquet this time to make the emperor happy.

At the banquet, although the kabuki and dancers sang and danced hard, and the actors and clowns tried their best to show their ugliness, Tang Wenzong was still frowning, and his blank eyes swept around the crowd. Suddenly, a prince sitting in the last seat caught Tang Wenzong's attention. The prince's name is Li Chen. He is only in his early thirties, but his seniority is not low. He is the uncle of Tang Wenzong and the prince of the three dynasties. He never received the same honor and favor as other princes, and could only grow up alone in the corner of the cold palace, so he seemed unhappy and dull since he was a child. When he became an adult, the emperor's brother Tang Muzong named him the King of Light, built him the simplest palace in the sixteenth house, which was not much different from the common people's house, and sent him out of the palace. One winter two years after Tang Muzong's son Tang Jingzong succeeded to the throne, King Guang once went to the palace to greet the queen mother as usual, but happened to encounter a commotion in the palace where eunuchs killed the emperor, and was so frightened that he passed out! From then on, King Guang became even more taciturn, and never said a word with a complete meaning. Everyone agreed that this guy who was already stupid must have been scared stupid. At today's banquet, King Guang was "fortunate" to accompany the last seat, as usual, he didn't say a word, he rarely raised his head, his eyes only stared at the few dishes in front of him, and occasionally he picked up chopsticks to eat like a puppet. Two bites.

Tang Wenzong, who was just looking for fun, became interested in King Guang and decided to make fun of him. He waved his hands and said to the princes: "Everyone, if anyone of you can make King Guang speak a word, I will reward him with this sword." Otherwise, the sword would belong to the King of Light." As he spoke, he untied the sword he was wearing and placed it on the desk. The princes were both surprised and delighted: This sword is called Longquan Sword, which was left by Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty to the next emperor. At this moment, the ambition and passion hidden in the hearts of the princes were ignited like a flame! They turned to face the King of Light, or frowned or blinked or twisted their beards, thinking hard about how to make him speak.

The first one to stand up was a prince nicknamed "Hua Hua Tai Sui". He walked out of his seat and came to the group of kabuki dancers and whispered to the leading oiran dancer. They danced lightly in the "Neon Clothes and Feather Clothes Song" played by them, and soon danced in front of the King of Light. While dancing, they frequently teased the King of Light with their glances. After the dance, seeing the King of Light still dumbstruck, under the signal of Hua Hua Taisui, the oiran dancer simply softened her body and fell into the arms of the King of Light. She took the wine glass to his mouth with her slender hands, and blew like orchids. He asked softly, "Lord Guang, do you think I'm beautiful? Do you like it or not?" Huahua Taisui, who came up to him, stared closely at King Guang's mouth: as long as King Guang said "beautiful" or " Like" and you're done! But although King Guang's throat was rolling for a while and he was forced to drink two glasses of wine, his mouth was still tightly pressed, and he didn't even move the corner of his mouth. What a stupid idiot who doesn't know how to pity and cherish jade! Amidst the laughter of the crowd, Huahua Taisui retreated dejectedly.

Another prince called "Old Chitose" came over. He is Guangwang's half-brother, relying on his mother being the direct empress dowager, and being much older than Guangwang, he has always been used to relying on his elders to bully him. Old Qiansui walked up to King Guang, pointed his finger at King Guang's nose, and spit out a polite sentence in a strange tone: "Your mother and maidservant!" "'s words seem gentle, but in fact they are harsh and vicious curse words—"Your mother is a girl" in rough language, not to mention that King Guang's mother was indeed born as a servant girl. Obviously, the old thousand-year-old's move was to arouse the anger of the King of Light, even if the King of Light couldn't help but curse back, he won the Longquan Sword!

But King Guang seemed to be deaf, and looked at Old Qiantui with blank eyes, without the slightest anger on his face. The old thousand-year-old stared at King Guang's face in disappointment for a long time, and had no choice but to return in a huff. This plan will not work again!

Just when everyone was still unwilling to reconcile, a prince suddenly came in panting from the hall door, knelt down in front of Tang Wenzong with a "plop", and burst into tears: "Your Majesty, no… it's not good! Huang Menlang in the palace It is said that… the queen mother's order came, saying… that something big happened in the palace!"

"What happened?" Tang Wenzong was shocked. Everyone also stopped laughing, turned around and looked, it turned out to be the prince who was called "Xiao Youmeng" because he liked to play tricks. I only heard Xiao Youmeng wailing loudly: "Zheng…Old Concubine Zheng, Old Concubine Zheng is dead!" Isn't Old Concubine Zheng the mother of King Guang? Now everyone turned their heads involuntarily, and their eyes were all focused on King Guang. I saw Guangwang's Adam's apple trembling a few times, still sitting expressionlessly, without looking at Xiao Youmeng, instead he picked up the chopsticks, picked up a piece of bone with meat, and put it in his mouth "creaking" Chew straight.

While crying, Xiao Youmeng raised his sleeves to peek at King Guang from time to time, and finally he couldn't help but climbed up in front of King Guang: "King Guang, Old Concubine Zheng has passed away, you…why don't you cry?" Mom 'Ah?" This trick revealed his flaws . The dead prince and concubine want to remarry . Everyone, including Tang Wenzong, burst into laughter: It turns out that Xiao Youmeng performed a mourning scene and wanted to make money by asking the king, but this silly prince He was so hard-hearted, he didn't even cry when his mother died. This trick doesn't work either!

Although everyone was laughing up and down, they were all desperate to get the Longquan sword: this foolish King of Light, it's hard to open his mouth!

Tang Wenzong did not break his promise, so he ordered the guards to hold the Longquan sword and give it to King Guang. "Wait a minute!" With a shout, King Ying came out from behind Tang Wenzong, took the Longquan sword from the guards, and walked up to King Guang with a smile on his face: "Congratulations to King Guang for getting the Longquan sword. I give you the sword!" Seeing that King Guang didn't respond, King Ying took a step forward to die and my concubine wanted to remarry , almost stuffing the sword into the hands of King Guang, urging: "Hurry up and take the sword, and thank the emperor!" This time , several princes who reacted quickly finally understood: it is better to be a general than to be a general. King Ying used the method of provocation to force King Guang to speak, and suddenly forced King Guang to the cliff—the emperor bestowed a treasure, if you don’t accept it or thank you It's all the crime of bullying the king!

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, King Guang finally stood up and bent his waist, but instead of receiving the Longquan sword, he stretched out his chopsticks, picked up a piece of fat from the plate far away from the wine table, and stuffed it into his mouth, " Hulihulu" seemed to say "delicious, delicious", but Ying Wang, who was holding a sword in his hand, was very embarrassed, neither advancing nor retreating.

Tang Wenzong was just looking for fun, and he didn't mind a foolish prince's rudeness—besides, this foolish prince had made it difficult for him to have a good time, so he asked King Ying to go down the steps and said, "Fifth brother, King Guang means to hold the sword As a gift to you, you can take it for now!"

Under the envious and jealous gazes of the princes, King Ying kowtowed to Tang Wenzong to thank Tang Wenzong, but when he stood up and looked at King Guang who was still sitting in the last seat, the smile on his face disappeared. Being able not to be moved by joy, anger, sorrow, and joy is either hopelessly stupid or unfathomably witty. Does the King of Light belong to the former or the latter? A chilling feeling spread throughout King Ying's body…

2. The Immortal King of Light

The dead prince, my concubine wants to remarry_My lord, don't make trouble, my concubine has remarried_Dead prince, my concubine wants to remarry for free

Two years later, Tang Wenzong, who was depressed and ill, died, and Li Yan, King Ying, succeeded to the throne. This was Tang Wuzong. At the enthronement ceremony, Tang Wuzong, who was worshiped by civil and military officials, saw the dumb King Guang among the officials who shouted "Long live", and the shuddering feeling hit his heart again. Tang Wuzong felt more and more that there must be some unknown things hidden deep in King Guang's heart. If this is true, how could others be allowed to snore on the side of the couch!

Tang Wuzong decided to make King Guang disappear from this world without a trace, so various "accidents" happened to King Guang frequently.

On a snowy afternoon, for the first time, several princes rode tall horses to the deserted Prince Guang's mansion and invited him to a party for a drink. At the banquet, everyone drank in big cups and ate large pieces of meat, feeling very happy. As usual, King Guang sat blankly and only sipped a small glass of wine, but he was already dizzy and intoxicated. The princes glanced at each other triumphantly: In the glass of wine that King Guang drank, Mongolian sweat medicine had already been poured into it! After the banquet, it was getting late, and all the princes rode back home together. When they reached Suzaku Avenue, a gust of cold wind blew in snowflakes, and Guang Wang, who had been dangling on his horse, fell off his horse and rolled into the ditch beside the road. The princes still talked and laughed loudly as they passed by King Guang while waving their whips. Soon, goose feather snow covered everything…

The next day when he went to court, Tang Wuzong, who was sitting high in the Golden Luan Hall, stretched his neck, and deliberately glanced at the group of princes who were meeting. He was surprised to find that King Guang was still standing in his place with a scar on his forehead, and beside King Guang, The princes who drank together yesterday secretly glanced at King Guang with surprised and timid eyes from time to time. Tang Wuzong's face suddenly darkened! That night, Tang Wuzong received a secret report from those princes: According to the watchman on Zhuque Avenue, a monk knocking on a wooden fish carried King Guang from the snow-covered ditch last night…

A few days later, in the name of apologizing, those princes dragged Guang Wangsheng to the largest restaurant in the capital again early in the morning. Eating and drinking, the princes made excuses and slipped downstairs one by one in the blink of an eye, leaving only King Guang sitting stupidly in the restaurant. After sitting in a daze for a long time, King Guang finally went downstairs. He never thought that just after going down two steps, the wooden stairs were suddenly evacuated, and King Guang fell straight down from the top of the high stairs!

It was almost noon, and those princes returned to the restaurant with smiles, only to see that King Guang was sitting in the lobby on the ground floor of the restaurant waiting for them. The princes looked at each other in blank dismay, unable to retract their tongues for a long time. After the banquet, the princes called the shopkeeper and the guys over, beat them violently, and scolded them why they didn't come down the stairs as planned and throw King Guang to death? A young man in the waiter on the ground floor held his swollen face and cheeks, and said with a toothache: "My lords, villains… The villain pulled the stairs, and the prince Guang also fell down, but… but one doesn't know. A monk who came out of nowhere suddenly appeared from the corner of the stairs, holding Lord Guang with his Zen staff!"

"Nonsense, where is the monk?"

"The monk's movements were extremely fast, and he disappeared before the villain could see his face clearly."

Another trick by the monk! The princes had no choice but to ride dejectedly towards the palace…

Unable to succeed twice in a row, Tang Wuzong, who couldn't bear it, decided to do it himself. In the spring of the following year, Tang Wuzong led the royal clan to the royal paddock on the bank of the Wei River as usual, and rode horses for spring hunting, so as to show that he would not forget the glory of Tang Gaozu and Tang Taizong who won the world immediately.

The sun is warm and the wind is light, and the field is vast. Accompanied by the royal family to participate in the spring hunting, there are thousands of people from the Shence Army Xiaoqi riding, people cheering and horses screaming. The scene is quite spectacular. After a while, a group of tall red deer appeared on the bank of the Wei River in the distance, appearing and disappearing from time to time—these red deer were originally domesticated in the royal garden at the foot of Lishan Mountain, and today they were specially captured and released in the paddock for feeding. The emperor "hunts". Tang Wuzong pointed at the herd of red deer with a whip, and immediately everyone shouted in unison, Qianqi neighed, and all chased after the red deer. Soon, a purple-red horse took the lead like lightning, and became the leading horse, and the one driving the purple-red horse was none other than the King of Light!

Tang Wuzong, who was gradually falling behind, smiled—the horses participating in the spring hunting today are all hard-earned horses from the Dawan Kingdom in the Western Regions, and a purple-red horse named "Zi Chi Po" is the best among them, but Only this Zi Chi Po has not been fully tamed by the trainer, and the wildness still exists. When the princes drew lots to choose the mount just now, the King of Light was "lucky" to become the owner of Zi Chi Po…

The vast wilderness and the scene of horses chasing the stag have evoked Zi Chipo's nature of yearning for freedom. It looks up to the sky and neighs, shakes its head and tail constantly, shakes left and right, and tries its best to get rid of the shackles on its back. King Guang was terrified, he knew what it meant to fall off his horse: the thousands of galloping horses following him would trample him into flesh! He tightened his grip on the reins and the horse's belly, but he was still bumped like a small boat in a stormy sea, and he felt his world spinning… At the very moment, a golden eagle howling piercing the sky and piercing the sky suddenly came from the bank of the Weishui River. . The howling of the golden eagle seemed to have magical powers. Thousands of galloping horses, including Zi Chibo, all neighed in fear, and then the hooves of the horses slowed down a lot, and the formation of the horses that were heading straight ahead also became scattered. It's useless to let the master lift the reins, it's as if the army is defeated on the battlefield! It turns out that although the bloody BMW is the king of the prairie, the king of the sky on the grassland is a golden eagle that swoops down to peck at the horse's eyes. The bloody BMW has an instinctive fear of the golden eagle. Although King Guang, who could no longer support himself, finally fell off his horse, none of the galloping horses trampled over him. After a painful struggle, King Guang stood up again. Tang Wuzong, who was disappointed, was extremely surprised. He reined in his horse and looked up at the sky. He saw the blue sky and white clouds. Looking far away at the bank of the Wei River, I saw a monk in a red cassock crossing the river calmly. Tang Wuzong understood: it was the mysterious monk who imitated the sound of the golden eagle and saved the King of Light again!

3. The emperor who is not stupid

Tang Wuzong finally made up his mind, he didn't want to take pains to create any "accidents", and decided to eradicate this potential disaster once and for all, even if he bears the notoriety of "killing uncles"!

One evening not long after the spring hunt, several masked men suddenly broke into King Guang's mansion, tied him up, pushed him out of the mansion door, and stuffed him into a black car parked by the road. The black car made eight turns and turned out of Chang'an City, and came to the wilderness, where it threw down the King Guang who was tied up like a dumpling. When these masked men tore off their masks, revealing their double scarves, King Guang recognized them as guards and eunuchs in the palace, and the leader was Qiu Gongwu. Qiu Gongwu and the others had obtained the secret decree from Tang Wuzong to deal with King Guang.

A powerful guard of Kong Wu pulled out a steel knife, and was about to strike, but Qiu Gongwu grabbed the handle of the knife: "Keep people under the knife!" The guard said: "Gao Changli, you untie the rope of King Guang, take him away, put him in a safe and reliable place, and then tell me!" Several guards were stunned: instead of killing King Guang, let him go , isn't this a disobedience to the decree? Besides, what's the use of saving a foolish prince? But Qiu Gongwu is their immediate boss, and has real power in the palace, so he dare not disobey him, so Gao Changli took King Guang away…

After daybreak, Qiu Gongwu, who returned to the palace, made a secret report to Tang Wuzong. Just after returning to his residence, Gao Changli also came back. Gao Changli whispered to Qiu Gongwu that on the way to resettle King Guang, he happened to meet a monk who got up early and hurried on his way. There is a fate with the Buddha, and he wants to save the King of Light to become a monk. Gao Changli thought it would be good to send King Guang to a temple as a monk, so he asked Na Zhixian to take King Guang away. As he said that, Gao Changli presented Qiu Gongwu with a monk's ultimatum named Qiong Jun. Qiu Gongwu received the ultimatum, carefully put it away, and said in a deep thought: "That's fine, I will use this silly prince sooner or later!"

Tang Wuzong, who thought he had got rid of his confidant's troubles, never thought that he was a short-lived ghost. After only five years as emperor, he became terminally ill! Seeing that Tang Wuzong could no longer get up from the couch, several powerful eunuchs gathered together to discuss Tang Wuzong's "funeral affairs": which prince should be the emperor. Several power eunuchs quarreled and quarreled, and several candidates were not satisfactory.

"My father-in-law said one thing," Qiu Gongwu, who had been silent all this time, said, "King Guang."

"Hahaha!" The other eunuchs laughed unconsciously, "King Guang, that stupid prince who is so stupid that he can't even say a word, can he be the emperor? Besides, he disappeared a few years ago. If there is no news, I am afraid that even the bones will rot if you die outside!"

Qiu Gongwu asked with a mysterious face: "My father-in-law really doesn't understand. Should we establish a wise and powerful emperor like Taizong of this dynasty, or a slave who completely obeys our slaves?" Several Quan eunuchs finally realized: "In this way, King Guang is our ideal emperor, but it's a pity where can we find him now?"

"Let this matter be on my father-in-law's shoulders!" Chou Gongwu was very confident. Those eunuchs were overjoyed: "As long as Eunuch Qiu can find King Guang, we will only look after Eunuch Qiu from now on!"

"Hahaha!" Qiu Gongwu laughed extraordinarily happily.

A team of Shence Army with bright armor and strong halberds and swords came to Anguo Temple in Yanguan, Hangzhou from Chang'an, the capital city, headed by Gao Changli, the eunuch who handed King Guang to Zhixian. As soon as he arrived at the gate of the temple, Gao Changli asked Qiong Jun to "drive back" to Chang'an by name and surname, as the emperor's uncle! The gatekeeper monk was shocked: there is a monk named Qiong Jun in the temple. He was brought into the temple by the abbot Zhixian a few years ago, but he just sat alone all day long, never spoke, and never even knocked on the wooden fish. Turned into the emperor's uncle? You must know that adding the word "太" between "Emperor Uncle" means that you will succeed as the emperor like a prince! Where the hell is this Qiong Jun?

"Qiong Jun is the King of Light, the current Emperor's Uncle!" Gao Changli yelled loudly, just then the gatekeeper monk hurriedly ran to the temple. After a while, under the suspicious eyes of the monks in the temple, Zhixian accompanied King Guang out of the Anguo Temple.

Zhixian is not an ordinary monk who only knows how to recite scriptures behind closed doors, but seeks to attain the Tao personally. He has traveled around the world, witnessed wars and disasters, and the suffering of the people. , For this reason, he came to Chang'an, wanting to make a difference. Hearing the name of King Guang's "stupid", Zhixian's heart moved: In troubled times, pretending to be crazy and acting stupid is the way to survive! It seems that this King of Light is different from other princes. In the name of alms, Zhixian went to and from the Shiliu Zhai area, and made close observations of the King of Light again and again. His extraordinary insight made him finally make up his mind: "make a relationship" with the King of Light! So he secretly rescued King Guang again and again… In Zhixian's heart, he has always had a firm belief: in the dark, maybe his good deeds can make a wise emperor rule the world and make the people live a better life. Settling days. The day has finally arrived!

Zhixian sent King Guang out of the gate of the temple, one way after another, until he stopped at the foot of Daming Mountain in Changhua, a hundred miles away. It was sunny after the rain, and the mountains were as green as dyes. A mountain stream flew down between the cliffs, and the stream was murmuring, winding and disappearing at the foot of the mountain. Zhixian touched the scene and fell in love, and said to the still silent King Guang with piercing eyes: "Qiong Jun, there will be a farewell after seeing you off for thousands of miles. Facing this mountain and this scene, you and the old monk are destined to be here, how can you say goodbye without saying a word?" I want to write a poem with you as farewell, how about it?" After speaking, he pointed to the brook and said: "Thousands of rocks and ravines don't hesitate to work, and you can see the source from a distance."

King Guang raised his head, looked at Zhixian with tears of gratitude in his eyes, and gazed into the distance, his deeply locked brows suddenly revealed a light of wisdom, and said in a loud voice: "How can the stream be kept, the sea will eventually become the waves!" Zhixian was extremely pleased, and clasped his palms together: "Amitabha, the world is saved!"

Gao Changli on the side was shocked: King Guang actually spoke, and the words came out! He vaguely felt that his master Qiu Gongwu had miscalculated.

Qiu Gongwu really miscalculated. After the death of Emperor Wuzong of Tang, King Guang, who had ascended to the Ninth Five-Year Honor, suddenly seemed to be a different person. The previous stupidity disappeared, replaced by a firm face, steady steps, sharp eyes and calm demeanor. Qiu Gongwu, who was standing behind King Guang, couldn't help but laugh: King Guang has been pretending to be stupid all these years, hiding his strength and biding his time, but it's a pity that he has no eyesight and is in vain making a wedding dress for others! What made Qiu Gongwu even more unexpected was that after King Guang, who had sat firmly on the dragon chair, spoke, the first sentence he said was to ask the prime minister word by word: "I want to know the names and official titles of all civil and military officials." The second sentence is to order Hanlin scholars to write "Zhenguan Zhengyao" on the screen on the right side of the seat, and inscribed: "If you want peace in the world, you should take this statement as the first priority!"

Qiu Gongwu collapsed: the day when he will be kicked out of the palace is not far away!

The King of Light is Tang Xuanzong, the seventeenth emperor of the Tang Dynasty, with the title of Dazhong. During his thirteen years in power, he quelled party disputes internally, rectified the administration of officials, and severely cracked down on eunuch forces. Even the "savior" Qiu Gongwu was sent to guard the imperial tomb; The "Government of Dazhong" called "Little Zhenguan" was surprisingly peaceful in the world, and it cast the last gorgeous sunset glow on the declining Tang Dynasty. Therefore, Tang Xuanzong was called "Little Taizong" by the people.

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