One Copper Coin Buys A Magistrate

It was really bad for Lu Sheng to buy the county magistrate for one copper coin. Later, he felt that Sun Liupang had too little money. He couldn't understand his resentment, so he lied to him casually and said: "Now the emperor needs talents, people like you who have both ability and political integrity." , as long as you go to the gate of the imperial city and shout "I want to be an official" three times in a row, the emperor will give you a big official. Buying a magistrate for one copper coin. In fact, Eunuch Wei has always been worried about the fact that he sold a magistrate for one copper coin. In the end, he found an excuse to kill Lu Sheng, the acting magistrate. … Continue readingOne Copper Coin Buys A Magistrate

Make A Fool King

One winter two years after Tang Muzong's son Tang Jingzong succeeded to the throne, King Guang once went to the palace to greet the queen mother as usual, but happened to encounter a commotion in the palace where eunuchs killed the emperor, and was so frightened that he passed out! Qiu Gongwu retorted with a mysterious face: "My father-in-law really doesn't understand. Should we establish a wise and powerful emperor like Taizong of this dynasty, or a slave who completely obeys our slaves? You must know Adding the word "太" between "Emperor Uncle" means that he will succeed as the emperor like a prince! … Continue readingMake A Fool King